From Bro. Clouds Mailbox - Jan. 2012
January 2012
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
From time to time, I publish some of the goodies from my interesting mailbox, and many people have told me that they enjoy reading these things.


“The book ‘Biblical Separatism and Its Collapse among Fundamental Baptists’ is an excellent forthright expose of compromise within professing Fundamental Baptist circles. It is an eye-opener for anyone who desires the real--but disturbing--facts about the compromise within our own so-called circles. I hope it receives a wide circulation” (Don Jasmin, The Fundamentalist Journal).

May God continue to strengthen your backbone and bless your ministry!”

It seems to me that many schools have decided that Satan’s world is somewhat controllable--sort of like putting a cobra in a cage--no one will be hurt while Dr. Chappell is watching the cage to be sure that the cobra doesn’t get out. But once you show people that you have a cobra in a cage in your church and school, they will go home or start churches with their own cobras and they are not likely to keep watch over the cage--someone--in fact many someones will be bitten. How far will it go? I wrote to you before Bro. Cloud that I am a 1991 graduate of Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, Fl. I was young when I was there and had never been exposed to a lot of Biblical issues. Trinity already had a problem with a ‘big church’ philosophy and they were using CCM songs toned down in various singing groups. After I graduated (once my oldest son was ready to attend Bible college) I went back to Trinity. I had heard many things and I wanted to see for myself. It was 1999 when we were there and I recognized many old friends but I did not recognize the church nor its new “spirit”. There was no conviction of the Spirit, no honor of our Lord, and certainly no invitation to repent and serve our Holy God! After that service I was polite to Bro. Messer and I saw some that I had known years earlier and all I could say is, ‘Why are you still here?’ I was so disappointed when I read your article of Trinity’s full-fledged entrance into CCM and when I heard about 15 seconds of the song you referenced on their website, I remembered (in my heart) what Trinity was and now grieved at what it had become. Anyone who wants to know in what direction they are heading just look at where you are and where you were--then draw a line and you can see where you’re going. I know you don’t need my encouragement, Bro. Cloud, but I am grateful you keep doing what you do! And if I had the opportunity to talk with the man who wrote his attack against you [‘Reply to a Pastor About West Coast’s Music,’ Nov. 16, 2011], I would ask him one question: If West Coast (or any school) eliminated every vestige of CCM from their ministry would it have a detrimental effect on the good fruit this man has seen from their ministry? The answer, of course, is no. Then why do we want to mess around with a cobra in a cage hoping it doesn’t get out and we don’t get bitten!”

“Great response brother. [‘Reply to a Pastor About West Coast’s Music,’ Nov. 16, 2011] I agree with pastor's continuing their education. It is a hard job and we must be ever learning. Paul addresses this issue with Timothy and admonishes him to study so he can save himself and others that hear him. I will admit with the state of affairs it is hard to keep up. For me personally your work has helped a lot, particularly the Way of Life Encyclopedia.”

“I am so thankful for your ministry. I wish we had more ‘prophets’ like you today. I pray for you. I minister to the deaf, and I have see so many deaf people want CCM too. Deaf people use the excuse that they can FEEL THE BEAT of that type of music. It is so hard to get deaf preachers to follow fact instead of feeling. The word of God is our guide not feelings. Thank you for your stand. Don’t quit!”

“I want to thank you for your ministry. I do appreciate it. It is men like you who are the vanguard for the rest of us particularly those new to the ministry.”

“Bro Cloud, my own preacher has on occasion lamented about the loneliness of holding the line in this day. All his old preacher buddies from his younger years have fled him and gone the contemporary route and even many from his own church shun him for his stand. I salute you brother for ‘contending for the faith’ and not compromising. Just as Stephen, ‘being full of the Holy Ghost, looked up stedfastly into heaven, and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing on the right hand of God’ so will men such as yourself be exalted by a Holy God. Run the good race and be ready to hand the baton on to the next generation. They have so few to do so.”

“Thank you, Brother David, for your faithful stand for CHRIST honoring music.  I knew Frank Garlock when he was somewhat of a watch dog for us musicians who attended the Southwide Baptist Fellowship years ago.  There has been a tremendous change in his view of CHRIST honoring music. How can anyone think of a pirate as being a type of CHRIST?  Pirates are thieves, even until this day.  Your stand is definitely needed in the last days of apostasy.  Music is being used of the devil to move people from their stand for our Blessed LORD.  We must steadfastly stand for what is right.  Satan uses the method of slowly creeping to sow seeds of compromise. Thank you, again, brother David for using your GOD given gift of discernment for the glory of our Blessed LORD in these last amazing and unbelievable days.”

“Thank you for a clear sermon on the dangers of the Pentecostal/Charismatic movements. Having come out of Pentecostalism into a Reformed Evangelical position, I have still had lingering doubts which your sermon has dealt with most effectively. May God bless you in your labours for Him.”

“Thank you, brother, for your honesty and godliness. Your writings have been a great light unto me over these past years and are much to be sought after. When light is earnestly sought after, the Lord will bring light into the darkness to light the way. Keep up the good work of contending for the faith.”

“Please don't let the nay Sayers slow down your pen and thank you for your many hours of necessary research and the ability that the Lord has bestowed upon you to communicate truth. I pray for the remaining Ib pastors to hold the line. Our church motto is Staying the course. and that is what I pray for IB pastors.”

