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From Bro. Cloud's Mailbox - July, 2015
July 2015
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
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From time to time, I publish some of the goodies from my mailbox, since many people have told me that they enjoy reading these things.


I just wanted to say thanks for your warning ministry.  I’ve always despised CCM, but I thought you were going overboard a few years ago when you start taking shots at West Coast. Now I’m seeing all of my friends who went to West Coast cave on the CCM issue. You were right. I’m an author and teacher in a Bible Institute, and this year I’m looking forward to using much of your material to ‘cloud up and rain on’ the CCM movement. I want my students to either be inoculated to the stuff, or to be so ashamed of it they keep it to themselves and out of my church.”

“Thank you for writing this article about Dr. Garlock. ... Keep taking this Stand. We need men like you to preach the Truth. Being in the Greenville S.C. area with Bob Jones University influence we are seeing more and more churches use contemporary music. Our church has doubled in size because people are leaving their churches because of the music. The sad thing is we send our children to BJU where they are exposed to this music and our children wonder why we won't use it at our church. And no one at church will take a stand against this music. We don't use it, for now anyway.”

“Great article! [‘Dr. Garlock Misses an Important Point’] I don't recommend the Rejoice hymnal and we switched from Majesty Hymns to Living Hymns about 3 years ago because we just were not getting the rich traditional hymns.  It is making a difference in our church as far as doctrine and spiritual growth through those many important hymns and spiritual songs. ... Once the Rejoice hymnal came out I realized where they were headed and we are not going that direction as a church so I can't in good conscience have our people learning and singing those songs. ... By God's grace until He returns, we will never take that direction as a church. We are growing and seeing people saved, baptized and joining the church and that Getty/Townend/SGM music is not why. It is the old time Fundamental Gospel and Bible Preaching, aggressive soulwinning and discipleship. It is seeking Christ and seeking to be filled with the Holy Spirit every day.”

Keep on keeping on brother Cloud! God bless you! I see it myself! Thanks for waving the flags!” (This is a response to “Angry Birds: The Real Issue,” Jan. 20, 2015.)

“I appreciate that reply, Bro. Cloud about the ‘angry birds.’ There is an increasing need in this time to  warn of error and ‘leaven’ coming into  churches and being taught in Christian circles. As you said these things are not unimportant  or ‘little’ and if we cave into this most popular line of thinking among Christians today, we are only biting the bait the devil is putting out and will not have the stands God wants His people to have.”
“Many thanks to Bro Cloud and the Way of Life team for the biblically sound articles offered to us on this website! I admire his endeavours for our gracious Lord, compliment him on his fortitude and continue in prayer for him in future months/years! ... The Lord bless and keep you all in His love and care! With grateful thanks to him and the team, for this trustworthy ministry, a rarity these days!”

“Thank you for your sermons and other God honouring efforts to exhort, encourage and rebuke the Lords people in a day and age where there is an increasing erosion of the old path and things of the Almighty.”

“I have been meaning for some time to thank you for your stand. It is refreshing in this unstable wish washy world of ‘Christianity’ to to hear God's Word reflected in your articles and opinions, not watered down and not sifted through the strainer of popular opinion. Your articles are edifying and a constant source of encouragement.”

“My God bless your labor. Know this, that many many people are listening to you. I know from my friends in the USA you are quite hated. But take joy that Bible-loving men do love and NEED your work. My friends write me and say, ‘Brother Cloud is disliked for his stance on CCM.’ One man told me he has to stay low in church because they know he reads your website.”

“I am one of those you've referred to before who ‘feel that they know you through your writings’ and while it is true you've not answered my questions directly, I've not felt that you ever failed in giving me an answer I needed. I appreciate your candor, your spirit, and your knowledge that I believe is evident through your writings and speaking.  I'm not trying to flatter you, but I do thank the Lord for you and your ministry!”

“Brother, thank you for this treasured word in season. [“The Bruised Reed and the Smoking Flax,” Feb. 25, 2015] It brought me to tears as I leaned over my keyboard, bent over from pain and tiredness – but more so as I read the words. We do serve the most Merciful, Forgiving and Loving GOD. I should have been snuffed out years ago – but He has, in a million ways, sustained and forgiven me. Thank you Lord. Those few words have given me renewed strength to push on for yet another wonderful day. Thank you Brother.”

“I don't know if I've told you recently that we have people fellowshipping with us here that are the offspring of your ministry, and they are a blessing to the church. Amen.”

“I want to thank you for all the long hours that you labor to do these studies and then to send them out as a help to those of us who appreciate them. It is rare that I disagree with some things that you have written about. But I have used much of your studies and the information contained in these emails to strengthen and bless those to whom I preach and teach the Word of God. God bless you.”

“I thank God for the ministry there and the all the literature that is provided.  I find it useful and edifying in my walk and growth with the Lord has he extends his grace to me daily.  ... I have been distributing your literature to others to warn them of the things that are out there today. I actually sent a eBook to a friend of ours this morning that plans to attend a NewsBoys concert soon.”

