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From Bro. Cloud's Mailbox - September 2016
September 2016
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
From time to time, I publish some of the goodies from my mailbox, since many people have told me that they enjoy reading these things.


“Many appreciated your videos and have been influenced. Glory to GOD.”

“I have read your entire Encyclopedia of the Bible and Christianity through multiple times. Nothing has helped me more apart from the Bible.”

“Thanks for this wonderful word of God [“Eternal Security and Problem Passages”]. It has changed my life soo much from a hopeless Christian to a hopeful & responsible one.”

“I really appreciated the article ‘Keepers At Home’ in the last Friday Church News Notes. My wife and I have been married now for over 28 years now. We have 4 grown children ages 18 to 24 and all of them have made genuine professions of faith in Christ. Your article really hit the nail on the head. We decided early in our marriage that my wife was going to stay home and raise our kids the biblical way. We were poor and struggling at the time but we decided that we would trust the Lord to provide for our physical needs and do things His way. Here are the results: All of our needs and many of our “wants” were supplied by the Lord through the years. We have a modest acreage property ... close to a large urban center that is paid off and two fairly new model vehicles to drive. We never had a day where we were unclothed or went hungry and all of this was done on one modest tradesman's wage. God truly supplies when you do things His way. Most importantly though, I have had the great joy of seeing my children come to know the Lord (mostly through the Lord using my wife’s influence on them when they were at home) and walk in his ways. My oldest son is just finishing up an electrician’s apprenticeship and is going to pursue ministry opportunities with a traveling evangelist. My two daughters are in bible school, and they both have plans to serve the Lord in teaching roles when they graduate. My youngest son wants to become an aircraft maintenance technician so that he can become involved in mission aviation but wants to attend bible school for a year before he pursues this. None of my children were pressured or coerced to do these things. It should be noted also that we also kept them out of the public school system (aka: humanist indoctrination system) and kept them from the evil doctrines and practices that they would have been exposed to if they had attended a public school. I believe it is CRITICAL that the children be raised and nurtured by their parents and NOT by third party agents who have no vested interest in their eternal welfare. Following the Lord’s plan plan pays ENORMOUS dividends! There is NO question that my children belong to and serve the Lord Jesus Christ today because of God’s unfathomable grace and because we chose to have my godly wife teach and nurture them in the things of the Lord at the time they were at a critical and impressionable age.”

“I just came across some videos of last year’s conference at Lighthouse Baptist Church in San Diego on YouTube, and found their young men singing modified (and some not so modified) CCM music, ‘Redeemed’ by Big Daddy Weave, and ‘When the Stars Burn Down,’ by, it seems, a few different artists, (don't know who wrote it). And I must admit to being quite heart broken over it. I attended there in the 1990s and credit this church with my finally beginning to mature as a believer and taking seriously my walk with God. I had hoped to get things together well enough to go to the conference in recent years, but now I must admit that I cannot go any more. Though the preaching may still be sound, how long can that last, if they are allowing even this in? And I fear being sucked in myself if I DO attend. And now I feel, more and more, that I am in the wilderness. I live and pastor in a very small town. The pastors that I fellowshipped with have gone on to glory, and more and more, there is no one left with whom I can gather, speaking of other pastors and preachers. I admit to a certain amount of grief over this, and maybe I understand why so many go into this music. Otherwise you are left behind by your peers and friends, and left with no fellowship. With the Lord’s help I will stand in my integrity, but it gets lonely at times. Thanks for being a light.”

“I wanted to thank you for the many resources you provide on your website. I am very thankful for your ministry because it is so difficult to find resources that are written from an Independent Baptist, non-calvinistic point of view. My family and I are missionaries in Ireland, and as our church has grown, I have found Calvinism of all types are very prevalent, as well as Charismatics, and many other beliefs. There are few IBC's. I wish there were more IBC men writing scholarly books. I availed of your Encyclopaedia for Kindle and it has proved invaluable in Bible study, as well as sermon preparation. I plan to purchase a copy to put in our church building in the future. Thank you again and may God continue using your abilities to build the faith of His saints.”

