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From Bro. Cloud's Mailbox, Sept. 2009
September 2009
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061

From time to time, I publish some of the goodies from my interesting mailbox, and many people have told me that they enjoy reading these things. Following are some items from the last couple of months:


“I just would like to tell you that your Ministry has really blessed me. I have bought some of your books and listened to a lot of your messages. I myself grew up in a baptist church and was never saved I eventually stopped going to church and was living in sin I got married to an unbeliever and now she wants to get a divorce. On January 30th of this year I got saved after hearing one your audio sermons and realized God’s will for my life; I found a good Bible believing church that I have been attending since Feb. I am currently in the Navy ... and I have a big burden for people getting saved on my ship. Whenever I get a chance to witness to someone I step up and tell them my testimony and I give them a gospel tract. I hope your ministry continues to save and bless many people in the world. I thank God for VICTORY!!!!”

“This email is in reference to the article in the May 2009 O Timothy, called Institute for Creation Research and the Essence of New Evangelical Compromise. We thank the Lord that you are willing to preach out against this danger that is very prevalent in the U.S. Thank you for taking the time to explain what New Evangelicalism is. I was encouraged with the statement that was made on page 7 about the downward path not beginning with ecumenical associations etc.. but with the preacher that decides not to fight anymore against false doctrine but wants to be more positive in his ministry. This idea also filters down to the people in the church. I am not the pastor of my church and have met many people in different places (at work, or neighbors, or at the store) from different churches with all sorts of false doctrines that are held. For example, CCM music, women preachers, Bible version issues, etc. Also I have spoken with Pentecostals, Jehovah Witnesses and the like. I must say there are times that I feel like I am tired of dealing with the same issues and just want to remain silent. Often, for example, say at work, some issue will come up in a talk with a co-worker about the Lord, and they will bring up women preachers. The thought that crosses my mind is, ‘here we go again.’ I have a choice: do I say nothing and continue conversations and hope the person will come to the truth on their own, and until then we will never approach the subject of women preachers? Yet the problem with this is then I am apt to let more and more error by. Or do I deal with the error and possibly lose a friend? It is interesting too, because even among a small group of people (two or three), if you speak out against error, and the others refuse to come to the truth, you will be the one who is "wrong" in their eyes, and themselves the more understanding. I say all this to let you know that I was goaded and encouraged not to be weary but to continue to speak out against error.”

“I just finished your book ‘Dressing For The Lord’ and I just wanted to say that it was the best book I have ever read on the subject.”

“Thanks so much for you ministry as it has been a real solid unwavering help and blessing.”

“I am thankful for the many godly stands you take, and you have been helpful to me in my Christian growth; for all of this I thank God and rejoice, and thank you.”

“The explanation of ‘separation’ in the Way of Life Encyclopedia is the best I've ever heard or seen. Sure glad you put this book together.”

“I'm very much enjoying my recent purchase of your study books on the Book of Psalms and also How to Study the Bible. Also, your newsletters are very informative and helpful. I'm thankful you have remained steadfast.”

“I have used some of your material on my blog and it has been devastatingly effective. ... I'm not trying to just win an argument but present truth as best as I can so that some may turn about on what they believe. I've written blogs but without your written material and my words don't work out as well. ... I have received emails and comments that you'd be proud of. Some have actually started thinking about what they believed and turned around to a biblical perspective. ... I'm hammering ‘conditional security’ because of its hold on me when I was a Pentecostal. Oh man, if I had an ‘internet,’ a David Cloud or James Knox to read or listen to! Thank you for listening and your help-unbeknownst to you.”

“In the past I have ordered materials from Bro. Cloud and that is why I consulted this internet site. I have done extensive studies on this subject matter [the DVD “Roman Catholicism: Past and Present”] and must say the content is accurate, and this particular message was documented with pics which, mere studies do not provide usually. One resounding statement Bro. Cloud made I have oft stated myself, True Baptist have never persecuted, never ‘martyred’ anyone. Our distinctive soul liberty will not permit this. Baptists preach and at times we preach hard, but have never coerced those who disagree to embrace Baptistic doctrines. I appreciate this site. ... God Bless - and strive to keep this site available.”

