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Figurative Language in Bible Prophecy

     The following is from the February 2018 edition of Understanding Bible Prophecy, available from Way of Life Literature.
    Figurative language is an important part of human communication. We use figurative speech frequently in normal conversation (e.g., “he’s as fast as lightening”; “she broke his heart,” “he twists truth like a nose of wax”; “he has stirred up a hornet’s nest”). Men write songs, poetry, and works of fiction that incorporate figurative language.
    In the Bible, figurative language is used for the same purposes as in ordinary speech and it is interpreted by the same rules, but it is used for other purposes, as... Read More
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Beware of Hypnosis

     The following is excerpted from The Bible, Diet, and Alternative Health Care, available in print or as a free eBook from
    Another occult practice that has invaded the health care field is hypnosis. This is “an induced altered state of consciousness in which the subject becomes passive and is responsive to suggestion” (Harper’s Encyclopedia of Mystical and Paranormal Experience). The term hypnosis comes from hypnos, the Greek god of sleep, and was coined by James Braid, a 19th-century British mesmerist.
    Hypnosis is used widely in medicine and psychology. Donald Connery, in Exploring Hypnosis, says... Read More
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Friday Church News Notes

PROMINENT BJU-ASSOCIATED PASTOR DEFENDS USE OF “CONTEMPORARY HYMNS” (Friday Church News Notes, September 14, 2018,,, 866-295-4143) - Brian Fuller, Senior Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, Concord, New Hampshire, defended the use of contemporary worship hymns in a blog in 2012. This church has been called “the flagship of BJU-FBF (Bob Jones University-Fundamental Baptist Fellowship) in New England.” Its Christian Leadership Conference on March 31, 2012, featured Jim Berg of BJU and Matt and Christy Taylor of the Wilds. Fuller writes: “If I recall correctly, it was at our 2003 New England Leadership Conference that Dr. David Parker sang How Deep the Father’s Love for Us to.. Read More


    The following is excerpted from The Bible, Diet, and Alternative Health Care, available in print or as a free eBook from
    A study on alternative medicine in the January 2008 report in U.S. News & World Report focused on the rapid growth of Reiki (pronounced ray-key). The report says the number of Reiki practitioners worldwide is in the millions, with half a million in the United States and over a million in Germany.
    According to the American Hospital Association, 15% of hospitals were using Reiki in 2007.
    A report in The Washington Post for May 16, 2014, was entitled “Reiki Goes Mainstream.”
    In 2016, Newsweek magazine reported that “Reiki classes are cropping up all across the country, with courses offered everywhere from Tallahassee, Florida, to Seattle, Washington” (“The Healing Power of Reiki,” Newsweek, Feb. 28, 2016).
    The practice has been praised by Oprah and Dr. Oz.
    Lighthouse Trails observes... Read More
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Marble bust of Hadrian at the Venice
National Archaeological Museum

Hadrian: The Enemy of God

    The following is excerpted from Jews in Fighter Jets: Israel Past, Present, and Future, 550 pages, available from Way of Life Literature.
    Sixty years after the destruction of the second temple under the leadership of Titus, there was a final Jewish revolt (AD 132-135).
    Called the Bar Kokhba revolt, it was led by Simon ben Kosiba.
    The occasion of the Bar Kokhba revolt was Emperor Hadrian’s (Publius Aelius Hadrianus) (r. 117-138) plan to build a Roman city over the ruins of Jerusalem. After its destruction in AD 70, it had not been rebuilt.
    “This was typical Roman behavior: in previous ages Carthage had been razed and years passed before reoccupancy of the site was allowed. A similar fate had befallen Corinth” (Anthony Everitt, Hadrian and the Triumph of Rome).
    Hadrian became emperor in AD 117, following Trajan... Read More
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Paul Chappell’s Pragmatism and Dangerous Associations

     This is a review of the book Church Still Works by Paul Chappell and Clayton Reed.
    Pastor Chappell's name is listed first and the book is published by Chappell's Striving Together Publications.
    From the name of Chappell's publishing arm and the description of this book, it is obvious that he has the same philosophy as Clarence Sexton and his Independent Baptist Friends International movement, which is to unify independent Baptists and to ostracize as harmful to the cause of Christ those who “criticize” their fellow Baptists.
    Consider the following.. Read More
Aretha Franklin

