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Peter Ruckman (left) and Peter S. Ruckman (right)

Friday Church News Notes

PETER RUCKMAN MURDERS SONS BEFORE TAKING HIS OWN LIFE (Friday Church News Notes, March 16, 2018,,, 866-295-4143) - On February 28, Peter S. Ruckman, Jr., son of the late Pastor Peter Ruckman of Pensacola, Florida, murdered his two sons and then committed suicide at his home near Chicago (“Professor, 2 teenage sons shot to death,” Chicago Tribune, Mar. 5, 2018). Peter Jr., who was called P.S., was a professor of political science ... Read More
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The Pied-Billed Grebe

     Grebes float on water like ducks and have the general appearance of small ducks, but they are diving birds. Well are they called “part bird, part submarine.”
    They have many featured which enable them to be expert diver hunters. For one, their feet are located near their rear ends, which helps them propel themselves under water. (The Latin genus for “grebe” (podiceps) means “feet at the buttocks.”) Their feet are lobed rather than webbed like a duck’s, further assisting with swimming. They... Read More
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Figurative Language in Bible Prophecy

     The following is from the February 2018 edition of Understanding Bible Prophecy, available from Way of Life Literature.
     Figurative language is an important part of human communication. We use figurative speech frequently in normal conversation (e.g., “he’s as fast as lightening”; “she broke his heart,” “he twists truth like a nose of wax”; “he has stirred up a hornet’s nest”). Men write songs, poetry, and works of fiction that incorporate figurative language.
     In the Bible, figurative language is used for the same purposes as in ordinary speech and it is interpreted by the same rules, but it is used for other purposes, as well.
     It is important to understand that... Read More
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Friday Church News Notes

THE DAY THAT BILLY GRAHAM WELCOMED PILGRIMS TO A MARY SHRINE - New Evangelicalism, with its brash “repudiation of separatism,” exploded on the scene in the late 1940s and transformed the face of Christianity in my lifetime, and Billy Graham was its most prominent face. (See New Evangelicalism: Its History, Characteristics, and Fruit, which is available as a free eBook to read or download from No one did more in this generation than Billy Graham to make the Roman Catholic Church acceptable to “evangelicals” and to build the one-world apostate church. The apex was when he stood outside of the shrine of the Black Madonna of Jasna Gora in CzÄ™stochowa... Read More
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Phebe (Ro. 16:1-2)

     The following is from Woman and Her Service for God, 200 pages, available from Way of Life Literature.
    Phebe was a sister in the Lord. She was saved. She knew Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour.
    Phebe was a servant of a church. This was the church at Cenchrea, which was a seaport that served Corinth.
    - “Corinth was situated on the middle of the isthmus, and had two harbours, or ports: Cenchrea on the east, about eight or nine miles from the city; and Lechaeum on the west. Cenchrea opened into the Aegean Sea, and was the principal port” (Barnes).
    - Phebe as a servant of the church at Cenchrea teaches us the importance of church membership and the importance of faithfulness to the ... Read More

The Normal-Literal Method of Interpretation vs. Allegoricalism

     The following is excerpted from the latest edition of the Advanced Bible Studies Series course Understanding Bible Prophecy, which is available from Way of Life Literature.
    The “normal-literal” method of Bible interpretation refers to the manner in which human language is ordinarily interpreted.
    We use figures of speech, such as metaphors, in normal speech, but we understand that these are figures of speech by the context and we know how to interpret them. If I say, “I’m going for a run,” we know that this means that I am literally going to go running. But if I say, “I’m going to run down to the store,” we know this is a figure of speech, and it simply means that I am going to the store, whether by walking, driving, etc.
    The same is true for Bible prophecy. It contains figures of speech, but the Bible makes it clear that these are figures of speech and teaches us how to interpret them either by the context itself or by comparing Scripture with Scripture..... Read More
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Antichrist as a Muslim? New Free eBook

    Antichrist as a Muslim examines Joel Richardson’s teaching about a Muslim Antichrist, dealing with the issue under the following five headings:
    1. The Muslim Antichrist position feeds on ignorance.
    2. The Muslim Antichrist position leans heavily on a study of current history and Muslim prophecy, instead of being developed directly from a right interpretation of the Bible prophecies themselves.
    3. The prophecies in Daniel are clear on the fact that the Antichrist will arise from the ancient Roman Empire.
    4. The Muslim Antichrist position is frequently based on the more obscure
    5. The Antichrist will find a solution to the age-old animosity between Israel and the Muslims, but the Bible does not say where the Muslims might fit into these things.... Read More
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