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From Bro. Clouds Mailbox - June 10, 2014
June 10, 2014
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
From time to time, I publish some of the goodies from my mailbox, since many people have told me that they enjoy reading these things.


“Unfortunately, you are becoming a lone voice on the IFB scene. I read your article from the 27th [‘The CCM Philosophy Spreading among Independent Baptists’]. Ironically, that evening the BJU preacher boys' choir sang ‘Across the Land’ by Getty (‘cleaned up’ of course). What grieves me more is the fact that no guidance or warning is given to these young men when these songs are being taught to them. The net result is that their leaders are removing barriers from these young men’s lives and only the most vigilant 18-22 year old will notice. They will come to love these songs even before they confronted with the truth about them and hence will be inoculated against the truth. I'm afraid that this will have a Jeroboam-type impact on American fundamentalism. May God be merciful to us and vindicate His holy name!”

“Thank you so much for this series [‘The Emerging Church Is Coming’]. I believe this series on the Emerging (submerging) church is a MUST for all churches. We started ----- five years ago and this series was one of the first video series we showed in Sunday school. Afterward, many of our people were shocked at what they saw and heard. It was truly frightful! This video series laid a great foundation for our new church. It helped our young church lay a solid foundation early. I would highly recommend this for any church, especially a new one. Keep up the great work!”

“I don't agree with you 100% of the time but you are a real treasure and I appreciate your bold, public and Biblical stance on things that are (or should be) important to the Body of Christ.”

“Thank you for this good email on modest dressing, a most needed subject.

“Thank you very much! I love this particular issue of your Friday News Notes [Jan. 3, 2014]. Not only for what it says and does in exposing liberalism but in offering what I believe is the ONLY HOPE of AMERICA! Revival among the Bible Believing Churches in America! That is the ONLY HOPE!”

“Your books and studies have helped my wife and me tremendously so far. Since I have started them I have grown a fair bit and learned lots about the Bible. Also, your encyclopedia on Bible is excellent for reference in studying Bible topics.”

“Thank you for your ministry, you have blessed us many times, most memorably in your message ‘Questions Answered On Eternal Security pt.1’ -- some of us felt like we had been born again again, and, most notably, one (her name is -----) -- was converted shortly after we heard that message. At that time we were a long way from a Bible believing church. Thank you again for the many times you have helped us.”

“Thank you for confirming the convictions that I have felt for years but lacked the words to defend them.  I feel a call to exhort God’s people to righteousness and separation from the world.  Many times I feel like a lone watchman on the wall, crying that danger is near, but with no one listening.  Thank you for showing me that I am not alone, and for better preparing me to guide my family and help guide my church to distance ourselves from the rampant apostasy of our day. ... I pray that God will continue to bless your ministry and enable you to ‘Keep on the firing line.’”

“Thank you for such a great discipleship program [‘The One Year Discipleship Course’]. My people are thoroughly enjoying it!”

“Thank you for the up-front stand you take for the Word of God. My family started attending Church in 1984 in a town south of Atlanta Georgia. I thank The Lord for leading me there. However, over the years it has been heart breaking to have my eyes opened to dangers in ‘soul winning’ schemes. Carl Hatch was a regular guest speaker at our Church and I lead my first souls to the Lord during the weeklong speaking engagements he ran. ... Looking back it is as clear as glass how we were being manipulated to get numbers. Although I feel slightly used, embarrassed, and ashamed that I know I have been guilty of quick prayerism I am so thankful I know by the grace of God some did truly come to know Christ as their savior. Obviously, I do not know which of the hundreds I talked with who prayed were sincere and who were not, God knows. ... I was called a fault finder because I had my wife stop attending a ladies soul winning ‘club’ because of the way they were taught to trick people into bowing their head and praying. Anyway thank you and stay faithful.”

