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From Bro. Cloud's Mailbox - August 2020
August 4, 2020
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
From time to time, I publish some of the goodies from my mailbox, since many people have told me that they enjoy reading these things.


“My heart was deeply refreshed by this message [‘Renouncing Jumboism,’ Sept. 26, 2019]. As I read it, I rejoiced in the plain and Biblical language with which it is written. May God bless you for your boldness for and faithfulness to the Truth, and may this word turn many back to the narrow way and strengthen those who still walk in it.”

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note thanking you for your article on ‘Jumboism’ that I received this morning.  ... [In my 15 years of pastoral ministry,] I have often found myself being drawn into ‘Jumboism.’ All it has ever led to in my life is discouragement. It is so easy, especially as a younger pastor, to hear other pastors touting numbers and not be sucked into the same game. I have an earnest desire to teach our people the Word of God, and how to study it and become Bible students on their own as well. I want our folks to be always ready to give an answer for the hope that is in them. How strong the temptation is to leave off these things and do nothing but shoot for numbers! I don’t ever want to use the excuse ‘we’re not about numbers’ as an excuse for laziness and not laboring in soul winning and discipleship, but I certainly do not want to become infected with ‘Jumboism.’ Your article truly encouraged my heart this morning as we are striving to be a church that is ‘large’ Scripturally and not according to the world’s standards of success. I heard a good pastor refer to his church as a ‘crockpot church,’ slowly nurturing and developing sincere Christians, as apposed to a ‘microwave church,’ all about instant ‘Jumboism.’ I thought that was an apt illustration. Thank you again and God bless!”

“Thank you for your ministry keeping us informed with what’s happening in churches today.”

“I am reading the book
Holiness: Pitfalls, Struggles, and Victory right now. It is very good and very encouraging. I am older now and the mind needs more clarity on what writers mean. At my age I need to-the-point articles. I read a small book on Calvinism and I was so confused. so went on You Tube and got your sermon of Calvinism. It was so clear. I thank you for your honesty and clarity and your personal struggles with the things of the Lord. Always have been like that where I got encouraged many times to just know that others have their struggles also. I certainly know Paul did in the Bible. Thank you again.”

“We have been using your reports on animals and birds as part of our school science [
God’s Amazing Creatures].  It is so fascinating!  It gets me so excited to read more about the beautiful creatures God has given us.  The report on Bird Migration was wonderful and so interesting.  I found myself talking about it at church and forwarded it to several friends.  Who, but God, could make a bird that can fly while sleeping?  Who, but God, could make birds that fly thousands upon thousands of miles without stopping?  Its such a delight to read these reports. I could tell from the way you have written these reports it wasn’t just an “assignment” but a whole-hearted” love for God’s creation.  Once again, more evidence that God created the earth and all that is within it. And this is just a very small part of His creation! Thank you very much!”

“I'll tell you, your influence on my life, and through me, on my family, friends and church has been profound. They're not all where I want them but they are so much further along than they used to be and so am I. Don't ever question what God is doing with you. It's hugely important. Years ago I bought my oldest son your encyclopedia, a concordance, a wide margin Scofield KJV and a full set of your advanced bible study books. He left them behind when he moved out and never used them. After reading your ebook on the KJV and deciding to switch to it, he had his mom ship the bible, concordance and your encyclopedia out to him. And then he bought a  Henry Morris study bible. He says he lays them out and goes line by line, checking every cross reference, every footnote, looking up words and concepts in your encyclopedia as he goes and making his own notes in the margin. He said today he's never done anything he's enjoyed as much as he is enjoying that. And he loves your encyclopedia. I pushed him for years to use those tools but he finally is and it is an enormous blessing.”

“My father pointed me to your materials, and at first I was hesitant, as you are more hard-lined in what you believe than Ravi Zacharias, Frank Turek, and others who I was listening to. With time, I jumped into your materials as well, and you have made me much more confident in my faith than anyone else. Your hard stance on God’s Word is not harsh, but simply true. Your method of citing all claims you make with Biblical references is unlike virtually anyone else I have read. And to think I was close to purchasing
Mere Christianity before reading your e-book on CS Lewis! Your work is completely necessary in such a confused and Biblically illiterate world, and I just want to thank you, as a brother in Christ, for the hard work you put into what you do. I have also built up a habit of daily Bible reading, which has now developed into a daily Bible study, using commentaries, the Way of Life encyclopedia, and Strong’s Concordance along with my reading. I also am reading strictly King James, which is something I never though I’d be doing (your e-book, ‘Why We Hold to the King James Bible’ changed my heart in the matter). For the first time in my life, I can say that my faith in God is truly grounded in actual conviction, repentance, and a love for Him and His Word, and you are a big reason for it. So again, I sincerely love the work you continually put out, and I pray daily for your various ministries as well. ... I also thank you for your prayers regarding me, as my father told me you have been praying for me for years. ... I know your are extremely busy. I simply want to encourage you, and let you know everything you do is greatly appreciated. It has made a soul-changing impact in my life, and I’m sure in the lives of many others as well.”

“Your catalogue of work is pretty much unprecedented in Christendom. That is a beautiful fact my brother. Your labor is not in vain in the Lord.”

“Thank you, and God bless you for your courage, and all that you say, write, and do! It is because of what I have learned from you, and from Pastor -----, who recommended you, that I am a sheep once wandering afar, but now safely back in the fold, with my feet on solid ground!” [Response to “A Plea to the Clark Family,” Oct, 9, 2019]

“My encouragement to you is, ‘Keep on keeping on’ with your godly counsel and exposure of that which is harmful to the flock of God. May the Great Shepherd reward you as you do.” [Response to “A Plea to the Clark Family,” Oct, 9, 2019]

“As a pastor I thank you very much for your continued effort to speak the truth on biblical issues and especially on the subject of music. God bless you.” Response to “The Gettys: Pied Pipers of Contemporary Worship Music,” Oct, 10, 2019]

“Thank you so much for taking the time to send out the Emails on a regular basis. I wanted to thank you especially for the numerous ones you have been sending out on music. Thank you for all the time invested in research. It is very sad to see where many of our Baptist schools have gone in their music along with many of our independent Baptist churches. I will be sharing your recent articles with a few other Baptist preachers. Please pray as these men are very influential. I will be ordering the book on Southern gospel to share with them as well. Please also pray that I will be a faithful steward and finish well. Thank you.”

“Quick question: are there going to be any more commentary series books coming out soon? They are a blessing.”