“God bless in your endeavor. Your writing has been a gold mine for me in my studies.”

“Over the last few years I have begun reading more of your work, including your Encyclopedia, which now is a main stay of my Bible studies. I have grown to really appreciate your writings and your stand for true Christian teaching and living, and your defense of the KJV Bible. Your ministry has significantly influenced and changed my life for the better-and I can only imagine that I am one of many. So from my perspective, your ministry is a great blessing and I will continue to support and uphold you in prayer for God's anointing on your ministry--for the truth for which you so admirably stand will no doubt come under greater persecution in the days ahead.”

“Great Message [‘Biblical Separation and Fundamental Baptists’]. I pray you will stay by the stuff. Too many have recanted the faith, if you please. I left BBC Springfield, Mo after 2seeing this departure from the faith. I've been in Southwide meetings in Chattanooga, and at Trinity in Jacksonville, FL, and it was as if there were none left whom stood for the truth. As an Evangelist, it was hard, and it was hard on the family seeing ‘Hero's’ of the faith, no longer contending for the faith.”

“So many of you fundamentalists scream 'I'm not a Pharisee because I know I'm a sinner' or 'I believe Jesus is God's only Son and I accepted him as Savior and Lord' as if it gives you permission to be a self-righteous holier-than-than pompous jerk.”

“I'm a contractor working in ---------. Way of Life has sent publications to me here in the past and I have been greatly blessed by them, thank you. The last shipment I received was the series on the Seven Churches of Revelation and let me say this is a very powerful collection of preaching and teaching. I would encourage any serious student of the Bible to obtain a copy for their library. A wealth of sound Biblical instruction that is so timely today as much as it was when Jesus told John to write it!”

“I'm writing to let you know that I have been praising God for my discovery of your ministry recently. For most of my Christian life of about 9 years, particularly the last few years while I've been in two well-known ‘conservative’ seminaries, I've been at pains to find true ‘fundamentalist’ biblicists who simply stand with the clear teaching of Scripture no matter the noise made around them by the world and the churches. Most people are sheep who simply follow the herd. It seems that churches can only be commended for being about 10 years behind the world. Fundamentally, they fall prey to calling evil good and good evil slowly but surely, precept by precept. This is not my impression of FBIS. It has been said that all Christians must walk the fine line between legalism and license, and I agree. Yet, we know that license will characterize the world and the churches in these last days, per 2 Peter 2, Jude 4 and 2 Thess (‘mystery of iniquity) to name a few Scripture texts. Keep up the good work by keeping focused on Jesus Christ the Lord and His enduring word. His word is unchained. FBIS reminds me of that.”

“Thank you brother for what I believe is the best Web site on the internet. Way of Life has been such a blessing over the years.”

“Your work as your ministry has a special place in my heart because I was saved under it just over a year ago. After growing up in a Baptist Church and playing drums in various rock/metal bands for over a decade, I pulled over in my truck while listening to a sermon that I had downloaded of yours on repentance and I surrendered (gave up pretending that I was saved because of a decision - without evidence of change - as a kid) and accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. Please don't ever stop preaching, printing, warning, and encouraging! You're reaching more than you'll ever know in this life… me and my family are just such an example.”

“I just wanted to let you know how much your ministry has touched my life. I am a 27 year old mother of three, one of which is just two months old. As a result, I have many sleepless nights; I also suffer from acute panic attacks and OCD (a fluffy name for a terrible spiritual problem, if you ask me), and I often turn to your sermons to hear the Word of God preached in my ears, so that faith can come by that hearing. I especially appreciate your series on why we hold to the King James Bible, and I want to thank you for leaving it on the site. Having received a secular education growing up, I simply did not learn where our Bible came from; learning about how God divinely preserved His Word strengthened my faith exponentially. I'm so grateful for your ministry, and I hope that the Lord continues to bless you and your family as you continue to stand firm on the infallible and Holy Word of God.”