“I recently became a KJV convert, and I write an apologetics blog hitting my friends who run the national prayer breakfast and my other friends lost in prosperity, word of faith and hyper grace. ... On a personal note, I quit practicing law during the day to preach the pure gospel message of sin, repentance and mercy to people on the streets. I give out free KJV Bibles and my email/cell number for follow up. I have lots of great stories and many sad ones. I preach turning from sin, to the Jesus Christ of the Scriptures. Thanks for your labors, my brother. They are very helpful and it is great to have a man out there who is not afraid to proclaim the truth and to name names when necessary.”

“Thank you for your important ministry. You write a lot of things that need to be stated, but which are not very often expressed or not as clearly as you do. Thank you.”

“If it was not for you, I likely would have surrendered in music, not surrendered doctrinally but simply over run, like Custers last stand. Seems I and those few around me are the last ones standing, and few listening. Been here 10 years, nine church plants in various stages all under national pastors, Bible institute, and orphanage, been busy for an old man. ... Would love to sit and glean from you over coffee one day; maybe in heaven. You have a wider influence than you even know keep up the work and train others also because you and I are getting old. Thank you for all you do.”

“I'm writing to say how much I appreciate the work you are doing ‘contending for the faith.’ I've been receiving your mail for quite a few years now and have always found it a godly counterpoint to the prevailing 'wisdom' of the age. I have also bought some of your books. I have not always agreed with everything you have written, but your writing always challenges me to humbly seek God's word and to put His truth before my own sentiments. In doing so I have come to believe in Creationism (rather than evolution), understand the errors in Calvinism, be aware of CWM, appropriate dressing for God, understand the importance of bible translations and the KJV, and probably most importantly, know and read the bible as the truthful Word of God. By researching, learning and understanding these thing my faith has been revived and made alive. Your ministry is vital. I am praying that you continue to humbly seek God's truth, and to continue to boldly proclaim it. This world is only going to become darker and more dangerous, your ministry is a light shining in the darkness. May the Lord bless you and keep you.” [Bro. Cloud: No, I didn’t pay him for the testimony!]

“I’ve had over two years of Bible study classes. I’ve got to say, I really liked the
Effectual Bible Student series. I’ve tried to recommend it to everyone I know... and nothing. I’ve tried to recommend the Way of Life Encyclopedia to everyone I know... and nothing. I’ve tried to recommend the One Year Discipleship Course... and nothing! I’ve tried to recommend Things Hard to be Understood--and NOTHING!!! Every Bible believing Christian should own all three of these books and should watch the EBS series. Your server should be struggling for bandwidth! I'm frustrated. The people perish for lack of knowledge. ... Anyway, your materials have impacted me greatly.”

“I just finished this sad, but true book
Why Most Ind Baptist Churches Will Be Emerging. I marvel at your insight all the way from Nepal. I travel every week in evangelism. When we don’t have meetings, we visit churches all over America and we see the demise. Thank you for the heads up and insights packed in this small treatise. We will be carrying this book along with several others on our book table from church to church and advising pastors to read it.”

“I just finished reading this book of yours. I have to tell you Brother, it's been a while since any non-scripture book has so often brought tears to my eyes and caused shouts of joyous agreement. I loved it. Thank you for writing it. I thank God that He gave you the gifts and information to write it. God bless you”

“REALLY enjoyed one of your eBooks,
The Emerging Church Is Coming. Got all the tips I needed to watch out for this ‘religious octopus.’ Seems like the Emerging Church is nothing more than New Agers wrapped in religious garb, with a healthy dose of 'rebellion' and 'worldliness' tossed in. Thanks for making this available.”

“I greatly appreciate your efforts in keeping many of us informed about contemporary issues; especially in relation to the CCM movement. Your Friday Church News Notes are very helpful to someone who has been labouring in [the ministry] for the past 45 years. Your willingness to take a stand even in the face of unfair criticism and opposition is encouraging.”

