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July 14, 2020
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
I recently received the following descriptions of Pensacola Christian College from two students and have confirmed them with present and past students. This communication is slightly edited only for the sake of protecting the identity of the writers:


“My overall assessment of PCC is that there are still lots of godly and conservative men in the leadership, but that there are a number of weak spots and gradual compromises, and that the condition of the student body does not bode well for the future as my generation takes the helm. Some of the younger professors and staff (most of which were once students) seem to lack teaching and conviction. Some of the older generation would never go contemporary and it is well known that the rules still ban CCM (anti-CCM, pro-KJV, skirts, and intense academics are what students know PCC for), but is nearly impossible to enforce them when the floor leaders in the dorms are themselves students.

“PCC mixes hymns and adapted contemporary ‘hymns.’ Usually the adapted stuff is from the Gettys, Bob Kauflin, or older contemporary like ‘He Has Made Me Glad’ and ‘As the Deer.’ The worst has been a toned down version of ‘Amazing Grace: My Chains Are Gone,’ ‘Behold Our God,’ and ‘Here I am Lord’ by Romanist Dan Schutte (which was written for a Deaconate Mass and contains a vague reference to the wafer that apparently no one caught when they made it the theme song for missions conference). When there is a backbeat, it is subtle. If it is a special on the organ side of the platform, then the musical accompaniment is a recording and you might hear more of a beat.

“The Getty songs are brought down to the point where I have a hard time saying if there anything wrong with the music itself. Still, if the backbeat is gone, there is still this mystic sound which could be created by un-resolving chords (I've not yet wrapped my head around that concept really).

“Besides music, I see cracks in dress standards (girls can wear shorts as of last summer), love of the gym, video games, and encouraging dating.

“As for the students, I came expecting everyone to be perfect Baptists. Now I realize there are thousands of Baptists in the States and that just because a church is fundamental does not mean it isn't lukewarm. If the 4,500 strong student body is mostly from IFB churches, that does not bode well for the future of IFB churches. Contemporary and secular music is common, others admit they've had no teaching, dress convictions are exceedingly rare, and dating is almost universally accepted. Of course, many students came because of prices or because they were floundering for direction. They all get the Word in classes, but so many take it lightly. While there are some really zealous, godly young people here, as the majority take over positions in the college and in their home churches in the years to come, I fear for where they will steer the ship. There's no teaching. There's no knowledge. There's no conviction. Some college rules (like music and dress) have a biblical basis, but it seems that many or most students do not realize that it is so.”


Sadly, the overall spiritual state of the campus of PCC is worldly in my opinion. Most students seem to be backslidden and complacent. I'm assuming that probably a rough percent of the student body that is worldly and not interested in the things of God is approximately 75%. Of the remaining 25% that are interested in spiritual matters, probably 23% are sold-out contemporary in their personal lives. And the remaining 2% of PCC care deeply about the things of God and are trying to live separated from the world.

“The real issue of PCC is the lack of separation from the world which is the result of the heart of the students and the leaders. From their lukewarmness naturally comes other issues in many different areas. Their dress standard is definitely getting worse while it never really has been as strict as it should have been. Girls are still required to wear skirts for class dress and church but while it is required they are rarely modest. I would definitely agree that over all the school's standards are diminishing and it will only be a matter of time before PCC gives up most of its core standards and beliefs.

“One of the biggest and definitely most recent issues of PCC is their lack of stand for the right kind of music. The music has really taken a bad turn. While PCC has always outwardly stood against CCM, the church has for many years incorporated songs that are CCM. They are now starting to really infiltrate more and more modern CCM ‘hymns’ as well as praise and worship style choruses. The new Rejoice hymnal by Majesty Music is used in Campus Church and has several songs by Sovereign Grace, the Gettys, and Townend. In addition to ‘Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone’ and ‘Behold, Our God,’ other music specials have been songs written by Casting Crowns, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, and Matt Papa. While these songs are definitely CCM, Campus Church does tone down the music and makes it sound more sacred. It is now getting to the point that these types of songs are being sung in nearly every service. Campus Church's new pastor is really doing a lot to take the church and PCC in a more contemporary direction.

“There are definitely many great professors in the Bible department that seem to have a Biblical stand and are still fundamental in their beliefs.

It was very encouraging to see the letter that you sent me from another student from PCC that also sees the extreme danger of the choices that PCC is making and understands the bridge philosophy that is being adopted. There are of course many students that understand that these songs are CCM and love this new change. There are also many other students that are from conservative IFB churches that have never heard of these songs and don't know that they are CCM and therefore are being led astray unknowingly which is really frustrating to see.

I have been in much prayer for PCC to stand strong and to not compromise while also praying for the leaders and for Campus Church. I have really hoped for the school to change and be convicted of their worldly decisions. PCC does have a lot of ministry opportunities. The college does still stand strong on the KJV and is faithful to the fundamental teachings of God's Word. While PCC is strong in some areas, they are compromising in many other major areas.”

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