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The Slippery Slope of Spiritual Decline
April 27, 2017
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061

A large number of the fundamental Baptist churches that existed in the 1970s and 1980s have either ceased to exist, have capitulated to the contemporary philosophy. or they are well on the way to capitulation.

Consider the following testimony that describes what is happening in multitudes of Independent Baptist churches:

“Recently, there was a large photo in the newspaper of one of the NFL football team cheerleaders dressed in her cheerleading uniform which was equivalent to a bikini.  Since watching NFL football is talked about so positively from the IFB pulpit, the Sunday School teacher’s lectern, and amongst the deacons and other men of the church, I decided to take a closer look. An internet search provided endless links--and just visiting the team’s website provided many photos and videos of the cheerleaders wearing even less than the team uniform bikini, posing in sexy poses, etc.  I just do not understand how something like this is promoted by the church. One can only imagine that their ‘cheers’ are not wholesome things to watch,but I have not seen a ‘performance’ to be able to evaluate that. Then there is also the advertising and other ‘entertainment’ that is shown, not to mention values promoted. It would seem that this ‘entertainment’ clearly violates separation, purity, etc., yet it is embraced by the church leadership. What am I missing here? How is this justified?

“On another note, some of your recent articles have been about the decline of the IFB churches. I have just a few comments. One woman was telling me how her IFB pastor was the best BECAUSE even though she knows he has his own ideas about women wearing pants he NEVER says anything to her. She said that she really appreciates that.  Along that same line, it seems that pastors don’t want to step on anybody’s toes (and possibly lose any donors?), yet they still want to say they are IFB. So a few times a year some generalities are pronounced from the pulpit--just one or two lines--not a sermon mind you--and it sounds something like this: People ought to listen to good music; (but what ‘good’ is, is never defined). People ought to dress right (but what that means is never defined).  People should be careful what they watch (but no examples or details are given). And so on. So it is easy to imagine each person thinking their 80s rock music, or country music, or CCM, or latest Hollywood movie, or newest TV shows are the ‘good’ ones, and they continue right on in their worldly behaviors, passing them to their children. But maybe this is approach is considered effective because none of them are ‘offended’ and quit the church or reduce their donations? CCM is very, very quietly ushered in via ‘specials,’ visiting evangelist singers, Christmas programs, etc. It seems if anyone questions anything, a sermon soon follows warning about those ‘not operating in love.’ I could go on, and I’m sure you have heard much more from others. It is truly a sad thing to watch the decline. Please do keep sounding the warning - maybe some will wake up before it's too late.”

This church will be
completely and unequivocally contemporary and “non-judgmental” within a decade.

Observe that when a church first begins to go down the slippery slope of spiritual decline, the pastor usually wants to straddle the fence for some time. He wants to pretend that nothing has changed and that he still stands for things the church once stood for, but his actions and inactions speak much, much louder his words.

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