“It is about 10 years ago that me and my wife really started reading and using your stuff to strengthen our walk with the Lord. Being in a liberal Mennonite church at that time we knew nothing about proper bible doctrine. After watching a few of your DVDs on music I thought you were crazy but the Holy Spirit’s conviction kept telling me that you were right although I did not want to believe it. Listening to some of your sermons on the importance of a proper church and the Lord opening some doors to IFB churches I soon realized I would have to make a move (the closest church was about 800km away). Long story short, we moved to -------, and became members at --------. I am currently going through the book of Hebrews in your advanced study series, I have gone through a few others, our children each have a copy of your bible dictionary, they watch your videos (having girls, Dressing for the Lord has helped them see the importance of modest dress which is a huge battle wherever you go), they use your WOLE. Our pastor ----- often quotes from your books in his preaching and we carry your stuff in our little library. I just wanted to say thank you for being faithful to God in doing what you are doing. Your materials are very affordable which proves that you are not doing it for the money. We pray for you and your wife and ministry both in church and in our home as a family. I know God is worthy of all praise and glory and that without him we could do nothing but he uses faithful men and women for his work (which are very much lacking). So as I go back to my study I just want to say thank you and may God bless you.”

“For at least for 8 years I've followed your teachings/research. What I had a problem with was Hillsong as I thought their songs were all about Jesus. That was until I went to one of their live concerts and heard the words, something like, Jesus would never leave anyone behind. Then, I went back and reread what you had said about this group and the many ways they don't follow the truth of the Bible. Also, I read your report on Billy Graham who I had seen in Philly years ago ... So, I thank you so much for the truth you present. You are very much needed in this world, serving God with His truth.”

“Since about 1991 I have been reading your material, starting with the O Timothy magazine. (Wow, that's close to 30 years!) I am very much appreciative of your study material and books.  I have used them over and over again in my own personal study time, and in preparing lessons and sermons. I'm glad that you've begun compiling commentaries; I have received the books on Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and The Minor Prophets. I've given away 3 copies of your Way of Life Encyclopedia, and I'm planning to give away more. Our church ladies have been going through your recent book on
Woman and Her Service to God. From time to time I've ordered other lesson books from other ministries. Most recently I ordered one from Striving Together Publications. I realize you don't have all knowledge, but each time I've ordered a study book from another ministry, including Striving Together, I'm usually disappointed. They just don't have the meat that your studies have but have too much fluff.  ... I become frustrated trying to gain a real benefit from their study books for myself and that I can put before our congregation.  Consequently, I've put their study book to the side, and I probably won't pick it up again except maybe to toss it into the trash. So, thank you for your meaty lessons. I know that I will continue to be benefited by them, and so will my hearers!”

“I have been preaching through
Seeker's Bible Study each Sunday morning. Just taking time to expound on each area of the Gospel. It has done good for a lot who attend our Sunday morning (when we have more visitors than our afternoon service). But I am loving just taking the time with the word of God, carefully delineating and teaching truth from error. Thank you, it is a great book and a great evangelistic/soul winning tool.”

Seeker’s Bible Study is excellent. I LOVED the repentance part. It explains what many have made inexplicably complex, simple.”

“Thank you for putting together the
Seeker's Bible Study. ... I think it is fantastic that in your work repentance is clearly explained, and also that the lost are directed to entrust themselves to Christ rather than directed to repeating a ‘sinner's prayer.’”

“We have 7 children. We followed your advice years ago about not giving them unlimited, unsupervised access to the internet and are very thankful for your wise counsel. We have found that if the mothers would obey God's commandment to be keepers at home the need for children to have a smart phone would be diminished. Also if a family takes Deuteronomy 6 seriously, this also protects against needing a smart phone by homeschooling children. God's word is a shield, a high tower, it protects us and allows us to see dangers a far off.”

“Thank you my dear Brother for spending time researching the dangers and pitfalls of social media. They are helpful material for our families and churches to help them raise their children in the 21st Century!”

“I am preaching from Acts 20. Thank you for your Advanced Bible Studies Series ‘Acts’ book. It has proved to be the most helpful resource used in my preparation. I likely don’t tell you enough how valuable your materials are to me.”

“May the Lord bless you for pointing these things out [‘A Plea o the Clark Family’]. I agree with you about the music and you were instrumental in helping me see the satanic source of rock and worldly music. I'm sorry others have treated you so badly. Please keep on and persevere. I've been praying for you over the years and will continue.”

“You are a constant challenge to me as a younger man in the ministry of where compromise leads and the bitter fruit of pragmatism. Your articles and Bible study tools have helped in many ways to pull the facade off of the ecumenical spirit.”

“There is not a single Christian author/commentator that I trust and respect more than you. Your work is impossibly valuable to my life and to the kingdom. I am extremely excited about your full bible commentary. It is desperately desperately needed. ... I can honestly say I look forward to the Lord commending you at Bema.”

“Not to puff you up, brother, but
please keep up the great work. I recommend your materials to almost anyone, believer, unbeliever, serious Bible students, folks engaged in compromise, anyone who wants to know. I have greatly profited from many of your writings although only having met you once in my father-in-law's church. ... I greatly appreciate your balance. I greatly appreciate your love (and lack of harshness) toward those who revile you (unfortunately usually young preachers). I pray I follow your example (as you follow the Lord) in this regard (though I will probably never have all the enemies you do).”

“Thank you for your ministry, it has been a great blessing to me and my church. We distribute O Timothy to our church and regularly hand out your books to help believers. I particularly enjoyed your book
The Disciplining Church.”

“Many thanks for your years of faithfulness to our Lord. Your writings have been a huge blessing to me since I was saved 20 years ago.”

“I appreciate your faithfulness in trying to educate Christians in sound Biblical truth. I appreciate the stand publicly you take in exposing the dangers in CCM. I appreciate the honest work you do in exposing modernism (Laodicean) in the church and particularly warning Baptists against drinking the Kool-Aid. I appreciate the work you have put into publishing books, commentaries and the numerous other resources that you have made available to Pastors and churches alike. My prayer is that the God will always direct you in your work and use you for His glory. Stay the course and may the Lord be with you. God still has a faithful few that will not bend the knee may we pray and encourage each other to continue faithfully in our Lord's service.”

“I thought it important to share with you for your encouragement to keep up your good work of writing and producing teaching aids in helping so many pastors and missionaries. I regularly share your articles with family, church members, missionaries and indigenous evangelists and pastors along with your books and teaching materials. We are all better informed and challenged by your studious examination of heresies, movements, compromises etc. from your volume of work. I am not a writer nor will I ever have the gift that God has given you. So I use your voluminous research and writings to help teach those within my orbit and those indigenous pastors and evangelists I closely work with in Pakistan and India.”

“Our SS Class has been studying
Bible Times and Ancient Kingdoms. We have just finished the geography part. What a Great Blessing. We all LOVED IT! Last week we started with ancient writings. Great job on the book and pictures! ALSO, I have been reading your book on the 7 Churches and MANY MESSAGES are going to come from that study I know. :) Thank You for being an encourager and example. Not many left today. I pray for you regularly. Our church prays for you every Wednesday evening.”

