Edgar Goodspeed
September 23, 2021
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Edgar Goodspeed

Edgar Goodspeed

The following is excerpted from The Modern Bible Version Hall of Shame, a free eBook from www.wayoflife.org -

1. Edgar Johnson Goodspeed (1871-1962) was a professor at the University of Chicago, a member of the New Testament translation committee for the Revised Standard Version. He also published his own Bible translation called the
American Translation of the New Testament (1923).

2. The following quotations from his writings demonstrate Goodspeed’s theological modernism.

“The oldest of these elements [that formed Genesis] was a Judean account of the nation’s story from the beginning of the world to the conquest of Canaan by the tribes. ... BABYLONIAN MYTHS AND LEGENDS AND CANAANITE POPULAR TALES HE FREELY APPROPRIATED to his great purpose of enforcing morality and the worship of one God. Sometimes crude old SUPERSTITIOUS IDEAS still cling to some of these. The writer of this ancient record was a prophet ... He wrote his book about 850 B.C. in the Southern Kingdom of Judah. ... And IN THE CAPTIVITY IN BABYLONIA THESE BOOKS [THE FIRST SIX BOOKS OF THE BIBLE] WERE COMBINED INTO A GREAT COMPOSITE WORK of history and law ... So at last, not long after 400 B.C., arose the Hexateuch” (Goodspeed, The Story of the Old Testament, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1934, pp. 107-110).

“JESUS ... WAS FAR FROM GIVING TO THE OLD TESTAMENT AS A WHOLE THE UNQUALIFIED ASSENT natural to a Jew of his day. His attitude is a discriminating one, combining eager acceptance of its statements of enduring spiritual truth and free criticism of its moral imperfections” (Goodspeed,
The Formation of the New Testament, 1926, p. 7).

“Paul did not expect his letters to be preserved or collected, still less to be regarded as Holy Scripture” (Goodspeed,
The Formation of the New Testament, p. 11). [COMMENT: We have refuted this gross error in Faith vs. the Modern Bible Versions, available from Way of Life Literature.]

“John ... [i]n his great effort to restate Christian truth in Greek terms he departs widely from the positions of the earlier evangelists and he differs from them in many important historical particulars. ... He had no scruple about changing and correcting their material” (Goodspeed,
The Formation of the New Testament, p. 14).

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