Magnetized by God's Word

The following is from John Phillips’ commentary on Psalm 119:

"My soul breaketh for the longing that it hath unto thy judgments at all times" (Psa. 119:20). 

The word longing means "fervent desire." The person who has discovered the worth of God's Word yearns fervently to read it. It is attractive to one's soul. 

A needle free to move will turn toward a nearby magnet. The nature of the magnet has affinity with the nature of the needle. As a result, put a needle on the table near a magnet and it will rush instantly to the magnet the moment it is set free to move. When we are saved, the Lord does something to our soul. He does something to our nature. He puts His own nature in us, and that new nature responds to the drawing power of the Word of God. 

There is something else, too. Let a needle keep company with a magnet for any length of time, and it will take on the same nature. A magnet gets its strength from many tiny magnetic dipoles, all laid down in an orderly way, lying together in the same direction. In an ordinary needle or piece of steel, the magnetic dipoles lie in a thousand directions. There is no order, just chaos. When a needle comes under the influence of a magnet for any length of time, a miracle takes place. The disoriented dipoles are rearranged, order is brought out of chaos, and the needle takes on the nature of the magnet. It becomes magnetized. It has a measure of the power we associate with the magnet. It has a drawing power or its own derived from the magnet.

That is what God's Word will do for us. It brings our chaotic, disorderly lives into line. We take on the characteristics of the Word of God, and the mysterious power residing in this Book is imparted to our own lives. Then we have the power to attract other people. 

Nor is that all. Float a magnetized needle on water, or balance it on a pivot where it is free to move, and it will align itself so that it points toward the north, to that place where the earth's own magnetic lines of force come together. God's dwelling place, in Scripture, is said to be "in the sides of the north" (Isaiah 14:13). That is the point to which the magnetized needle points, toward God's home. That is where the redeemed heart points, the heart that has bared its longings to the Word of God. It points toward home. 

The psalmist had discovered longings in his soul which only God's Word could satisfy. As the needle turns toward the magnet and the magnetized needle toward the north, so his soul yearned toward God's Word and toward Heaven (John Phillips’ commentary on Psalm 119).

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