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From Bro. Clouds Mailbox - Jan. 2014
January 2014
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
Bro. Clouds Mailbox
From time to time, I publish some of the goodies from my mailbox, since many people have told me that they enjoy reading these things.


“I came to see you preach years ago [at one of your Bible conferences]. I was in college at the time and am now a pastor. I just wanted to say thank you for continuing to produce quality materials. We are currently go through the Discipleship course as a church and it is fantastic. Thank you most importantly for sticking by the truth even when it isn't popular. You are one of my Baptist heroes.”

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you very much for the FBIS mailings.  They have been a huge help and encouragement. They are great teaching aids as well, and I often go through them with my high-schoolers. Not only do they learn what a good, logical, well-supported argument looks like, they also learn many invaluable Biblical truths. The article ‘On Doubting your Salvation’ was very helpful as I know of a few of my students who have this same problem. We are going through that article today in class, and I know that it will be a help to them. Thank you very much for all the time and effort you put into writing these articles.”

“Thank you for continuing to sound the warning about the dangerous slippery slope of CCM. I think that many people do not realize the far reaching influence that Lancaster Baptist Church has on independent Baptist churches around the world. Take care, and thank you for your stand for truth in these days.”

“I have been wrestling with Lancaster’s music since I first starting reading your articles. I have tried to look at this subject with an open mind. I do not listen to contemporary music and have never felt drawn to it. I was saved from a heavy metal rock lifestyle and I want to stay  far away from anything with a rock beat. That said, I am not a trained music person so I didn't really see what the problem with their music was.  I couldn't hear in their music anything that sounded bad.  You must remember that it is hard for a person that is not trained in music to discern that beat when it is presented subtly.  When I played each of the 3 links that you sent [‘Lancaster’s Pathetic Attempt at Contemporary Worship’] simultaneously I saw exactly what you are talking about.  ... There is no doubt to me that they know exactly what they are doing.  After the initial shock I became so sad. This is a very influential church and there are some things that I believe that they do very well. Unfortunately taking people down this road leads to nowhere but apostasy. Thank you for sending these links and for the stands that you take.  This has been a great help to me.  I plan on showing these along with your e-video to my family.”

“Your forthright Biblical teaching, that we access through the internet, has been a great encouragement to us. Recently we purchased, and have listened to, your 9 message series entitled ‘Music for Good or Evil.’ The messages are powerful, backed up with solid Biblical precepts and Scripture and very well presented. We are now going through them a second time with friends from our church”

“Just letting you know that we appreciate your ministry and your writings. It is much needed in our world today. It has been a great help to open our eyes as to what is out there. I ministry like yours is expected to get lots of negative reaction but don’t let it get you discouraged, you will never know how many lives the Lord has been able to change through your ministry but I know it has helped many Christians.”

“We still continue to hand out the
O Timothy magazines to our church folks. They thoroughly take in the information. It has been quite a ‘growth process’ for some, a great spiritual benefit. Thank the Lord for your knowledge and labour in the Lord's work.”

“I read much of what you write, and I am so thankful that in our day and age of compromise that you are standing by the stuff! Keep on fighting the good fight of faith!”

“Thank you for your faithfulness in striving to uphold the truth of Scripture and warnings to those who are drifting from the 'firm foundation.'”

“I was raised on southern gospel music and have loved it all by life. It hurts me to see how it has become so corrupted and I want to thank you for telling the truth about Bill Gaither. No one person has done more to corrupt southern gospel than him. Ever since rock and roll there has always been an element of boogie woogie in SG but my mom never went for it and neither did I. But I did tolerate a lot more when I was young. The rapid BEAT was becoming more widespread but Gaither and his bunch made it popular. Even many of the remaining old performers adopted the modern sound. Now traditional SG is almost unheard on the radio. A large fundamental Baptist church in Greenville, SC has a radio station and by far most of their music has the rock and roll BEAT. And it's like that almost everywhere now.”

“Thank you very much for all the messages you preached at our Prophecy Conference. The last message Tuesday night was the most convicting message that I have ever heard in all my life. The whole world needs preaching like this on a weekly basis. I sure would like to see that message on Sermon Audio.”

