Friday Church News Notes
500th ANNIVERSARY OF THE PROTESTANT REFORMATION (Friday Church News Notes, June 23, 2017, www.wayoflife.org fbns@wayoflife.org, 866-295-4143) - This year is the 500th anniversary of the posting of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses which led to the Protestant Reformation. The name “Protestant” originated with a group of German princes who protested against Rome twelve years later in 1529. The term typically refers to denominations that arose from that era--particularly Lutheran, Presbyterian, Anglican (Episcopal), and Methodist--but it is often used to describe all non-Catholic denominations. Though the Protestants came out of Rome and rejected many of Rome’s errors, they also… Read More
Good Churches Ruined by Bad Associations
    After studying the emerging church for the past five years, including attending one of the largest emerging church conferences with media credentials, reading several dozen of their books, and interviewing some prominent emerging leaders--and at the same time observing what is happening among fundamental Baptists--in 2011 I issued a warning that most independent Baptist churches will be well down the contemporary/emerging path within a generation.
    I am more convinced of this with each passing month.
    Why Most Independent Baptist Churches Will Be Emerging within 20 Years” is a free eBook available at the Way of Life web site.
    In this book I list the following eight reasons for my prediction:... Read More
The Religious Harlot “Church” of Revelation 17
    The Bible teaches that the apostasy will increase until a “one world church” is formed. This is signified by the religious harlot of Revelation 17.
    1. The pure Bride of Christ becomes a wicked fallen woman.
    This downfall started even during the days of the apostles when some of the churches were committing spiritual fornication with the world (James 4:4). Demas was one of those who turned from the truth because he loved the world (2 Tim. 4:10).
    The doctrine of Balaam and Jezebel was operating... Read More
Let the Dead Bury the Dead
    The Lord Jesus warned that we must love Him more than our relatives.: “And he said unto another, Follow me. But he said, Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father. Jesus said unto him, Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of God” (Luke 9:59-60). At first glance it appears that Christ was forbidding the first man to return home and simply attend the funeral of his father, but it is more likely that the passage refers to the Jewish custom that a son would care for his father until he dies and then would inherit his wealth.
    Christ was therefore warning of two dangers: First, He was warning of putting worldly security ahead of God’s will. Christ had called the man to follow Him, but instead of obeying without hesitation the man was making excuses and putting off the call. Family relationships are... Read More
Steven Anderson’s Holocaust Denial
     In his YouTube video “The Holocaust Hoax Exposed,” Steven Anderson says the Holocaust is a “fantastic story that has no basis in reality” and that it is believed because “most people have just not looked at the details.” He says, “There is a mountain of evidence on why this never could have taken place.”
    He does admit that a lot of Jews died of harsh conditions and a lot were murdered, but he does not believe that the Jews were systematically exterminated by the Nazis in World War II.
    “The fact that people were rounded up and placed in forced labor camps does not mean that they were exterminated and cremated to the tune of six million. ... Honestly, these ... Read More
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Friday Church News Notes
ANOTHER CONTEMPORARY CHURCH STARTED BY A WEST COAST GRADUATE (Friday Church News Notes, June 16, 2017, 2017, www.wayoflife.org fbns@wayoflife.org, 866-295-4143) - We have learned of yet another contemporary church founded by a graduate of West Coast Baptist College (Lancaster Baptist Church, Lancaster, California). The cool name of this cool church is Grace Gatherings, and the pastor is Todd Weaver, whose father is on staff at West Coast. Everything is very... Read More
Young People and Separation From the World
    Separation from the world must be emphasized continually. The world’s pop culture is devouring multitudes of young people in the churches. It is capturing their hearts. The church must deal effectually with the world’s music, social media, video games, dress fashions, friendships, attitude.
    Even if you are saved and are studying the Bible and seeking His will, there are still powerful enemies within and without, and victory requires keen vigilance... Read More
How to Make Wise Decisions in God's Will
     Many people have spoiled their Christian lives because of bad decisions made apart from God’s will (e.g., wrong job, wrong friends, wrong marriage partner, mistakes in the pursuit of education, mistakes made in moving to another place). And it is not only young people who make unwise decisions; many older and even elderly people have committed this grave mistake. Following are some foundational Bible principles for making wise decisions in God’s will:
    1. Don’t trust your own understanding; trust in the Lord. See Proverbs 3:5; 28:26; Jeremiah 17:9. The individual that trusts his own understanding will make wrong decisions, because of the fallen nature. We must seek God and trust Him explicitly. Even though... Read More
The Downfall of James Robison
    James Robison is an example of the ecumenical spirit that permeates the charismatic movement, and his case is a loud warning to those who are tempted to flirt with this movement.
    In the 1970s, he was a fiery Southern Baptist evangelist, preaching boldly against the theological liberalism that had permeated his denomination and urgently needed to be rooted out. But during.. Read More
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