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- 1-9 -
15 Bible Reasons a Christian Should Join a Bible-Believing Church
20/20s Hit Piece Against Bible-Believing Baptists
- A -
A Biblical Conversion Experience
A Challenge For Bible-Believing Churches About Music Today
A Critical Eye
A Dangerous Mixture
A Defense of 1 John 5:7
A Godly Love for Reading and Learning
A Holy Wedding
A House Church?
A Life-Changing Conversion Experience
A Missionary Spirit That Needs To Be Revived
A Mixed Multitude Church
A Pastor's Stance on the Independent Baptist Friends International
A Plea to the Clark Family
A Preacher on the Fence
A Regenerate Church Membership and Evidence of Salvation
A Rod of Iron
A Second Pagan Invasion Into The Roman Catholic Church
A Testing Mindset
A Time to Frown and a Time to Smile
A Tribute to a Faithful Pastor
A True Believer Is a Disiciple of Christ
A Truly Wicked Sinner
A U.S. Supreme Court Justice Who Believed the Bible
A Warning About Calvinistic Home Schooling Materials
A Warning About Doug Phillips, Vision Forum, and the Integrated Church
A Warning About Professional Sports
A Warning About Seventh-Day Adventism
A Window on the World
A Young Man's Journey From Fundamentalism to Apostasy
AA, Christian or Occult Roots?
Agnes Sanford
Alfred Wallace: The Forgotten Co-Inventor of Evolution
Alpha Course Building One-World Church
America a Christian Nation?
America, Politics, and Spiritual Light
America's Founders and the Yankee Work Ethic
America's Founding Fathers and the Bible
Amy Grant No Preachy Church Lady
An Open Letter to Clarence Sexton about the Friendship Conference
Analysis of a "Town Hall" Interview Meeting with Dr. Stephen Pettit, The New BJU President
Angry Birds - The Real Issue
Archaeological Dating Methods
Are Mormons Christians?
Are Parents Responsible When Children Go Wrong?
Aren't Multitudes of Young People Being Saved Through CCM?
Azusa Street and the Birth of Pentecostalism
- B -
Baptist Bible Fellowship International’s Road to Emerging
Bart Ehrman's Problem is God
Battle Over Singing in Baptist Churches 17th Century
Be Careful About Video Games
Bearing Precious Seed and Similar Bible Publishing Ministries
Bede Griffiths, Rome's Expanding Tent
Beth Moore on the Contemplative Bandwagon
Beth Moore's Ecumenical Philosophy
Beware of Visualization Prayer
Beware of an Unwholesome Addiction to Sports
Beware of Homeopathy
Beware of Hyper Dispensationalism
Beware of Hypnosis
Beware of Jack Hayford
Beware of Leonard Sweet: Master of Doublespeak
Beware of Science Fiction
Beware of Soft Separatism
Beware of the Movie Rating System
Beware of the Ragamuffin Gospel
Beware of Twilight Saga
Bible Prophecy Pertaining to the Muslim Nations
Bible Study and Concentration
Biblical Application, A Case for Standards
Biblical Church Discipline
Biblical Fasting
Biblical Repentance is Important
Biblical Shallowness
Bill Nye The Comic Guy
Billy vs. Paul
BJU, Contemporary Music, and Rome
Blood Clotting
Bob Dylan
Bodily Exercise and Its Profit
Brass and Percussion in Church Worship
Brilliant Quacks
Bro. Cloud, Stop Defending Yourself
Brother Cloud's Messages on Sermonaudio
Brother Joe, Name Dropping and Man Praising
Bruce Lackey: Baptist Pastor, Educator, and Bible Conference Preacher
Burlington Revival Defenders
Burlington Revival Leaders and Sincere Men of God
Burlington Tent Revival Correction and Update - Way of Life
Burlington Tent Revival Ends
Burlington Tent Revival Followup
- C -
Cain, The First Emergent Worshipper
Calvinism on the March Among Evangelicals
Calvinist Standard Version (CSV)
Can Genesis 1-11 Be Interpreted Poetically?
