More Comments on the Maranatha Ad
September 14, 2010
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
Following are more comments we have received about the Maranatha Baptist College promotional ad that we mentioned in Friday News Notes last week, March 16.


I have been been browbeaten by some about the mistake regarding the profanity on the Maranatha video, but it was an innocent mistake that many others made made. I heard what I thought was a profanity after listening to it several times before I wrote the report. I have printed the testimony of many others who thought they heard a profanity on the video. One couple wrote, “Several couples listened to this repeatedly and we all heard the profanity. A pastor friend who has extensive recording equipment slowed it down and listened and he said there was no question as to what he said.”

It should, therefore, be obvious that it is easy to make this mistake for the simple fact that the audio is not clear in that place. To hear for sure that it is
not a profanity you have to put headphones on and listen very carefully and sometimes repeatedly, which is not something that should have to be done.

Even if the school wants to stand behind the music and the cheap silliness and the worldly conformity of the video, to avoid any appearance of evil, that part of the audio should be cleared up, at the very least.

If I published a video and people reported to me that they heard a profanity, I would RUSH to correct that problem no matter what I had to do. Hopefully, I wouldn’t shoot the messenger.


Following are some more comments we have received about the Maranatha Baptist College promotional ad that we mentioned in Friday News Notes last week.

“I have watched many of these colleges go down the road of no return. I appreciate you standing up and naming names as you do.”

“Your article on Maranatha was straight on right. Ezekiel 22:30 still says that someone has to stand in the gap!”

“I watched the Maranatha promotional video and you are absolutely right about it. It's worldly and has no place in a Baptist college. This is a college that is supposed to be training leaders for Christian service, ministry, etc. Unfortunately, the fact that the school felt the need and the liberty to produce such a promotion reveals a deeper problem with what are supposed to be good churches. There is too much worldliness and compromise in good churches, and it is getting worse, even in my own church. Not in the leadership, but you can see it in the membership, which grieves me and my wife deeply. Brother Cloud, keep preaching what you're preaching.  You are NOT nitpicking. I am of the opinion that how you preach and what you preach was pretty common back in the 40s and 50s and before, and, frankly, is the way preaching should be today. I say that because it's true, not because I am a ‘David Cloud disciple,’ which I am not. Keep preaching and don't change what you're doing. We're praying for you.”
“I am on the IFB-Pastor's list, so have seen all the comments regarding the Maranatha video. Though I was saved very young (God is merciful!), I came from a very liberal church background and have seen firsthand the damage. Furthermore, I have been in a fairly fundamental IB church that allowed the tiniest bit of compromise in and was completely destroyed within ten years. It doesn't take long for leaven to grow!! I just want to offer encouragement to you for your warning ministry. Hopefully it will make even those who YELL stop and think.  My heart is breaking for where I see the IFB movement going.”

“I am very upset with the Maranatha ad, aping the world. This is clearly a violation of Romans 12:2, where Maranatha is allowing the world about them to ‘squeeze them into it’s own mold.’ I am also upset at reading a couple of the responses you have gotten which attempt to nail you to the wall for being ‘too picky.’ I am a retired Baptist Pastor, but also a musician. So our local IFB Church here some time ago asked if I would consider being Music Director. Just yesterday one of our soloists came and showed me the sheet music to Townend’s ‘How Great Is The Father’s Love.’ She asked if it was ok for me to join her in a duet on that song. I immediately responded, ‘absolutely not!’ She was startled and wanted to know why? I just happened to have my Sony E-Reader in my Bible case. I said, ‘let me read you about Stuart Townend, and then you tell me if we should sing it.’I had your ‘Directory Of Contemporary Christian Musicians’ in the E-Reader. So I read her Townend’s background. She immediately sided with me and did not want to use the song. She was also appalled that any church would use music written by someone with that theological bent. Now then, I am deeply indebted to you for sounding the warning about the decay in Bible-teaching churches largely due to the introduction of CCM. Had you not put together that Directory, I would have had no good source to tell this lady why I wouldn’t use Townend’s songs. ... I feel confident there is much ‘Sincere Worship’ being offered today using Rock and CCM, but God is not accepting it because it is being done ‘man’s way’ and not God’s way. I do not classify you as ‘picky’ but as a courageous warrior for our Lord. Please keep up the good work. Don’t cave in to the growing pressure from critics who want to adopt the world’s ways. A wise old Pastor, now in heaven, once told me, ‘------, Remember that compromise is just defeat on the installment plan.’ May the Lord give you continued courage and boldness to warn God’s people.”

