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From Bro. Clouds Mailbox - July 2012
July 2012
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061

From time to time, I publish some of the goodies from my interesting mailbox, and many people have told me that they enjoy reading these things.


“Recently we have had to come up with a new policy with regards to missionary presentations using PowerPoint. Now we have to review it or have them take the music out. We have missionaries from fundamental churches come and give the presentation using contemporary music.”

“Just a note concerning your article ‘Independent Baptist Music Wars.’ It is a very well written, Scriptural, and much needed article. Thank you again for the stand you take. When your first articles came out concerning the music issue I stopped and checked my position. I have always focused on taking a scriptural stand on music; however, your material helped me to realize I was starting down that ‘slippery slope’ and did not realize it. Necessary corrections were made. Thank you again!!! Keep on keeping on. ‘The remnant’ appreciates and needs the encouragement.”

“I find it very sad that when a godly, zealous, and knowledgeable man like David Cloud issues important warnings about ungodly music creeping into churches, so many people, including some Independent Baptist pastors, get mad at him and say he is sowing discord, displaying a ‘critical spirit,’ meddling with things that are none of his business, etc.  In times like these, we desperately need warnings like that as well as much more education in the area of music.”

“Thank you Bro. Cloud for your strong stand and many helps. It is always refreshing to hear the voice of sanity in this insane world. I am encouraged, strengthened and blessed by your ministry.”

“The exposure of Chappell and Sexton will ultimately work good among IB pastors. There has to be a sifting of the chaff from the wheat. I expect the invitations you are getting from pastors to hold conferences are from the wheat. The chaff are SURE not going to be interested. I had a note from a pastor yesterday to say he wants to send your DVD's on ‘The Foreign Spirit of Contemporary Worship Music’ to every pastor in Australia. A year ago I don't think he would have done it. The softies refuse to see that conflict over error is a good thing. The best men here are greatly helped through the materials you provide us with, and are strengthened by them. We feel very close to you and pray for you often. It is a blessing to be in the same regiment and foxhole.”

“I wanted to write to you and thank you for your recent video production ‘Foreign Spirit of Contemporary Worship Music’ and your new book ‘Bible Separation: Its Doctrine and Practice.’ From reading your book and from the video I was convicted on how I have drifted into ‘Soft Separation.’ In the past few months I have been reading more deeply from NeoEvangelical authors and commentaries (even though I knew better), and have found some of the material good, but I have also noted the many questions that they generated. This sort of thing leads to a softened stand and reduced confidence in standing for the truth. Before long, I found myself being blown around by winds of doctrine, instead of established on the truth. The Holy Spirit used your book to point out some things to me and renew my commitment to biblical separation. The video presentation allowed me to understand some of your written warnings a little better. I have no love for CCM or CWM to be sure, but it was the part concerning IFB churches/schools like West Coast adapting the music that was enlightening. I admit that I was concerned by your warning about West Coast, and thought you were perhaps being a little picky. But when I heard and saw the clip in the video, I understood right away that your warning was warranted and that I owed you an apology for thinking the warning ill-advised.”

“We just returned from a trip to Australia (the first for our family) and attended a pastor's conference there. I saw firsthand what you have been warning about -- independent Baptists using 'toned down' charismatic/contemporary songs as congregationals and special music. It is very troubling.”

“I have compared everything you state to the Word of God and find it to be biblical. I personally came under conviction dealing with Southern Gospel music. I did research with the help of your website and prayed daily and realized I was wrong. I have found sacred Christian music to be more spiritual and now I am not listening to Southern Gospel any longer. I just wanted to be an encouragement to you and tell you we are praying for you daily. I have gotten much closer to the Lord listening to sacred music.”

“I just finished reading your e-book, The Old Highland Park Baptist Church.  It was excellent and I believe you hit it right on the head.  As I read it, and thought about all you said, I guess I would have to say, it made my heart ache.  I learned good things at Tennessee Temple, but all the things you talked about have bothered me for some time.  Just makes you hurt looking at it and look at where it led. It has caused me to evaluate a lot of things. I think sometimes as you wade through all of the stuff we were taught and the excitement factor, promotionalism, etc. It really makes you wonder about the spirituality of it all.  What a dramatic fall! ... Praying for you. Trust you are doing well. May the Lord bless you as you serve Him. Keep up the good work, I know the material has been helpful to me.”

