Ten Fundamental Things Most Right Wing Conservatives Do Not Know
November 7, 2023 (first published December 14, 2021
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
The following are some of the fundamental biblical truths of life that the vast majority of contributors to the most popular conservative news sites do not know and do not take into account in their thinking. This includes Breitbart, Fox News, Right Wing News, Liberty Nation, Blaze, Frontpagemag, etc.

FIRST, the world was made in six days by an almighty Creator who is eternal, omniscient, holy, just, merciful, compassionate, who is King over all and works all things after his own will according to His eternal plan.

SECOND, man was made in the image of God and His created purpose is to love God and glorify Him, and every man is accountable to Him.

THIRD, all men are sinners against God’s holy laws and are under His judgment thereby.

FOURTH, the ultimate conspiracy behind the scenes is the program of the dark powers that control the present world system led by Satan, a fallen angel who rebelled against God. Those dark powers are working out a program called the mystery of iniquity, the objective of which is to put a man who is evil incarnate on the world’s throne.

FIFTH, at the same time, God is working out His program of global gospel preaching to invite all men to His free salvation in Jesus Christ. This program began with the resurrection and ascension of Christ. The book of Acts is the record of the beginning of this program, and it remains God’s main business in this world.

SIXTH, Christ and His apostles prophesied that false churches will multiply. This is called the apostasy (to turn from the faith). It will increase throughout the age until the vast majority of churches (so called) will be corrupted. This is what we see in church history and this is what we see in the world today.

SEVENTH, the present church age will end whenever God determines and the true believers in Christ will be removed to heaven. This event is called the catching away or Rapture. It is imminent, meaning it can happen any time and will be unexpected by the world.

EIGHTH, immediately thereafter, Satan’s man will come on the scene. He is called the Antichrist and the Man of Sin. At first he will pretend to be a great peacemaker and global problem solver. He will make a covenant with Israel that will allow the third temple to be built. The world will cry, “Peace, peace,” thinking that a new age of peace and prosperity has begun. After three and a half years, the Antichrist will show his true character and will cause all men to worship him on pain of death.

NINTH, at that time the world will experience trouble greater than it has ever experienced. God will pour out judgments on all nations for their sin. Billions will perish.

TENTH, three and a half years after the Antichrist sets himself up as God, the true Christ will return from heaven in power and glory to establish His kingdom on earth as He promised.

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