“I am a eighty-two year old Baptist Preacher, and read your article ‘Why I Am Not A Southern Baptist,’ and your recent mail box. After thinking for a while about the critical writer that condemned you for the article I would like to say, he is either blind or knows very little about the direction the Southern Baptist Churches are going. ... After sitting in a Business Meeting last night in a Southern Baptist Church I had to get on my box this morning. After these many years of serving in SBC Churches and being slighted because of my conservative views I am witness to what has taken place. I do not Pastor any more but still serve my Lord in the Prison Ministry we have carried on for many years and will until I cannot go any more. God willing we will be on the inside preaching the precious Word of God tonight. I do not agree within everything completely you write but did not find one single thing in ‘Why I Am Not A Southern Baptist’ I did not after all these years not agree with. It is a shame to God and man that in a church business meeting all you hear is women voices. No one knows any better than I do how important our wonderful Christian women are with my wife of sixty two years standing by me thru the good times and the bad, but I know what God's Word says. The Prophet Joel said in chapter 2:15, ‘Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly.’ Please continue to sound the trumpet for the truth for very few will today. It Is Time.”

“I am reading, from cover to cover, your book
Way of Life Encyclopedia of the Bible & Christianity. I have learned soooo much from your book. In the ‘W’ section I just read about Women Preachers.  I have, more times than not, felt slighted by being passed by in the church because I was a woman and have harbored some anger.  After reading this section I understand now that I should not be angry and bitter about being ‘over looked’ as it were in my church structure. You have opened my eyes and my mind to the truth and I will now resign myself to be ‘content’ as Paul put it with my state as a woman.”

“I especially LOVE the first two articles of Friday News this week! Bro. Cloud I really wish that I had read them two back when I was first saved when I was an ecumenical charismatic. I remember like yesterday talking to a husband-wife in the church that I attended and they brought up the issue of going to bars and witness to the lost. I had gotten convicted against going to bars and I thought it was dangerous for a Christian to go to such places to reach the lost. For I had been a drinker and a dope smoker before I got saved and my attitude was, ‘why should I want to go to places like that and open myself up to temptations?’ But at that time I didn't know how to combat such things. ... I saw a movie on TV not more than maybe three or four months after I got saved. It was dealing with Jesus. But the Hollywood version of Him. ... It showed Peter upset at the Savior for eating and drinking with the Publicans and sinners! ... Anyway I plan to use some of those in a future sermon possibly more dealing with how people get wrong ideas about Jesus and how they use things like Jesus eating and drinking with sinners to justify their sins. Thank you and God bless you.”

“Thanks, Brother Cloud, for continuing on. Your books, writings, videos, etc, have made a big impact in me, my family, and my church. The Lord bless you.”

“I just wanted to let you know that I am ordering your new book ‘Bible Times and Ancient Kingdoms’ along with ‘The Future According to the Bible,’ and I am very eager to receive them. Your materials have been such a help to me (especially the Way of Life Encyclopedia) as I have grown spiritually in my devotional time and Bible study. ... Please know that I pray for you often, and it has been a real pleasure to utilize your materials.”

“Thank you Bro.Cloud for this article [‘You Don’t Understand Roman Catholicism’].I have personal experience in dealing with a Roman Catholic at work who has employed all of the evasive, ambiguous non-answers to questions I've presented regarding their corrupt doctrine. My constant reply is '’show me in the Word of GOD'.’ Thank you for all the great teaching material (I’m about to finish the course on James). We’re praying for you and Linda and your ministry all glory to our Savior GOD.”

“I wanted to thank you for the Song Leading article that was published today. I am a missionary ... and we have a small Bible College. This semester, I am teaching a course on Fundamentals of Music/Songleading. This article is a tremendous resource! Thank you for all you do. I agree with about 95% of all you publish. The other 5% we’ll just leave to the Lord. You are a blessing.”

An Unshakable Faith is an excellent work; probably the best single volume on the subject I have seen. If the Lord tarries, it would be good to have a slightly condensed version as a handbook.”

“I’m an independent fundamental Baptist missionary. I have greatly enjoyed your material over the years. It has been a blessing and help to me in many ways.  I appreciate the books being offered as eBooks as that is a huge help and blessing to me. ... Thank you also for the articles that you put out, and the many free publications that are available.  They are a blessing to me and my ministry, and appreciated more than you will ever know. God Bless.”