“I live in the UK and have just read an article on your site on drinking among Christians. I would like to thank you for this article. I am a Christian and I abstain from all alcohol. Because of this I find myself feeling like a bit of an outsider around other Christians and wondering if they are right and I am wrong. Often they can get very defensive if anyone dares imply that they should not drink. ... It is hurtful that the attitude among most Christians seems to be one of indifference.”
“I shared your book
What Every Christian Should Know about Rock Music with my daughter, and she has now purchased a disk with 300 old hymns. I am so delighted. Thank you.”

“Dear Brother Cloud, the warnings that you have given regarding Lancaster’s serious sin are valid, necessary, and appreciated. I pray for you and your ministry. I also pray for Paul Chappell - that he will confess his sin to God, repent, be forgiven, and then be blessed. Sadly, there are many today like those in Isaiah’s day: ‘His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber.’ Isaiah 57:10 And there are many like those to whom Jeremiah was sent: ‘As for the word that thou hast spoken unto us in the name of the LORD, we will not hearken unto thee.’ Jeremiah 44:16 Please continue to be a watchman on the wall.  Some hearken.  Even if only one ever did, one day it will be obvious to all that it was worth it all.”

“Your last two daily emails (‘Does Salvation Make a Difference?’ and ‘Contemplative Spirituality’) have been excellent. My wife, who is going your one year discipleship course and just bought another copy for her best friend's birthday, also is very, very thankful for your hard work on these critical issues. She was a contemplative teacher years ago!”

“I have read many of your books all provided free of charge. Thanks for providing this service.  I have learned a lot and appreciate what you have to say.”

“Thanks for all the research you do. It is very informative and eye opening.  Although I was saved at a young age, I spent most of my life in evangelical churches and I am new to being a baptist and new to the KJV.  Your column is helping me catch up.”

“I have read several of your books, listened to sermons and watched a couple of videos. This has been a tremendous blessing to me. For example a couple of years ago I read the book ‘Dressing for the Lord’ within three days. Those thoughts were completely new for me, but I was convicted so quickly. On day number three I just couldn’t wear my trousers any longer and immediately started changing my wardrobe.  It wasn’t easy – it was a spiritual fight, but I haven’t regretted it. Later I started translating the book into German and the Lord encouraged other people to help me. ... It was published by Edition Nehemia under the title ‘Privatsache Kleidung.’ I very much appreciate your practical writing style with examples and testimonies from believers and with statements from worldly people. For me this is even more convicting than an academic style of writing. From your writings and from the videos I also learned a lot about the topic of music and I use this material to teach my children. My family is not fluent enough in English to read the original books. So sometimes I take parts from your books and translate them orally for my husband and my children. Your latest book ‘The Mobile-Phone and the Christian Home & Church’ has also been a great blessing for our family.”

“I also want to tell you how VALUABLE your church directory (on the website) is! I used it for 20 years while in the military, needing to search out churches as I got new orders. Then, I have used it several times to assist other military or other folks who are moving to find good churches. The sad thing is that there are not more true Biblical churches that could be listed there.”

“I just want to express my thanks for your site. I was so unaware of the new evangelism, only heard it through sermon audio. I linked to your site and it was amazing how much of this is out there with people I have listened to and bought books from. Thanks for the warning. I am at present much more aware and checking out what Is around me.”

“Thank you again for the insightful report and treatise against this pagan, ungodly passion of men to break down the walls of spirituality in our churches [referring to ‘A Baptist Church on the Slippery Slope,’ Mar. 2, 2016]. I guess it seems that Bro Chappell has too much following for the
Sword of the Lord to take issue. With so many of that crowd sending their kids to Lancaster it sure looks bad for IFB churches ahead. When you think of all the big fellowships that have gone down the drain the past thirty-five years, it isn’t difficult understanding where this all is heading. Today’s philosophy becomes tomorrow's reality. I'm heartsick more people like yourself aren't concerned and sounding the alarm. Keep up the good work Bro. Cloud.”

“Thanks for the article [referring to ‘A Baptist Church on the Slippery Slope,’ Mar. 2, 2016]. The tidal wave is hitting Papua New Guinea. By Gods grace we must continue to stand.”

“David Cloud is one of the greatest ‘End Time’ prophets in our day. ... Read his testimonies in his articles, Get educated about him. Read about the missionary work that he has done in Nepal for the last approximately 30 years and that he is still doing.”