Canada Supreme Court's Murky Ruling
Carbon Trading, The Hypocrisy and the Foolishness
Careful Child Evangelism
Carolyn Arends and the Dangerous Waters of Contemporary Music
Casting Crowns
Catholic Mass, A Mystical Powerhouse
CCM Pioneer Bridge Builder Thomas Dorsey
Centering Prayer
Challenges to Lancaster Supporters
Changes To The KJV Since 1611
Changes Within the Independent Baptist Movement
Chappell Says Treat Critics Like Bubblegum
Charity - 1 Corinthians 13
Charity Ministries and the Remnant Movement
Charles Darwin's Deception
Charles Spurgeon and the Battle for Truth
Chicago Magazine and First Baptist Hammond
Chick-Fil-A Day Changes Nothing
Chris Tomlin: King of Worship Music
Christ as Reprover
Christ is Unique, Way of Life Literature
Christ's Atoning Sacrifice
Christ's Bodily Resurrection
Christ's Devotion to the Father
Christ's Glorious Kingdom
Christ's Great Commission
Christ's Intercession
Christ's Model Prayer
Christian Burnout
Christian Drum Circles
Christian Dress and 1 Timothy 2
Christian Inventor R.G. LeTourneau
Christian Parents are Losing Their Children
Christian Rock's False Christ
Christian Rockers and Secular Rockers United
Church Members Trying to Warn Sleeping Pastors
Church Membership
Churches Continue Down the Slippery Slope
Citizens of Heaven
Clothing Is a Language
Comments About the Maranatha Ad
Comments on the Trinity
Conservative Evangelicals
Contacting Bro. Cloud
Contemplative Spirituality: Dancing With Demons
Contemporary Music Brings Great Changes to Churches
Contemporary Praise Building the One-World Church
Contemporary Worship Music Permeating Independent Baptists
Contemporary Worship vs Biblical Worship
Country Music
Covenant Eyes for Internet Users
Cowboy Church
Creation Evolution Debate Must Be Decided on Facts
Creation Science Ministries: Why the New Evangelical Principle is Dangerous
Cremation, What Does God Think?
Cultural Factors in the Weakening of Churches
- I -
I Am Not Your Pastor
I Love Israel
I'm With Fido
IFB Pastor Advises No Separation From Independent Baptists, Says Mild Syncopation is OK
IFB Pastors Obsessed With Your Bedroom
Ignatius of Loyola
Ignorance About Important Issues
Ignorant Churches
Ignoring the Sin of First Baptist of Hammond
In Essentials Unity
Independent Baptist Pragmatism
Independent Baptists Playing With Fire
Independent Baptists Who are Driving Toward Disaster
Iniquity of the Holy Things
Inner Healing, Illumination or Illusion?
Integrity Music's Foreign Spirit
Inventor of the MRI Says Evolution is Science Fiction
Iron Sharpening Iron: A Review of Dr. Strouse's Critique
Is 17th-Century British English Holy?- Report by David Cloud at Way of Life Literature
Is Evangelism About "Going to Heaven"?
Is God Finished With Israel?
Is God Giving Dreams and Visions Today?
Is Healing In The Atonement?
Is it Possible to be Saved Trough Christ Without Believing in Christ?
Is It Wrong for an IB Preacher to Preach in a Southern Baptist Church?
Is Proverbs 22:6 a Promise
Is Repentance the Same as Faith?
Is Revelation 2-3 an Overview of Church History?
Is the God of the Old Testament Cruel?
Is the KJV in Error in Romans 8:16?
Is There Life in Outer Space?
Isis, Horus and the Madonna
Islam's Law of Dhimmi
Islam's Doctrine of Abrogation
Islamic Arabia and Multiple Wives
Islamic Honor Killings in America
Isn't the Sincerity of the Musicians the Important Thing?