“May the Lord bless you, Brother Cloud. Thank you for your sounds preaching, teaching, and daily emails. Thank you for the encouragement of your walk with the Lord, for not compromising your stand or your faith. ... Thank you for keeping the standard of the Lord and for helping us grow. May the Lord bless richly!”

“I’d like to thank you for producing conservative material that errs on the side of caution rather than pushing a contemporary edge. Your material on music and book on ‘Keeping the Kids’ has helped me as a young pastor and our church as I’ve taught the material on Sunday nights this past year.”

“I really love reading your work and am excited to see your name and ministry popping up on websites I have been on recently. I don't know if this is new or not, but exciting to see nonetheless! May you continue to be blessed in the Lord!”

“We are so thankful and grateful for your wonderful ministry. Our family has been tremendously blessed by your videos, books, and emails. We are so encouraged to find a ministry that stands firm on the Bible and has courage to speak out on Biblical truths!”

“I am getting a lot out of your commentary on Revelation. I have about 10 commentaries or so and yours stands out so far as the best from my reading to date. Thank you for these excellent resources.”

“Our church has been and continues to be strengthened, challenged and edified by the Way of Life ministry and the Bible Conferences you have kindly presented to us. This is the fifteenth year we have shared the weekly Friday Church New Notes with this body of Christ.”

“I appreciate that the resources you write all start with a Biblical foundation, more often directly stated with scripture references than not.  Sadly, that's not the case with most people.  I have a lot to learn and am grateful for those resources that help me to do so.”

“I just wanted to encourage you and your wife because you are on the firing line, I believe your ministry is shaking the kingdom of darkness.”

“An I-opening-essay to say the least concerning new evangelicalism, its roots and cause. [‘Another Father’s Lack of Wisdom about His Son’s Education,’ Jan. 9, 2020] Classically trained world has little if any regard for spiritual concerns, and is, in effect, a religion of their own making. I know, having spent years in symphony orchestras, sports, and theater. Their focus is inward, secular, seeking worldly recognition at being ‘the best of the bestest;  where our Lord Jesus Christ has no place.”

“Truly appreciated this article [‘Spurgeon’s Wrong View of Dispensationalism,’ Jan. 15, 2020]. Some years ago I was leading a Bible conference as the director of Britain’s Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry. When I and several pastors visited Spurgeon’s church (2002) its pastor ... said we were wasting our time on prophecy and also God was done with the Jewish people. How sad. I recently created a video on the reasons for the decline of fundamental churches in the USA. ... Based upon ... several surveys, including one very telling and significant in Britain, I could sum it up simply: Pastors - Prayer - Prophecy. Most people believe pastors are not teaching all Scripture and what they do teach on is very Calvinistic in outlook and does not reflect the Scriptures. Most people believe the churches corporate prayer life is weak at best. ... Sadly, few people are learning to pray. Finally, many attribute the loss of people in the church due to the lack of teaching prophecy, i.e. what is coming and what will be believer’s role in the Millennium and in eternity. I find young adults (20-45 year olds) really are interested in careful expository teaching on prophetic issues, when done in a literal/normal-historical-grammatical way. When the pastoral ministry is not biblical, when there is no real prayer, and when prophecy is ignored, the people leave the churches. Sadly, the churches are allowing the sheep to wander without shepherds. Lord bless you and your ministry. I greatly appreciate it and often mention it when I am speaking in Bible conference.”

“Our family has really been blessed by your ministry. We recently finished your series on the emerging church. What a terrible situation and truth. We are seeing it personally.  we are currently watching Christ’s messages to the seven churches. Thank you for standing firm on the truth.”

“I am reading
21 Steps to a Stronger Church.  I previously read The Discipling Church and have started implementing some of those things that you teach about in that book. I have been praying for a ministry team, I see thru experience that it is vitally important, both for encouragement and strength to stand strong in the battle.”

“Thank you for the
Bible Knowledge Test. Recently, I had even been praying for structured guidance in my Bible devotions. I consider myself a mature Christian who loves God’s Word. So I printed out the entire test, along with the answer key, and put it in a small three ring binder. Then I took the Brief Test. I’ve been a born again believer for forty years and am ashamed to say that I didn’t do nearly as well as I thought I would. Some answers I gave myself half credit for (I knew the book, but not the verse). Still, I’m cringing right now. Thank you for all that you do to admonish, encourage and discipline God’s people.”

“Thank you for earnestly contending for the Faith. This is one of the best Friday Church News ever!”

“You are right to take a strong stand on the pre-tribulation rapture position. This is our blessed hope and the encouragement that Jesus gave to His Church, as we fight the good fight. Sadly, I left that position for over twenty years, favoring the pre-wrath rapture and then, for a while, the seventh trumpet rapture position. Over time, I lost my joy in Christ. I often repented of my fear of the judgments to come, my fear that I wouldn’t be found worthy to escape, my fear that we hadn’t prepped enough, my fear that I would lose my salvation, etc. It wasn’t that I was afraid to die for my faith, but that those days are described as something far worse than any kind of tribulation ever experienced on earth. I wondered why God would allow His latter day Church to endure such horrible tribulation, that could end with one of the weaker believers taking the mark of the beast?! I just prayed for strength, grace and courage to face the worst in that day. At the same time, there was also a pridefulness that had set in with me, as I had also noticed in others who held my anti-pre-tribulation view. And a disdain for those poor souls who held to such an easy escapist way out of tribulation. It was like we knew the truth and had some kind of deeper understanding of God’s Word. Thankfully, God led me to a pre-tribulation website back in 2016. I fought if off for a bit, and then decided to listen to the Holy Spirit. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I did. My joy was restored and I now believe it is absolutely the correct and biblical rapture position and a very important doctrine. Thank you for all that you do. God bless.”

“Your powerpoint on Ancient Babylon (from the
Bible Times & Ancient Kingdoms book) was used today in our adult/teen Sunday School. I added a few more slides (exposing the Catholic church's link to Babylonian gods, and traditions, and Evangelical's ecumenism, including CCM artists, and pop artists). I have gotten nothing but great feedback from the people. 1. One teen girl testified that her public school is teaching the students to perform Lennon's Imagine. And her eyes were opened, and she wants nothing to do with it! 2. Another teen girl told her aunt that she was shocked to hear that Rock Music is more than just music, it is an attitude, a lifestyle, a way of life. She told her aunt (who brings her to church) that she will be staying away from Rock music. 3. A lady testified that the ecumenical movement is being forced in her office work by a mandated religious service featuring all kinds of religious beliefs ranging from Catholics to Muslims. There are more, I am sure. And for our new guests it was certainly an eye opener. I asked a Catholic man who came two Sundays in a row, what he thought about the lesson, he told me that he is learning more from coming to church than attending the Catholic church, and that he is open for me to deal with him about salvation. We had him in and his family to our house for lunch following the morning service today, and that's when I picked his brain about his Catholicism. So, I am taking my time with him. His wife claims to be a Christian (and I half believe her) but I am going after the husband because if he gets saved then his entire family will follow, I believe. Just wanted you to know, God is using your materials to edify our people here!”