“Let me say this right from the start, you would probably have several areas that you would disapprove and disagree with me on but that is not why I am emailing. I am emailing because I thank God for you, for your salvation and Yes! For your ministry as well. God knows that your stand against Calvinism and your saying, ‘you don't have to be a Calvinist or an Arminian’ and in my words ‘just be a Bible believing Christian’ was something I so needed to hear in my life. God has also used you (and others) in warnings and concerns about the heartbreaking drift of churches and big business so called Christian music, even Southern Gospel, into ecumenism and how this sabotages missions and the faith of God's people. I was raised in a Roman Catholic home and it makes me want to weep churches largely do not see Catholic people as lost, on their way to hell forever and do not love them and the Truth enough to pray for and witness to them. And do not begin to see any need of Biblical holiness and separation that in a real showing of the love of God, Jesus Christ would have us  have for the lost as He did, they can see there is a difference in one saved by the grace of God and merely playing church, practicing a form of godliness that denies the power thereof. We might be different in some areas but I love you brother and will pray for you.”

“I wrote you a couple weeks ago questioning your sources on a warning about John MacArthur's Masters College & Seminary. [See Friday Church News Notes, Dec. 9, 2011] I need to say ‘thank you’ for the 5 video clips you sent. I was appalled at what I saw!  I've known John to be a very faithful expositor of God's Word. It just didn't match up with what I saw on the clips. There's no way I could ever recommend Masters College and Seminary. And, to think these are kids that will be graduating and filling the nation's pulpits. Wow! Today I spotted your Directory of Contemporary Worship Musicians as a free e-reader download. I have put it into my Sony E-Reader. I can't thank you enough for all the research that went into that directory. It is most needed, and will be used by me to warn as many as possible. Thank you, again, for your ministry of warning God's people of the departure from sound Biblical teaching and standards. We certainly must be in the last of the last days.”

“I would like to thank you for all that you have done and continue to do through your Way of Life ministry. It has been a tremendous help and blessing to me for the past ten years. I would also like to thank and encourage you for all you have done to promote godly music, especially during the last year or so with the West Coast/CCM adaptation ‘controversy.’ (To me, there is no ‘controversy.’ Why any independent Baptist that believes in separation would want to dig around in the garbage heap of CCM for music to use is beyond my comprehension!) In our case, the warnings could not have been more timely. My wife is involved in a ladies trio at our church, and they were preparing to sing "In Christ Alone" when you issued the first warning about CCM adaptation and ‘bridge songs’ written by CCM artists. Something about the song - not the lyrics, but the music itself - just didn't sound right to my wife and I, and when we found out the origins of it, I decided that our family would not be involved in singing any songs written by CCM artists, even if a few of their songs are musically and lyrically sound (a big ‘if’ indeed!). When I wrote to our pastor to explain our concern about the song and my decision not to sing songs written by CCM artists, we were delighted to find out that he also read your warning and had decided that the ladies would not sing that song.”

“Thank you so much for your ministry! My Pastor and I pray for you often, as we really value all that you stand for. Your most recent article about Steve McVey's corruption of grace was a tremendous help. There are many others like him who teach similar things concerning this, but there are aspects of their teaching that I have struggled to put a finger on, though I knew they were wrong. And your article really helped clarify many of those aspects.”

“I really can't tell you how much I value your ministry, and how much it has been a help to our church here. We just got finished going through your series on the King James in our adult Sunday School. And it was tremendous to see how much it helped people in their understanding of the issue. I found it a real encouragement also, and was particularly blessed by the lessons taught on the heritage of our English Bible. Those were priceless.”

“I have been subscribing to your newsletter for several months now, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the work that you do. The research and truths that you bring forth and the untruths that you expose are so helpful to me as a young Christian wife and mother.  Early in my Christian walk, my older brother, who was saved just before I was, sat me down and lovingly drove home two points I will never forget. First, he told me to memorize 1 Peter 3:15. He told me now that I was a Christian and was an ambassador for Christ, that I always needed to be ready to give an answer to those who saw Christ in me and to be ready to defend the faith with meekness and fear. Second, he taught me about discernment. He warned me from the beginning of my faith in Christ that there are many in this world that slap the label ‘Christian’ on something, yet in reality it is far from it. Those two things have stuck with me this entire last decade since I first put my faith and trust in our Lord, Jesus Christ, and I am so very thankful. I say all that to say that I am so thankful for your ministry. We have so many warnings in the Bible about false teachers, yet so many times I think we are highly vulnerable and undiscriminating with the material that we are bombarded with in today's world. The prayerful research and findings that you share are invaluable to my family as we seek to please the Lord in this life. My family and I are members of a local, independent, Fundamental Baptist church where our pastor has a sincere and genuine desire to preach the whole counsel of God in its entirety. Our church is not large in numbers, but it is built solely upon the Bible which is the authority for all faith and practice that takes place. I know our pastor spends countless hours on each of his sermons and prayerfully considers the messages keeping in mind the needs of his flock. Our dear pastor referred me to your site and others when I had a question once about election and predestination. He referred me to some articles that were very helpful. Your latest article regarding ‘The Integrated Church and Vision Forum’ are very timely for me. Just recently, I discovered their Calvinistic beliefs. So last night, I was researching a bit more on it, and this morning I received your article with all of the other dangers brought to light. What a testament to the omnipresence of God in all of His majesty and help to us as believers!”