“I hope this note finds you well. I would like to thank you for your informative and Godly ministry.  It has been a tremendous blessing to me and my family. Having come from a Catholic and Pentecostal church to IFB only about a year ago I hunger to learn the doctrines of Christ and re-learn the KJ Bible after having used the NIV. Last night I prayed and asked the Lord to give me the wisdom to witness to my lost family members, specifically what is the proper attitude to take. My style is not unlike George Patton's!  Well, this morning the Good Lord answered my prayers with your piece. [‘Dealing with Those Who Are Resistant to the Truth’] This is not the first time Brother Cloud, it's happened several times since I discovered your ministry. Thank you and may God continue to bless you!”

“I just wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate your articles and your website. I especially appreciate your stand for Biblical separation and your articles specifically dealing with the issue of music and the contemporary Christian philosophy. I came from a background much like your own. I was saved out of a rock-n-roll lifestyle. As a matter of fact, rock music was the ‘one thing’ that I lacked, the one thing that stood between me and the Lord that I was unwilling to turn from. Thankfully, I turned from my sin and trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. What really concerns me in this day of great apostasy is that the very music that God dealt with me about and that I knew as a sinner was the music of rebellion is now being promoted as God-honouring by the current crop of casual and carnal Christianity. Keep up the good work. The Lord bless you in His service.”

“The autonomy of the local church is not violated by criticism. You are free to criticize any church within the Biblical boundaries you have outlined. You are not permitted to attempt to enforce you views on any other congregation, which, as far as I can see, you have not done. The view of church autonomy given by those who prize bigness over righteousness is the same view that sunk the Southern Baptist Convention.”

“Thanks for printing this. [‘Chappell Says Treat Critics Like Bubblegum.’] What we are seeing is clear evidence that IFBaptists have pretty well departed from following the Bible. What counts for them is whether they can keep on increasing in size and keep on the top of the heap in their circle. I wonder what would happen if one of them were to get convicted, deeply convicted of the IFB sins and publicly repent, and set out to publicly obey Scripture? I expect they would either be committed to an insane asylum by their preacher friends, but if not, they would see their attendance drop drastically. ... Keep it hot, Bro. Cloud. I see you are still getting invited to speak at Bible conferences. We are not the only people that are opposed to Chappell jumping down the elevator shaft and inviting us all to jump with him.”

“I had read Bro. Chappell's response and drew many of the same conclusions as you did in ‘Chappell Says Treat Critics Like Bubblegum.’ It seems to me that he has embraced a psychology-like vocabulary like many preachers today.  The use of psychology to manipulate an emotional response instead of a scriptural and spiritual response is how many of the IFB popes maintain their large following. ... The psychological approach is, portray yourself as a victim, paint the messenger as hateful, and thereby distract from the accuracy of the reproof. This allows the focus to then become ‘they say, but I say’ instead of what does God say. ...  This, of course, goes on unfettered because of the lack of many IFBs to obey the commands of God to test, prove, and discern based on the revealed Word of God, not emotions. They are living their lives in the flesh, so they naturally accept this kind of reasoning. ...  What strikes a stark contrast is your scripturally-pregnant response based on the mind of Christ as revealed in the Bible, not the mind of Spock.”

“I went to Sword of the Lord conferences when Curtis Hutson was in charge. He was president of Baptist University of America when I went there and not only was Quick Prayer tolerated, it was promoted! We had one guy lead over 100 people 'to the Lord' in about 2 hours during a Carl Hatch meeting. Not only was it condoned, it was literally applauded.”

“Brother, keep up the good work. you are making the devil mad.and exposing his deeds. Keep standing in the gap for Christ you will be rewarded [IN HEAVEN].”

“Good morning, Brother Cloud, I praise God for your ministry and am amazed at the alarming rate of apostasy in the church. I have briefly written to you before but our local church is very quickly descending as well. Our pastor (whom I love and respect) is being deceived like so many. He recently gave us a lesson on criticism and how we should not criticize dress or music (didn't give limits or define what it meant). The one glaring thing that stood out to me was there was no mention of speaking out against error (in times past our pastor would speak against improper dress and now we have teen agers with dresses that border on obscene and boys (that are supposed to be saved) wearing jeans that drag the floor and shirts with rock musicians on them. Ten years ago this would have never been tolerated. ... Our pastor preaches the word but he doesn't include things that he did 10-15 years ago. ... One thing that really got my attention as it relates to music is that I was a very big Southern Gospel fan and I began listening to the local sacred music station and ‘detoxed’ myself from Southern Gospel; what I noticed was the ‘fleshly’ songs no longer appealed to me and only a few of the songs are really scriptural. The big thing that I noticed is that the compromised songs we sing in the choir do nothing for me and actually quench the spirit. Your warnings are right on target and sad that few will listen in this very confusing time. Keep on preaching the word!!!!!!”