ISP Pulls Plug on Apologetics Ministry After Complaint by Anti_Fundamentalist
Israel in Bible Prophecy
Israel's Current Spiritual Blindness
- R -
Rapper Deathstyle
Reader Says Most Pastors Don't Care About the Music Issue
Red Blood Cells
Red Letter Christians
Redeem the Time
Redeeming the Time
Refuting Theistic Evolution
Religion in the Aged
Repent or Perish
Repentance in Evangelism
Replacing Hymns with Contemporary Praise Music
Reply to a Lancaster Supporter
Reply to a Pastor about a Family That Left His Church
Reply to a Pastor about My Warning of Lancaster's Music
Reply to a Pastor about Recent Lancaster Bible Conference
Reply to a Pastor about West Coast: Good Fruit, Hamilton, Gaither, Pastoral Ignorance, etc.
Reply to a Pastor Inquiring About My Research Practices
Reply to a Preacher Who Says I'm Arrogant and Vindictive
Reply to a Reader Who Dislikes Our Report About The Beatles
Reply to a Schaap Supporter
Reply to a West Coast Graduate About the Music Issue and My Warning
Responses to "What's Wrong With Most Soul-Winning Courses"
Responses to My Warnings About Lancaster's Music - Part 1
Responses to My Warnings About Lancaster's Music - Part 2
Responses to My Warnings About Lancaster's Music - Part 3
Responses to My Warnings About Lancaster's Music - Part 4
Reviving a Church That is Evangelistically Lukewarm
Rick Warren and Rome
Rick Warren Describes the One-World Church
Rick Warrens's Shallow Gospel
Riplinger's Prophetic Claims
Robert Louis Stevenson's Apostasy
Rock & Roll and End-Times Mysticism
Rock Music and Insanity
Rock Music and Suicide
Rock Music as Religion
Rock Musicians as Mediums
Roman Catholic Asceticism
Roman Catholics in Love With Eastern Religions
Romance Novels
Romantic Worship
Rome and the Council of Trent
Rome and the Harlot of Revelation 17
Rome's Mary on the Cross and on God's Throne
Rome's Persecution of the Bible
Rome's Forgeries
Ronnie Floyd, the SBC, and Contemporary Wolves
Rosebuds and Church Standards
- T -
T.D. Jakes
Tattooing For Jesus
Teaching Children to Have a Daily Bible Reading Time
Temple Denial vs. Archaeology
Temple Worship Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Test of a Pastor's Calling
Testimonies About the Bible
Testimonies of Parents Who Got Rid of the Television
Testimonies of Scientists Who Believe the Bible
Testimonies of Scientists Who Believe the Bible
Testimonies That Israel Will Return
Testimony of a Converted Scholar
The America My Grandchildren Will Never Know
The American Alligator
The Antichrist and Israel
The Antichrist and the Third Temple
The Antichrist as Temple Builder
The Baptist Rosary
The Bat
The Beatles
The Believer and Drinking
The Bible and the Symphony Orchestra
The Bible Critics Were Wrong
The Bible in America's Memorials
The Bible Knowledge Test
The Bible's Proof
The Biblical Preaching Ministry
The Bird's Flight Feather
The Black Kite
The Blazing Fast Cheetah
The Blind Eye and the Deaf Ear
The Blues Were Born of the Seedy Side of Black Culture
The Bruised Reed And The Smoking Flax
The Catholic Mass: A Mystical Powerhouse
The CCM Philosophy Spreading Among Independent Baptists
The Character and Philosophy of Rock Music
The Christ of Lightworkers Media
The Church of the Holy Sepulchre
The Church’s Atmosphere of Charity
The Churches of Revelation, Then and Now
The Conversion of Charles Weigle
The Creation Museum: Many Infallible Proofs
The Creeping Kudzu of Compromise
The Croco-Bird "Theory"
The Cuckoo
The Cup of the Lord
The Dangers of Social Networking