“Bro. Cloud, blessings on you, brother, for the incredible amount of work you must have put into your most recent work, ‘A Baptist Church on the Slippery Slope’! Thank you for being so well-studied, well-stated, and discerning on this critical issue. Of course, all glory to our Lord and Saviour for His work through you! I am alarmed (putting it mildly) at the inroads I see CCM making among preachers and churches I have fellowshipped with. It is so prevalent that, at times, one feels almost in the minority among even supposed independent, fundamental ‘Bible believing’ Baptists! I praise the Lord because your preaching-in-print is Scripture-based and often timely in the encouragement and exhortation department.”

“I want to say a hearty ‘Amen! to the recent Friday Church News Notes ‘Revival Could Come.’ You really hit the nail on the head concerning the political, moral, and spiritual state of America, and of the Biblical response of the Christian to it. Keep saying it like it is, no matter who gets mad at you.”

“Thanks for this ‘to the facts’ view of the real climate of America's political scene. [Friday Church News Notes ‘Revival Could Come,’ March 18, 2016] I plan to share these thoughts with my pastor; perhaps we'll become one of the 100 praying churches.”

“I see churches spending hour upon hour planning events, special days, etc., but the pastors/teachers don’t spend one second warning people about dangers. A man will stand in the pulpit and go into great detail about a ‘great’ priciple he learned in the latest book he read, but he won’t take one second to warn his people about the new evangelical (or whatever it may be) man who wrote the book, or, his doctrinal errors. Thank you for standing strong in what the Bible teaches!”

“THANK YOU SO MUCH for your research and the good info you keep us informed about. I really appreciate you and how God has used you.”

“Thanks for the constant flow of alert information and warning, whiich I gobble down like a starved turkey, and then urge our very few remaining friends (at 89) to do the same. In school 69 years ago, we were required to subscribe to John R. Rice’s Sword of the Lord, but Dr. Rice never held a candle to O Timothy. I did appreciate especially the little colmn entitled ‘Weniger’s Words of Warning’ however. I got saved out of a life of sin and degradation while serving with the good General Douglas MacArthur’s forces in post-war Japan (Hq. Eighth Army). We came in to help reconstruct and guide Japan in the right direction; then realized that the spiritual and eternal must trump the material and temporal. The good general told the Russians (in no uncertain terms) not to set foot on this island. (They wanted desperately to split Japan after the manner of Korea and Germany.) Following six years of study and preparation, I returned to pioneer-evangelize this island, especially the northern peninsula virtually untouched. Health issues of recent years have reduced our efforts precipitously, but still able to witness and make contact for Christ locally. Tremendously appreciate your ministry, stand, and help. ... Expiration date to my subscription coming up fast. Please extend for another 10 years. I’ll not be here, but others may profit.”

“My wife, the former contemplative, absolutely loves your huge study ‘Contemplative Mysticism.’ She is at the kitchen table all day every day and has memorized 88 of your verses. Thank you, with all of my heart. See you in heaven.”

“We are going through all 52 lessons of the One Year Discipleship Course in our adult Sunday school class at church. I have read through it several times and what a blessing it has been. ... We have ordered several in the past and just ordered 15 more today. Everyone should go through this course at some point.”

“Excellent suggestions from the Word of God [‘Dealing with Worldly Church Members’]. I see several areas that I can improve on as a pastor. Thank you.”

“Brother Cloud, no one has helped me more than your ministry. I was saved out of a very wicked druggy lifestyle while at Dallas County jail in Nov of 2013. My conversion was radical and a decision I have never regretted. I spent 13 months at Dallas County jail before I was transferred to a Texas prison unit. All I was allowed to have at county jail was my life application study Bible. I must have spent 6 to 8 hours a day reading my Bible. Once I got to ‘Hutchins State Jail’ I was allowed to have books sent to me other than a Bible. My dad has followed you since 1998 when he taught OT Hebrew at seminary. He ordered me a Way of Life Encyclopedia right when I got to prison from county. I wore it out and have read it multiple times, all of it. ... I had my dad order 4 more encyclopedia's and send them to the chaplain who brought them in and put one in each dorm for the inmates to use any time they wish. ... I was released August 28th 2015. I joined a church and got baptized the 2nd week out. ... Thanks so much Bro. Cloud and while I might not ever get to meet you or talk with you via phone etc. I dearly appreciate all you do and love you as a brother in Christ and will certainly see you in Heaven one day.”

