Quack Diet Evangelists
September 27, 2018
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
The Bible, Diet & Alternative Heath Care
Quack diets and programs have a strange, captivating appeal to many people. They aren’t mere users; they are disciples. They are converts. And they can’t help but evangelize everyone they meet about the glories of their quack diets and therapies.

One preacher friend wrote as follows:

“Thank you, Bro. Cloud, for your research on diet plans. You are showing logic and wisdom in something that my wife and I have been fighting for years. We have had to separate from many, many of our friends in the ministry because of their outrageous stances on diet. We cannot be around them without being persecuted for our ‘lack of concern’ for our wellbeing. In ———— church in ———-, there are dozens of these families who literally worship their bodies through these diet plans. … One couple in that church, whom I am very good friends with, had children who had serious allergies. They are now ‘experts’ in dietary lifestyle. She is a mid-wife. And they cut out everything processed (to the extreme), will only eat 'organic' vegetables and meats (to the extreme), and even have filtered all drinking fluids (to the extreme). They were the leaders in all of this. Then, they decided to have another child. That child is 10 times more allergic to everything, and has other serious health problems, which they used to claim were linked to diet.”

Quack evangelists preach the glories of some super water system or “all natural” mega vitamins or some variety of veganism. They become crusaders against vaccination, MSG, GMO, fluoride, aluminum cookware, toxins in everyday food, or whatever the latest fad happens to be. They often end up talking more about these things than about Jesus!

To recommend something that has worked for you is one thing. If a supplement or a lotion a type of exercise or a comfortable pair of walking shoes or whatever has helped you, no one thinks anything about it when you recommend that to them.

But quack evangelists go miles beyond this.
I think of a person who is so zealous in dietary evangelism that he wrote to a preacher who was in ICU immediately after heart surgery and,
without expressing one word of sympathy, launched into a reproving sermon promoting Dr. Blaylock’s Prescription for Natural Health! [Blaylock is perhaps the Quack of quacks.]

The human body is a glorious thing, and the believer’s body is the temple of God and should be cared for in a reasonable way (1 Co. 6:19-20). But the body is also under the curse because of the fall, and it is “the body of this death” (Ro. 7:24). It is part of a fallen creation that is “groaning and travailing” in pain and is under “the bondage of corruption” (Ro. 8:21-22). The body is not redeemed in this present life. It is dying, and it will die if Jesus doesn’t transform it from corruption to incorruption in the Rapture (1 Co. 15:50-57). Ultimately every sickness is because of sin (Ro. 6:23).

Diet and lifestyle can make a major difference in one’s health, but
any diet that promises health is a lie and a heresy.

Brethren in Christ, beware of becoming quack evangelists!

Be wise about eating and lifestyle, but don’t become a nut!

Don’t let anything sidetrack you from the biblical focus of the Christian life: abiding in Christ (John 15), living in God’s Word (Psalm 3:1-3), seeking God’s perfect will (Romans 12), serving in the church, which is the pillar and ground of the truth (1 Timothy 3:15), preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ (Mark 16:15), supporting and advancing world missions (Matthew 28:18-20), and listening for the shout (1 Thessalonians 1:10)!


For more about quack diets, see
The Bible, Diet & Alternative Heath Care, available as a free eBook from www.wayoflife.org. Also available in print. Read the pdf ebook in your web browser now.

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