Way of Life Commentary Series
December 8, 2021
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
“Context is honored; words are defined; figures of speech are explained; difficulties are tackled.
The Way of Life Commentary Series is designed in a unique format to be used as verse-by-verse commentaries, as Bible teaching courses, and for expository preaching. The commentaries are thorough, serious, broad, insightful, and practical, with an emphasis on application to the Christian life and ministry. Context is honored; words are defined; figures of speech are explained; difficulties are tackled. The commentaries are backed by 48 years of intense Bible study and are packed with historical backgrounds and archaeological studies based on the author’s personal research.

The interpretation is from a literal, dispensational perspective. The basis is the King James Bible and its underlying original language texts. The King James Bible is explained and illuminated but not criticized. The church is given priority as the pillar and ground of the truth and the headquarters for world evangelism. There is no hint of modernism or influence from compromised evangelicalism. The user will find no reference to or dependence upon men such as Origen, Jerome, Augustine, C.S. Lewis, Eberhard Nestle, or Bruce Metzger.

“David Cloud has rung the bell squarely again with the newly published commentary books on Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and the Minor Prophets. These commentaries are chocked full of vital informative truths, Biblically sound doctrine and prophetic insights that are written in easy-to-understand language. The Fundamentalist Digest editor highly commends these books” (Don Jasmin).

“I've just finished a study on Daniel using your commentary as one resource. It was excellent! Same for Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel.”

“These expository notes and commentaries are worth more than the price that has been marked. Thank you very much for your tremendous work that has been put in these by God’s help.”

“I’m in one room reading Isaiah with your commentary, while my wife is at her desk reading Ezekiel with your commentary. We can both say, with zero doubt, that there is no commentary on earth that we trust more than yours--and we’ve seen (and own) several others of great renown.”

“There is not a single Christian author/commentator that I trust and respect more than you. I am extremely excited about your full Bible commentary.”

“I am getting a lot out of your commentary on Revelation. I have about 10 commentaries or so and yours stands out so far as the best from my reading to date. Thank you for these excellent resources.”

“Everything you write seems to have the Spirit of God behind it, and nothing is as exceptional as your commentary on the general epistles. I’ve only finished going through the first 13 verses of 1 Peter and you have already handled depression, angels, heaven, election, holiness and our glorified bodies in such a deeply profound manner that it’s as if I had never studied those issues before (as a 35 year Christian and rabid student of Scripture).”

“I want to thank you for your book on the Minor Prophets. I was reading your commentary of Habakkuk yesterday and was blessed to the foundation of my soul. Thank you for the time and study you put into providing the Christian world with such tremendous tools of understanding and enlightenment.”

  • Isaiah 422 pages
  • Jeremiah 271 pages
  • Ezekiel 305 pages
  • Daniel 190 pages
  • Minor Prophets 448 pages
  • Romans 398 pages
  • Corinthians 563 pages
  • Prison Epistles 576 pages
  • Thessalonian Epistles 213 pages
  • Pastoral Epistles 492 pages
  • Hebrews 401 pages
  • General Epistles 618 pages
  • Revelation 555 pages

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