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Tight Clothing and Modesty
October 3, 2017 (first published February 28, 2017)
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
The following is excerpted from DRESSING FOR THE LORD. ISBN 978-1-58318-106-5. New edition December 2016. See end of report for details.


Dressing for the Lord
Tight, clinging attire is as immodest as skimpy attire because the woman’s figure is emphasized and accented, and the man’s attention is directed to that which is forbidden outside of marriage. Men are strongly influenced sexually by the eye-gate and are attracted to the woman’s curves. The immodest clothing industry understands these things and strives to dress women seductively rather than modestly.

It is important to understand that tight, form-fitting clothes can be just as sexually disturbing to a man as skimpy clothes.

In the book
For Women Only: What You Need to Know about the Inner Lives of Men, Shaunti Feldhahn describes the following situation:

“Another husband with a happy twenty-year marriage described another typical scenario: ‘My wife and I recently went out to dinner at a nice restaurant with some friends. The hostess was extremely attractive and was WEARING FORM-FITTING CLOTHES THAT SHOWED OFF A GREAT FIGURE. For the rest of the night, it was impossible not to be aware that she was across the restaurant, walking around. Our group had a great time with our lovely wives, but I guarantee you that our wives didn’t know that every man at that table was acutely aware of that woman’s presence and was doing his utmost not to look in that direction” (p. 114).

In our survey of Christian men on the issue of women’s dress we found that tight clothing is at least as much of a potential problem for men as skimpy clothing. Most of the men indicated that tight skirts and tight blouses and form-fitting jeans hold a “VERY great potential” for lust.

Consider the following statements:

“I would say the number one problem is any garment that is form fitting, be it jeans, pants, skirt, dress, shirt, whatever. Anything that is tight, no matter how long it is, leaves nothing to the imagination, and that defeats the whole purpose of covering the skin in the first place!”

“You don’t even need to see skin; they provide all the curves.” Another man said: “I would say the Number One problem is any garment that is form fitting, be it jeans, pants, skirt, dress, shirt, whatever. Anything that is tight, no matter how long it is, leaves nothing to the imagination, and that defeats the whole purpose of covering the skin in the first place!”

“One thing I see in my church is tight clothing. Oh, it may very well be covering but it is revealing the shape in a woman. This can be even more tantalizing to a man.”

“The point is that it is not merely the type of clothing that can trip a man up; rather it is the amount and the level of cling to the body.”

Tight pants were created by Calvin Klein, a bisexual fashion designer. When his super tight pants appeared in 1978, they sold 200,000 pairs in the first week.

Tights worn as pants (leggings) were designed by Gianni Versace, a homosexual fashion designer who was murdered by a homosexual in 1997.

Godly pilgrim women who have set their affection on things above refuse to be conformed to this world and do not follow its filthy, rebellious fashions.


The above is excerpted from
DRESSING FOR THE LORD. ISBN 978-1-58318-106-5. New edition December 2016. To our knowledge, this is the most extensive study on the Christian’s dress in print. If ever there ever were a time when preachers need to instruct their people about clothing issues, it is today. Modern society is drenched with indecency. A Vogue fashion show would make ancient Corinth blush. To lay a solid Bible foundation for modesty, we exegete about 25 key Bible passages and develop principles that can be applied to any nation or culture. In fact, the book has been translated into German and Nepali. Chapter titles include “The Origin of Clothing, “Clothing Is a Language,” “The Captains of the Fashion Industry,” “Isn’t This Basically the Man’s Problem?” “Bible Guidelines for Clothing,” “A Study on Biblical Modesty,” “Worldliness and the Christian’s Dress,” “Pants and the Christian Woman,” “Pushing the Edge on Dress Standards,” Questions Answered on the Issue of Christian Dress,” “Testimonies from Christian Women on the Issue of Modest Dress,” “Survey of Men’s Thinking on the Subject of Women’s Dress,” and “Plain Clothing.” The “QUESTIONS ANSWERED” section deals with things such as the following: “Since God looks on the heart, why be concerned about appearance?” “Shouldn’t we just teach the Bible and let the Holy Spirit deal with this issue?” “I believe dress standards just produce pride and hypocrisy.” “The issue of the heart is more important than dress.” “I wear pants because there are many things I can’t do in a dress.” “In Bible times both men and women wore robes.” “I only wear feminine pants.” “Wearing dresses is old-fashioned and we should not be weird.” “Those who preach against pants on women are legalistic.” “What about tattoos and piercings?” 206 pages

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