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Daniel, New in our Bookstore
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Friday Church News Notes

YOUNG MAN ESCAPES THE INFLUENCE OF C.S. LEWIS (Friday Church News Notes, October 18, 2019, www.wayoflife.org fbns@wayoflife.org, 866-295-4143) - The following is a testimony we received from a reader recently: “My father pointed me to your materials, and at first I was hesitant, as you are more hard-lined in what you believe than Ravi Zacharias, Frank Turek, and others who I was listening to. With time, I jumped into your materials as well, and you have made me much more confident in my faith than anyone else. Your hard stance on God’s Word is not harsh, but simply true. Your method of citing all claims you make with Biblical references is unlike virtually anyone else I have read. And to think I was close to purchasing Mere Christianity before reading your e-book on CS Lewis! Your work is completely necessary in such a confused... Read More
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Bill Gaither

Soft, Non-Offensive Contemporary Christian Music

     Even Contemporary Christian Music which has a soft, gentle rhythm can be dangerous. The following important warning is from Confronting Contemporary Christian Music: A Plain Account of Its History, Philosophy, and Future by Dr. H.T. Spence (Dunn, NC: Companion Press, 1997):
    “In 1973 a Neo-Evangelical movement swept across America called ‘Key ’73.’ Many of the evangelical denominations, including the Pentecostals.. Read More

Isaiah 55 the Gospel Invitation

     The following is excerpted from the Way of Life Commentary Series on Isaiah:
    Isaiah is filled with God’s invitations to sinners, because this is the essence of His compassionate character. Above all, God is a Saviour.
    1. The invitation is explained in verse 3. It is the offer of eternal life through David’s Son, the Messiah. The everlasting covenant is God’s promise that David’s seed would have an eternal kingdom (2 Sa. 7:12-13, 16). In Romans 1, Paul connected the gospel of Christ with God’s promise to David. Christ is the seed of David who inherits God’s promises. He was declared to be the Son of God by the resurrection, and the risen Christ is calling sinners from all nations by the gospel (Ro. 1:4-6; 2 Th. 2:14). God’s everlasting covenant with David extends, therefore, to any sinner who receives Christ, both Jew and Gentile.
    2. God’s invitation to salvation has been given throughout history. It was preached before the flood by prophets such as Abel and Enoch. It was preached by Noah during the building of the ark (2 Pe. 2:5). It was believed by Gentiles such as Rahab and Ruth. It was preached in the days of Solomon to the kings of the earth (1 Ki. 4:34). It was preached by Israel’s prophets such as Jonah..
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Bishop William Temple

Fifty Years of Anglican Liberalism

     The worldwide Anglican Communion is composed of some 80 million members * in 164 countries, including the “mother church,” the Church of England, and the Episcopal Church in America. (* A large percentage of Anglican members are “invisible” because they are church members due to the fact that they were baptized as infants and perhaps catechized, but they do not participate in the functional life of the churches.)
     The Anglican Church is permeated with theological liberalism at every level.
     Consider some examples:
     In 1953, Archbishop of Canterbury William Temple, in his book
Nature and God, said, “... there is no such thing as revealed truth.”
     In 1960, Episcopalian Bishop James..
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Dr. David Mackereth

Friday Church News Notes

BRITISH COURT IN TRANSGENDER CASE: BIBLE BELIEF “INCOMPATIBLE WITH HUMAN DIGNITY” (Friday Church News Notes, October 11, 2019, www.wayoflife.org fbns@wayoflife.org, 866-295-4143) - The following is excerpted from “British Court,” The Daily Wire, Oct. 2, 2019: “On Tuesday, a British court ruled that belief in the Bible was ‘incompatible with human dignity.’ That statement came in a case involving Dr. David Mackereth, a devout Christian who had worked as an emergency doctor for the National Health Service for 26 years. He said he was fired from his job because he refused to call a biological man a... Read More
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The Gettys - The Pied Pipers of Contemporary Worship Music

    The following is from the latest edition (September 2019) of the Directory of Contemporary Worship Musicians
Keith and Kristyn Getty’s “contemporary hymns” are used widely among “traditional, non-contemporary” churches, because they are considered relatively safe.
    Keith and Kristyn Getty partner with Stuart Townend to form Getty-Townend Music (GTM).
    “Up to 100 million people worldwide sing Keith Getty’s hymns in church services each year” (“Hitting the right notes,”
Belfast Telegraph, Aug. 11, 2018). The Getty-Townend hymn (Townend wrote the lyrics and Getty, the music) “In Christ Alone” has become one of the most famous hymns ever written, with an estimated 40 to 50 million people singing it in church services each year.. Read More
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Evolutionists Against Darwinism

     From conservapedia.com:
    “A 2005 poll by the Louis Finkelstein Institute for Social and Religious Research found that 60% of American medical doctors reject Darwinism, stating that they do not believe humans evolved through natural processes alone. Thirty-eight percent of the American medical doctors polled agreed with the statement that ‘Humans evolved naturally with no supernatural involvement.’ The study also reported that 1/3 of all medical doctors favor the theory of intelligent design over evolution. ... The prestigious journal Science reported the following in 2006 concerning the United States: ‘The percentage of people in the country who accept the idea of evolution has.. Read More

Feedback From “A Plea to the Clark Family” and “A Plea to Southern Gospel Fans”

     Following are some of the responses I have received from the free eBook A Plea to Southern Gospel Music Fans and the report “A Plea to the Clark Family” (published March 14, 2017) -
    “This music is 45 minutes away and a scourge to our church as many of our visitors have or like this music.  When I preach on music like this people don’t come back to our church. We are separating from them and they are separating from us even though we are independent Baptists!”
    “Amen and Amen! We've been watching the slide of the Clark family in the area of music for several years now and we have stopped listening to all their new albums due to the overt worldliness of the vocals and rhythms etc. Thank you for your courage to make this plea publicly.”
    “It is sobering to read this article about the Clark Family as I have listened to them quite a bit and my wife, who knew some of them before we were married, told me..
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