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Witnessing to Jews - the Bible Version Issue
January 18, 2023
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
The following questions were asked by a reader:

“Do you have any suggestions for answering a Jew who says the KJV errors in the O.T.? Or is all lost when trying to witness to Jews unless one becomes a Hebrew scholar?”

The following reply is from a friend who is a missionary to Jewish people:

First off, what specifically are the errors? Usually critics attempt to attack the text of the Bible
because they don't want the truth. When I start speaking Hebrew and looking at the disputed text in Hebrew, I have found no one offers such objections. These arguments are usually offered by gainsayers, and with a little scrutiny their duplicity is clearly exposed.

In my experience, a Jewish man who has studied Judaism extensively, will be familiar with the Talmud, but generally fairly ignorant concerning the Bible (except for the five books of Moses). They have been taught many fables and erroneous lessons in relation to the Bible. In Judaism, the students are taught to call the Talmud, Mishna, and Gemara collectively: The Word of GOD. If a Bible scholar started to read the Talmud, he would need a large pad of paper and a calculator to add up the vast number of errors contained therein. The end result of studying Judaism is summed up by the common saying, “If you have two Jews, you have three opinions”.

Question 2 - Or is all lost when trying to witness to Jews unless one becomes a Hebrew scholar?

Answer: I would not say all is lost, particularly if the person wants the truth. Yet, it is helpful knowing Hebrew. The fact is gainsayers contradict themselves when cross examined. Last week a lady told me the text I quoted in English says something different in Hebrew. I opened up my phone, read the same text in Hebrew and stated confidently that the text said exactly the same thing in Hebrew. I have seen this type of thing a number of times. The fact is that most Jewish people are not Biblical Hebrew scholars. Very few are. In fact, when looking at many Bible texts (unless it is a simple narrative text, such as the Books of Moses) the English is much clearer. When sharing prophecy texts in Hebrew, born and bred Israelis ask me, “You understand this?” I answer, “Yes.” I ask if they understand it and they often don't. The Hebrew is too high and difficult. Modern Hebrew is much different from Biblical Hebrew, in fact, far more diverse than modern English compared to King James English. Another Israeli man was so happy that I gave him a copy of the Scriptures in English and said now he understands what the Bible is saying, due to his King James translation. I know a Jewish Christian born and raised in a Christian home here in Israel who told me he hopes to understand the Hebrew Old Testament one day. He prefers to read in English.

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