Independent Baptists Who are Driving Toward Disaster
September 14, 2010
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The following is a response by Hughie Seaborn ( in Australia to the recent report “IFB Pastor Advises No Separation from Independent Baptists; Says That Mild Syncopation Is OK” (FBIS, Jan. 11, 2012).

Just a remark about Pastor Wendal’s poor thinking and lack of biblical discernment in his comment:
‘…having lived in different parts of the country I have discovered that some people’s English has a different sound to it.’
It’s quite amazing, isn’t it, that he would use people’s speech style to illustrate something about music? I’ve never been a pastor but I’ve now lived in this end-time society practically since the inception of rock music and I feel qualified to say that a person’s speech never persuades anyone, churched or unchurched, to start a-boogying. I have yet to see even one single person start dancing a jig in response to speech. However, I have noticed even little children, barely able to walk, immediately start tapping the feet and swaying to and fro in response to rhythmic music – even the type they play in most churches now.
I’ve also been a Christian long enough to come to the conclusion that while ever these blokes continue justifying themselves and defending their mates, instead of responding biblically to scripturally based reproof, they will progressively display more and more worldly activity and say increasingly foolish things, as Pastor Wendal has.I used to drive sugar locos hauling sugar cane from the farms to the mills where it was crushed.  On one particular part of our run we had to haul the cane down a long and rather steep hill. Because it was dangerous to do otherwise, we were instructed by management only to bring half the rake of about 500 tons down the hill at one time. Being young, adventurous, foolhardy, unteachable, etc. (use whatever expression suits our topic of resisting sound advice) during the night shift, me and my mate would ignore management and bring the full rake down at once. It was always exciting sitting at the front of around 600 tons of a potentially fatal disaster slipping and sliding and screeching our way to the bottom of the hill and getting away with it, but… 
One night it all came undone and we were fortunate not to be killed.  As we perilously hurtled along and ‘safely’ reached the bottom of the hill, our hearts were gripped in sudden terror as, in the bright lights before us, we saw that the rails were open where the line branched off into a siding. The line was supposed to be closed, allowing us to go straight ahead, but a piece of cane was preventing it from shutting. With no way of stopping we were now doomed to whatever consequences our youthful disobedience was going to mete out to us. The loco derailed and headed across country with most of the rake following behind, eventually ending up in a tangled mess of steel and sugar cane. We only just survived.
That’s where Pastor Wendal and his friends are headed -- down the slippery slope with no way of pulling up and no control over the disaster of their own making that looms ahead.  Only it will be worse than my little story, because the consequences are eternal.
The terrible thing about deception -- like pride -- everyone sees it except the one affected by it.
‘Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellers there is safety’ (Proverbs 11:14).

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