“Thank you so much for all your hard work. I have learned so much about church history from you and because of you I have a much better understanding of what is going on in the churches today. Having been steeped in all this word of faith stuff and the shepherding movement before that I had a lot to straightening out to do and I am glad to say the past four years have been a great opportunity to get back to the real foundations of the simplicity that is in Christ.”

“I want to let you know that you and your ministry are a great encouragement to me. I look forward to some day being able to meet you and thank you personally for the hard work you do in helping us be aware of the things around us. As a pastor of a small Church and having to maintain another full-time job and a family, I do not have the time or resources to do the research you do, it is invaluable to me!”

“I have come to appreciate you news service more and more. Iron sharpeneth iron. I thank the Lord God for you and for the news reports. We pray here for your ministry. I have taken a church where there has been easy prayer-isms, walk and talk like a  Christian & a Baptist, and have absolutely ZERO fruit. ... But bringing the Bible into our church and teaching thru it and showing the need to memorize it, and walk in the way and the truth has been worth all the pains.  Also using good material (Christ Centered). Even last night service was an accumulation of four years in the making. Godly spirit. Growing in Grace. Thank you for your part you are able to be used of in the Lord’s Service. By the way this is the second church the Lord has had me take with the same issues. The other church is doing great and has a godly preacher that holds to the Bible.”

“I'm in the “like the preaching” crowd and I think our Lord is also. Keep staying by the stuff. Thanks for your tireless work for many of our brethren either do not have the time or wherewithal or ability to research many of the things you provide.  You are providing a great service for true Christianity and IFB churches and their pastors.”

‘Let me say, thanks for what you do-you walk a thin line between passivity, (where many IFB's stand concerning error committed by their own), and just plain criticism, (which can be easy to fall into without prayer and humility), and you do an excellent job. ... Hold fast, brother, be strong and of a good courage!”

“I Just wanted to say thank you for your ministry. I have thought to contact you before, but never have. You help people (that are willing to listen) by educating them on current issues. I ... previously thought that when something ‘negative’ was said about someone that that person was bad, evil, etc. I now realize that some of the people you warn/warn about are not all bad, (for example, like Pastor Chappell) but that they are embracing some error that is potentially/eventually detrimental/damaging and that if brought to its end, is very bad. Thank you for your warning ministry. I think that people that criticize you don’t understand what you are trying to do (warn of error/dangers ahead).”

“Very needed article. [‘Dangers in Christian Bookstores,’ Jan. 18, 2012] Thanks brother.”

“It's easy to see the compromise on many fronts that's taking place within the IFB movement.  As Christians our first job is to love the Lord and stay true to what the Word of God says even if it exposes a brother or an organization that's compromising. Brother Cloud, there are many of us out here that stand with you and are praying for you. Keep it up. Keep doing what you're doing. We need you and your stand out here.”

“Thanks for putting out the free eBooks. Some of them are shorter and easier to digest for those who are in a hurry and I think they will be a help to those who are unaccustomed to reading longer books. Hopefully it will encourage them to dig deeper into the Word and into many of the other materials that you've already published. The book that stood out for me and got my attention was the one about the Old Highland Park Baptist Church. It’s a good warning to our church, and I see lots of parallels between the old Highland Park and Lancaster Baptist Church and the common model that they are pursuing. Good job also on putting Ideas for Evangelism out as a free ebook. This really needs to be out there.”

“I purchased The House Church Movement this morning ... and can say it it is tremendous! I have been reading since downloading. It speaks to every aspect of this horrific organic movement which is not based on God's Word but compost in the form of manure (NAR, Dominionist, Postmodern, Liberalism and New Age).  At the start you pull back the flowers ever so gently (showing there are legit home churches) but clearly revealing the weeds that have invaded, whether you speak of Simpson, Viola, Coles and of course Sweet. WELL DONE BROTHER.”

“Thank you for standing firm and leading in the fight for righteousness not only by word but also by example.  I thank God for your sacrifice, dedication and willingness to speak boldly and compassionately to issues that should be of concern to all Independent Baptist churches and pastors.  I have been greatly helped and encouraged by your articles on music and separation”

“I just want to let you know that me and my family have been greatly encouraged by your material. It is a shame that so many Christians and especially so called Baptist churches reject the very stuff that they need in our day and age. The signs are all over and I can’t see how so many people can ignore the warnings  that you publish through your ministry. Would it not be for your fundamental Baptist information service, I can truly say that I would not be aware of a lot of the things that go on among the Baptist generation today, living in northern Canada we are somewhat sheltered from what goes on in the rest of our country and United States. Most people don’t have the time nor MAKE the time to research a lot of this stuff, but in your emails you have it all there: quotes, video clips, etc. It makes it easy for the average person to look at things for themselves.  I just want to encourage you to keep up the good work, there still are a lot of people that read and benefit from your articles.”

