Feedback to the Coronavirus Reports
May 25, 2020
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
“You have dealt well with many current issues over the years ... as your stated goal has been to keep other pastors informed in these perilous times of the last days ... but your concise, rational, thorough, scriptural, and encouraging treatment of the pandemic has been exceptional. As soon as I get your related emails, I forward them to the whole church (though some are subscribers themselves), and I have shared your email service and website with others around the world that I have met electronically. Brother, you keep doing what you are doing. As a pastor, I can measure your ministerial productivity to a degree by your publications, emails, travel, correspondence, etc. You are the hardest working man of God I have known, though I can only see a little from a distance. You are a good soldier of Jesus Christ, and you are a great example. Keep up the good work.”

“Thanks Bro. Cloud for your writings lately that encouraged me greatly and especially your perspective on the COVID-19 crisis which I believe, too, is blown up massively and not in balance with other diseases we face or have faced in the past. Your articles are like a very fresh stream of water coming out with all the panic going on. Keep it up. I praise the Lord for what you write and put out there.”

“That was a good word. [‘Conspiracies, Conspiracies, Conspiracies,’ enlarged, April 8, 2020] I’d be lying if I told you I haven’t gotten caught up in conspiracies. The Lord has put it on my heart to back away from too much of that kind of information. I need to be in prayer and the Word more than I am reading about and listening to videos on conspiracies. These are perilous times and I believe the end is near. Our focus needs to be ON the Lord and our joy IN the Lord. The King is coming and the time is short.”

“I SO appreciate all your encouragement during these last few weeks and have shared several of your articles in our church newsletter to our members.”

“I have been reading your perspective on the virus. Spot on! Thank you for doing the work! I might add that they don't take into account the immune system that God created. They don't seem to think that the body can and does fight off viruses and disease without their help.” [a response to “Naturalistic Prognostication about Coronavirus,” Apr. 14, 2020).

“Thank you very much for your balanced reporting and evaluation of the present COVID-19 crisis. I believe it has been a Biblical response, and without doubt has helped to bring some calm in the midst of panic.”

“I have found your updates on the Coronavirus so very helpful. I really appreciate the perspective that you have been giving. I gave the same to the office of my Representative, Mark Green, and the one taking the call was very interested in what you had to say, so forwarded your newsletter.”

David, we posted your article ‘Not Panic Action But a Balanced Perspective’ on April 4th on our blog. I didn’t seek your permission because you have a statement on your site that it’s permissible to repost your material within certain conditions. We’d also like to include it in our upcoming print journal.”

“I just wanted to share with you how the Lord has been using your materials to be a great blessing to my family during the COVID 19 lockdown. ... My son-in-law is a relatively new Christian with a teachable spirit. He always wants to know ‘the why’ in every matter pertaining to the Christian life and enjoys studying. We just finished your series ‘Music For Good Or Evil.’ We watched them every night for family devotions. The series produced some really good discussions and I think we really grew from watching them together as a family. My youngest son is 16 and this week we started reading through your book ‘Understanding the Bible for Yourself’ as part of his homeschool. Up until this point he always looked at any study or additional homework work as burdensome. I changed my approach with him and presented learning the Bible for yourself as something that a real man should do. I told him not to take my word for what it says but to learn it for himself. I was shocked today at some of the questions that he asked and saw in him a real desire to learn. He did the homework that I gave him and turned it in to me without any nagging (this is a big deal). His attitude has really changed. Since we finished the videos on music last week we started your video series ‘Why we hold to the King James Bible’ this week for our family devotions. It’s worked well watching this series along with the Bible study with my son. My son-in-law is also enjoying this series as well. Like everyone else our lives have been greatly impacted by the events of the last month. I’m sure that there will be many tough challenges ahead, but I am grateful for the way that God is using this time for my family. I am also convicted because I know that with a little more focus on my part we can see even more fruit from this. Thank you so much for making these materials available and for the reasonable pricing for the items in your store. I’m sorry if the email is a bit long but I really hoped to encourage you by sharing these blessings.”

“Thank you for telling about the book
Influenza: The Hundred Year Hunt to Cure the Deadliest Disease in History by Dr. Jeremy Brown. After reading it, I concur that it is a ‘fascinating and highly educational book.’ Thank you also for your other articles in FBIS during this pandemic. Your tireless labor through the years and your love for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ are much appreciated and an encouragement.”

“Thank you for your email updates, especially of late [coronavirus time]. They have been VERY helpful and encouraging. I have been sharing them with our Bible institute students and pastors here.”

“Thank you Preacher for the fine articles you have been putting out on the Covid 19 and Hyles quick and easy prayerism. Only God knows the damage that was done over the years. God Bless your work for him. Yours in Christ.”

“Thank you, brother Cloud, for doing in a sanctified way what I cannot [about the Covid-19 issue] My anger is a little too hot and a little too close to the surface, so the people under my care get your perspective and wording, and I have stopped speaking of the matter altogether.”

“Amen brother Cloud, your ‘more than usual’ newsletters, updates, and teaching [during the Covid-19 situation] are a great blessing and encouragement.’

“Thank you for taking the time to do this!” [‘Covid-19 Good and Odd News’]

“Great & timely challenge today on ‘A Biblical Worldview and Good Mental Health.’”

“We have appreciated and shared your updates and encouragements. Many of our relatives have been eager to read and share Way of Life with others in recent days that have drastically different stances doctrinally. May the Lord help them to read your other articles and be convinced about many Bible truths!”

“I appreciate your encouragement through your mailouts during this time of the pandemic.”

“I also appreciate your corona virus regular updates.”

“Thanks again for the updates [on Covid-19].”

“I see you are keeping great notes on the virus news - which I appreciate.”

“Thank you for the excellent article, ‘The Coronavirus a Test of Christian Character.’ I had not realized how much I personally had been effected by the totality of this ‘pandemic.’ Actually, effected is not the correct word, corrupted is nearer the truth in my case. I read your article and saved it, leaving it open on my computer for several days. I continually went back re-reading it and pondering how our congregation was being effected by all of the events pertaining to Corona. Finally, the message penetrated that last 1/8 inch of cranium and I saw how much I had been effected. My joy was gone, positive attitude gone, productive mindset gone, anger was  becoming firmly ensconced. I was in trouble. I overhauled your article changing it into an outline for preaching; re-titled it Heart Disease in the Body of Christ, got on my face before God and repented of my sinful attitudes and worldly position concerning current events and sought pardon and mercy. Glory to God, the blood still reaches to the deepest stain and joy can be restored! What a difference! I had not realized how dark my soul had become and am now rejoicing in the God who holds my times in His hands. Thank you again for tireless efforts and your tremendous ministry.”

“I like the ‘challenges’ you issue on what the Christian’s view should be. Those are great. I have tried and tried here to get people to read some of those. I sent ‘The Coronavirus Crisis: A Test of Christian Character
to my pastor and told him that everyone in the church should read that. Next time he saw me he said ‘Got your note, started reading the report but got interrupted and never got back to it.’ The is a standard response. So sad.”

“Thank you for the Coronavirus updates. They have been very informative and helpful to many of us! Thank you for taking the time to research and to send these excellent reports!”

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