The Darwinian Inquisition
The Dead Sea Scrolls
The Demise of Uniformitarianism
The Destruction of the Inquisition in Madrid
The Difference Between Soul and Spirit
The Disney Gospel
The Divine Design of Corn
The Divine Inspiration of Isaiah
The Downfall of James Robison
The Dragonfly
The Elephant Room
The Emerging Church and Homosexuality
The Empty Tomb Is Still Empty
The European Union, Rome, And Mary
The Evidence of Salvation
The Evolutionary Dating Game
The Family Altar
The Feminization of Christian Music
The Finely-Tuned Universe
The First Catholic English Bible
The First Evangelists of the Gospel Age
The First Marriage
The Flagellum Motor
The Floor of the Tabernacle
The Former Things Are Passed Away
The Four Blood Moon Speculation
The Fruit of Hylesism
The Fundamental Laws of Science vs. Evolution
The Garden of Eden
The Gettys - The Pied Pipers of Contemporary Worship Music
The Gilgamesh Epic vs. The Bible's Flood Account
The Glorious Baggage of the Love of God
The Great Darwin Myth
The Great River of Apostasy
The Grizzly
The Hatred of God
The Heart of New Evangelicalism
The Hindu Trinity
The History of Darwinian Evolution
The History of How Evangelism Was Corrupted Among Baptists
The History of the Temple Mount
The Holy Trinity
The Human Eye
The Human Hand
The Hyles Effect
The Illiad vs the New Testament
The Importance of Bible Doctrine
The Incarnational Doctrine
The Independent Baptist Mutual Admiration Society of Compromise
The Insufficiency and Error of the Fundamentalist Movement
The Integrated Church and Vision Forum
The International House of Prayer
The Islamic Mahdi
The Jack Hyles' Philosophy
The Jesus Prayer
The Jesus Seminar
The Jewish Messiah
The Judgment of the Nations
The King Who Became Poor to Make Others Rich
The Kiss-a-Phone and Pegasus of the Air
The Land of Israel in 1867
The Law of the Leper
The Law and the New Testament Christian
The Living Cell
The Lords Doulos - Way of Life Literatore
The Lost Sons
The Man Who Saw Canals on Mars
The Man, The Ass, and The Critic
The Martyrdom of Cyril Lucaris
The Mass - Powerful Mysticism
The Modernistic Attack on the Bible In These Last Days
The Most Important Way of Life Materials
The Mystery of Iniquity
The Myth of Scholarly Neutrality
The Myth That The Bible Has Been Discredited
The New Age in Health Care
The New Age's Vain Dream
The Old Deluder Act and America's Literacy
The Old Evangelicalism
The Osprey
The Ostrich: The Fastest Thing on Two Legs
The Parable of the Fire Alarm
The Path From Independent Baptist to the Shack, Rome and Beyond
The Pelican
The Pleasure of Christ's Kingdom
The Power of Good Christian Books
The Power of the Ancient Sling
The Prayer That Changed History
The Pre-Tribulation Rapture
The Preacher and the Gypsy Fortune Teller
The Pro-Homosexual Movement Within Evangelicals
The Problem with Pokemon
The Proverbs 31 Woman
The Ransom Money
The Rapture and the Jewish Feasts
The Rebellion of Korah
The Red Sea and Mt. Sinai
The Religious Harlot "Church" of Revelation 17
The Rock & Roll Party Christ
The Saltwater Crocodile
The Schaap Case - Troubling to This Preacher
The Scholarly Climate of the King James Bible
The Scopes Trial
The Sermon on the Mount
The Sexuality of Contemporary Worship Music
The Sin Unto Death
The Slingers of Ancient Warfare
The Slippery Slope of Spiritual Decline
The Sluggard
The Songs of Degrees
The Southern Baptist Convention and the Baptist World Alliance
The Southern Baptist Convention and the Charismatic Movement
The Spartans
