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From Bro. Cloud's Mailbox - January 2016
January 20, 2016
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
From time to time, I publish some of the goodies from my mailbox, since many people have told me that they enjoy reading these things.


Thank you very much for the book ‘A Portrait of Christ.’ I finished to study the book some time ago. Your belief that you can guarantee that the reader will be taken to new heights in understanding of ‘tabernacle and its priestly system’ is correct. The study brought me just rich blessings to better understanding and knowledge of the Lord and to my better Christian walk with Him in daily life.”

“You are so right about compromising in music  standards. It is happening now all around the independent Baptists in our area. Keep sounding the alarm.”

“Good Day, Brother Cloud. I was reading the recent posting of emails you have received, and it really bent me a bit out of shape. This person said, ‘When you have accomplished as much for God as Bill Gaither has, then and only then will I listen to such slander. You sir are a little man with a little ministry trying to make a name for himself. You owe everyone an apology for your wicked hateful ways. You are though indeed a Fruit who will loose your Ministry for slander of others.’ Now, I admit this kind of frosted me. What, exactly, has Bill Gaither accomplished? Well, he was a secular teacher and he is a musician. He makes a LOT of money, touring, recordings, etc. As well, he has helped launch the careers of many famous CCM artists, like Carmen, Michael W. Smith, et al. On his website, I read a lot about his work as a musician, but nothing at all about his salvation experience, or any sort of work of the gospel of Jesus Christ. You, on the other hand, I suppose he doesn't know what you do. You have been an active missionary in Nepal for over 30 years, as well as actively preaching around the US, and a prolific writer, and ALL of it based upon the preaching of the gospel and the living of a godly life. You, sir, seem to me to have accomplished far more than Gaither could hope to accomplish. The fellow who wrote that email, I somehow suspect he hasn't accomplished a huge amount for the Lord. Keep up the fight, brother. Thanks for your work.”

“I recently received a magazine from West Coast Baptist College (one of my sons is going to be a senior and they send things to him to recruit him), and in the latest issue Dr. Chappell makes a lengthy defense of their music ministry and the principles behind it. I know, though you are not specifically mentioned anywhere (that I noticed), that it is in response to your biblical criticisms. I wondered if you planned on responding to it. God bless your efforts. Please do not back up or slow down. God is using you mightily and He is being honored through your work. Do not grow weary in well-doing. The time of harvest is rapidly approaching.”

“Thank you so much for your ministry as it has helped me in many ways and I pray will continue to do so!  I really appreciate your article on Keith Green. When I was a student at Northland Baptist Bible College my classmates LOVED to sing Green's ‘There Is A Redeemer’ (found in the
Majesty Hymnal). I remember the first time hearing it and thinking - ‘something's not right with that song’ and my father would not let us use that in his church. Out of all the great hymns it was amazing to see my generation swarming for it - those who sang half-heartedly ‘All Hail The Power of Jesus Name’ would sing right out on ‘There is A Redeemer.’ I guess Majesty's first hymnbook began a trend even before their Rejoice Hymnal (with its Getty songs).”

“Thank you for your ministry, it has been a blessing to me many times over!”

“I thank our God & Saviour for your ministry. I pray daily for you, your family, and ministry. May the Lord continue to abundantly bless your ministry. I, personally, have been blessed, challenged and encouraged to keep on keeping on in the service of the King of kings, and in the study of God's holy word. Thank you for all the literature available through Way of Life.”

“I just got thru reading
Bible Separation Its Doctrine and Practice. I was quite impressed with all the information packed into such a small book. I could not put it down. I am going to start from the beginning and go much slower and look up every Scripture. Thank you, thank you.”

“I have purchased extra copies of your book
Keeping the Kids and distributed them to young parents. I find the information to be the most complete, Biblically sound information available and probably the best ever available. Thanks for putting into a book, what parents need to learn and have reference to in the dark days which we live.”

“I have read it and re-read your book Keeping the Kids and it has been nothing but a blessing. This book was encouraging, convicting and helpful. I love that it is written by so many people openly sharing the trials and triumphs of child rearing. I constantly recommend it to moms I know. Godly parenting is the crying need of this hour. Thank you.”

“After reading the first few chapters of Keeping the Kids, I decided to use the material for our midweek service. We have had good results over the summer in the families of our church. We have gleaned much from the contents of this book.  Keep writing brother.”