“Just a note again to thank you for your article ‘What's Wrong With Most Soul Winning Courses?’ What I have often seen on soul winning nights has nearly made my sick to my stomach. I've seen all of what you say and it is so very much true.  I've been out with good, humble people who were caught up in some training program and yet have no personal interaction with the person; the person being witnessed to just sat there and was supposed to grunt ‘yes’ every now and then. If they didn't understand, it didn't matter -- we rush onward to manipulating them into saying a prayer. I've been to church programs where we were taught psychology to get people ‘on our side’ and then ‘surprise’ them with the gospel. I've seen soul-winners talk to people that didn't understand English -- I could plainly see a blank look on their face, and I wondered why my partner could not see that they didn't understand -- but it was just the made rush to a decision point. I have been in churches where Dr Hatch, Dr Hyles, and Dr Gray are the heroes because of the numbers they have manipulated their people to report.  As one of Dr. Gray's members once stated: ‘Longview Baptist Temple wanted and pushed numbers, and that is what they got -- not honesty.  One girl on my bus route was reporting dozens ‘saved’ every week. When I asked for for actual names and addresses to double-check on her converts, her count suddenly dropped to one or two, which I believe was the honest total. This same man pointed out that the Scripture tells us to let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; in lowliness of mind, we are to esteem other better than self -- yet we have contests that pit bus routes and members against each other, leading to some of the most un-Christian scenes ever witnessed, as people get vicious about others ‘stealing their riders’ (or prospects). Some of the worst testimonies come out during spring and fall ‘campaigns.’”

“I believe you have every right to defend yourself when you are attacked in the low way so many have stooped to, but I want to say that I have never perceived that as your intent when you share with your readers, your answers to these people. In fact just to let you know, I have benefited much as I am sure many have in seeing your answers and your Godly attitude in each one of these situations, and I am glad when you share with your readers because you challenge me and I learn how I should respond to error in a biblical way. Actually my respect for you as a man of God, goes up several notches every time you post these things, because it is so evident God has placed you in this ministry, by your love for Him and His truth and for His people and churches. I am so glad to hear you say you have peace in your heart and that God has blessed you even in these troubles. ... Brother Cloud, I know that it is God who strengthens and encourages you in your ministry, but as a reader who has been greatly blessed and benefits so much by what you write and preach I would like to encourage you and let you know I pray for you and your family. I also pray that the Lord continues to use you in a great way in these last days. I know from what you write that you constantly search your heart before the Lord and are concerned about what He sees in your heart. I wonder if the men who write against you and attack you could honestly say the same. The Lord knows.”

“Brother, it’s a sad day when preachers and men in places of spiritual leadership across this country hold back the younger generation from the words of truth (Prov. 22:21; Eccl. 12:10) which aid in gaining discernment. What in the world is this brother proving by pounding on you with words of intimidation in corralling the ill perceptions of ‘vast number of men’ and the statement that ‘no major fundamental Baptist college will carry your materials.’ [“Reply to a Preacher Who Says I Am Arrogant and Vindictive,” August 22, 2011]. Is this the tactic that will silence a ‘Jeremiah’ to change or compromise the message? Have we come to the place that endorsement and affirmation of majorities determines authority and acceptability? I weary of this ‘fit in’ approach which is almost becoming a spiritual ‘politically correctism’ among IB. I’ve said this before and will say it again, any ministries publicized and promoted beliefs, methodologies, philosophies, theologies, and ideologies are fair game for public, critical examination, evaluation, exhortation, condemnation or commendation based on the unchanging standard for faith and practice  -- the truth of the eternal Word (1 Thess. 5:21-22). Has this brother ever considered that there are preachers across the land, who will not carry the materials of major fundamental Baptist colleges because of doctrinal ambiguity and neutralism? Thank you for helping the people of God in these confusing days to “...have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil” (Heb. 5:14).

“I hate it when there are problems between brothers, but I will say, I do appreciate what you do for the Lord. I need to do better with my support of your ministry, because I benefit from it, and while people can differ on some things, most anything I have ever seen from you can be trusted. You have one of the only ministries that when I see something we differ on I go back and make sure I am right myself. So for what it is worth, I appreciate it, and I appreciate you.”

“We know many, many people who read all your writings and books and emails and we ALL appreciate your writings very much. You are definitely a ‘man sent from God’ for ‘such a time as this.’ We know you personally and have had you in our home and we know you as a very kind and Godly man. You have totally surrendered your life to God as a very hard working missionary. We think that  the ‘Way of Life’ ministry is a 100% rock solid Christian ministry.”

“AMEN Bro Cloud thanks for  bringing these matters to light. I was a Hyles fan for years until I learned that ‘Quick Prayerism’ was not the way to go with Soul Winning and I am sad to admit that many who were supposedly led to Christ with the 1-2-3 sinners prayer thing are no longer going on with the Lord today, including some preachers I know as well.”

“I fear that ‘one, two, three, pray after me’ evangelism has inoculated many against salvation. The ‘touch not God's anointed’ heresy has long permeated the IB camp.  We love to worship our shouting heroes.  Most of our churches are so small that anyone who builds a big one must have a ‘special anointing.’ Sad!”

“I just wanted to tell you that your answer to that preacher was an excellent response as well as sound. [“Reply to a Preacher Who Says I Am Arrogant and Vindictive,” August 22, 2011]. We live in a time when those who have compassion for and are willing to stand on the side of truth will be ridiculed by those who find or think rebuke is some kind of evil. Why did Paul tell us we are to ‘exhort, reprove, and rebuke with all longsuffering.’ The time has come when men are offended by the truth when they should be offended by error and those who support error! May God richly bless you as you continue to defend the Word of God.”