“I had been saved in a Pentecostal church and was blind to the deception. But for God's mercy and a series of faithful footsteps I would still be languishing, unfruitful in that deception. Your ministry was and continues to confirm God's word in my life, when I was searching for truth. Divorcing myself from the CCM was an important part of gaining clarity in the issues I was facing. The Lord bless you.”

“Further, when reading, you wrote that you receive a lot of "unfriendly" emails. They grieved me and I decided to write you an encouraging email. I enjoy your ministry and it has lead me away from worship music (which I believe is a very good thing and especially for my girls who are too young to understand but will be able to eventually). I want to thank you for being used of God in many ways but especially in my life (opening my eyes about worship music, rock music, New Evangelicalism, etc.). Thank you! My father, who is also a Pastor, has been a ‘truth-seeker’ for many years and has passed such a desire onto me. It was my father who lead me to Christ, home-schooled me, and told me about the corruption in the modern Bibles. I have been adding unto the foundation he gave me ever since! So in conclusion, I wanted to let you know that God has used you to teach me many things and I appreciate it greatly!”

“I just wanted to write a short email and say thank you for your labor in writing the books you have. I have all of your writings I just read the book on Calvinism it is the best one I have ever read.”

“The purpose of my email is to express my gratitude for your tireless work on the wayoflife website, and hopefully it serves to encourage you. I am a Singaporean university undergraduate, and I had been attending an Assemblies of God church since I was saved, but as months passed I had felt the Lord draw me away. There were many signs; pastors giving strange interpretations of verses, the speaking of ‘tongues’ (which I had uneasily tried to overlook), healing and ‘second baptism’ services, and the lack of spiritual depth in both the preaching and songs we sang. Despite having made some very dear friends, I eventually left in search of a Bible-believing church, and as God would have it, I came across Ambassador Baptist. Since then, I have been baptised, found biblical fellowship, joined as an actively serving member, and go tracting fortnightly with dearly beloved brethren. I have been able to learn, grow from mistakes and encouragement, and appropriate scriptural lessons for myself to develop convictions as my love for Christ and souls deepen. All this wouldn't be possible without genuine, loving brethren who rebuke, exhort and warn in Christian love. You may not know me, but I have read much of your material, even those dated before I arrived at Ambassador Baptist Church, and God knows your ministry of warning fellow believers in done with love, compassion and hatred for things spotted by the flesh, and I only have a deep respect for you and your service.”

“I recently purchased your new ‘Believer’s Bible Dictionary.’ I began using it immediately, it is excellent! Thank you very much.”

“Wow! When the snowball starts rolling it picks up speed and size. [‘Next Generation Rocking at Lancaster,’ April 23, 2015] How fast and big this problem has become in our IFB churches is heartbreaking. What's worse are the wagons are circling around this flagship church and school protecting them instead of rebuking them. Apostasy is in display today like never before. Thank you for keeping us informed Bro. Cloud.”

“I trust things are well with your missionary work and the Lord is blessing His churches there. I wanted to write a quick note of thanks for your recent works on the Tabernacle and the recently posted free video series on Biblical Separation. The videos are especially timely for me, as the pressure to give in to compromise has never been greater and these videos helped to remind me what the issue is really all about. Your surgery scrubbing analogy was excellent! I'll keep scrubbing in for the sake of the patients! Thanks again for providing these free of charge.”

“Thank you Bro. Cloud for your research and fighting the good fight! Don't let those who are too proud to be corrected get you down!”

“Thank you for your articles exposing the compromise of LBC and Paul Chappell regarding CCM. I've been observing, studying, and defending this issue for almost 30 years. ... My father sent me to a conference at LBC in 2006 to check them out. I was appalled and grieved to see them incorporating CCM elements into their music almost a decade ago. It's only gotten worse from there. ... Thank you for trying to direct the sincere inquirers to truth, and for taking a little heeded but much needed stand. You are an encouragement to me.”

“Greetings from Spain in the name of the Prince of Life whom to know is life eternal. We really praise God for the information you give which keeps us informed about the way things are going on in the religious world. ... We also praise the LORD for the influence your web page has been on ------. They have seen how the contemporary trends have changed the churches in that province, which has been one of the large pockets of evangelical (Non-Catholic) churches in Spain ...  the family began searching for a strong fundamental church, and folks from our work put us in contact with them. We have been having monthly discipleship classes with them now for about two years. We wish we could be with them more often, but distance does not permit it. As a result of your discipleship course and our classes as well as camp they have come to the conclusion that eternal security is what the Bible teaches. They also have seen the need to be fundamental in their practice as well as their doctrine.”

“Keep up the great work you do for our Lord. You are a very great encouragement to us pastors who don't want to compromise in the last days.”

“First thing I read every morning. Love to pass them along.”

“Brother Cloud, thank you for all the information you have made available to us on CCM because that is raging down South, specifically in Central Mississippi. Also, Beth Moore Bible Study is every other Sunday. Keep up the good work keeping us informed about what you know is going on, and why you believe it is wrong for Christian people.”

