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Daniel, New in our Bookstore
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The Catholic Inquisition in Brief

     The following is summarized from the study on the Roman Catholic Inquisition in A History of the Churches from a Baptist Perspective, available from Way of Life Literature:
    The Inquisition was set up formally in the 13th century to exercise control over all people within the reach of the Roman Catholic Church. (Inquisition means interrogation, investigation.) Eventually it extended to practically every corner of Europe and beyond to the territories conquered by Spain and other Catholic colonizing nations.
    The Inquisition was Rome’s apparatus to enforce her laws. It was illegal to disagree with Rome’s doctrines and practices, to preach any doctrine other than... Read More
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Friday Church News Notes

CONGRESSWOMAN SWORN IN ON THOMAS JEFFERSON’S QURAN IS DEEPLY CONFUSED ABOUT AMERICAN HISTORY (Friday Church News Notes, January 11, 2019,,, 866-295-4143) - Rashiba Tlaib, newly elected Democratic congresswoman from Michigan, was sworn into Congress last week on a Quran owned by Thomas Jefferson. She said, “It’s important to me because a lot of Americans have this kind of feeling that Islam is somehow foreign to American history. Muslims were there at the beginning. … Some of our founding fathers knew more about Islam than some members of Congress now ... My faith has centered me. The prophet Mohammed was always talking about freedom and justice” (“Detroit congresswoman to use Jefferson’s Koran,” Detroit Free Press, Dec. 19, 2019). Tlaib is right that some.. Read More

Don’t Assume That Your Congregants Are Saved

    A church member recently told me, “One reason I like your preaching is that you always preach something for the unsaved.”
    I first learned that from the late Bruce Lackey, who was the Dean of the Bible School at Tennessee Temple in the 1970s. He preached the gospel in every message. I haven’t always done that, but he did, and the older I get the more consistently I follow his example. Even in the Wednesday evening services, Dr. Lackey would preach the gospel in the midst of or at the conclusion of his Bible messages. He did that when he preached through the Psalms.
    Invariably there are unsaved people in a congregation. There are unregenerate children and youth, visitors, and those who have made professions of faith but who have not been born again.
    D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones explained the reason... Read More
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Screen shot from BBFI website 7/24/2018

Baptist Bible Fellowship International’s Road to Emerging

     Baptist Bible Fellowship International (BBFI) was founded in 1950 by pastors who left the World Baptist Fellowship as a result of a dispute with J. Frank Norris. Prominent among the roughly 100 founding pastors and missionaries were G.B. Vick and Noel Smith. They located their headquarters in Springfield, Missouri, and founded the Baptist Bible College there.
    The BBFI is a fellowship of pastors rather than a fellowship of churches. Any Baptist pastor can affiliate by adhering to the fellowship’s 20 articles... Read More
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Praying for a Certain Kind of Church

     I am praying for the multiplication of a certain kind of church.
    I have been a church member for 58 years. I made a profession of faith at about age 11 and was baptized as a member of a Southern Baptist church in central Florida. I wasn’t saved. At age 23 I was born again and joined an Independent Baptist church, and I have been active in, ministering in, preaching in, and studying the church ever since.
    As the house of God, the pillar and ground of the truth (1 Ti. 3:15), the New Testament church is the most important institution on the earth. But because of false... Read More
Facebook verses Billy Graham

Friday Church News Notes

FACEBOOK TEMPORARILY BANS FRANKLIN GRAHAM FOR “HATE SPEECH” (Friday Church News Notes, January 4, 2019,, 866-295-4143) - The following is excerpted from “After Facebook apologizes for ban,” Fox News, Dec. 31, 2018: “Evangelical leader Franklin Graham accepted Facebook’s apology and suggested the social network come up with a standard based on ‘God's word’ after the tech company mistakenly banned him for 24 hours last week over a 2016 post about HB2, North Carolina's controversial ‘bathroom bill.’ ‘I was defending our governor and the state on HB2. It was a good law. If you disagree with [Facebook’s] position on sexual orientation, you can be classified as hate speech,’ said Graham in an exclusive interview on Fox & Friends Sunday. In a post to his Facebook page, Graham said the social network is ‘trying to define truth. They’re making the rules and changing the rules. Truth is truth. God .. Read More
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Trees in Ancient Israel

     The following is from the new book Jews in Fighter Jets: Israel Past, Present, and Future, available from Way of Life Literature in print and eBook editions.
    In ancient times, the land of Israel was heavily forested. The Bible is a clear witness to this.
    In Joshua’s day, the hills in Israel’s heartland (the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh) were called “the wood country” because of the forests (Joshua 17:15, 18).
    Absalom was killed in the forest of Ephraim (2 Sa. 18:6, 8). Apparently it was an oak forest, because his head was caught in the branches of a “great oak” (2 Sa. 18:9).
    The Gibeonites were made hewers of wood for the tribes of Israel, which would indicate that there were plenty of trees (Joshua 9:21, 23, 27).
    There was a forest east of Bethel in Bethaven (1 Sa. 14:25)... Read More

Daniel’s Great Intercessory Prayer

    The following is excerpted from the new Way of Life Commentary Series on Daniel -
    Daniel 9:3-19
    Daniel, the man greatly beloved by heaven, teaches us to pray!
- This prayer is a lesson for individuals, for churches, for nations.
- In its early days, America’s pastors and even political leaders prayed prayers similar to this, and for that reason God greatly blessed the nation. At least 16 times, the Continental Congress proclaimed days of fasting, repentance, and prayer, “and the entire American community repaired to their various churches on such days” (Ellis Sandoz,
Political Sermons of the American Founding Era, Vol. 1).
- This is the type of prayer precedes revival from spiritual decline.
- This prayer teaches the individual Christian how to confess his sins according to 1 Jo. 1:9.
... Read More
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Friday Church News Notes

CHINESE GOVERNMENT VIOLENTLY SHUTS DOWN LARGE CHURCHES (Friday Church News Notes, December 28, 2018,, 866-295-4143) - The following is excerpted from “Hong Kong Christians Protest Brutal China Crackdown,” Breitbart, Dec. 23, 2018: “On December 9, Chinese security forces carried out a series of coordinated raids on the Early Rain Covenant Church, one of the most prominent house churches in China, arresting as many as.. Read More
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The Day That God’s Word Was Broadcast to Earth From Moon Orbit

    A half century ago, NASA’s Apollo 8 was the first manned mission to leave earth’s orbit and to fly around the Moon.
    Seven years earlier, U.S. President John F. Kennedy, in a historic speech in Houston, Texas, announced to the world, “We choose to go to the Moon in this decade.”
    In 1968, NASA was pushing every system hard to achieve this.. Read More
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The Church of England has encouraged its clergy to create baptism style ceremonies for transgender people to welcome them into the Anglican faith.

Friday Church News Notes

CHURCH OF ENGLAND OFFERS BAPTISMAL-STYLE CEREMONY FOR TRANSGENDERS (Friday Church News Notes, December 21, 2018,, 866-295-4143) - The following is excerpted from “Church of England,”, Dec. 13, 2018: “Proving that it is constantly transforming with the times, the Church of England has announced it will now offer baptism-style ceremonies for transgender persons, people who deny their biological sex--e.g., a man who claims he is a woman--and want to be ‘re-baptized’ in.. Read More
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