Reply to a Schaap Supporter
January 18, 2011
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061

We recently received the following feedback after publishing a warning (“An Imaginative Christmas,” Friday News, Dec. 24, 2010) about how that Jack Schaap, pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, twists and adds to the Word of God:

“Why are you such haters on jack schaap? why not stop focusing stupid details. get out and lead someone to the lord. ... Do something better like soulwinning or preaching from the Bible and not having a book review for a church service. Does this guy have nothing better to do than trash on Schaap? This guy needs to get a life. Stop focusing on what other people are doing, and focus on winning those lost souls to Christ!”


Reply from Brother Cloud:

We don’t hate Jack Schaap, but we are disgusted with his pomposity and we’re not going to ignore his heresies.

The man who wrote this e-mail is spouting standard Hyles theology (Hyles is dead but his influence continues): ignore sin and error in the pew and pulpit and just do “soul-winning.” This supposedly covers a multitude of sins.

Only the Lord knows how many adulterers and homosexuals Jack Hyles kept in the ministry and how many individual lives, families, and entire churches have been wrecked as a result.

Even the Hyles brand of “soul winning” is corrupt. It involves manipulating people into praying a sinner’s prayer, with no hint at the necessity of repentance, and then counting them saved regardless of whether there is the slightest evidence thereof. I call it Quick Prayerism, and it is a serious, even damnable error. (See our book
Repentance and Soul Winning, which is available in print and electronic versions at the Way of Life web site.)

This is a type of independent Baptist that I want nothing to do with and that makes me ashamed to be independent Baptist. Thank the Lord, independent Baptist is not a denomination and I am not yoked in any way with any other independent Baptist.

By the way, those who know me know that I preach the Word of God and not book reviews, and as for winning souls we have pioneered church planting in one of the darkest nations on this dark earth with hundreds of souls saved by God’s grace. Really saved!

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