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The Bald Eagle
    The majestic bald eagle has been the national bird of America since 1782, and as the emblem of America appears on the nation’s coat of arms, coins, etc.
    It is a massive raptor about three feet high, weighing 9 to 14 pounds, with a wing span of six to eight feet, second in size only to the California condor. The female is one-third larger than the male.
    Its habitat covers most of North America and northern Mexico.
    Its head and tail feathers are brilliant white, its body and wings are chocolate-brown, and its legs and bill are bright yellow. Young bald eagles do not develop the white heads and tails until about five years of age. ... Read More
Randy Bresnik photo of Israel from space station 2017 sm
Friday Church News Notes
SPECTACULAR PHOTO OF ISRAEL FROM SPACE (Friday Church News Notes, November 17, 2017, www.wayoflife.org, fbns@wayoflife.org, 866-295-4143) - U.S. Astronaut Randy Bresnik, current commander of the International Space Station, took a spectacular photo of Israel on November 11. Looking from the northeast, it shows the nation of Jordan (which was created by Winston Churchill in 1921), then all of Israel from the south slope of Mt. Hermon in the north to Eilat on the Red Sea (the tip of the Gulf of Aqaba is... Read More
Petticoats on Soldiers
    On September 26, 1811, William Henry Harrison, General, United States Army, told Tecumseh, head of the Indian nations: "I will put petticoats on my soldiers sooner than give up a country I have bought fairly from its true owners!"
    We aren't going to comment on the authenticity of the land treaties in dispute at that hour. What caught my interest in this was Harrison's philosophy of soldiering.
    General Harrison would be shocked to conceive of an America in which females would compose 14% of the military forces, including 35,000 female officers, and that women would be stationed on fighting ships... Read More
Bible Commentaries and Twittering Swallows
    1. Leaning on them too much. 
    The Bible student should first go to the Bible and dig out as much meaning as possible for himself. For this, he must get a good understanding of how to interpret the Bible. The equivalent of a Bible Institute education is the starting point to be able to use commentaries effectually and test them properly so as not to be led astray by any error that might be present. We deal with this in the course The Effectual Bible Student, which is available... Read More
Restoring the Discipling Church
    Excerpted from The Discipling Church: The Church That Will Stand Until Christ Comes

Most churches have moved away from the New Testament pattern, beginning with hastiness in evangelism, carelessness in receiving members, and a weakness in maintaining spiritual standards and exercising discipline, and as a result they are falling prey to all sorts of errors and moving into an increasingly weaker and softer stance.
    Following are some suggestions for moving a mixed multitude congregation to a discipling church position:
     Be Patient - A church doesn’t become a mixed multitude overnight and it won’t be brought overnight to a New Testament pattern. Impatience can cause more harm than good. The goal is not to harm the church and scatter the sheep; the goal is to strengthen it. Formulate a clear plan before the Lord and then patiently and steadfastly work toward its implementation. It will be a multi-year plan, not a plan for a few weeks or months.
    Be Ready to Enter a Difficult Battle - There is no easy way to change a mixed multitude to a discipling church. The elements of the world, the flesh, and the devil that have become entrenched in the congregation are not going to like it. There are going to be battles... Read More
Friday Church News Notes
LETTERS TO GOD (Friday Church News Notes, November 10, 2017, www.wayoflife.org, fbns@wayoflife.org, 866-295-4143) - Hundreds of letters arrive annually in Jerusalem addressed simply to “God.” They are collected by the Israel Postal Service, and once a year they are taken to the Western Wall of the Temple Mount (“Letters to God,” Israel Today, Nov. 2017). Before that, though, each one is opened and read by the Israel Ministry of Religious Affairs. Not surprisingly, most reflect gross biblical ignorance. The writers... Read More
Amos’s Prayer for the Nation
    The following is an excerpt from a new Advanced Bible Studies Series course, which is scheduled for publication later this year or early next year.
    In Amos 7 we see the power of intercessory prayer.
    God’s people need to learn from Amos and pray fervently and persistently in the most desperate, wicked times.
    When Amos saw the first two visions of coming judgments (a locust invasion and a great fire), he beseeched God to withhold judgment, and the Lord repented (Am. 7:3, 6).
    There can be no doubt that a chief lesson of this passage is that prayer changes things. Only the Lord knows how many... Read More
Spurgeon’s Care in Receiving Members
     Charles H. Spurgeon began pastoring the Metropolitan Tabernacle of London, England, in 1854 at age 20, and was the senior pastor until his death in 1892. His superlative preaching drew massive crowds, and the church grew from “a handful” to a membership of over 5,300.
     The church was cautious and wise in receiving members. Many applied for baptism and membership, and the church wanted to be as sure as possible that the individuals were saved. A group of elders and deacons assisted Spurgeon in counseling prospective members.
     They looked for certain evidences of salvation. They looked for undivided trust in the blood of Christ and in the grace of God with zero confidence in one’s goodness or works. They looked for a changed mindset, a change of direction, a... Read More
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