“I have learned much from your ‘warnings’ and it has caused me to search my own spiritual walk - especially when it came to CCM.  I didn't like what you were saying at first, Bro. Cloud, let me make that clear. However, the Holy Spirit worked in me BECAUSE of your warnings. The gnawing effect that the Holy Spirit has in my heart when I come across an area in which He wants me to grow is unmistakeable!  Psalms 119:165 Great peace have they which love thy law: and NOTHING shall offend them. Your warnings about CCM are needed! People worship the music more than the Creator! Touch on their music and they are on the warpath; which, by the way, was exactly the way I felt when my parents criticized my Beatles' music as a young teenager! I became angry inside and my rebellious teenage attitude began. Not much difference between me at that age and those Christians who are gritting their teeth at your warning about CCM. ... Thank you for standing strong and not giving in to the pressures of those 'influential' IFB pastors/leaders out there! Believers NEED to hear truth from God's Word, not man's opinion. It is HIS truth that will penetrate us through His Holy Spirit!”

“Amen brother.  As you observed, this man proved your point! [“Reply to a Preacher Who Says I Am Arrogant and Vindictive,” August 22, 2011]. All he did was say 'I know them, that makes them okay.’ Well, I went to Sword conferences when C Hutson was in charge, he was president of Baptist University Of America when I went there and not only was Quick Prayerism tolerated, it was promoted! We had one guy lead over 100 people 'to the Lord' in about 2 hours during a Carl Hatch meeting. Not only was it condoned, it was literally applauded. Preach the Word, Fight the good fight!”

“I wanted to say an enormous Thank You for your faithfulness in ministry. I have purchased a variety of materials from your site including your Music Series and regularly read the emails you send out. They are often the topic of conversation between my Pastor and I. And we cannot tell you how much we have valued the stand you take, and the material you produce has been of huge help to our church. We have gone through several of your series, including your the Seven Churches in Revelation, Music For Good or For Evil, and we have recently begun Why We Hold To The King James Bible. This has stirred Godly and edifying conversation among our church body and has hugely built them up! I also know of several other Pastors here in ------- who are subscribed to your emails and have spoken with several of them with regards to the West Coast issue. Now I know you do not do what you do for the praise of men. But there are many men here in this country that fully support the observations you made, and the way you went about exposing what is going on there. I know there are many men who would love nothing more than to stop your mouth, but I would love to encourage you in the fact that there are many men on this mission field who have hugely benefited from your service and fully support the stands that you take. To this point I have never emailed before. But the blatant criticism of your ministry as expressed in the following email has stirred me to write a few lines. There is much else I could say with regards to things that have helped me or things I have appreciated from your ministry. But I know your time is short, and that you'll probably receive a flood of email responses from your above message. So I'll keep this short. My Pastor and I pray for you often, as we know the intense spiritual attack that is leveled against you from our adversary. And we are hugely grateful for all that our LORD has allowed you to accomplish for Him ! We will continue to pray for you and support your faithful stand, Brother!”

There are some of us poor preachers and missionaries that really appreciate your love for the truth and fearless approach in confronting error. I wish I had half the boldness you have. Be encouraged, my brother.”

“I've mentioned your name as a source in a conversation with a fellow IFB'er about repentance and he basically tuned me out. Along with having some unkind things to say about you, he gave me sort of a ‘I'm not sure about you anymore’ vibe that I'm still trying to recover from. Whatever they say, you are a help to a lot of people. They don't understand the Lev 19:17 principle that keeping quiet about error amounts to hate: ‘Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbour, and not suffer sin upon him.’ Isa 58:1  Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.”

“Please know that many of us find great benefit from your newsletters and emails and from your uncompromising attitude to the pure Word of God. I was saved three years ago and expected thereafter to find a large body of true believers in my community, but I got a real shock. Most churches which formerly held to a firm Bible-based position – the complete Word of God – are now opting instead for a soft gospel, a watered-down version. The level of discernment is appalling, even among elders and pastors. What does not suit them they allegorise or reinterpret or push into the background as non-essential. ... Christian leadership today cannot stand scriptural criticism in any form, from any source, even when offered in a thoughtful and respectful way. Please continue to take a firm stand against this breeding ground of apostasy and deception. We who care REALLY appreciate what you are doing.”

“You’re doing a great job brother! Your materials sure are a blessing to me. It is nice to know that I am not alone in my stand for doctrine, separation etc.  ... You are not only exposing error but also being a beacon in the night for other brethren as well.”

“I've read a lot of your e-mails concerning these issues & believe you've done most everything BIBLICALLY. Keep up the good work; God will sort this all out in the end. We need more WATCH dogs than LAP dogs; and unfortunately America’s pulpits are increasingly occupied by the later.”

“Bro Cloud, you keep strong my brother! There are many of us out here as Pastor's and preachers of the Gospel that do stand on Scripture and support your efforts. We do see what you are trying to get across and we do pray that these things will work out. Satan is alive and well in the pride and man worshipping, ministry worshipping attitudes displayed by those that would attack such efforts as yours.”

“I agree wholeheartedly on the subject you breached about ‘Turning Doctrinal issues into Personality issues.’ ... I do pray for you and your ministry and hope you know that you have been an encouragement to me.”

“Been praying for you! ... As you choose what to write just remember to seek God's face and give the Bible behind the thought. The core of the good old boys club will never change, but maybe there are those who have been thinking about the carnival act and busyness instead of a real relationship with God. Carnal activity has replaced a real relationship with God in most Independent Baptist Churches. Young people who have been educated in it are leaving in droves. Young pastors are mostly discouraged and wondering what they are missing. Your voice needs to be heard. Don't let these guys defeat you. Yes, we need to write in a manner that is helpful, in the right spirit, and Biblically correct.”