“Today I started teaching from your apologetics course,
An Unshakeable Faith. I am very enthused about it. Thank you for making this course.”

“Brother Cloud has written a book
Bible Times & Ancient Kingdoms which is one of the most helpful books about these times. I don’t know of any other book like it. I find it a very fascinating read and study.”

“I have copied and used your article ‘Marks of Good Songleading’ here. I used the article three years ago when I taught our Songleading course and it was very helpful. Thank you for your hard work in putting it together.”

“Thank you so much for your diligent study of God’s word and your faithful and bold teaching of His truths. You are a breath of fresh air to us in this dark world where it is becoming harder and harder to find godly men that take as solid stand on truth. We are always enriched when we read your newsletters and appreciate the multitude of resources you make available. We pray that the Lord will bless your ministry in a mighty way and that your godly influence will spread wide and far!”

“Your teachings on salvation and repentance in particular have made a huge impact and I want to say 'thank you’. God has given me an opportunity to teach Sunday School at our church and currently I'm doing a series on repentance and quick prayerism. It is SO vital and God has given me a passion for that topic. I praise Him for that. By the way, I go to a local Independent Baptist Church, am married with ----- children. My burden for them is to have a true Biblical conversion experience by understanding their sin and how they need to turn from it and turn to Christ for salvation.”

“Brother Cloud, Thank you once again for standing for doctrinal purity regardless of the potential cost, and for not letting relationships with men hinder your faithfulness to Christ.  [‘Another Church Enters the Post-Tribulational Wilderness,’ Feb. 26, 2020] I am struck by your charitable, though firm and thorough dealings with these men you've invested in. I also very much appreciate your regular willingness to use your experiences and those of others as a warning--‘an astonishment, a proverb and a byword.’ It puts the doctrines of separation in practical terms and confirms everything the Bible says about maintaining care in separation. You have seen more than most and have a much broader base of experience from which to draw these warnings. Those with less experience in these matters should take heed, as I have been doing for 20 years. May Christ continue to richly bless you, your family, your ministry and your fruit.”

“I want to thank you for your clear stand on the Pre-Tribulation Rapture.  This is a big deal!  ... This false teaching is not benign but a very dangerous threat that can undermine the faith of many. I wanted to send you a personal THANK YOU for taking that clear stand and trying to help reverse a growing problem  that is determined to sow discord among believers. God bless you for the effort.”

“Having been addicted to video games for a long time I can tell you from personal experience about the many dangers as a Christian and that playing them is no less dangerous than social media. ... I live in the Netherlands and I love you, brother Cloud, and enjoy your writings. I find them well written, balanced in love and admonition, Bible based and clearly coming from someone who loves God, Gods Word and man. Thank you!”

“Dear brother, I read some
O Timothy issues for the first time ever this week and found them to be tremendous. I have had your encyclopedia for a long time, but had not seen nor was aware of the O Timothy issues nor your literature I found on your website. I know that you are standing in a very difficult time against the seducers of this closing age and I wanted to say that I am grateful for your stand and I am praying for you and the ministry the Lord has given you. I am a pastor of a small church and many of the mainline apostate issues are seemingly distant from us, but you have helped me to see that they are right around every corner. You are not standing alone for the truth and the Lord. God still has some men, and I look forward to reading more of your material. I will be ordering some of your books shortly. May God bless you my brother.”

“Your book,
Pastors, Deacons and Church Members has been a big blessing in teaching on these subjects. Thank you for writing on these needed topics. I pray for you daily.”

“I can’t ever repay you for all the enormous wealth of material and how effective and accurate it is and how it has been so powerful in growing me, my wife, my church and my kids.”

“Your ministry has been a great, practical help in my training and also now in my teaching ministry.”

“It’s a fantastic discipleship course! Thank you for making it!” [referring to the One Year Discipleship Course]

“I finished the first volume of your
History of the Churches. It is such a valuable resource since no one knows about the early non-romish church. Everyone says there was no church but Rome til Luther. I have a few books on the Waldenses etc. but yours is the clearest.”

“I have been following David Cloud’s Ministry for years. ... God is using him mightily. He has helped me in more ways than I can possibly describe. Suffice it to say that his ministry, more than any other human source on this planet today, has influenced my life, my understanding of God’s Word and Christianity, and my walk with the Lord. God has given David Cloud a great gift, the ability to discern and write about difficult things in ways that are easy to understand and comprehend. He is a prolific and excellent writer, and I am honored to call him my friend.”

“Hey Bro. Cloud.  My family and I very much enjoy your teaching/preaching videos and materials. I have used your Bible Study Series on I Corinthians for teaching Sunday School, and I started your Bible Study Series on How to Study the Bible. We have watched the following videos from your website: Building a New Testament Church, The Emerging Church, and Christ Messages to the Seven Churches. We also strongly agree with your stance on music. We so much appreciate your ministry, and you are an encouragement to me and my family!”

“I wish you well with you current book, and greatly profited from reading ‘Keeping the Kids,’ and am currently taking notes on your ‘Dressing for the Lord.’ I hope you won't mind my using many of its points in a future Bible talk.”

“You have dealt well with many current issues over the years ... as your stated goal has been to keep other pastors informed in these perilous times of the last days ... but your concise, rational, thorough, scriptural, and encouraging treatment of the pandemic has been exceptional. As soon as I get your related emails, I forward them to the whole church (though some are subscribers themselves), and I have shared your email service and website with others around the world that I have met electronically. Brother, you keep doing what you are doing. As a pastor, I can measure your ministerial productivity to a degree by your publications, emails, travel, correspondence, etc. You are the hardest working man of God I have known, though I can only see a little from a distance. You are a good soldier of Jesus Christ, and you are a great example. Keep up the good work.”

“Brother Cloud, I just received your prophecy advanced Bible study series that I ordered a couple weeks ago. I'm only on page 56 but it's been a great blessing these last few days. Im very much enjoying it, very well, done, rich, deep and ‘serious.’ I actually just paused in my reading to send a quick ‘thank you.’ Its helping me fill in a lot of blanks from my Bible institute training. Ok, I'm going to get back to it. Good night.”

“I grew up in a hyper charismatic church and was saved in that church at 13 years old. I wish I could say that my testimony was something a great value, but it was not. I went to the army and got caught up in all kinds of things I shouldn’t have. Eventually, God pulled me back into church. At first, I went to an emergent church, then a new evangelical church, then to a charismatic church. I had developed a deep love for the bible and spent hours each morning reading and praying, but not everything was clear that I read. Around that time, I found your website. At first, I thought maybe you had some good ideas but were wrong about others. I kept reading the articles on your site, and I couldn’t get away from how clear what you were saying was. Finally, I could not deny it anymore. I left the church and found a KJV Fundamental Baptist church from your directory and started going there. Since then, I have grown in understanding, and the confusion that I had is now gone. I want to express my gratitude to you for your writing and the material that you put out. My wife and I use them on a weekly bases for our family bible study. They have been a great help. I assume that many people want to tear you down for your writing, but I want you to know that it has helped my family, and I am sure many other people that you have never met. I hope this letter encourages your heart.”