“This is an excellent article [‘Repentance and Evangelism’]. I found it to present the doctrine of repentance very well. I wish that it was in booklet or pamphlet form. I would try to give it to as many sinners who need to be saved as I possibly could for it shows how one is to be saved without cutting corners!”

“We appreciate the writing you do. It is an encouragement to us and a tool to help with instructing our teenagers. My husband has recently finished preaching a series on music in church and our hymn books. It has certainly got us all examining where the music we listen comes from and where it will lead us. Thank you for you sacrifice of communication.”

“I often thank the Lord for your ministry, and I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to you. Keep sounding the Trumpet of Truth with a heart of love for the Word of God and the souls of men, and a Biblical hatred for evil. ‘Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked’ (Psalm 97:10).”

“All glory to the Lord, every new convert should read this [‘Repentance and Lordship Salvation Revisited’].”

“We want you to know how much we appreciate your ministry and your uncompromising stand upon the principles of God’s Word. We pray for you. ... Those of us out here where much of what you detail is taking place often feel all alone (humanly speaking) and then we read your updates or other materials and realize that we ALL need to stand, and having done all, to stand! Having been in the field of music (teaching in Bible colleges and doing church work for some 50 years) I truly understand this battle. Men whom I once could trust and whom I counted personal friends have departed from God’s principles in many of these areas. And that puts them on that slippery slope of compromise in every area.”

“We have been viewing several of your DVDs in our Wednesday night meetings and they have been extremely helpful. My wife has recently given a talk to the ladies on modesty using material from your DVD and book ‘Dressing for the Lord.’ It was very well received and there was a very sweet spirit in that meeting.”

“I have watched your videos on CCM and agree 100%. I was in seeker sensitive churches for years until the light bulb went on. I only like good Christian hymns and gospel music now. This morning I found this headline, maybe you did too. I thought if you had not seen it, it might be of use for your research on the subject -- ‘Dan Haseltine, front-man of Christian band Jars of Clay, takes to Twitter to support gay marriage.’”


“I figured you were a Baptist organization. You are nothing more than modern day Pharisees! Judgmental ignorant people. Get a grip.”

“He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone. Publicizing someone elses sin doesnt do God a favor. All sin is are not apart of the solution and not the problem. A kingdom divided against itself will not stand!”

“Ava Maria!”

“I am absolutely perplexed at your hate filled literature.  I believe in God and it continually amazes me,  the vitriolic attacks on the homosexual community, made by so called religious people. True Christianity encompasses and embraces without being judgmental and hateful. I will pray to my God for your soul to be enlightened and your hate to be replaced with love.”

“William Branham I know and Jesus I know, but who are you!”

“We're writing to raise funds for a very special cause; which is to promote devotion to Mary Mediatrix of All of God's Graces and to work for the Fifth Marian Dogma of Mary Mediatrix of All of God's Graces.”

“What you say about many Christians is bunk. It is fruitless to challenge you for you are the deceived. That is the very basis of deception; you just can't see it.  May God have mercy on you.”

“Just a note about all the negative things you enjoy writing. Bill Gaither has done more to take down the walls between churches than just about anybody in the last 30 years. ... Christian music is good any way you create it if it wins souls to God. ... you catch more Bees with Honey than with Vinegar. I believe Bill is doing the right thing to break down those barrier walls. You should be part of the solution not part of the problem.”


“... things are gearing up for the Vatican to seem to be getting ready to present an alien to the world- and present him as the Christ. ... After watching my leader IFB Pastor husband in a trance over Superman and Batman and the mutants, and the aliens and the new phenomenal flicks put out by the fanboys of his generation, we are without a doubt being conditioned to accept an alien leader. Not that I think the beast will BE an alien, but I know he will be possessed by a demon. And he will seem to do great wonders, and how much more believable will he be to a public of millions who have been brainwashed to worship Superman, the alien that looks like an all American boy from KS?”