“God bless you. I have learned so much since I found your website.”

“We really benefit from your articles and your Friday Church Notes. We are certainly not fans of Mark Driscoll, but felt that your last Friday's article regarding the ‘howling monkeys’ was VERY FAIR. You addressed the issue correctly and fairly on all grounds and we thank you.”

“Thank you for your ministry; as a missionary pastor, it is difficult to read everything out there, I must be very selective to redeem the time. Your informative ministry is a GREAT help.”

“Besides my Bible, Way of Life is one of my most treasured resources! Thank you for your firm, unflinching, steadfast stand for ‘the Truth.’”

“Thank you very much for your very helpful and edifying work. Brother David, you are truly God's servant. I am not destroyed for the lack of knowledge because of your work. My prayers are always with you and your family.”

“Thank you for your ministry. You were a favorite of my dad many years ago before he was called home to heaven.”

“I'm amazed at the wealth of information you keep us informed with. Very useful and helpful. God bless your ministry.”

“I read all of your mailings and enjoy them and agree with your Biblical doctrine. I am looking for a church in my area that teaches such. There are four so called IFB churches in the area but all have a type of Hyles mentality when it comes to the authority of the pastor and CCM. Keep up the good work in putting out the truth about such.”

“Way of Life (and reading some of Dave Hunt) rescued me from my Calvinistic beliefs. Way of Life is my favorite ministry and my home page. Thank you and bless you for your service.”

“I enjoy reading your email letters, it helps me stay in tune with the "old ways" of doing Church that I miss so dearly.”

“Thank you for your good work and tireless research. I am a retired Pastor living in Southwest Florida. I'm eighty years old but still plugging along for Christ. Thank you again!”

“Wonderful and much appreciated, read aloud, printed, and discussed. A remarkable amount of research has been done and we are grateful for the time you save us. We also like the creation moments. We usually choose the graphic edition of the Friday News.”

“I would not want to miss any of your mailings. While I may not agree with every ‘jot and tittle’ they are excellent and informative. God bless you!”

“Thank you once again for your faithfulness in providing the depth of information that you do. It has been obvious through the years the amount of time you devote to your study, and research, You have been especially helpful in my ministry and I thank the Lord for you and your ministry.”

“I love your ministry and pray for you all the time! Thank you for being a voice of truth in this wicked time.”

“I'm from South Africa and I've been greatly blessed and encouraged by your ministry as a young man, may the Lord continue working in and through you. The Lord be with thee and thy family.”

“Thanks brother Cloud for love and service for the Lord. I appreciate your stand against the contemporary music. I am greatly encouraged in the Lord through reading your emails on a daily basis, God bless you.”

“Excellent Materials, I forward Friday news and notes to pastors and believers. Continuing to pray for Cloud family and their ministries 'online' and in Nepal.”

“I thank you and your wife and family for your faithfulness in the ministry. My family has enjoyed your straightforward writing style and its consistency to the Word. We use it as tools for family devotions and homeschool. Keep writing and producing excellent materials.”

“Thanks you for your ministry. It has been a tremendous blessing to our entire family!”

“I can’t imagine where we are going to be in just a few years if the Lord does not return. Most of the teachers, preachers, and theologian's have gone stark raving mad. I call it DTS defective thinking syndrome. 1828 Webster definition of idiocy is defective thinking. Sure a lot of it around. I pray for Bro. Cloud for wisdom, protection, health, and patience for the things he is dealing with. Not many friends out there. Blessings.”

“Outstanding information from FBIS - very biblical, very concise, very understandable, very useful.”


Grow some courage, and SHUT UP, this is dangerously close to airing dirty laundry, mommy he's picking on me whining. are you serious? What's better? to be right, or the righteousness of Christ.” (This is a response to “Angry Birds: The Real Issue,” Jan. 20, 2015.)

“You say, ‘The King James Version in English is an example of an accurate translation of the preserved Hebrew and Greek texts.’ I will pray for your soul. What Hebrew and Greek training do you have to have drawn the above conclusion?! The depth and breadth of your misunderstandings of Church History, theology, biblical doctrine are incredible.” [Bro. Cloud replied: “Thanks for writing. It's been a long time since I have heard from a Ruckmanite, and I always get a good laugh from it.”]

“Just ask what would Jesus do about the music issue! Would he be hyper-critical over music? Or, would he say, ‘make a joyful noise’? Do you really need to drum up criticisms of other brothers or do you need to show complete LOVE as Christ would do? I say this in all love. Your statements say more about you than about the Gaithers. Would it not be better to pray for them than to deny God's power and make negative statements to enhance your doctrine. I say beware of Bro Cloud.”

“When you have accomplished as much for God as Bill Gaither has, then and only then will I listen to such slander. You sir are a little man with a little ministry trying to make a name for himself. You owe everyone an apology for your wicked hateful ways. You are though indeed a Fruit who will loose your Ministry for slander of others.”