“Only through God's grace could a man continue pushing upstream against such a foul, bitter, vehement and confused current. You ministry is as solid as the rock. Thank you.”

“I applaud you for your honesty and desire to preach and teach the truth in this generation of error and deception we live in today. Keep up the good fight !!!”

“Thank you for handling your detractors in a biblical manner.  Unfortunately, man-worship runs deep in our Independent Baptist circles, and anytime light is shown on a man or ministry headed by one of their "idols"'s obvious what happens. Personally, I want to hear ‘Well done thou good and faithful servant’ from Jesus...not from Paul Chappell, Jack Hyles, Shelton Smith, or any other mere man.  No man is beyond reproach or bad choices. I only wish your detractors were as gracious as you.”

“I have been reading your email newsletter and the recent one where you answered a person complaining about your stand against Paul Chappell.  I am an IFB and many times I read your items and  I want to Thank you as it helps me to examine myself and make sure my stand and standards are right as well as warn of things that may harm myself or my family.  I do not take them as hurting a man but only as a warning and just as a lighthouse helps steer people away from dangerous obstacles.  I know you must get criticized a lot and you even have me thinking about what you call easy believeism as I believe in conferential soul winning. But I want to say Thank you for taking a stand and remaining faithful in times where so many are straying off the straight path.”

“As a worship leader who still likes much of the music you rail against I want to thank you for the stand you have taken, the issues you raise and more importantly the help you have rendered in many doctrinal issues. You have helped me understand the influences that have shaped church thinking over the past 50 years of my life and also the long view of church history from the time of the real church fathers and not the RC impostors. We believers owe you a great debt and if there is any issue we disagree on it ought to makes us stop and consider your position in the fear of the Lord.”

“Brother Cloud keep on your path of not wavering.  I see the glorifying of the Lord being done thru the ministry he has blessed you with.  You are not out to self-glorify and I praise God for that.  I get the same feedback to tone down and draw back, but I say ‘nay’ (Galatians 1:10-KJV), for it is not personal opinion we express, but rather biblical reproof based firmly on the Word of God who has settle all matters (2 Timothy 3:16-KJV).”

“I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for all the mighty stands you take in these end times,you are an encouragement to all the saved in my church.We all follow WOL and have for years,It was through your teachings that helped my pastor and myself to learn many bible truths.”

“Your articles have been a HUGE help to me.  I still remember in 2007, a missionary telling me about your web site. I started reading it, and couldn't believe my eyes that there was someone saying things regarding Jack Hyles' teaching and practice that I had always thought myself, but I thought that the entire independent, Baptist world was following him (Dr Hyles, that is). At the time, I was caught up in a Hyles Anderson College-type church that nearly worshipped Dr Hyles, exalted leadership beyond biblical bounds, and pushed numbers. Many of the members had no spiritual depth and would not care to discuss Biblical topics, but they were praised and lifted up because they had great numbers from their ‘soul-winning’ efforts. ... Thank you for WAY OF LIFE website and the articles; I don't see them as mean and hateful -- even the responses you publish have been helpful.”

“I was born, raised, and ordained in a Southern Baptist church. For the last almost 5 years I have been pastoring a small independent non-denominational country church. I was recently introduced to you and your ministry and I must say that I wish I had been many years ago. You are a necessity to my ministry.”

“I just wanted to let you know that I have been reading your FBIS emails and they have been a great source of encouragement to me as well as a help on how to deal with some of these big issues of this day.  ...  I am a young preacher and relatively early on in the ministry; being able to see some of this back and forth is a great blessing to me and helps me much. This world is getting worse and worse and sad to say, the once good Bible believing churches, schools, and preachers are spiraling down with it. In these perilous times, we need to be speaking out like you do. It is a shame that men won't receive it and grow and move on or even just give a good defense of their actions from the Word of God rather than just to shoot back at you. Either way, keep up what you are doing, you are helping way more people than you think.”

“I just read your very thorough article on the matter of Fundamental Baptists and Quick Prayerism. Thank you for posting this article and for your thorough work on the historical position of Baptists. You know, I have used wrong methodology in the past. I regret to say that I am sure I have secured many false professions. I have made some changes to my approach, and I am much more careful in the manner in which I present the Gospel. There has been a corresponding reduction in the number of professions I have been able to secure, but I hope and trust that the number of genuine professions has increased. As I read this article, I was reminded of the many (hundreds... perhaps even in the thousands) of follow up cards we have received from the Amazing Grace Mission workers over the years. Each year they set up a booth at our county fair, and each year they give us a good stack of cards of those who were supposedly saved at the booth. The results in follow up were pretty much the same as those you described in the article. Not once have I met a single person in follow up who had a clear testimony of salvation, and only a few times was there any interest in the Gospel at all. A good ten percent of the cards had bogus addresses on them.”

“Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am thankful for your many stands for right doctrine, including the gospel (which is what is at stake in defending repentance) and opposing idolatry (which is what is at stake in CCM).”

“This is another well-written article on the dangers of false professions.  [“Fundamental Baptists and Quick Prayerism”] Thanks. I know that you must get weary of what some would describe as ‘beating the same old drum.’  Yet, it is a necessary repetition.  The issue of false professions is an epidemic among Baptist churches.  Sadly, too many pastors excuse the obvious lack of life-change with the phrase, ‘I cannot see a man's heart. If he prays the sinner's prayer, then I have to say he is saved.’ I questioned one pastor with the following scenario:  If a man is a whore-monger, cussing, thief and drunk, and he hears your ‘Roman's Road’ presentation and prays the prayer at the end, then he is saved even though his life never changes and he continues the same wicked life-style?  The pastor replied, ‘If he prayed that prayer, then he is saved.’ While that pastor may be an extreme example, the lesser extreme versions are just as spiritually fatal. To leave someone with assurance of Heaven, when their profession was nothing more than praying a prayer, is spiritually fatal. Without conviction of one’s sinful condition, there is no conversion.”