“I just had to write you briefly and let you know how I thank the Lord for your stand against CCM and all other forms of music that are not acceptable for a Bible-believing Christian. I research this subject much, and your materials are a great help. Recently in the local IFB church I am a member of, our choir was introduced to the Kirk Talley song ‘He Is Here.’ Just listening to the song and reading the shallow lyrics made me realize something was wrong, and then when I researched a little deeper I found out about his homosexuality. I informed our choir director and my pastor about this, and my pastor is not letting the song be sung. I praise God for this victory that has been won.’

“I thank the Lord for your continual ministry as a faithful watchman on the wall. As a Bible student I know it is critical for me to be aware of the enemies I will be facing when I enter full-time ministry, and your emails and articles have been a great help to me. There is so much truth to study and so much error to warn of it is impossible for one man to keep up with it all, so I greatly appreciate your time in effort in compiling accurate information on those who are departing from the truth and other critical areas I need to be concerned about. You provide a needed service to many remnant believers around the world, and I pray God will continue to enable you, and pray that the small contribution I have sent will be used to help bless many more soldiers in this critical battle.”

“David Cloud's preaching and teaching is what led me to my true Biblical salvation over 10 years ago, and his ministry continues to make me grow in Christ without compromise.  I will always be so eternally thankful for him and his ministry. May God continue to bless him bountifully!”

“I just wanted to send a quick note and tell you how much our church enjoyed the Emerging Church series on dvd. We have a young church here and the people were amazed at the level of deception in the so-called churches. Great job.”

“Hang in there, the critics are unending. I can't believe what has happened since I have been a Christian since 1948 ... The Lord tells us we will suffer persecution in this world if we stand for him... STAND. You old-path teachers bless me. I enjoy your encyclopedia
and your blogs and read them daily. God Bless you. Keep looking up. If the Lord doesn't come soon we are in serious trouble on earth.”

“I have received Friday Church News Notes for several years now and can't imagine being without it.  I appreciate all the time and effort you put into your work to warn God's people. ... Please do not grow weary in well doing.”

“Tremendous indeed, Brother David [referring to the article “Blind Followers of Men”]. Your ministry is ever so vital in these last days of apostasy. It is almost unbelievable how so many people were deceived by this man. We all have great respect for Dr. John R. Rice and he was certainly fooled by Hyles. Thank you, again, for being a stalwart in the faith in these last unbelievable days. My prayers are with you.”

“Brother David, your most amazing ministry is greatly appreciated at this day of confusion.  When I was in the pastorate it was not like it is today. Unbelievable is the word that comes to me in describing today's situation of anything goes, come as you are, etc. Thank for toeing the line. You are ... ‘umpiring’ the game as it should be.  My prayers are with you as you seek to draw the line on what is biblical and what is not.  May GOD continue to give you the strength and wisdom needed in standing for the fundamentals of CHRISTIANITY.”

“I am reading ‘Does Salvation Make A Difference’ and let me tell you it is a true blessing to me. I think it will help me have a better walk with the Lord. I feel that there many things I never understood about my salvation and the rocky road I have chosen from time to time.”

“I have intended to write you a note of thanks and encouragement for quite some time. I have been a subscriber to O Timothy for several years now and I have to say it is by far my favorite newsletter that I receive. ... We need solid warning sources such as O Timothy that link current events to what God says clearly in the Scripture. I appreciate that deeply and support you in what you do with my subscription and prayer.”

“I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the countless resources you have made available and which are a real benefit to many Christians. A wise and faithful friend told me about your website and it has been an encouragement for several years. I am thankful that the Lord has placed so much instruction and encouragement in my life, often in the form of faithful and loving servants with a love for God's living and written Word.”

“Just want to say thanks for such a great web-site and especially the great article on Calvinism. Reformed theology is spreading like wildfire. I have been going to one for two years now and just learned in our theology class that the church is Calvinistic. Most people don’t have a clue about the undercurrent because everything looks and sounds good on the surface.”

“I grew up in Jefferson, WI (about 12 miles from Maranatha) and in 1968 I remember going with my local church to the school to help clean it before they opened and having a private tour given by Mrs. Cedarholm. I think both she and Dr. Cedarholm would be horrified at the changes that have occurred. How sad that at 2:07, where the faculty is using hand gestures for MBBC, that her portrait is hanging at the far left of the screen.”

