Wilson Ewin, Warrior for the Truth
August 23, 2022
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History ofd Fundamentalism
The following is excerpted from The History and Heritage of Fundamentalism and Fundamental Baptists

WILSON EWIN (1923-1998) left the FEBC because of its deep compromise. He was born to a farming couple near London, Ontario, and was born again in 1936 at age 13. In World War II, he served as a pilot with the Canadian Air Force. In 1950, he began studies at London Bible Institute, and in the early 1950s he moved to Quebec to preach the gospel in this staunchly Roman Catholic province. He founded the Quebec Baptist Mission. The Bible was still a forbidden book, and he was “jailed, stoned, manhandled, and threatened with death.” In spite of the persecution, he was able to start several churches. One of those was the Bible Baptist Church of Nashua, Ontario, founded in 1980. Ewin was a warrior who cared more about truth than popularity, financial support, and a broad-tent ministry. When he witnessed the radical changes that flowed from the Second Vatican Council of the 1960s--the dramatic increase in Roman Catholic ecumenism, the blossoming of the charismatic movement, the capture of evangelicalism by the ecumenical philosophy, the increased pace of globalism--he began teaching and warning through the printed page. No mainstream Christian publisher would handle these controversial books. They were self-published by the Quebec Baptist Mission. Ewin’s discerning, practical, hard-hitting books included Leading Roman Catholics to Christ; The Assimilation of Evangelist Billy Graham into the Roman Catholic Church; The Pied Piper of the Pentecostal Movement: The Spiritual Power of the New World Order; The Spirit of Pentecostal-Charismatic Unity; Under the New World Order: Evangelicals, Catholics, and Israel; Evangelism: Our Birthright and Its Betrayal; Today’s Evangelicals: Embracing the World’s Deadliest Cult; Key 73 and the Roman Church; The Church of Rome: Its Beginning, Evolution, Struggle for World Power, and Impending Destruction; There Is Therefore Now No Condemnation; You Shall Know the Truth, and the Truth Shall Make You Free; For David My Servant’s Sake and for Jerusalem’s Sake for Which I Have Chosen.

In the 1990s, the FEBC associated with the Promise Keepers movement, which was radically ecumenical and included Roman Catholics in leadership positions. At the 1996 Promise Keepers Clergy Conference, with many FEBC pastors in attendance, PK founder Bill McCartney told the crowd of 40,000, “No such meeting was held in the past 400 years, and it is exciting to see the denominational barriers come down as we have Protestants and Roman Catholics here together. The purpose of this meeting is to have the unity of the Church.” W.E. Coleman, pastor of Faith Baptist Church of St. Thomas, Ontario, was profuse in his praise for Promise Keepers after taking three groups of men to the conferences.

By then, there were no spiritual warriors left in the FEBC. There were no men with the old warrior spirit like Pastor L.K. Landis of Fellowship Baptist Church, Liberal, Kansas, who said,

“Any Baptist preacher who sends or takes his men to the Promise Keepers rallies is a traitor to the cause of Christ, is an unfaithful shepherd over the flock of God, and has betrayed the trust placed in him by his congregation to protect them against the wolves. Preacher, Promise Keepers is a genuine, bona fide ‘Trojan Horse.’ Wake up pastor. The enemy is at hand.”

In the New Neutralism II: Exposing the Gray of Compromise, an exposé of New Evangelicalism, author John Ashbrook observed, “From the hilltop of history it is easy to see that new evangelicalism ... has traced a great circle back to the fellowship of apostasy.”

In February 1995, the
Fellowship Baptist magazine contained a report saying that the Pentecostal “Toronto Blessing” was a work of God’s Spirit. This so-called “Blessing” featured “spirit slaying,” “holy laughter,” “holy drunkenness,” gibberish “tongues,” “prophesying,” women preachers, and much more. Yet Pastor Justin Dennison of the Bramalea Baptist Church, Bramalea, Ontario, said it would be “churlish and indeed judgmental of anyone to say anything different” [different from it being a work of the Spirit].”

When Wilson Ewin of the Quebec Baptist Missions sent a packet of material to Fellowship pastors documenting the terrible apostasy of the Toronto Blessing, he received only one reply, and it was “hostile.” Silence in the face of error is a loud statement.
Silence is the “stance” of cowardly, disobedient, compromising, political, pragmatic preachers. But Pastor Ewin wasn’t silent. He was 73 years old and was still in the fight for God’s truth.

On August 24, 1997, the sermon at Bramalea Baptist Church of Bramalea, Ontario, was brought by the pastor’s wife, Sue Dennison, who preached on the prophecy of Micah. Other examples of FEBC’s acceptance of female preachers could be given.

The February 1995
Evangelical Baptist announced that Fellowship chaplain Phil Philips was elected chairman of the Ontario Multifaith Council for Spiritual and Religious Care and that he is a member of the Interfaith Committee on Chaplaining in the Correctional Service of Canada.

Fellowship Baptists participated in every Billy Graham ecumenical evangelistic crusade in Canada, including 1984 in Vancouver, British Columbia. David Cline of Bringhouse United Church, vice-chairman of the organizing committee, stated the policy regarding Catholic inquirers: “If Catholics step forward there will be no attempt to convert them and their names will be given to the Catholic church nearest their homes” (
The Sun, Vancouver, B.C., Oct. 5, 1984).

Fellowship Pastor Gordon Abraham was the Canada Executive Director of Operation Mobilization, an organization that is committed to interdenominational ecumenism and that is permeated with Pentecostal heresy.

Fellowship Baptists participate in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. At least four Fellowship Baptist pastors joined in Week of Prayer for Unity services January 23, 1994, at The Meadowvale First Baptist Church of Mississauga, Ontario. Other participants included Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Lutheran, and United Church. Angelos Saad of the Church of the Virgin Mary (Coptic Orthodox) and Marcel Dube of St. John of the Cross Carmelite Church (Roman Catholic) believe Mary is a perpetual virgin and that she is to be “venerated” as the Queen of Heaven.

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