“My heart is breaking after reading your article on ‘quick prayerism.’ For every one of ten years we watched as 40 to 50 people every year prayed that kind of prayer and following their immersion we never saw them again. Every year our church won the evangelism award.  Our church was ‘saving’ lots of folks; only problem I saw was they weren't being saved by the Lord Jesus. ... We were told we were witch hunters and told to leave. In ten years the congregation grew from 55 to 70, yet all those others were no where to be found. Thank you for this article. 

“Thank you for being a loud ‘barking dog’ in this age that the most of the ‘dogs’ are blind, ignorant, dumb; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber.”

“Your compassion, love for that which is godly, and the ability God has given you gives me great respect for you as an individual. Thank you for your faithfulness to The Truth! I usually email a lot of the information you send to friends, other pastors, and relatives. Interesting the different comments I receive back, and then some no comments. I pastor a mission church. The BIG problem I face is that everyone here as a child attended VBS and made a 'decision prayer' -- so they 'think' they are saved and yet there is no fruit of salvation. Dealing with this in a small close nit community is very heart breaking. By the way, I ... was saved at Jack Wyrtzen's camp in NY and have watched that ministry go Neo Evangelical. Now it is closer to liberalism. Breaks my heart.”

“Thanks for your ministry of the watchman. ... I appreciate your continued stand on truth. I don't know how you continue to face the critics and pundits, but I am grateful for the strength and courage to keep us informed of the dangers and directions many are taking. Love you in the Lord.”

“Brother Cloud, I can’t count how many young people I have preached to that were 16 to 20 years old, that got ‘saved’ at these [Quick Prayerism] church camps, and then later on through the preaching realized they were lost as a fence post. It sickens me to see this going on year after year after year. If I could say anything about all of this, it is that it takes so much patience when your dealing with someone about their soul. It is something that has been forgotten about in our quick paced society. It took me three weeks before I understood the gospel, some people it takes longer. But a quick prayer on a door step or in a church camp just does not cut it, and is in my opinion damning people to hell faster then a lot of cults are.”

“Getting saved is about how to be right with God... and whether or not there were a heaven, I remember that I wanted to be right with Him, and feared His judgment. The quick question, ‘If you died today, are you 100% sure that you would go to heaven’ may well have begun as a short question whose answer told a soul-winner  whether a person had ever gotten right with God.  But now it has been so misused. Thanks for hitting on this subject.  About 5 years ago this approach started bothering me, as I noticed its use correlated with the fruitless ‘salvation decisions’ that I see in some of the more aggressive soul-winning movements.”

“This is ---------- here from --------. I just wanted to thank you again, this time for all you've done to hold high the standard of good Christian music. The West Coast issue is one I've followed intently. And I believe I shared in a previous email that several of the men and missionaries here in this country have also followed intently too and would wholly agree with the stand you've taken. The issue in question is one that I had observed personally, and one that I was not at all happy about. West Coast's far reaching arm reaches firmly into this country as well. Several folk from Ireland have gone to the college, and there are folk in our church who have and listen to their CD's. Not all of it is bad, but there is enough on there that caused me extreme concern. When you published your first article though, you helped put into words what was already going through my mind. And I am extremely grateful not only for that, but also for how thoroughly and how graciously you dealt with the whole matter as it unfolded over those following weeks. ... This lead me to order your Music series, which we in turn played in our church on Sunday evening. It was a hugely helpful study. Am continuing to pray for you ministry Brother!”

“Yesterday's article was a most unusually good article about music. [‘Analyzing Adapted Contemporary Christian Music.’] God has blessed you with great perception and most unusual knowledge of proper and God glorifying music.”

“I want to thank you for your article on Adapted CCM. I have been a Fundamental Baptist for 30 years. I am surprised at how many good Baptist Churches are going this route with the music. We were members at Southwest Baptist Church in Oklahoma City when Pastor Sam Davidson was there and the music is the same as at Lancaster. We did leave this church and went to a church that had close ties with Southwest and Heartland Baptist College. We discovered that this church was going the same way as Southwest with the music. ... I have noticed that most of the churches that are in close fellowship with these large Baptist churches such as Lancaster, Southwest ... are all doing the same with the music and other things that are very disturbing. ... The church we are at now does not have these problems with the music. We feel the Lord has shown us some things about wrong ways to worship and we are going to be more alert to what is going on around us. Thank you for your articles and insight on music and the KJV; they have been a blessing. Keep doing what you are doing and don't hold back. Preach the Word, Fight the good fight!”

“Thank you for your ministry in these dark days of compromise and apostasy.  My family has benefited much from your ministry over the years; not just through the FBIS News service but also through your written material, as well.  We have purchased several of your reference and resource materials and we use them as missionaries. ... I am a nobody. Just a missionary trying to serve the Lord as best I know how, but for what it is worth, our family appreciates you brother, and prays for you often.  Keep up the good fight.”