“I have found the articles on your website very helpful in warning us against end-time apostasy. I am very thankful to the Lord God, that through your ministry that our church is no longer using any CCM music, as I (one of the organists) have been convicted of its evil. We also won't listen to any CCM-type music at home, and it has made a huge difference to us spiritually. I personally feel like my spirit is not struggling like it used to. The hard part is trying to learn to dislike the charming, alluring, deceptive styles of rock.”

“Thanks for the great Bible history book on the development of the KJ Bible: FAITH VS. THE MODERN BIBLE VERSIONS: A COURSE ON BIBLE TEXTS AND VERSIONS AND A 10-FOLD DEFENSE OF THE KING JAMES BIBLE. Reading it sure gives ‘the other side of the story’ as they say compared to what the KJ attackers give out. Other than you and a few others there seems to be a blackout on this history.”

“Just a word of encouragement to thank you for your articles concerning repentance and the issue of ‘quick-prayerism.’ They have been right on target and very needed. I have used them here at our church in training teams for evangelism. Also, your stand against Hyles/Schaap is right on as well! These men (including those like Clarence Sexton that support them) have done more harm than anything else I know of to the cause of true, historical Baptist churches and our mission. Keep up the work. Our prayers are with you!”

“I just want to thank you for O Timothy. The last few months the information has been great. I thought at first, ‘why so many articles on CCM.’ It was over and over, and I could not believe that it has gotten that bad. Well this is April and I said when I got O Timothy that I was going to go on youtube and look up Winterjam 2012. I could not believe my eyes!! Dear brother, I am praying for you and please don't stop telling the truth not for all the hurt feelings in the world.”

“Hundreds and hundreds times of Amens to what you have wrote today [‘Were They All Self-Righteous Pharisees?’] Keep up the good work because we are praying for you every morning and evening.”

“Once again, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for you and your ministry.  The books, DVD's, and CD's have made a wonder change in my life as well as my Christian associates. Many of the nurses used to frequent night clubs when we would get to a new town.  However, since I started a nightly women's Bible study and play a couple of your sermons almost the entire group will meet in my room to listen. God has truly used your literature and sermons to bless a large group of nurses. You have our sincere thanks as well as our daily prayers.”

“I just finished reading your posted article ‘Shooting the Wounded and Other Silly Arguments.’  I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your faithfulness as a watchman in these days.  ... May the Lord help us recognize that this whole issue is simply revealing the carnality prevailing amongst us today. By the pen of the Apostle Paul the Lord identifies carnality in those who are unable to appreciate such spiritual matters because of some infatuation with personalities [CARNALITY]. I Corinthians 3:1-3  Perilous times must surely be upon us when the trumpet is being sounded and those in the ranks are endeavoring to shoot those sounding the trumpet. Keep sounding the trumpet, brother, and may those that still have an ear to hear - hear.”

“Just finished the book ‘Seeing the Non-existent.’ Outstanding! It ought to be required reading for every fundamental Bible student!”

“Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I am enjoying the apologetics course [An Unshakeable Faith]. We are using it in our homeschool support group with our high school age young people, and they are captivated by the material. The curriculum is very well laid out and the powerpoint presentation is first class. The feedback and involvement of the teenagers shows me that they are grasping the material and I believe it will help strengthen their faith and challenge them to take a stand for truth.”

“Your book, Sowing and Reaping: a Course in Evangelism, is excellent. I recommend it strongly.  Our staff and many of our graduates use your materials regularly and, I'm sure, will find this especially helpful. The book is thorough as your materials always are and will be a help to sincere soul winners” (Pastor Roger Voegtlin, Fairhaven Baptist College).

“Many years ago when I first met you over the Internet, I thought you didn't have love in your messages. After reading this letter you received from a lover of his own Jesus movement [‘Christian Rock’s False Christ,’ May 3, 2012], I read your answer and I can see your love for his soul and those of similar belief. May the Lord continue to use you brother, the battle is hard and we need able men to guide the way through.”

“I really loved this article [‘Christian Rock’s False Christ,’ May 3, 2012]. It brings to the forefront the attempt of Satan to poison the minds of young people through Rock & Roll, as a means of ‘harmless’ pleasure and excitement. It goes back to the mid-fifties when I personally became involved it it by playing my guitar in a local rock band and immediately became deified -- on my own mind that is!!! But then I got truly Born From Above when I met the ‘Maker of All Things,’ even Jesus, the Incarnate Son Of God. I love and appreciate ALL of your articles and send them to ALL my email contacts. Keep em' coming.”