“Just wanted to shoot a brief note off to you, to let you know what a blessing your books are to me. I utilize both your ebooks, as well as physical books, in my ministries. ... I soon plan to purchase another WOL Encyclopedia for a young man in my church who wants some extra direction in his studies, and since I have found it a great resource and have bought it for others before, I will continue the trend. Sadly, writing is not something that the Lord has blessed me with, so your prolific writings are a great help to myself, as I am sure they are to many others.”

“If you can, pass on to anyone who cares to know that these books [Advanced Bible Studies Series] are hugely valuable and useful. If I had been given them when I was graduating high school, as I do now with my children, I’d be 20 years further along in my understanding of Scripture and surrender to the Lord.”

“I'm currently going through the ‘One Year Discipleship Course.’ I’m doing a lesson each day instead of each week because a lot of the stuff I already know (being raised as a pastor's kid), but there is still things that I'm learning in it. I tell you, it really is actually fun to sit down every morning and go through a lesson and look up all the verses and then try to answer all the review questions without looking back at the lesson! Thank you for that!”

“It was because of you that I stopped listening to death metal music, then mainstream music altogether.  I love the hymns now, and I have no desire to listen to heavy metal anymore... NONE.  This was done through hard preaching. ... The encyclopedia is on my kindle and I have it open every church sermon.”

“I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading your emails and articles every day. What a blessing they are to me and others that I share them with. You have definitely been given a gift from God and much wisdom on high. You have taught me so much. Keep up the great work for God.”

“Brother Cloud, no one has helped me more than your ministry. I was saved out of a very wicked druggy lifestyle while at Dallas County jail in Nov of 2013. My conversion was radical and a decision I have never regretted. I spent 13 months at Dallas County jail before I was transferred to a Texas prison unit. All I was allowed to have at county jail was my life application study Bible. I must have spent 6 to 8 hours a day reading my Bible. Once I got to ‘Hutchins State Jail’ I was allowed to have books sent to me other than a Bible. My dad has followed you since 1998 when he taught OT Hebrew at seminary. He ordered me a Way of Life Encyclopedia right when I got to prison from county. I wore it out and have read it multiple times, all of it. ... I had my dad order 4 more encyclopedia's from you and sent them to the chaplain who brought them in and put one in each dorm for the inmates to use any time they wish. They are still in the dorms as far as I know and what a BLESSING they have been! ... I was released August 28th 2015. I joined a church and got baptized the 2nd week out. ... Thanks so much Bro. Cloud and while I might not ever get to meet you or talk with you via phone etc. I dearly appreciate all you do and love you as a brother in Christ and will certainly see you in Heaven one day.”

“Two years ago when I started to see the reality of actual Bible doctrine spoken to me by saved Christians like yourself, everything was a ‘brutal punch to the face of my one foot in the world paradigm.’ I am a guy who thought nothing of listening to Slayer, Pantera, At the Gates, then I had you telling me that not only that was bad, but CCM was evil as well. I started to take my Bible reading much more seriously, I threw my cds in the microwave and then garbage, all my evil music, deleted all evil things from my computer, put away my computer games, stopped getting wasted out of my mind on alcohol, and thought nothing of it. I truly felt great doing it, and I do not miss it one little bit. ... the literal reality of your words truly woke me up. ... There is literally nothing else that would have woken me up.”

“Brother Cloud, one of my sons graduated from high school last week. Our church, for his graduation gift, gave him a Strong's Concordance, a Webster's 1828 Dictionary and a Way of Life Encyclopedia of the Bible and Christianity. I gave him, as his gift from his Mother and I, a full set of your ring-bound Advanced Bible Study books and a new, wide-margin, 1917 Scofield Reference Bible. I told him that if someone had given me these items when I was 18, I'd be 20+ years further along in my understanding of the Bible and my walk with the Lord. I pray he heeds it and uses them well and wisely. God bless and keep you.”