“Let me begin by expressing my appreciation for your ministry. I was introduced to your work while I was a student in Bible College. One of our required textbooks was ‘Evangelicals and Rome.’ It was a real eye-opener for me. I have been pastoring now for seven years and I fully agree with your teachings and philosophy. As I have followed your writings concerning ‘Easy Believism,’ I have undertaken to study the matter in the Scriptures. I find it interesting that the Samaritan woman (John 4) was not told the true identity of Christ as Messiah until AFTER He had confronted her about her sin (adultery). This, I believe, had the greatest impact on her and was evidenced as she told her neighbors that she had met a Man that told her ‘all things that ever she DID.’ I believe the ‘did’ in that verse refers to her adulterous lifestyle. She was not drawn to the Messiah by the conversation about the well or where men ought to worship. I find that the Scripture teaches she was stopped in her tracks when Christ confronted her with the sin issue. This issue is overlooked by many who practice this ‘easy believism’ and it could well be the reason for no true evidence of repentance...if you are not confronted with the FACT of your sinful nature and actions, what must you repent of?”

“Bro. Cloud, I really appreciate the way that you handle things. ... We continue to keep you and your ministry in prayer, that God will bless and keep you and many, such as me and my family, will continue to be encouraged to stand in the faith through it.”

“Thank you for your incredible ministry. You will never know what a help you have been to me so many times. Thank you for printing the article on discouraged pastors. Right on target. GOD bless you as you serve our SAVIOUR!”

“just wanted to thank you for making the information you've compiled over the years available. Interestingly, something you've stated in the Friday News Notes or sent during the week often provides help to answering questions that my wife and I have been discussing or ones that come from her sister (we sort of provide instant reference and glad she trusts us concerning the Bible).  It's a blessing when that happens!”

“You were recently in our church, giving a conference on separatism. Thank you so very much! Your messages confirmed many things for us, giving us confidence in the steps we have taken in different areas. I purchased your book
Keeping the Kids, and it has convicted me thoroughly in the area of movies. My husband has wanted for some time now to quit watching movies, and I was afraid of giving up my quiet times (allowing the children to watch a show for a while so that they would calm down a bit).  I've known better for a long time, (about using movies to babysit, as well as my lack of submission in this area) and by the grace of God we are implementing changes.”

“I thank you for your endearing faithfulness, Brother, and the unwavering stand that you take. It has been an enormous help to me, and to many that I know.”

“I was introduced to your ministry by my sending pastor many years ago and have so much appreciated the strong Biblical stand from which you write! (I should simply say ‘Biblical stand’ because either we stand on the Word of God or we don’t! Many men today are simply playing with the Word, dabbling here and there, rather than contending for the faith.) Let me also say that I am encouraged by the many articles that you have written lately especially in the area of music. These articles are very timely and of such importance in this hour of a weakening of the churches of Jesus Christ! I am quite certain that you receive a lot of feedback condemning the warning of compromise, but may I encourage you to stay the course. Your articles have helped this preacher immensely and I thank you for that! I realize that  our adversary would like nothing more than to discourage God’s servant and so, may you be encouraged to know that there are many who stand with you in the great day of compromise. Stay the course, keep sounding the alarm and may God bless you and your ministry for His glory!”

“I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank David Cloud and anyone else who may be involved in the Fundamental Baptist Information Service.  It has been a great help to me. Thanks for all of your hard work.”

“We are very excited to hear that you will be coming to our church next year in May for a Spring meeting. Our family has been influenced in so many great and wonderful ways by your Way of Life website. We are always encouraged by it and have found so much information from it. We have been able to use it as such a valuable resource and we have referred so many people to it as well.”

“Wow! This has been EXCEPTIONALLY HELPFUL to me. [‘Third Generation Baptist Preacher Committed to Emerging Church’] In understanding how SNEAKY they are. The WORDING of their speech is SO DECEPTIONAL. The Bible says they come from among us but are not of us. I had warned people in the past about Communism in our political ranks. While overlooking the obvious worshipping ranks. May I and other's be prayerfully careful in the future.”

“May God bless you in your foundational ministry.  If the foundations be destroyed.....”

“As always, the O Timothy's are a real blessing to folks here. They take in the information and pass it along to others and we have seen growth in people's lives and have seen minds and thinking changed to things going on in churches and in this world...showing the truth.  The Lord has truly blessed you and we pray that the Lord will provide in areas of your ministry that are lacking and where you need help in the ministry. We pray for strength and encouragement as you continue.”

“I recently purchased a couple of copies of the book ‘Keeping the Kids.’ I intend to purchase several more for my three children that are currently raising my 11 grandchildren. The book is without any doubt one of the best put together resources I have ever seen in the area of how to raise kids. It ought to be required reading for every parent and grandparent in every fundamental baptist church! The doctrinally correct presentation is a wonderful pathway to success in this most important aspect of our Christian lives that our families may prosper in this dark world until our Lord comes. Many thanks for the efforts and time in giving us this MOST valuable resource. May our Lord richly bless you for it!”


“You are quite obviously blinded by musical bias in your opposition to Christian rock, and unteachable in your pride. It destroys whatever witness you might have had in other areas.”

“I just read some of your rants about Dr. Campolo, and have but one question: What did Jesus say in response to what the greatest commandment was? I just think you have so much anger and hatred inside you that pondering that one question would be a much better use of your time.”

