A Biblical Test of the Spiritual Reality of a Church
July 2, 2020
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
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The following is excerpted from 21 Steps to a Stronger Church for the 21st Century.

Instead of “How many members do you have?” or “How many are you running in Sunday School?” or “What’s your Sunday morning attendance?” or “What was the attendance of your last special day?” or “How many young people are attending activities?” or “How many kids were at camp this year?” or “How are the offerings?” or “How much is your property worth?” or “How many professed Christ last year?” biblical questions would look like the following:

  • Is the church seeing any life-changing conversions of sinners?
  • What percentage of those who have professed Christ have gone on to be baptized and to grow in Christ and serve Him?
  • What percentage of the members are real Bible students?
  • What percentage of the members faithfully, enthusiastically attend prayer meetings?
  • Does the church have real prayer meetings in which the members themselves actually spend time in prayer?
  • What percentage of the homes are holy and separated from the world?
  • What percentage of the homes are effectually raising their children for Christ?
  • What percentage of the husbands are the spiritual leaders of their homes and are modeling a serious walk with Christ, Bible study, prayer, love for souls, ministry in the church?
  • What percentage of the wives are spiritual keepers at home?
  • What percentage of the children in the homes are properly disciplined and biblically educated?
  • What percentage of the youth are on fire for the Lord, meaning surrendered to Christ and separated from the world from the heart, testing their friends, music, fashion, and social media by God’s Word, and are being transformed by the renewing of the mind by being serious Bible students, and are seeking to prove the perfect will of God according to the path of Romans 12?
  • What percentage of the members are actively seeking to share the gospel and win people to Christ? Does the church have an aggressive program to reach everyone in the community and beyond with the gospel?
  • What percentage of the members participate in the church’s evangelistic outreaches?
  • Is the church holding the line against the world’s music and contemporary music? Is it being properly educated in this important issue?
  • Is the church seeing men called to preach and is it training any men for the ministry?
  • Is the church spiritually stronger today than it was 10 years ago?
  • Is the church starting other sound churches? Is it multiplying itself?
If these are the questions that preachers are asking, they will have different goals, different plans, different programs, different emphases than most churches today. And they will be laying a foundation to avoid the great collapse that we see on every hand.

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