What If Bro. Cloud Is Wrong About the West Coast Thing?

A missionary wrote to say in a very gracious manner that he does not agree that I should have published a warning about West Coast Baptist College’s music without first contacting Pastor Paul Chappell. He said that publishing my warning after he had opportunity to reply would have given me more credibility and that all of the people he has spoken to about this believe the same way. He closed with these words: “You have a blessed, powerful, needed ministry. I have been blessed as have many others over the years by your publishing. Is it possible you were wrong this time?”


After thanking him for taking the time to write, I replied in part as follows:

As for your question, could I be wrong on this. Of course I could be wrong. I am just one weak little man. But I don't think I'm wrong and I'm the one who had to make the decision and I'm the one who has prayed about and thought about it more than anyone, and I'm the one who has to give account for it and who has to live with it. (And my pastor supports what I did.)

As for taking a vote, as I said I have no doubt you are in the majority, but among those who have written to me (probably something like 200 so far, just guessing) the vast majority have thanked me profusely and supported me wholeheartedly (I have printed a bunch of those). This thing is not going to be decided on a democratic basis, though.

I might be wrong. Then again, the majority of Independent Baptist preachers might be wrong. I haven't been in a majority that I can recall since I've been saved, and if I found myself in one I wouldn't be comfortable. Not in these days. Not in these days in the world, and not in these days in Christianity at large, and not in these days in the terribly compromised IB movement. 

THE FOLLOWING IS THE BOTTOM LINE TO ME. Everyone needs to forget me and focus on the real issue.
Even if I'm wrong, my actions aren't going to destroy the very heart and soul of IB churches. But using CCM will. And promoting philosophies that support CCM will. And the refusal to hear righteous ‘criticism’ will. And demonizing godly warnings will. And worldliness will. And carnality and hypocrisy will. And Big-ism will. And Big-Manism will. And Quick Prayerism will. And Rick Warren church growth-ism will. 

I do know one thing for sure. I know how to interpret Scripture and Matthew 18 has absolutely nothing to do with this matter. The very fact that so many men think it does is a warning sign to me.

May the Lord give us all great wisdom in these challenging days and more righteous courage than we have ever had.”

In Christ,
Brother Cloud