Conspiracies, Conspiracies, Conspiracies
Enlarged Edition, Wed. April 8, 2020
Enlarged April 8, 2020 (first published April 6, 2020
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
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A lot of people are drawn to conspiratorial type thinking and endless speculation, and there has never been a more effective breeding ground and broadcast forum for conspiracies and quackery and hoaxes than social media. It is a pandemic. It is has produced paranoia and drives people to do nutty things.

On March 31, an engineer in California derailed a train in an attempt to crash into the USNS Mercy hospital ship because he believed it is part of some type of government takeover plot.

On February 22, “Mad” Mike Hughes was killed in his homemade rocket trying to prove that the earth is flat.

Conspiracies, conspiracies, conspiracies!

The U.S. government created the coronavirus; England created it; it was created in a Canadian lab; China or the CIA created it as a bioweapon; Bill Gates owns it, is making money from it, or is using it to kill off a large percentage of the population as a eugenics project; Bill Gates plans to vaccinate everyone on the planet and track them with “digital certificates”; a vaccine already exists and is being nefariously withheld; the “deep state” released it to stop Trump; it was introduced so that big pharmacy can profit from a vaccine; if you can’t hold your breath for 10 seconds you have coronavirus; quinine is extremely dangerous; megadoses of vitamin C can help ward off coronavirus (and almost every other sickness); the virus is linked to 5G internet technology (conspiracy nuts are setting fire to 5G equipment in England); the virus can be cured by drinking bleach......

Some people are drawn to this type of thing like flies to honey, and nothing can convince them to stay away from it. They love to stay in a tizzy about this or that conspiracy. They live to re-broadcast conspiracies from their own little social media publishing forum.

There is always some truth to a conspiracy theory. In fact, sometimes there is a lot of truth. But for what it’s worth, I’ll give you four of many reasons why I don’t pay attention to the constant stream of conspiratorial pandering and why I have zero attraction to web sites and social media pages that specialize in them.

First, they aren’t ultimately provable.

Second, I couldn’t do anything about them even if they were true.

Third, it is mentally distracting and discouraging
for no good reason.

Fourth, I want my focus to be on God and His control of things. I intend to keep my mind focused on the fact the times overall (Da. 2:21) and my times in particular (Ps. 31:15) are in God’s hands, not in the hands of the the government or the United Nations or a deep state cabal or Bill Gates or the Bilderbergs or whatever. I want to be constantly in mind of the fact that as a born again believer in Jesus Christ, I am foreknown, predestinated, called, justified, and glorified (Romans 8:29-30) (all in aorist tense and therefore accomplished facts in God’s eyes). As the called according to God’s purpose and as a lover of God by redemption, I know that all things work together for my good, and
that is what I intend to focus on, and I will not allow anything to interfere with that confidence.

Ever since I was saved and fell in love with the Bible, I have loved truth. I want truth. I want something solid, sure, provable. I’m not interested in will-o’-the-wisp. Contrary to popular thinking, believing the Bible is not blind faith. It is a book based on historical and geographic facts that can be tested, and it has been tested, and the evidence that the Bible is what it claims to be is irrefutable. Luke said that Christ’s bodily resurrection is demonstrated by “many infallible proofs, and that is true of the entire Bible (Luke 1:3).

The Bible tells me the really important things that I need to know for this life and for eternity. It tells me that the devil’s mystery of iniquity plan is operating and God’s Great Commission plan is operating. The devil is doing all sorts of things, and fallen men are doing all sorts of things; there are things done in the light, and things done in the dark. There
are conspiracies, lots and lots of them. But God is King over all. He is in the saddle and holds the reins. I’m going to keep my eyes on Him and on what He has instructed His people to do in this present time, not on speculations and conspiracies, conspiracies, conspiracies.

If you are conspiratorially-minded and find yourself in a “tizzy” these days, I would recommend that you take a complete break from social media and conspiratorially-oriented web sites and blogs and immerse yourself in Bible study and meditation on Scripture.

We suggest the project that our church members are doing these days during our curfew, and that is to read 11 books of the Old Testament that contain all of Old Testament history (Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Joshua, Judges, 1-2 Samuel, 1-2 Kings, Ezra, Nehemiah) and make your own timeline. At each session, first read some chapters, paying close attention to the events, then go back and write out the main events. Then do the same with Matthew, then Acts. This will help strengthen the foundation of your Bible knowledge by putting the whole Bible timeline in your mind. It is like standing back and looking at a forest before you walk in to examine individual trees and other details. Aim to do the entire project as quickly as you can with good understanding.

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