“It is my understanding that with maybe one exception, no major fundamental Baptist college will carry your materials. So you therefore retaliate against them with your hit pieces. But they observe how you attack just about every one and every school in the IFB movement. I don’t blame them. Arrogance and pride are abrasive and that is how you come across. That is why ‘a vast number of men’ no longer view you or your ministry kindly. It is not a doctrinal issue; it IS a personality issue -- yours.”

“You're doing what every ‘fundamental baptist’ does when they're convinced of the truth of something: You find a passage or have been TAUGHT a passage that ‘seals the lid’ on the subject, pasting a label that reads, ‘DO NOT DISTURB FOR DANGER OF HELLFIRE’ to discourage anyone that may question it as to it's validity.”

“There are at least two of us in my area that have grown in grace, knowledge and truth in the Word of God who haven't set foot in a church in years, and I know there are many more. Just in regards to myself, God has graciously given me His spirit of discernment over the last 10 years to gauge the difference between truth and error. I've discovered that yours is a system of error mixed with truth, a ‘type of Christ’ that long ago went by the wayside. Just as an example of your error, you don't seem to believe Romans 9:18, Acts 13:48 and 2 Peter 3:9 (the subject of US-WARD is the BELOVED in the preceding verse, NOT the people of the world, yet you and others like you use this verse as ‘proof’ that God loves all men...which He doesn’t.”

“Pertaining to West Coast Baptist College, to paraphrase Hamlet, methinks thou dost protest too much. You clearly have an ulterior motive.”

“I grow weary of preachers who seem set on denuding every other ministry and preacher of their credibility, I too marvel at the credulity or maybe gullibility of those who listen to and follow them. I do hope our Lord will find something of profit the ministry of those who feel called to tear down,  and set exclusive lines of separation from others whose doctrine differs and yet are believers as well. ... I’m thankful for all those who stand in the faith, but a harsher judgment await those who show no latitude toward believers from whom they differ. The Lord has many camps my friend and heaven will be richer for it.”

“Brother Cloud would have fewer ‘corrections’ to publish -- and we see them regularly -- if he did not think with his mouth.”

“It is my understanding that with maybe one exception, no major fundamental Baptist college will carry your materials. So you therefore retaliate against them with your hit pieces. But they observe how you attack just about every one and every school in the IFB movement. I don’t blame them. Arrogance and pride are abrasive and that is how you come across. That is why ‘a vast number of men’ no longer view you or your ministry kindly. It is not a doctrinal issue; it IS a personality issue — yours.”

“It would be a good day if men understood that Mr. Cloud speaks ‘ex cathedra’ and no one should challenge that - or - they get the barbed tongue treatment. Mr Cloud displays a bitter spirit.  HERESY has to be spoken against, that is the watchman`s duty, but David Cloud ruins otherwise useful work by spuing out the gall of bitterness. I`d better go and put my ‘gall-resistant’ suit on.”

“I came across your website and was very troubled to read the comments on there. STOP trying to bring dissension within the Body of Christ. I can tell you that God is not happy about this. Fortunately you are not God, although you think it is your job to rule and reign all those who come to Christ.  That is not your job. If God has truly called you and anointed you, you need to focus on winning the lost to Christ and STOP this nonsense within the Body of Christ. I grew up in your kind of Church and thank God he showed me that he loved me, that we are free in Christ. As long as we walk in the Spirit, there is no condemnation. A lot of the comments you have made on your website are ridiculous.  Let me ask you a question. Are you filled with the Holy Spirit.  Do you speak in tongues. I think you need to. You need to get mind of Christ, because you are far from it currently. ... If you spent half as much time trying to win the lost, or using your spiritual gifts as you do spewing this nonsense we would all be much better. God does not need you to police his people.  ... Those of us who know the Lord don't pay any attention to this kind of nonsense that you post on here. Your problem is that you think that every Christian should dot every i and cross every t just like you. God has made us all unique, and those who know him, he will deal with if they are doing wrong. Lets move forward as the Body of Christ and try to agree on what we have in common instead of all of this nonsense.”

“Do you honestly believe that the Lord would have you spend your time shooting down those brothers that also believe in our Lord Jesus and His death on the cross and then His resurrection. You have a log in your eye.”

“Hello Cloudy. May the Holy Spirit guide you away from a cloudy situation in regard to evangelism. Sorry!”

“Your article about Bill Gaither was one of the most ignorant things I have ever read. Your mindless brainwashing is the reason for so many prejudices and hate in this nation today. The church is not the 'club' you would like it to be and should be respected as a sacred place of worship for believers to come and receive their convictions from God, rather than falling into your misguided views so vastly taken out of context. I only wish self proclaimed believers like your self could demonstrate love for your neighbour in the ways Christ did and does. You only succeed in pushing people further away from the church and fellowship with the Father.”

“Stop picking on Billy Graham.  I believe he is truly a messenger of God. Besides that, you, as a Christian are not supposed to be judging others, but boy, you've sure judged him, mister.  Why not leave judgment to God, and concentrate more on bringing people to Christ like Mr. Graham has.”

“If Cloud would spend as much time and energy seeking to keep people out of hell as he does writing to be critical he would be baptizing more and writing about others less. Let's go soul winning!”

“I find it curious that you are SO sure about the destiny of Steve Jobs and Dennis Costella. Someday you’ll realize that your judgment of people you don’t even know is not Godly, proper or moral behavior. You are so ---- sure about everyone’s fate including your own. I think you might be saying ‘Oh wow’ at the end yourself.”

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