“Thanks Bro. Cloud for your writings lately that encouraged me greatly and especially your perspective on the COVID-19 crisis which I believe, too is blown up massively and not in balance with other diseases we face or have faced in the past. Your articles are like a very fresh stream of water coming out with all the panic going on. Keep it up. I praise the Lord for what you write and put out there.”

“I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work over the years, with all the material you have available. It was through your information about Christian rock music that caused me to give it up when I was 16, I was as addicted to it as could be, but through your information God convicted me how wrong it was, and one day I gathered up all my cd’s, dvd’s and books And had a big bonfire. I’m so happy to say that I don’t even remotely struggle with it anymore. I love old-fashioned hymns, and have no desire to listen to anything else. I’m sorry that your speaking at our church had to be cancelled due to Covid, I was really looking forward to it.”

“That was a good word. [‘Conspiracies, Conspiracies, Conspiracies,’ enlarged, April 8, 2020] I’d be lying if I told you I haven’t gotten caught up in conspiracies. The Lord has put it on my heart to back away from too much of that kind of information. I need to be in prayer and the Word more than I am reading about and listening to videos on conspiracies. These are perilous times and I believe the end is near. Our focus needs to be ON the Lord and our joy IN the Lord. The King is coming and the time is short.”

“I SO appreciate all your encouragement during these last few weeks and have shared several of your articles in our church newsletter to our members.”

“I have been reading your perspective on the virus. Spot on! Thank you for doing the work! I might add that they don't take into account the immune system that God created. They don't seem to think that the body can and does fight off viruses and disease without their help.” [a response to “Naturalistic Prognostication about Coronavirus,” Apr. 14, 2020).

“Brother Cloud, I know you are busy but wanted to drop a quick note of thanks to you for your labor. Being unable to meet with others and have any meaningful fellowship, It has been nice to get your almost daily updates. I thank the Lord for his faithfulness.”

“Thank you very much for your balanced reporting and evaluation of the present COVID-19 crisis. I believe it has been a Biblical response, and without doubt has helped to bring some calm in the midst of panic.”

“It was so refreshing to read this [‘The Christ-Owned Church,’ Apr. 15, 2020]. I believe it is right on target. There are so few who see this and are willing to say it. God bless you! I've also appreciated your words regarding the Coronovirus panic. Just viewing the matter from the perspective of the Bible, common sense, and past experience with modern media, I was pretty sure the whole thing has been overblown and badly mishandled, but the data and Biblical wisdom you have shared has been very helpful in confirming that.”

“I simply wanted to tell Pastor Cloud that while I do not share his beliefs in every detail, I do very greatly appreciate what I read through Way of Life and his plain-speaking and godly ministry. It is so rare these days to find someone who remains faithful to the old paths. He does my heart good—may the Lord preserve him in these strange times and bless him greatly in his continuing to serve the Lord.”

“I have found your updates on the Coronavirus so very helpful. I really appreciate the perspective that you have been giving. I gave the same to the office of my Representative, Mark Green, and the one taking the call was very interested in what you had to say, so forwarded your newsletter.”

David we posted your article ‘Not Panic Action But a Balanced Perspective’ on April 4th on our blog. I didn’t seek your permission because you have a statement on your site that it’s permissible to repost your material within certain conditions. We’d also like to include it in our upcoming print journal.”

“Your article titled ‘A Warning About Professional Sports” is excellent!”

“I just wanted to share with you how the Lord has been using your materials to be a great blessing to my family during the COVID 19 lockdown. ... My son-in-law is a relatively new Christian with a teachable spirit. He always wants to know ‘the why’ in every matter pertaining to the Christian life and enjoys studying. We just finished your series ‘Music For Good Or Evil.’ We watched them every night for family devotions. The series produced some really good discussions and I think we really grew from watching them together as a family. My youngest son is 16 and this week we started reading through your book ‘Understanding the Bible for Yourself’ as part of his homeschool. Up until this point he always looked at any study or additional homework work as burdensome. I changed my approach with him and presented learning the Bible for yourself as something that a real man should do. I told him not to take my word for what it says but to learn it for himself. I was shocked today at some of the questions that he asked and saw in him a real desire to learn. He did the homework that I gave him and turned it in to me without any nagging (this is a big deal). His attitude has really changed. Since we finished the videos on music last week we started your video series ‘Why we hold to the King James Bible’ this week for our family devotions. It’s worked well watching this series along with the Bible study with my son. My son-in-law is also enjoying this series as well. Like everyone else our lives have been greatly impacted by the events of the last month. I’m sure that there will be many tough challenges ahead, but I am grateful for the way that God is using this time for my family. I am also convicted because I know that with a little more focus on my part we can see even more fruit from this. Thank you so much for making these materials available and for the reasonable pricing for the items in your store. I’m sorry if the email is a bit long but I really hoped to encourage you by sharing these blessings.”

“Thank you for telling about the book
Influenza: The Hundred Year Hunt to Cure the Deadliest Disease in History by Dr. Jeremy Brown. After reading it, I concur that it is a ‘fascinating and highly educational book.’ Thank you also for your other articles in FBIS during this pandemic. Your tireless labor through the years and your love for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ are much appreciated and an encouragement.”

“I thank God for the work you do and materials you put out. Sound doctrine is refreshing and there's a lot of that at Way of Life. I have been particularly encouraged or admonished as the case may be by Bro. Cloud's articles on contemporary 'hymns.' I'm a student a Pensacola Christian College and was shocked to find they sing contemporary praise courses and adapted contemporary 'hymns' here. The Coronavirus shut down Campus Church, so I thankfully hear less of them, but they were singing ‘The Power of the Cross’ when we turned on livestream the other day. Even the soundest guys I know have a hard time agreeing with my decision not to sing adapted contemporary songs. ... It has been disappointing seeing the level of compromise present in the student body which is a 4,500 strong cross section of mostly Independent Baptist churches. The music and the dating are the things that jump out at me the most. I've wondered if we'll even be calling ourselves Independent Baptists in twenty years, or whether we'll end up becoming some new separation of Baptists.”

“Thank you for your email updates, especially of late [coronavirus time]. They have been VERY helpful and encouraging. I have been sharing them with our Bible institute students and pastors here.”

“I want to let you know how the Lord has blessed me, my family, and my Church through your ministry. For several years now I have used your materials for personal study and family discipleship.  I have listened to every available sermon, seen every video, and read most of the books you have produced. I feel so strongly that your presentation of Biblical truth is much needed and helpful that I personally provide everyone who will accept it a copy of your 52 week discipleship course. I have observed rapid growth among those who will actually work through the lessons. I was even able to convince our youth director to implement this course during his Wednesday night youth group study.  In short I just want you to know I thank the Lord for you and pray for you by name.”