“I want to reply to ‘Paul’s Doctrine of Repentance!’ in Friday News, May 20. I hate it when you can hear gospel presentations after gospel presentations and never hear the word ‘Repent!’ I see repentance as a necessity not an option. Jesus told men to repent (Luke 13:1-5)! Paul told men to repent (Acts 17:30; II Cor.7:10; Rom.2:4)! Peter told men to repent (Acts 2:38; Acts 3:19; II Pet.3:9)! It is sad when professed Bible Believing preachers are no better than my late Great Aunt Pudgie's United Methodist Pastor from the 1980's. When he would read the word ‘repent’ in the Bible he would say, ‘There's that word that I don't like!’ I am sorry to say this, but that is not a word to cut out or dislike but rather a word that we ought to obey! Repent!”

“I graduated at the top of West Point and cum laude from Harvard Law School. I read voraciously and omnivorously. I do about 100 to 150 pages a day and have for decades (I'm 49). I typically go to original sources for my reading. For instance, I've read 11 of Freud's books and all of Darwin's (not fun reading, they make me angry, but I still read them because I wish to be able to state for myself what they say, not second hand. I'm currently about 2/3s through the Koran and should be done with it in a day or two. I read through the bible about every 8 months and have for years, as well as study it closely. ... I have a library of several thousand books and a good quarter or more are focused on the Bible and its understanding. When I got your encyclopedia, I read it through in about 4 or 5 days. I've read every one of your free ebooks and many of your other books. I mention this not to brag, though I know it sounds like it, but because I want you to know both my background and my kids' training as well as the fact that when I tell you your books are an ENORMOUS aid to me, I am not saying it in a vaccuum of ignorance. I have read and studied at a level that allows me to say, without qualification, that your books are easily the soundest, most biblically founded, and most accurate resources I have ever used and I would advise most people, who don't read much, to simply read them exclusively (so long as they use them properly, by actually going to the passages and examining them in context along with reading your books). I have no idea how you are able to produce such an enormous volume of sound, quality, resources. It really is an amazing display of work and effort. So thank you.”


“You are a Pharisee. What a sad, sad example of what a Christian should be. Thanks for tearing down instead of building up. You're the reason the outside world looks at us and thinks, ‘I want no part of that.’ Shame on you.”

“David Cloud has a caustic, critical and pharisaical spirit... He is causing us great trouble and needs to mind his own business, watching his own little flock in Thailand and keeping his nose out of our ministries here. He reminds me of the verbose widows--tattlers and busybodies.”

“There is no such thing as the ‘Church Age!’ If you believe this, you are greatly deceived!”

“Tell me, brother Cloud, where is the ministry of criticism sanctioned (or instigated) by God? The difference between you and Lee Strobel is that Lee Strobel tells people about Jesus and you tell people about Lee Strobel. I'm pretty sure that you're a sincere person who wants people to come to a saving belief in Jesus Christ. I think the same can be said for Lee Strobel. Perhaps you should tell people about Jesus and leave the conviction to the Holy Spirit.” [Note from Bro. Cloud: I don’t have a ministry of criticism. I have a preaching ministry, and a necessary part of biblical preaching is reproof and rebuke, 2 Timothy 4:2.]

“I must say, as an independent Baptist, you give the rest of us who try to love and reach others with the Gospel a bad name and repel people from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The content of your website is pretty ‘out there’ when it comes to logic and context of the Scripture. You are harming the name of Christ. Please reconsider your content and how your mission of the website is having adverse effects on the Great Commission. We are in this together. We have the same mission. But our methods are waaaaay different. The way Christ taught that we should be and the way you are being are two completely different things. That you cannot see this frightens me. Quit throwing stones at people on a public platform and start loving people where they are.”

“You are so wrong. The Gaithers fill a spirit need that God has given. Be careful what and when and who you judge. These people have the right to follow God’s leading not yours. God has called me and justified me as well as the Gaithers. Shame on you. Ask God to forgive you.”

