Why You Need the Friday Church News Notes
July 13, 2022 (first published October 1, 2010)
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
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We began publishing the Friday Church News Notes in 1999 with the objective of providing a weekly hand-out for Bible-believing churches. The News Notes are published on Friday so they can be duplicated and distributed on Sundays.

Friday Church News Notes is a four-page report that is posted in a plain text edition to the Fundamental Baptist Information Service mailing list and in an ATTRACTIVE, FULL-COLOR GRAPHICAL PDF EDITION that is uploaded to the Way of Life web site each Friday. This is available as a free download.

Friday Church News Notes is not merely a collection of news items. The reports are carefully and prayerfully chosen to educate, warn, and challenge Bible-believing churches, individuals, and families. The Notes help keep God’s people informed and protected from the wiles of the devil in these evil end times.

In the
Friday Church News Notes, we learn how to exercise spiritual discernment by examining current events through the lens of Scripture. We learn a biblical worldview.

Friday Church News Notes deal with “negative” events of these times, but with the positive goal of keeping our focus on eternity and being ever-aware that the prophetic hour is late and we must be found faithful in God’s service.

Friday Church News Notes exposes popular myths and errors (e.g., Darwinian evolution, the judge-not philosophy, ecumenism, Christian rock, secular humanism, charismaticism, New Evangelicalism, emerging church, New Age, New Catholicism, contemplative prayer, atheism, paganism, globalism, socialism)

Friday Church News Notes exposes the dangers of the prevailing pop culture.

Friday Church News Notes reports on worldwide persecution against Christians so that we might pray for those who are in bonds.

Friday Church News Notes features fascinating creation science facts.

Friday Church News Notes contains illustrations that can be used in preaching/teaching.

The emerging church has openly stated that they are targeting the children and grandchildren of today’s Bible-believing Christians. We must educate them properly to protect them.

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“Every week I look forward to the Friday News from Way of Life. Your discernment and ‘nose’ for the news keeps me abreast of all that is going on. Most folks are not well versed about the apostasy and deviation in so-called Christian bodies. Your articles help to point out that all is not well just because something is labeled Christian.”

“I’m 24 years old, and the Friday News Notes have helped educate me and have protected me from Satan’s devices.”

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