“Thank you Preacher for the fine articles you have been putting out on the Covid 19 and Hyles quick and easy prayerism. Only God knows the damage that was done over the years. God Bless your work for him. Yours in Christ.”

“Thank you, brother Cloud, for doing in a sanctified way what I cannot [about the Covid-19 issue] My anger is a little too hot and a little too close to the surface, so the people under my care get your perspective and wording, and I have stopped speaking of the matter altogether.”

“Amen brother Cloud, your ‘more than usual’ newsletters, updates, and teaching [during the Covid-19 situation] are a great blessing and encouragement.’

“Thank you for taking the time to do this!” [‘Covid-19 Good and Odd News’]

“Great & timely challenge today on ‘A Biblical Worldview and Good Mental Health.’”

“I really like your
Seeker’s Bible Study. I think that the layout and content is excellent to people with little to no knowledge of the Bible. Would it be alright for me to translate and print it into Spanish for ministry here?”

“Thank you! Lancaster's musical influence recently began reaching into our sphere of fellowship here in Cameroon and Nigeria. Much of it is due to ignorance on the part of some good national pastors. I believe this series will be a great blessing. Thank you so much for making it available like this!” [referring to the new video series
The Satanic Attack on Sacred Music,]

“Absolutely agree! [‘A False Argument in Support of Quick Prayerism,’ Apr. 5, 2020] A false hope of heaven is an eternity in hell! Bus ministries are great, but only if the Gospel is presented properly. Brother Cloud, you are doing a great work promoting the truth and exposing falsehoods. I love and appreciate you for your ministry!”

“I commend your courage to stand against some great men of the past that were wrong about decisional salvation.” [‘A False Argument in Support of Quick Prayerism,’ Apr. 5, 2020]

“Excellent.” [‘A False Argument in Support of Quick Prayerism,’ Apr. 5, 2020]

“We have appreciated and shared your updates and encouragements. Many of our relatives have been eager to read and share Way of Life with others in recent days that have drastically different stances doctrinally. May the Lord help them to read your other articles and be convinced about many Bible truths!”

“Excellent article on commentaries, and well-states our own views on the subject.  Thanks for taking the time to put it all together.”

“I appreciate your encouragement through your mailouts during this time of the pandemic.”

“I also appreciate your corona virus regular updates.”

“I wanted to thank you for your diligence in creating the resources that have made such a profound difference in my Christian life over the past few years. Through your videos, articles, Believer's Bible Dictionary, and weekly email newsletter, all of which I value highly, I have been liberated from all the confusion of my ‘new evangelical’ past. How I enjoy your writing! I floundered around for 25 years in the new evangelical world. Prosperity teaching, trying to speak in tongues, getting pumped up in the flesh while listening to my collection of ‘christian rock,’ and immersing myself in so-called Christian psychology to ‘heal my damaged emotions.’ When I think of all the time I spent focused on myself, trying to "make my miracle happen." I was ruled by the flesh and I did not even know it. Displeasing to God and farther from Him than I could even realize. I was ripe for deception and hungry for a sign, I guess, because I have struggled with a debilitating fatigue condition since my mid-twenties. Now I know the truth. That healing comes from the precious Word of God. From The Word comes a stability of soul that knows that all the challenges and chastisements in my life have been allowed by God and are for my good. From The Word comes a peaceful and meek spirit. From a peaceful and meek spirit comes healing of human relationships. ... Brother Cloud, your Believer's Bible Dictionary adds to the feeling of adventure I now feel when I read The Word. I feel like an explorer, on the cusp of discovery. So many riches to be mined. I know that I am not walking in the Spirit anymore when I lose this attitude. When I pick up my Bible and can't ‘settle down’ to read it, then I must take the time to get right again with God. I struggle with flesh vs. Spirit quite a bit, still. But I am learning to recognize the enemy and his tactics more clearly. In fact, it was your Bible Dictionary definition of ‘sluggard’ that prompted me to write this letter and make a donation, both of which I have delayed doing for too long. Keep up the good work! I pray for you regularly.”

“Thank you for doing what you do and for being faithful. Numerous times I have cross checked and verified information in your emails and found it to be reliable. Actually, ironically, I first became aware of you when a preacher (responsible for planting the ministry through which I got saved) called you a ‘garbage collector’ and so forth. I was already striving to be a Berean then and, even though I had no reason to question him, I decided to check things out for myself. I still respect him, but regarding you, and your work and ministry (at the very least), I disagree with him. I was surprised to find that you appeared to be sound and reliable (only because of what he has said). Ever since then, I have continued checking (and hope I continue to do so) and found you to be as I found you then. And I appreciate you, what you do, and that you do it faithfully. Proverbs 20:6. Please continue to stay faithful—He is worthy and many (I believe) are helped.”

“Thanks again for the updates [on Covid-19].”

“I see you are keeping great notes on the virus news - which I appreciate.”

“I just wanted to thank you with all my heart for all that you have done and are doing for the glory of God. Your website, books, and videos have been of inestimable value in my growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord. I have learned so much from your preaching and teaching. I have loved reading after men such as M.R. DeHann, Charles Feinberg, and Oliver B. Greene, and at one time thought that men like that were gone from the face of the earth as we are approaching the rapid end of the Laodiciean Church age and the Rapture is so wonderfully imminent! But when the Lord led me to your works years ago as a young Christian I was overjoyed as I devoured almost everything that you have written. I believe God placed you in this time as he did Esther, ‘For such a time as this’ to bolster and strengthen preachers like myself to boldly stand for the Word of God and to ‘earnestly contend for the faith’ as Jude spoke of.  I just wanted you to know that I am grateful for your obedience to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I may never meet you this side of heaven, but I am glad to call you my brother! Always praying for you, your family, and the ministry he has put you in. Keep looking up my brother the cavalry is soon coming!”

“Thank you for the excellent article, ‘The Coronavirus a Test of Christian Character.’ I had not realized how much I personally had been effected by the totality of this ‘pandemic.’ Actually, effected is not the correct word, corrupted is nearer the truth in my case. I read your article and saved it, leaving it open on my computer for several days. I continually went back re-reading it and pondering how our congregation was being effected by all of the events pertaining to Corona. Finally, the message penetrated that last 1/8 inch of cranium and I saw how much I had been effected. My joy was gone, positive attitude gone, productive mindset gone, anger was  becoming firmly ensconced. I was in trouble. I overhauled your article changing it into an outline for preaching; re-titled it Heart Disease in the Body of Christ, got on my face before God and repented of my sinful attitudes and worldly position concerning current events and sought pardon and mercy. Glory to God, the blood still reaches to the deepest stain and joy can be restored! What a difference! I had not realized how dark my soul had become and am now rejoicing in the God who holds my times in His hands. Thank you again for tireless efforts and your tremendous ministry.”