“We were so disappointed by the comments you posted today...not that you posted them, but at the shallowness of the people that were opposed to your MBBC article. We have many years behind us in full-time service to our Lord and it grieves us to see the falling away in our churches and in the lives of professing believers. We are seeing things we never thought possible. ... We just wanted you to know that there are people out here who applaud your willingness to take a stand.”

“I agree with you. Although you have stated some facts about Hyles Anderson college and Trinity College and Dr. Lee Robertson's Church and College [and] it was hurtful to know. Yet facts are facts. We know that many once great institutions have left their first love. ... Little foxes that spoil the vines have crept in. Is it any wonder that the field is still white unto harvest?”

“After 56 years in ministry I have seen some great changes away from the Fundamentals of The Faith Once Delivered. There is hardly a Christian Educational Institution existing today that has not left The Truth. In the last 20 years they have dropped like dead flies into apostasy. Using the expressions ‘just kidding’ or ‘just having fun’ when it comes to biblical principle and Truth is a step towards heresy. I have spoken, over the years, in churches from Maine to California, from Alaska to Florida, and in that time most churches that have sound doctrinal statements have revised their statements or their present ‘belief’ or lifestyle is in rejection of their statements. Dr. Charles Woodbridge used to say: ‘Tolerance of error leads to compromise with error, then agreement and finally a personal walk in error.’ How true that was then and also is now. So, take the heat and stay faithful. Your friend in Christ and for His eternal Truth.”

“Thank you for the warning about Maranatha Baptist College. It is very disappointing that they chose this worldly path. I am no longer recommend this college to anyone. Thanks!!”

“Bro Cloud, you have done a good job in simply laying out some facts. ... I have been saved and in the ministry for 29 years, pastoring at the same church for 17 years. ... I guess we are becoming the ‘old guys’ that are just jerks. Well I’m good with that, so long as I don’t disappoint my Lord.”

“There are many things to dislike about the ad; not the least of which is its irreverence and flippant attitude. If my child were old enough to start considering Bible school, I would steer him clear of this school. Their ad projects the image that they are more concerned with being ‘relevant’ and modern and hip rather than being sober minded and serious about the things of God.”

“I had to review the video. It is my personal opinion it is clearly profanity. Increasing the volume and reading the lips, I vote profanity. My conclusion is not based on anyone else's opinion.” [As we have stated, it is not a profanity, but it does sound like it to a lot of people.]

“Thank you for the warning. May the LORD encourage your heart today. I am SO disappointed to see Maranatha striving to promote their school with ‘cool’ videos and ‘new school theology.’ It is just so discouraging. I had thought that Maranatha had headed back a little bit in the right direction in recent years. This is most distressing to me.”

“I was devastated when I viewed the video. All I could think as I watched it was something a dear friend said to me . . . ‘welcome to a world where you can serve a really cool Jesus while maintaining cultural relevancy’ (used to be called ‘worldliness’ by the saints of old). Who needs holiness, humility, and sobermindedness when you've got personality, charisma, and talent? I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the stand you have taken on this matter.”

“Thanks for the alert on the Maranatha video ad. The thing that stood out most to me is that the only thing that that indicated it was even a Christian school was the brief phrase, ‘study my theology,’ the sign that still says ‘Maranatha Baptist Bible College,’ and the advertising banner that includes the words ‘Christ centered.’ Their website says this mission is ‘to develop leaders for ministry in the local church and the world To the Praise of His Glory,’ but the ad was all about the student and his own glory.”

“We want to thank you for standing for truth, and we agree with your view point on the Maranatha Ad. Don't quit!!!! Stand true for our Lord.”

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