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May 31, 2023
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New Age Tower of Babel
The New Age employs a wide range of techniques to accomplish its goals of finding spiritual enlightenment, achieving personal transformation, and building a new world. The following are some of the most popular:

Positive Thinking -- This is the preeminent New Age technique that has been employed by all its practitioners. In 1903 Henry Wood described this technique in his book New Thought Simplified: “With scientific accuracy, one may make himself what he will by thinking his thoughts into the right form, and continuing the process until they solidify and take outward correspondence.” The practice of positive thinking has been highly refined. It often employs the creation of special mental chambers in which the New Age practitioner performs his thinking magic. He is taught to imagine the desired thing in great detail and hold onto it until it becomes reality. The Silva Method teaches the student to build a “mental screen” and to project three dimensional images onto the screen, such as images of himself as a thin person if he is trying to lose weight or images of a wealthy lifestyle. Maxwell Maltz calls positive thinking the “theater of the mind.”

Visualization -- This is often used as a synonym for positive thinking but it can go beyond that. It can involve such things as imagining conversations with the dead. Napoleon Hill visualized nine famous men from history who became his advisers. The imagined characters took on a life of their own and actually communicated with him. The Silva Method teaches the practitioner to construct a mental laboratory in his mind and evoke counselors to assist in diagnosing illnesses. From a biblical perspective, we know that this gets into the realm of communicating with demons.

Positive Confession -- This is the practice of confessing with the mouth the things that the individual wants to create in life. The confessions are also called affirmations and decrees. The idea is that words have the power to change reality. Marianne Williamson’s workbook for A Course in Miracles suggests a different confession for each of the 365 days of the course. For Lesson #70 it is “My salvation comes from me.”

Guided Imagery -- In this practice a guide helps the individual to use fantasy to create various situations. It is used for such things as delving into past lives and connecting oneself with the “universal power.” During an education workshop in California in 1980, children were taught to imagine bringing the sun down into their bodies and then using this power to fill themselves with perfect knowledge.

Out of Body Projection -- This is the practice of leaving one’s body mentally or spiritually and traveling to other places or viewing things that are happening in other places. It is also called astral projection and distant viewing.

Channeling -- This is communicating with spirits and receiving messages from them.

Transference -- This is the practice of transferring spiritual energy through such things as the laying on of hands and massage. Reiki is called “the healing touch” and allegedly involves the transference of “life force energy.”

Meditation -- Yogic style meditation is a very big part of New Age practice. It involves putting oneself into a hypnotic state or an “altered” state of consciousness through repetition of a mantra or focusing the mind on a picture or a mental image.

Hypnosis -- This is a trance-like state which is induced by such things as chanting, progressive relaxation, guided imagery, music, lights, and focusing on an object or a mental picture.

Regression Therapy -- This is the practice of dredging up supposed events from past lives in order to understand, heal, and empower the present. It is employed through hypnotism or guided imagery.

Anchoring -- This practice, which is employed by Tony Robbins and others, involves anchoring oneself in a past positive experience in order to access the positive emotions of that experience to create success in the present.

Interfaith dialogue -- This is the practice of building bridges of understanding between religious faiths. This is a New Age tool for creating harmony and good will and bringing peace on earth.

Community Building -- This is the practice of bonding people together into New Age communities. It is a process of breaking down the divisions between people and emphasizing unity and group thinking as opposed to individualism. It requires a non-judgmental attitude and a willingness to accept all different views and practices as legitimate.

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