Friday Church News Notes

ARETHA FRANKLIN CHRISTIANITY (Friday Church News Notes, September 7, 2018,,, 866-295-4143) - Aretha Franklin’s death and funeral have been the focus of news reports worldwide over the past three weeks. In my teen years I was captivated by her incredibly sensual hit songs, such as “Respect,” which took the airwaves by storm in 1967, the year I graduated from high school. Known as the “Queen of Soul,” she was eulogized as “a musical titan, an American icon, a legend.” The tributes at her funeral in the Greater Grace Temple of Detroit stretched on for eight hours. In attendance were former presidents, prominent pastors, civil rights leaders, entertainment stars, and sports heroes. It was a fitting celebration for a singer who so perfectly represented the spiritual character.. Read More
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Israel Proves That the Bible Is God’s Word

     Israel is irrefutable evidence of the existence of God and of the divine inspiration of the Bible, which was written by Hebrew prophets.
    When Frederick the Great, the atheist king of Prussia, asked, “Can you give me one single irrefutable proof of God?” Jean-Baptiste de Boyer (Marquis d’Argens) replied, “Yes, your Majesty, the Jews.”
    Bible faith is not blind religious faith; it is faith based on the Word of a God who cannot lie, and that Word is supported by “many infallible proofs” (Acts 1:3). Israel’s history, continued existence, return to the land, geography, and archaeology are among the chief of these.
    In 1754, Thomas Newton wrote of the Jews:
    “Their preservation is really one of the most illustrious acts of Divine Providence. They are dispersed among all nations, yet not confounded with any. ... They can produce their pedigree from the beginning of the world. ... After wars, massacres and persecutions they still subsist; they are still.. Read More
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     Chiropractic is hugely popular. According to the American Chiropractic Association, there were 95,000 licensed practitioners in the United States in 2016, an increase of 10,000 since 2004, and an estimated 27 million people are treated annually.
    Most patients who visit for the first time do so for lower back pain, neck pain, and headaches.
    But chiropractic offers a range of interventions that promise “integrative wellness.”
    It is typical for chiropractors to claim that spinal adjustments are effective for many dozens of conditions and diseases. A 2008 survey of chiropractic web sites in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the US, found that 38% claimed that chiropractic spinal adjustment treatment... Read More

Sargon’s Empire

    The following is excerpted from Bible Times and Ancient Kingdoms, which is available from Way of Life Literature. Each section of the book is illustrated by a PowerPoint presentation.
    The ancient empire of Sargon illustrates the character of the civilizations that spread across the world after the confusion of tongues at Babel (Genesis 10-11). Archaeology confirms the Bible’s teaching that the very city states that are mentioned in Genesis--Babel, Erech (Uruk), Accad (Akkad), Nineveh, etc.--formed the foundation for all of the succeeding kingdoms. They were technologically brilliant, literate, greedy, oppressive, immoral, and idolatrous, just as we would expect from the Bible’s teaching.
    Sargon, ruler of Akkad, appears in the Sumerian King List as one of the most famous ancient Mesopotamian rulers. Archaeologists think that he died in about 2279 BC, which is the general time period as Nimrod, according to the biblical date. (By Ussher’s reckoning... Read More
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Friday Church News Notes

NEW STUDY DEBUNKS MYTH THAT DRINKING ALCHOL IS BENEFICIAL TO HEALTH (Friday Church News Notes, August 31, 2018,, 866-295-4143) - Selectively citing studies, the alcohol industry heavily promotes the idea that moderate drinking has health benefits, but a massive new study by the Institute for Health Metrics at the University of Washington has found that any benefits from drinking are outweighed by the harm. Dr. Max Griswold, lead researcher, says, “We have found that the combined health risks associated with alcohol increase with any amount of alcohol” (“Study shows... Read More
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Free Video About the Inventor of the MRI

    We are glad to announce the publication of a free new video documentary BEHIND THE MRI: DR. RAYMOND DAMADIAN.
    This professional, 30-minute video presentation features a rare interview with the inventor of the MRI scanner, a top scientist who calls evolution a “fairy tale.”
    Dr. Damadian is the recipient of the 2001 Lemelson MIT achievement award and the 1988 National Medal of Technology from President Ronald Reagan, and his... Read More
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Bible Commentaries and Twittering Swallows

    1. Leaning on them too much.
    The Bible student should first go to the Bible and dig out as much meaning as possible for himself. For this, he must get a good understanding of how to interpret the Bible. The equivalent of a Bible Institute education is the starting point to be able to use commentaries effectually and test them properly so as not to be led astray by any error that might be present. We deal with this in the course The Effectual... Read More
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