“Don’t say God bless you to me. You don’t know my Father and Jesus Christ! Your blessings from your so called god is a curse to me! So go well, beware of the hell!”

“I refuse to read anything from David Cloud because he is a heretic who’s only ambition is to destroy anyone who has a difference of opinion to him. ... I have spent so much time undoing the damage that David cloud has done to people with his rubbish articles and books. So again I refuse to touch any of his stuff.”

“You ‘use’ the King James so you can ‘fit in’ with genuine Bible Believers ($$$ for sales). You are a coward and a liar. When it come to ‘believing’ you believe there are errors in the KJB and ‘YOU’ are your own ‘sole authority’ to correct it with your ‘Hebrew’ or ‘Greek.’ I would walk by you looking for a man. Dr. Ruckman is right about you guys.” [Note from Bro. Cloud: Before this man’s gracious email arrived on Feb. 5, 2016, it had been a long time since I was railed upon by a Ruckmanite. It brought back memories of when I was a favorite and regular target of their weird and slanderous venom.]

By all appearances, you are what ‘theologians’ would characterize as a 4 point ‘Arminian’ ... On the one hand, you basically state that salvation is totally a work of God, from my perspective; But then on the other, you appear to hold that it is up to a man to believe on Christ in order to gain salvation. ... Mr. Cloud, if you do not heed correction, then IMO you are not a child of the living God ( John 10:27, John 8:47 ). In the meantime, I will warn every believer I come across to beware of your teachings, and to take their understanding of the Bible strictly from the only source they can trust...their heavenly Father ( 1 John 2:27 ). While I'm convinced that your website has some edifying truths, there is much that I also believe falls far short of being supported by the entirety of God's word.”

“You have a lack of discernment ... a heart of deceit ... I suggest you cease making things worse for yourself with these disheartening acts of pridefulness, turn to God, repent, and ask for forgiveness from him first.”

“You don’t ‘get it’ and you do this on purpose. Not knowing Bill and Gloria personally, you accuse them (and anyone associated with them) of unheard atrocities against God. You have nothing better to do than sit at your computer and spout hate against two of the most Christ-like people anyone could ever find within the Christian church (and Christian church means ANYONE who has accepted the work of Jesus on the cross). We are to be fishers of men and women...we catch them, God cleans them. I'll leave it at that because I refuse to get into any back and forth with someone like you and your organization. I grew up in a similar organization and thank God every day of my life that He led me out of it!!! May He give you a heart filled with His great love and compassion rather than your own judgmental and self-righteous attitude. You and your organization are perfect examples of why many Christ-seeking individuals get so disheartened and depressed thinking you represent Jesus. Shame on you!! I'll leave it at that and you can answer to God Almighty one day.”


“The Bible IS NOT THE WORD OF GOD.  Do you think all that Yahweh has to say could be fully said by ink on paper? ... The Bible is just to get us started in the right direction.  It was not written to answer every question. You have the wrong focus. Fix it. (From Texian American, a PART of Y'shua Himself)”

“If you don’t already know, Lucifer is our true lord and savior. ... Lucifer is our creator, God is evil, Hell does not exist, Satan is the Holy Spirit, the gods are not cosmic beings, etc. Naturally, [my new book] will be of interest to all you Satanists and Luciferians. Christians, Jews and Muslims will also take great interest since it is, of course, primarily about your deities. It will bring pagans and polytheists closer to the roots of their faiths as well. Atheists will enjoy it because it gives them a much more compelling and effective argument than what they already have.”

“Your open slander of a Holy institution is easily demonstrated. You lie by omission and intentional slander. The greatest deception is your mocking Jesus' very words in the bread of life discourse. As you callously describe something the Catholic Church faithfully instituted and carried forth. Your description of the Eucharist and the Lord's Supper gives you away as heretical and antichrist. ... We will all give an account for the words we use against the church Peter started in Rome. The whirlwind is coming.”

I believe your intelligent enough  to understand there is a concern. So that only tells me your willfully ignorant. Maybe you even benefit from this? Could be wrong but I find it strange a man of your knowledge and understanding of separation can't see were unequally yoked with other 501c3 organizations even Anton Levys  Church of Satan!”