Millennial Glory and the Final Rebellion
August 28, 2014
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
The following is excerpted from John Phillips commentary on 1 Corinthians 15:

When the Lord returns to earth, He will reign first of all in His ‘David’ character and put down all His foes by might and power. Satan, the Beast, the False Prophet, and all the Lord's foes, human, angelic, and demonic, will be summarily dealt with. Then the Lord will reign in His ‘Solomon’ character as Prince of Peace. The world will at last know prosperity and order, under a reign of absolute righteousness, such as it has never experienced since the fall of Adam.

The Lord will rule with a rod of iron (Ps. 2). The Sermon on the Mount will be the statute book. Countless millions will be regenerated, filled with the Spirit, anointed of God, able to live according to the sublime edicts of that Sermon. Satan will be incarcerated in the Abyss and will be unable to incite men to wickedness. Pilgrimages to Jerusalem will include a tour of the dread Valley of Hinnom, where they will see the terrible end of those who defy the Lord (Isa. 66:23- 24).

Thus ten centuries will pass. The glowing Old Testament prophecies will come true. The desert will blossom as the rose. The harvests will be bountiful. The lion and the lamb will lie down together. A man will be but a youth at a hundred years of age. It will be the golden age. The Bible will be at the core of every curriculum. Spirit-filled and anointed men and women will teach the arts and the sciences. It will be an age of peace, prosperity, and progress.

It seems incredible that people will grow tired of it. But, in the end, there will be a widespread revolt. Satan will be released and men by the million will flock to his standard. For as time goes on, more and more millions of people will be born who grow up unregenerate. As children, who grow up in Christian homes sometimes become ‘gospel hardened,’ so people growing up in the millennial earth will become ‘glory hardened.’ In ever increasing numbers the unregenerate will begin to murmur against the inflexible laws of the kingdom. Memory of what the world was like when ‘sin reigned and death by sin’ will fade. Millions, born during the Golden Age, will have no more memory of the miseries and horrors of premillennial times than children born today have of the First World War. People born, but not born again, will find themselves with passions they cannot express, with sin natures they cannot indulge. Increasingly a spirit of rebellion will smolder. The malcontents, afraid to express their lusts and longings openly, will begin to congregate at the far reaches of the planet, as far from the central Glory as possible. There they will nurse their growing hatred for holiness and godliness.

Then, Satan will be released from his prison (Rev. 20:7-10). The rebels will hail him as a savior, one who can emancipate them from the hated reign of righteousness. They will flock to his banners. They will mobilize and march on Jerusalem. Their swelling hordes are contemptuously labeled ‘Gog and Magog’ by the Holy Spirit, perhaps to remind them of the most famous of all former anti- Semitic campaigns and its disastrous results (Ezekiel 38- 39). Deluded by Satan, drunk with the wine of rebellion, determined to return the world to its former state, they will approach the Holy City. But their rebellion will come to a swift and inglorious end.

‘Then cometh the end,’ Paul says, the very end indeed (1 Cor. 15:24). Peter describes the detonation of the planet in the scorching flames of nuclear holocaust (2 Peter 3:10- 13). Time shall be no more. The Lord, having wielded power on earth, will yield that power to God, even the Father, by delivering up the kingdom to Him. The kingdom of heaven will be absorbed into the kingdom of God.

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