“I keep up to date with much of your material and am blessed extensively by your ministry on the Way of Life Website. Your latest article on Christian Burnout was both challenging and very convicting. Thank you for writing the article, and thank your for the material you produce. It is definitely a great help in this evil day.”


“I’m a worship leader and I’ve got to be honest with you and tell you I’m sincerely disgusted and truly saddened by your (yes) legalism and even ignorance. ... For Crying Out Loud! Before you assume to know the heart of God concerning music, I think perhaps you need to better know the heart of God.”

“After reading a couple of your self righteous and critical articles, I have come to one conclusion. You must think that God died and left you in charge. We certainly have no need for the Holy Spirit when you are around.”

“Dear brother, accusing works belongs to satan.”

“May God bless you because you are a wacko!”

“My Goodness, you are definitely into the literal Bible. Pretty mind blowing with attacks on John Eldrege.”

“Your article back in 2009 on ‘Why I am not a Southern Baptist’ is completely hypocrisy and is mostly based on lies and rumors. You must get facts before publishing such idiocy.”

“I am male and I am queer. Neither was a choice. I was born the way I am. I don’t feel a need to try to prove that to anyone. I know and always have known who I am. ... Get over yourself. Look like Jesus, or stop posing as one of his people.Look like Jesus, or stop posing as one of his people.”


“As a Christian, I am appalled at your lack of understanding of the chiropractic profession.  ... That is judgmental and judgment is for God. It is not for us to judge. How many cadavers has the author studied to determine that the profession is of a metaphysical nature?”

“There is only error/ignorance, surely not sin. ... The purpose of the dark night is to crucify self, realise who we are (immortal students) and be of service. The ultimate purpose of all this is to move evolution forward. The evolution of sentient consciousness, of human consciousness, of Christ consciousness, of God, of love. In order to do that we must each attempt to mature to the best of our abilities and take on the lessons of pain and pleasure. ... Once having reached a level of maturity and absorbed the lessons of life 'good' and ' bad'. Once having forged for ourselves a strong identity in the world. Once having done all this and looked at existence squarely and realised the ephemeral pointlessness of it all. Then we are ready to take up our cross, die to self and be resurrected.”

“Back in February I experienced a supernatural encounter with God. I said to God early one morning, you have done so much for me and I want to do something for you. So I asked God, What can I do for you? Then I said, I am going to rest here a while and wait to hear from you. So in about five minutes God spoke these three words, ‘Write a Book.’ so I did as he instructed me and he guided me to the scriptures and gave me the information. ... God has revealed to me what he is and how he created the world out of himself.  The book have proof about UFOs and Aliens and so much more all back by scripture. ... I will share this truth with you so you might believe, God is Hydrogen and he has a wife helium, Jesus is carbon the son, the Holy Spirit is Oxygen and Satan is Nitrogen. Satan wants to destroy the world with Hydrogen bombs because he knows God is hydrogen.  ... We are in the end time, the last days are approaching us and I am the End Time Prophetess.”

“In view of this article, I just like to share what God revealed to me through visions and numbers in April 2000. I did not understand these visions and numbers completely, until 2008. I know this is a warning from God to me and all nations. Through these visions and numbers I now observe the 7th day Sabbath. Soon the world will experience global percecution like never before. (Matthew 24 : 21) IT WILL ALL BE ABOUT THE 4th COMMANDMENT OF GOD AND THE 4th kingdom of Antichrist. John 14 : 15. If you love Me, keep My commandments. On 28 June 2013 the USA president visited our country. God revealed to me that he is the false prophet as written in Revelation 13 : 11 to 16. In our  alphabet the letter A = 1 , B = 2 ect. BARACK OBAMA  = 68 + 45th president + 41(USA) + Hoseah 4 : 6  =164. His birthdate is 4. 8. 1961.  1961 = 66 and I calculate it as follow (MCMLX1 so...4 + 8 + 66 = 78 + 45th president + USA(41) = 164. 41 x 4 = 164. Barack Obama was 51 when he was elected as 45th president :  BARACK OBAMA = 68 + 51yrs old + 45th president = 164. The SUNday law: Revelation 13 : 15,16 + 68 (BARACK OBAMA) + 52(his age) = 164.  Millions of people  are not aware of what's going on.”