The Spirit of Niceness
The Strange Independent Baptist Friends Church Directory
The Sure Path to Revival, Way of Life Literature
The Swan
The Sword of the Lord and the Carl hatch Squeeze
The Sword of the Lord and the Carl hatch Squeeze
The Synagogue
The Transformational Power of Contemporary Worship Music
The Treasury of Rare Dispensational Commentaries
The Unifying Power of End-Times Mysticism
The Vicissitudes of Victory
The Virtuous Woman
The Waldenses Yesterday and Today
The Way of Victory in Trials
The Wife as the Heart of the Home
The Willful Skepticism of the Last Days
The Wise Man's Folly
The Woman's Hair and Head Coverings
The Woman's Spiritual Ministry
The Women Who Knew Jack Hyles
The Wonder of Bird Migration
The Year of Jubile
Theistic Evolution
Theological Modernism Disproven But Not Dead
Thomas A Kempis
Three Powerful Books on the Bible Text Version Issue
Three Roads Out of Jerusalem
Tight Clothing and Modesty
Tithing and the Christian
Tongue Speaking
Tongues Were a Sign to Unbelieving Israel
Touch Not God's Anointed
Training For Song Leaders
Training Up a Child
Transforming Culture, Beware of Truth in Action
Trees in Christ's Kingdom
Trembling Saints
Trinity Baptist Church, Jacksonville - A Warning
Turkey Gobblers and Gobbly Gook: The Beginning of Modern Tongues Speaking
Turning Doctrinal Issues Into Personality Issues
Tutu's Modernism
- U -
Unconditional Forgiveness
Understanding Eternal Judgment
- V -
Vatican Report Says the Inquisition Wasn't so Bad After All
Visit to Three Fossil Exhibits
Visitor Consciousness
- W -
War on God's Word in the End Times
Warnings About Patch the Pirate Revisited
Was King James a Homosexual?
Was "King James Onlyism" Invented by a Seventh-Day Adventist??
Was There Some Sort of Communism Practieced in the Early Churches?
Water the Miracle Substance
Way of Life is a Blessing to Churches
Way of Life Literature's Free Ebooks
Weaver Bird
Were They All Self-Righteous Pharisees?
What About Steven Anderson?
What About The New International Version?
What About Those Who Haven't Heard?
What Brought Evangelicalism to This Place
What Charles Spurgeon Said About the Emerging Church
What Do I Do With a Child Outside My Home?
What If Bro. Cloud Is Wrong About the West Coast Thing?
What is the Difference Between Contemporary Christian Worship Music and Old Interdenominational Hymns?
What Is Wrong With "Might to Save?"
What Should I Teach My Children About Movies?
What Was Not in the Tabernacle
What Would Colonial Baptist Preacher John Leland Say In 2014?
What Would Disprove the Bible?
What's Wrong With Most Soul Winning Courses?
When Christian Schools Undermine the Faith
When Was the Pre-Tribulation Rapture First Taught?
Where Jesus Was Born
Which Edition of the Received Text Should We Use?
Who Are the Piranhas?
Who is the 12th Apostle?
Why Churches Should Have Special Prayer for America
Why Does God Allow Suffering?
Why I'm Not Participating with the Independent Baptist Friends International
Why Most Fundamental Baptist Churches Will Be Emerging Within 20 Years
Why Was the Maranatha Ad Warning Pharisaical?
WikiLeaks and the Latter Days
Will it Fly at Huffman's Prairie?
William Branham's Bogus Healings
William Carey: The Good and the Bad
Women Leaders In The Bible
Wood Duck
Worship in Christ's Kingdom
Wrong Predictions
- X -
- Y -
Young Living Essential Oils
Young People and Separation From the World
Youth With a Mission: Building the One-World Church
- Z -

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