“Amen, Brother Cloud. Your response [‘Christian Rock’s False Christ,’ May 3, 2012] is well put and firmly grounded in scripture. I so appreciate your boldness and courage. It further encourages me to stand stronger in these dark times. I am a ------- professor at a large US university full of students and faculty who are either lost or who are superficial apostate Christians who rock out to the devil's contemporary ‘Christian’ rock music and have no clear understanding of the Bible, the spiritual battle that is raging, and the fact that they are being blindly led astray.... Thank you again for your standing up and fighting. You do not know how much it means to us fellow Christian soldiers to see you and others at the front lines of the battlefield.”

“I appreciate your ministry, and your website, and all of your good material—this may surprise you, as I am a former First Baptist of Hammond member, and though I do not agree with all of your positions concerning Jack Hyles and Curtis Hutson, I feel you are not hateful or vindictive in your concerns, but sincerely voice them with the same passion that we all should have. I have read your books, and emails, and O Timothy, for over 10 years now, and I want you to know that I love your ministry, and consider you the ‘most’ fundamental preacher that I know.”

“I want to personally thank you for the great help you brought to Westview Baptist. I can't tell you how glad I am you preached about the music on Sunday. It was such an eyeopener. ... It was such a great warning to my family and the church as to how it can very slowly creep into our church and homes. I will be honest, it actually put a great fear into me that if I am not terribly careful, how my kids can fall in a fast way.”

“We appreciate the stand your are taking in many many issues whether it be KJV, Music, Emerging Church, Repentance or the General Slide that is taking place in Fundamentalism today. We want you to know we personally have benefited and been encouraged through your ministry and the enormous work you accomplish, in exposing error and compromise. Not only ourselves but also others to whom we pass on the material have shown great appreciation. We know people in Australia and America who not only use your DVDs and other printed material but appreciate the bold stand you take in these areas.”

“I have been reading Jeremiah just lately and he was accused of being 'hurtful' too saying give yourself up to Chaldeans, this would have been treason, punishable by death. But it was the 'Word of the Lord' and had to be said. You can see his human weaknesses coming through but at least he did what was ‘RIGHT.’ The 'ministry' that they accuse you of tearing down is that of the wicked one, and there is frankly nothing wrong with that. Light always pushes back on darkness. They want us to be kind and soft and loving wimps, but these hypocrites can put out the knives when they want to. They know that they cannot withstand the full onslaught of truth just as Satan could not, and they want to argue 'outside' of Scripture.”

“I am 63 year old woman who was saved from new age over 20 years ago. I first read your booklet ‘Is Mother Teresa a True Christian’ years ago around the time of the Toronto blessing. Anyway it was such an encouragement to me. I was not in fundamental circles then. The Lord has led me on quite a journey learning as He teaches. I knew she couldn't be a Christian, but 'everyone' was into her. I was confused and frightened by the lack of discernment I encountered. It was a very great help to have the simple truth so kindly and graciously explained with sorrow at her lost state. It was a long time then before I thought about you again and remembered that booklet. A damaging ministry?!! They are so gone out of the way that they can’t see how helpful your ministry is to many people who are trying to make sense of nonsense and who find no help in their various churches. I couldn't make sense of the new age in the church nor the lack of pastoral help. I was utterly broken by my experience and needed help, but my help came from the Lord, not from man in the main. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your resources teaching and firm, but I find sincerely loving, stand for truth in these confusing times. ... I live in U K but spend  several months in Spain every year. The battle is the same all over.”

“I look back now and am thankful for God's faithfulness in keeping me safe from shipwreck all those years, and I lament the paucity of leadership in the Churches that I was in. One year we had an independent fundamentalist baptist brother come to our school [in Hong Kong] to teach, he left after one year under a cloud, as he was vocal about his concerns with the non-biblical things happening at the school. Unfortunately I only got to know him at the end of the year as he was at a different campus. When left he left behind quite a few books etc, which I was fortunate to rescue from the trash. Among these were a number of your books. In reading these books, and then your articles online, I realized one thing, that the reason for my conflict is simply that all along in my heart I am in accord with your thinking. What I had not realized was I was listening to all the voices around me and trying to be pragmatically effective in leading people to Jesus. Of this I have repented with great sorrow in my heart. I am extremely grateful for your ministry, as it has been a bright light cutting through the fog, exposing the rocks for what they are. I am amazed at His grace in keeping me safe in these perilous waters. More than ever we need a ministry such as yours to be a clear voice calling in the wilderness.”

“Your writings are of great importance as we are living in an age where everything goes. A few times in my life, while traveling, I have taken the wrong road. GOD has gifted you with a sense of being aware of harmful moves that some of us do not easily detect. Keep on going in the path which you have taken.  ou are helping many of us preachers and I am most grateful. Jack Hyles led many preachers astray. Would to GOD you had been writing back in those early years of the ‘Hyles’ generation.”