“I have been a FBNS subscriber for since 2004. It was because of David Cloud's writings that I left Pentecostalism. ... Tell Bro. Cloud that I said thank you so much for helping me come out of a dangerous forum of Christianity.”

“My wife and I have watched your DVD series on the Emerging Church and we are GRATEFUL for your firm, uncompromising stand for biblical doctrine! I was saved in the late 1970s from Judaism, although my family was only nominally observant. I began my Christian life under a preacher who I now recognize as not ‘rightly dividing the word of truth.’ The result was that I alternated between being miserably insecure and intolerably arrogant. Since then, I've spent much time in searching the scriptures, in which the Lord has given me a deeper appreciation of His unfathomable grace than I ever thought possible, and also a more sobering appreciation of His righteous hatred of sin. Pastor Cloud, yours is a rare voice raised against militant ignorance and apathy. We will pray for you and your ministry.”

“I just wanted to thank you for your stand on the Word of God and the ministry you provide me as a Pastor and Preacher of the Glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for me and our church family that we will stand as we should in these last day. I pray God will keep His hand on you as you work in His call on your life. May God bless you.”

“I am so thankful that you stand fast for the truth of the Bible -- staying inside the Book rather than outside of it in the corrupt wisdom of this world.”

“I'd like to thank you for the many hours of work that goes into preparing the 'O Timothy' magazine, plus everything else! I read 'O Timothy' every time it is out, and look forward to the next edition!”

“This was a brilliant presentation. [He is referring to our DVD ‘Roman Catholicism Past and Present.’] Being an ex RC and having been to Rome I can testify to the truth of all that pastor Cloud says. The paganism of Rome is overwhelming I love Art so I enjoyed the visit, yet Rome's blasphemy is clear and distinct.”

“Thank you for being a great Bible teacher, preacher, author and friend. You have helped me grow and learn more about God's Word, and how to better stand and contend for the faith.”

“I stumbled across your website as I was searching for the Pearls' website. I received a book written by Debi Pearl entitled ‘Created to be His Help Meet.’ I read the book and for the most part enjoyed it. But I had questioned some of the teachings and proposed that they were Assembly of God. Thank you so much for taking the time to read Mr. Pearl's teaching and calling our attention to his false doctrine. I, too, am a fundamental Baptist and I do not wish to read literature that isn't Scripturally sound. Thank you again for your website! My brother and my son are both Baptist pastors. Thank you for exposing false teaching to me before I purchased some of their books or got involved with their website.”


“Dear ranting (willfully) blind man, In other words if I find a weed in my garden I am to mow down the garden, burn it, and pour weed killer on it till it's nothing but mud. I'm filing you right next to Jack Hyles.”

“i have listened to these ‘emergent’ teachings and found no fault. i also have been affirmed with the gift of prophesy. your bigotry and the bigotry of others in the american church is one of the reasons this generation is falling away.”

“I would never offer the Good News through the legalism laced comments and thoughts that you seem to hold. In doing so, it laces the Supreme Word of God, and makes it fit for your fundamental few.”

“No, Davey boy Cloud. Some of your FIB (Fundamental Independent Baptist) might think you are God, but I don’t. I don't have to be God to know you are a coward. The Bible (The Book you only profess to believe But actually don't) tells me. For everyone that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. Jn. 3:20. You spread and propagate lies about Calvinism like the perfect Jesuit tool you are. But when challenged to prove your lies you run. that's all.”

[Final note from Brother Cloud: This last individual, who is obviously a very intelligent and mature and deeply compassionate Christian man, appears to be a combination of a Ruckmanite (calling me Davey boy) and a Hyper-Calvinist. That’s a strange animal, but it seems that I eventually hear from all of the strange ones out there!]