“I like the ‘challenges’ you issue on what the Christian’s view should be. Those are great. I have tried and tried here to get people to read some of those. I sent ‘The Coronavirus Crisis: A Test of Christian Character
to my pastor and told him that everyone in the church should read that. Next time he saw me he said ‘Got your note, started reading the report but got interrupted and never got back to it.’ The is a standard response. So sad.”

“Thank you for the Coronavirus updates. They have been very informative and helpful to many of us! Thank you for taking the time to research and to send these excellent reports!”

“I am using the ‘How to lose your child before they are 5 years old’ section of your book [Keeping the Kids] to preach on family relationship and child rearing right now.”

“Brother, this is an excellent work [‘Holiness: Pitfalls, Struggles, and Victory’]. I thank God for it. It is greatly edifying.”  

“I have been tremendously blessed by your ministry and your strong stand against everything that is wrong! That is so very rare in the day that we live in! ... My family and I have recently started watching your new series entitled  ‘The Satanic Attack on Sacred Music’ and it has been a great blessing to us. We have also watched many of your other video series and have learned a lot! I have really enjoyed reading your daily Way of Life emails. Thank you for your ministry and your encouraging and faithful  stand with Christ and God's Word. Please continue to stay faithful to the Lord!”

“As I once again read your missionary letter and study your book on Hebrews I just say thanks to God for using you to help people all over the world. Many may think that you have it so bad in South Asia but really if I stop and think about the situation in many ways the people there are better off there then here in North America. I don’t know anybody that would make there own timeline of bible history in a few weeks, I have not heard of many people gotten saved etc. Anyways thank you for your writings, thank you for the coronavirus updates, they have helped me keep a proper perspective on the situation. Also thank you for keeping your material so cheap yet the stuff that is in there very rich and helpful. Our whole family is using your resources regularly if not daily, it is good for homeschooling, devotions, help for preaching, etc.”

“Has Bro. Cloud written and published Commentaries which can be purchased? I would give Plasma at a record rate to be able to purchase ‘book-type’ commentaries from this man. I am already enjoying the articles.”

“WHAT A MONUMENTAL WORK! WOW!” [referring to
The History and Heritage of Fundamentalists and Fundamental Baptists]

“I have been greatly blessed by your ministry and your personal testimony. As a Bible college senior who loves the ministry and hopes to plant a church someday, I can’t tell you how encouraging it is for me to listen to your love for God and separation from the world.”

“Thank you for continuing to labor in all you and Linda do, and continuing to labor in your writing ministry!  These are certainly difficult times. I teach our Young Singles (18-25 year old) Sunday School class, and all your material provides great information for my classes. Most recently, your articles on responding to this Coronavirus situation and government are very helpful not only for me and my family, but for teaching and leading my young singles. We pray for you regularly here at church!”

“Excellent words, dear Brother [‘What in the World Is Happening?’]. I am thankful for the ministry God has given you: it is most encouraging and exhorting in these days. Keep on keeping on for our Blessed Lord.”

“Thank you so much for your wonderful article on Judging / non-judgmentalism.  It is much needed today, as you rightly state that there is much confusion about this.”

“Thank you for this biblical, spiritual, & wise perspective & input in the Lord into the current situation.” [“Questions for Antifa/Black Lives Matter,” June 8, 2020]

“Spot on Brother. Great analysis. Antifa and BLM have a presence over here now too [Australia], stirring racial hatred.”

“As a Christian who is African-American, all I have to say to this is ‘Amen!  Keep preaching truth Brother!!’”

“Finally something that does not submit to bullies and is factual. Thank you for it.”

“Your article today is the best article I’ve read on this whole matter. Can I try to get that to the President? I’m serious. I can try to tweet or email the White House.”

“Thanks for the COVID-19 updates and bringing some sanity to the subject.”

“Agreed!  Turn off the news and turn on the prayer.  [‘For those Frustrated by Coronavirus and Rioting,’ June 15, 2020] These ‘conservative' programs are tearing down believers and tearing up churches and have been for years. A few years ago, a pastor of a good conservative Baptist Church where we were members was standing in the aisles of the church building crowing about Glen Beck, about what a great Christian he was. This was a man who would regularly send out ‘Obama hates America!’ type emails filled with conspiratorial lies about the President, as though you needed to embellish the evil President Obama did.  It was so perverse; a pastor lying to defend his political allies and lying to attack his political enemies. No good comes from that. I thank God we have President Trump as our President, instead of Mrs Clinton.  However, I harbor no misconceptions that he will deliver us from evil.  Only righteousness exalts a nation. Your message is a good exhortation.”

“Dear Brother Cloud hope this finds you and your family well. We have been quite thankful for your covid reports but never got around to saying so. Also your Black Lives Matter article was so stirring, Thank you.”

Thank you Bro Cloud for this article. [‘For Those Frustrated by Coronavirus and Rioting’] Yes, I admit to being caught-up in all the frenzy, trying to rely on reputable news sources to keep abreast of the situations. The more I tried to be informed, the more frustrated I became with all the insanity. I allowed myself to let the ‘news’ influence me more than it should. Indeed, we live in perilous times, all the more reason to endeavor to do The Lord’s Work as best we can.”

“I want to know that your ministry has been a great encouragement to us in the last while. We have been going through your series on Building a NT Church, Satanic Attack on Sacred Music, and re watching Keeping the Kids. This has been a great blessing. We have also found your Covid-19 updates helpful in sorting through all the slanted media through these times.”

“Great article.” [“Lewis Sperry Chafer’s
True Evangelism,” June 24, 2020]

“When I saw the title of your article, I thought that perhaps your article might go after Chafer for his Calvinism. I was a little surprised but delighted in what I read, and I will be recommending this article to many. And I was not aware of the intense opposition Chafer's book received from Rice and others. I agree with you that Chafer took a God-centered approach to evangelism. ... Great job.”

“Thank you Bro Cloud for this most excellent and insightful article, I really needed it!” [“Is It Time to Bear Arms? Response to ‘Churches Must Address Fundamentals, Not Symptoms,’” June 29, 2020]

“So…very…well…stated! Preach it!” [“Is It Time to Bear Arms? Response to ‘Churches Must Address Fundamentals, Not Symptoms,’” June 29, 2020]

“I really appreciated this today and I am in agreement with you on this. [“Is It Time to Bear Arms? Response to ‘Churches Must Address Fundamentals, Not Symptoms,’” June 29, 2020] I do speak out against these things in my church and I do know of other preachers that are as well. I am not perfect but I am sincerely asking the Lord for spiritual courage to continue to do that which is right and to be a Holy Spirit led faithful steward. I agree that the core problem of America and the church generally speaking is wickedness. I do believe the answer is not in politics or conservative activism. I do believe we ought to exercise our liberties such as the right to bear arms speech etc. However, I believe if the gospel does not get preached, sin exposed and a call to repentance made then there will be no change either in America or the church. I personally believe too many pastors and Christians have put too much emphasis and trust in conservatism and republicanism and not what is right according to God's Holy Word. I am happy and rejoice when these three areas are on the side of the Lord but they are clearly too often on the side of the god of this world and not the Lord Jesus Christ. Praying the Lord will work and direct my life and other pastors to have a proper focus on exercising the perfect will of God in this time. I want to be faithful and be found on the side of the Lord. Brother, I pray for you and I have been richly blessed by your ministry.”