“I am stationed on an aircraft carrier and I order a lot of your material. God really blessed me by using my friend to get me reading your material. I want you to know that I support you and your ministry fully. God used your material to get me off Contemporary Music which was a pretty big challenge for me but not for God.”

“Brother Cloud, my wife purchased the above-named book for me for Father's Day [The Pentecostal Charismatic Movements]. I just finished reading it. Fantastic. I really appreciated the method of the book: personal experience; history; and then careful examination of the doctrines against the standard of Scripture. The history is important for at least 2 reasons: to see the doctrines they teach and to see the fruits of the doctrine. I have many charismatic friends and family members. I can say honestly that the pictures you present bear out in truth among them. ... In any event, I really enjoyed the book, and the strong doctrinal teaching (the most powerful and important part) and am going to require my children to each read it after my wife finishes.”

“I have so much to say, I do not know where to start. I was brought up in an extremely fundamental ... Hyles and Bob Gray worshiping church in southern California. At one point this church, which averaged no more than 200 on Wednesday nights (at its peak in the late 90's), was 3rd in America in baptisms, with more than 10,000 in a single year. I was one of the ‘top’ teenagers in the church and I was ‘in’ as far as popularity and promise at our church. It was a shallow, man praising, numbers driven Christianity that has driven countless men, women, families, and teenagers to bitterness and a hatred for anything that has to do with the Bible or God. I know because I was one of them. I have many old friends who have told me they could never trust a man and/or pastor cause of the trauma they went through. My family is currently struggling and I am praying for my family as they, too, have grown bitter. My family is currently looking to go to the complete other side of Christianity (new evangelical/praise chapel type) and I am praying and hoping they see Christ and the Bible more real as I have during this last year. I have recently read your book ‘The Two Jacks’ and am currently reading the book on quick prayerism, which I could tell so many stories about. I have had to ‘reset’ my whole foundation of salvation, repentance and following Christ. I cannot even tell you how that the book ‘The Two Jacks’ took me on a roller coaster of emotions, from anger to disbelief, but I realized that all my emotions and EXTREMELY high, almost worship-like, feelings towards men were getting in the way of me worshiping and following Christ wholeheartedly. I was bitter and lost for most of my early 20's but I am now studying the Scriptures, discipling people, and following Christ in a new church. I am writing to say thanks!”


“Please stop judging and criticize our Brother in Christ, Paul Chappell. You cannot judge the brothers and sisters in Christ. If you see something wrong, then just pray to God that He will take care of it. You better keep out of your business on their lives as well. ... Where is your compassion and mercies?? None of it in your heart! You need to repent yourself what you had done to other Christians and Paul Chappell. I feel that you bring shame to the gospel and the principles of God. Repent and ask for their forgiveness for hurting or criticizing them for no reason. ... God is the JUDGE. Remember that. You are not a JUDGE to Christian friends. ... Repent yourself and send letters to say sorry and will not happen again in near future. I WILL KEEP AN EYE ON YOU IN EVERY MOVE.”

“Sir, you are an idiot. It’s obvious you are lacking your mental faculties! Because of Mr Tony Campolo, I came back to the church. It’s because of morons like you that I left!”

“[In regard to the report “Recent Pentecostal Scandals”] maybe you should try walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. Where is your love and forgiveness???? I don't see it too often, and I certainly don't see any compassion in you. God hates pride, and you sometimes smell of it, sorry to say.”

“We have the power of life and death in our words. Why don’t to use your words to bring life, and hope, and healing instead of sewing seeds of discord among brethren.  God HATES that, you know?  It’s not too late to use your writing and knowledge of scripture for GOOD and leave a legacy of your own. Shame on you.   

“Sad really my brother someone who I respect simply not brave enough to take a stand on this issue but influenced by the feminist movement yourself. Show me where God ordained college and a calling for a girl, your answer will be pragmatic it works so use it.”

“Denying the imminent return of Christ is not a heresy because Jesus said you will know the times and the gospel must first be preached and there will be a falling away after that Wicked One is revealed. There isn't Jesus' 1 and 1/2 coming. The heavens will be shaken and fall and the dead will rise. Maybe if fundamentals stop reading 6,000 books and getting their doctrine from man and instead read their bibles more than once a year, we might be on the right path. But fundamentals are a denomination in and of themselves.”

“You are an amazingly arrogant man. It would be comical if it wasn’t so tragic.”

“I would like to formally invite you to join the World Council of Cults. You are just the kind of fire-breathing Fundamentalist berserker we are looking for. You can have a top slot in the corporation: Grand Epopt, Pope of Canada, anything.”