“I found the book ‘Keeping the Kids’ one of the most helpful tools for parenting. My wife doesn't speak English so I translated portions. It really stirred our hearts how many blessed truths of the Bible had been obscured to us earlier by Christians, about whom since then we learned that are new-evangelicals. (Like the promises regarding proper child discipline and training found in the book of Proverbs; we never before dared to think of them as you explained in the book, but those explanations made everything clear to us, and the Lord deepened our faith and trust in Him.) ... In Hungary almost every Christian circle had been infected by the psychoheresy of Dobson, Campbell, Chapman and many others. My dear wife and I decided not to use those books about child training because we got disappointed by almost every book. However, we started to look for sound Christian books on raising children. ... then the Lord gave us your book and the videos with the lectures. Since then I tried to share the blessings we received with other pastor friends and parents. ... We really appreciated the rarely-seen focus of your book: how to keep the children in these last days. We found the basics on which the practical applications were laid thoroughly biblical. The practical consequences were very helpful, and we liked the examples drawn from many families you contacted. ... We are thankful to our heavenly Father that He enabled you and the families you worked with to release this book! May the Lord uphold you and your ministry until He comes, for His name's sake and glory!”

“I think this is one of your best articles [‘Law and Liberty in the Church’]. Thank you. Had I had this council when I was younger it would have kept me out of a lot of foolishness. I especially appreciated the last few paragraphs.”

“I as well as our church family have been blessed greatly by the Way of Life ministry. Particularly the
O Timothy and the ABSS materials. The materials that you have produced are invaluable to our church. We have used many of the Advanced Bible Studies Series materials and have seen some tremendous changes in the lives of those who participate in our Bible Institute. Thank you for your uncompromising stand especially in the area of contemporary music. It is greatly appreciated. ... Thank you brother and may God give you much strength and health to carry on this vital ministry of the Way of Life.”

“Your ‘Way of Life Encyclopedia’ is a big hit. I gave them (box purchase) to several preacher/friends, and my deacons, with positive feed back.”

Brother Cloud, more than once you have replied to a question of mine.  I do not know how you found the time but I am grateful.  Your response came at a time of great need for me.  Thank you also for many articles you have written that have been so helpful. Your website is a great resource along with your many books and magazines. I understand why you cannot reply to all questions, but thank you for the answers you have provided!”

“Thanks for the latest issue of O Timothy. Your material has been a blessing to me for the last 15 years. Your in-depth research, and many helps for the Christian and local churches are amazing.”

“I grew up Southern Baptist and followed God's call to preach quite a few years back. I was pastoring a small country church and while there a friend introduced me to your ministry.  At the time I was liberal and getting more liberal as I went along. I began to read your material and God began a great work in my heart. I was at that church for 7 years before coming to the church I am at now. I have completely turned my life around because of the Lord leading me to your ministry and I am now the pastor of --------.  We are the only independent fundamental Baptist church in our town.”

“You know, in some ways, there was a time I would say that the ‘good’ hymns written by contemporary writers, would be fine, so long as a church gave a necessary warning concerning the other work by the particular writers. But any more, it seems Christians are more likely to either not learn, or they carry a rebellious streak and just do as they please anyways. It seems more and more difficult to get through to some people with hard truths, like music, dress, separation. So I agree that the best we can do with some things, like the music issue, is hold a strict line and keep it OUT of our churches, and teach the same. Sadly, some will insist on maintaining it in their private lives-hard to change that, but I know in our little church I keep beating that drum, as it were, and just pray the Spirit will reach their hearts. Thanks for your continued work, my brother. You are a blessing to many of us out here.”

“Just a note to say thank you for your Friday Church News, your accurate viewpoint on music and separation, your good article on the necessity of standards for leadership...”

“Once again, thank you for your clear and biblical criticism of music in the church.  I am saddened each time I see Christians submitting to the fleshy pull of CCM and modified CCM.”

“I want to thank you for the ministry that God has given you. Way of Life has helped my ministry in so many ways. I have purchase material from you and appreciate the Biblical bases of your work. I believe the people I pastor and I are spiritually stronger through your work.”




The people that make it into heaven are those willing to at least follow the rules of Christ, 2nd John 9.  Following Christ then leads to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (John 14:15-17), which then leads to the following of even many aspects of the old law. ... And such is the pathway to miracles, and also the thing the devil, at all costs, wants to hide from the public. Now in the world ‘they’ are secretly killing the Christians who follow Christ on such a level.”

“I prayed last night on July 26th, 2015, and asked the Lord if He wanted me to send any more of His warnings out through bulk mail and I prayed to know which ones to send. I went to sleep and was given an extraordinary prophetic dream about the Marriage Supper Of The Lamb and the detailed preparations that were in place. I woke up knowing He wanted me to resend the wedding invitation. I believe this event is very close.”