“I commend you in Jesus’ glorious name for holding to the spiritual war we are in, not a flesh and blood one (Eph 6:10-20). You prudently did not take the bait (not intended as such by the sincere writer), and you held your ground fairly and rightly. We can live comfortably while seeking the peace of the Babylon we live in (Jer 29:4-7), even giving thanks for any Nero in authority (I Tim 2:1-3). We must not meddle with the Limbaugh and Beck list you provided (Pr 24:21-22), for our kingdom is not of this world, so we do not fight (John 18:36). ... I have sent you a few bucks, sir, for your labors are very valuable for many. No need to respond. You are busy enough. Keep doing what you are doing. Affectionately in our Leader and Commander (Is 55:4).”

“You are among the few Christians that are presenting and emphasizing the spiritual over the flesh as an answer to the current distress of our country. Thank you.”

“I know you are busy, but I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your ministry.  Your books and website have been a great help to me over the years.  Thank you for all of your hard work for the countless articles and publications made available to us with the push of a button.”

‘I would like to thank you for all of the time that you put into to preparing helpful materials for believers. Over the years, I have been blessed by your ministry in a multitude of ways. At present, I find myself (as a public school teacher) preparing for the fall and the required professional development we will have about race. Over the past few weeks, I have been pouring over related materials, in order to fully equip myself for the battle that is coming. I have been reading a book called ‘Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You,’ by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi that is a recommended read for students, in order to know what messages that my students will be hearing and repeating. The general idea of the book is that America is bad - racist to the core - and we must ‘rise up’ and do something about it. What has been troubling to me is that when I attempt to fact check’ the ‘history’ that is presented in the book, I find no critical reviews of the book, or the authors, and  the websites that come up related to those historical events have ‘conveniently’ all been recently updated. I want to thank you for the materials that you have been sharing as of late; this is a direct answer to prayer!  I have been asking the Lord for solid resources to counteract all of this historical revisionism, and on several occasions, you have posted articles about the exact issues I was having  (‘America and Slavery,’ and ‘Black American Conservatives’). I am certain that this research takes much time, and energy, as I know that my own futile attempts have; and I am truly grateful to the Lord for your willingness to share this invaluable information. Thank you for your many years of faithful service and for the helpful resources you provide - so many of which are free!”

“I am one of the regular attendees of your Bible conference every January in the Philippines. Last year, I bought your USB preacher’s library. And I would like to thank you for providing a good Bible materials to us. My wife and I were able to finish reading some of your books like Keeping the Kids, Woman and Her Service, A Portrait of Christ and many more, using our mobile devices. We also use your materials like the Sowing and Reaping and the powerpoints of Bible Ancient Times in our family altar time. It is a blessing to us to have the kind of teaching that are full of sound doctrine and not just a shallow teaching. As the head of our one-on-one discipleship ministry in our church, that is just starting, I am praying to use your One Year Discipleship Course as the teaching material of our discipleship ministry.”


“I just read your article titled A plea to the Clarke Family. First of all I would ask when was the last time you personally led someone to Jesus Christ? I ask this because I have found most critics are just professional critics and really don’t have a burden for the lost. They seek to gain popularity by bashing others that are accomplishing something. I don’t really know much about you nor do I care to but I know your type. ‘Believe like me or you are a heretic.’ Misinterpreting scripture to fit your opinions. People like you are why so many walking away from the faith. Why don’t you just do as Christ commanded instead of trying to espouse music theory that no one cares about. I like the Clark Family’s music. It has helped  me and many others I know. You have not. Why don’t you focus on your problems and quit trying to force your opinions on others.”

“Your ministry is so full of hate. It nauseates me. Jesus did hate, but He wasn't full of it. When are you going to leave room for love?”

“As long as people like you are alive, Christian Pharisaism will not go extinct. The Bible is very important. However, for you, it is to beat people over the head with. Heard of Bibliolatry?”

“Doubling down on your pride [referring to ‘Conspiracies, Conspiracies, Conspiracies,’ enlarged, April 8, 2020]. Perfect. That fits your personality to a T. You use the mouthpiece God gave you to mock. It’s like a child with no control over their mouth.  Be a man of God. There will always be outliers who are crazy. As for you, we are all seeing your venality shrouded in so called truth. You have wickedness in you that should be purged but nope. “He that reproveth a scorner getteth to himself shame: and he that rebuketh a wicked man getteth himself a blot. Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee: rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee.” Proverbs 9:7-8 KJV I understand what you are now.”

“Gail Riplinger is a Godly woman ‘in Christ Jesus’ & the only one being bombastic, shrill, mocking and sensational is whoever wrote this lying mean spirited article and should be ashamed of themself & repent. Shame on you, shame on you & shame on you.” [This sharp rebuke of a preacher is from a woman.]

“Just read that article [‘Mormonism’] and very shortly (since you have so busily explained that you are busier than anyone haha) want to say that I have nothing but pity for you for the lies you have told In This article, as you will be forced to meet your maker someday. That you would consider Ed decker/Becker? A proper source for this kind of review is Quite astonishing and you should be ashamed. I guess you don’t care to be accurate Go right to the source and Ask your Heavenly Father if he is proud of you and I hope like Paul fall to the ground in stunned silence for poorly influencing God’s people with untruths that serve your purpose. It truly is all lies from beginning to end. As always the source is everything. If you really want to know what LDS people believe So you don’t embarrass yourself again, ask one of them, not one of the exes! For Pete’s sake that’s so stupid!”


“JUST THE TRUTH BE KNOWN AND stop living an IFB LIE. ... I leave you with this: Then said Paul unto him, God shall smite thee, thou whited wall: for sittest thou to judge me after the law, and commandest me to be smitten contrary to the law? BYE FOREVER.”

“Hi Satanic Fellow Spirit Beings, 1. ARE YOU PREPARED TO SPIRITUALLY WITHSTAND A FAKE RAPTURE? 2. Benjamin Netanyahu Proposes Mark of The Beast, Calls For All Children To Be Microchipped First 3. It’s Official! Benjamin Netanyahu Proposes Mark of The Beast 4. So what do you satanic fellow spirit beings think of the above with these, The Antichrist and the Third Temple 5. The Fake Armageddon 6. Trump, Armageddon, Satanism and the Deep State...”