“Just finished perusing the titled article [‘Billy Graham and Rome’]. I found in it truth that you know NOTHING about the Catholic faith. The article is so full of misunderstandings, deliberate or through ignorance, that it should be taken down. Why not buy the Catechism of the Catholic Church and learn something before you continue to spread untruths?”

“To me the King James Bible seems very chauvanistic in relation to women.”

“Taking your swipe at Chuck Swindoll on the internet; really? Is there not enough evil deeds in this world for you to go after? There are so many fake preachers out there spilling out trash - and you feel the need to warn us about Pastor Swindoll. To me your letter reeks of jealousy as though he took some of your flock.”

“You are a gossip. Thats pretty much what you are. You've become that church lady that everyone knows from the church they grew up in who all she does is talk and complain about everyone.”

“You apparently have a critical spirit on you and are NOT walking in the spirit of God. I suggest you leave this mighty man of God alone [David Wilkerson] and repent before you reap what you so. God help you and your ignorance.”

“It appears that your path is too narrow that Jesus Christ can’t even follow. Your attack on Brendan Manning and others exemplifies the fowl fruit that your organization bares, hence the long dark path that you follow and and take other believers with you. Blind leading the blind and turning disciples of Christ into disciples of satan.”

“Again, more speculation from an ignorant man. You would do well to deal in facts and not your personal bias or preferences. You love to hate, and that comes thru loud and clear.”

“Don’t you have better things to do with your time than to sit around and act like some kind of lunatic with your blogging super powers? There are greater problems in this world than those of your obstructed fubiementalistic bubble. Your vengeance on those who partake in banality such as ‘southern Gospel rap’ should be aimed at your own stupidity and debaseness. Might I say that it is people like you that  have driven a man that finds fault in such institutions of stupidity and mediocrity to different avenues of Christianity in hopes that not all of sinful mankind are not as stulid as you are...” (Note from Bro. Cloud: It is obvious that this young man is an expert in many things, including the issue of being “stulid,” as well as non-judgmentalism, respect toward authority, grace, and Christian charity. As for fubiementalistic bubble, I’m not sure what that is, but it sounds pretty dangerous.)

“‘You people are more stupid than a block of wood.’ (Against Latomus, pg. 242 of Luther's Works, Vol. 32) Sounds like Fundies just like you.”

“I did not even know what part of the video you were making your accusation against until I read your email with edited comments from your LAP DOGS today.” [In response to my report on Maranatha Baptist College’s video ad]

“YOU are the blasphemer. The Beatles are not satanic. I know people who are a lot more Christian than you that love the Beatles. Do you think your helping people? I have shown many people Christ through bands like the Beatles. If Jesus were here now, he would most likely be at crack houses and rock concerts, not reading the outdated KJB. You should check out my church. We just got done telling the story of Jesus through tattoos and on Good Friday we are telling the ‘Crucification According to Radiohead.’ When was the last time you helped anybody? In september I will be going on a year long mission trip to teach music, especially rock and roll. I will be without electricity for a year in Cambodia.  When was the last time you went without a TV or AC? HAHA. Every argument you have is something a rock star said. Tell me where GOD says to not listen to rock and roll. This is ridiculous, blasphemous, and you beliefs are the exact opposite of what Christians are called to do. Im gonna go read my NLT Bible and or listen to As I Lay Dying, a pretty brutal metal Christian band that preaches more good in one song than you have your entire life. Thanks for the laughs.”

“You sound Amish. A friend sent me a copy of your email. You must not use electric, no bright clothing, no cell phone,  no tv, don't have a car, no other modern things like blenders and toasters and shavers, no internet, oops you are on the Internet. You are such a hypocrite. ... I have read your other writings and I believe you believe you are the one who decides what is good and evil then conform your Bible reading to conform to your belief.  You seem to get your thrills by demeaning other Christians, may be some insecurity on your part.  Ask the Lord to heal you,  he will.”

“I hope that the Lord Jesus Christ will transform your heart of stone to the point of where you will cease being a Pharisee, and live the gospel as Brennan Manning does. Your denunciation of this man is sad ... so very sad and pathetic. To paraphrase Brennan Manning, I suspect you are a ‘reader and not a doer of the gospel.’”

“I know some of First Baptist Church in Hammond and have knowledge of the preaching....being in his services. Not perfect, sometimes loud, but solid and King James.  Now I have read some of your writings and I believe you have some issues that you should work on. That is salvation. My choice therefore would be to follow The Two Jacks.”

“God bless Mark Driscoll for criticizing fundamentalism. I only wish more preachers would take a stand against the many fundamentalist Pharisees who cloak their self-righteousness behind man-made rules.”