Resolution on Promise Keepers
October 29, 1995
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
Pennsylvania Regular Baptist Churches (PARBC), 1995

Whereas Promise Keepers, a men's organization begun in 1990, has
been growing numerically and spreading rapidly its misleading
influence across the nation, especially through annual and
regional conferences attended by hundreds of thousands of men;

Whereas Promise Keepers aggressively aims and labors to involve
and incorporate thousands more into its enterprise along with
multitudes of churches of diverse denominations and beliefs; and

Whereas Promise Keepers, by its teachers and teachings, is
directly linked to the charismatic movement, relies heavily on
modern humanistic psychology, has close connections to apostate
global ecumenicism, and tolerates other gospels (see Galatians
1:6-9); and

Whereas some of those Promise Keepers' teachers and teachings
even promote unspeakable things regarding the reasons for
physical circumcision as ordered by God, the true manhood of
Jesus Christ, and congratulatory "celebrating the experience of
sin" as boys become men; and

Whereas Promise Keepers undermines the authority of Holy
Scripture, violates the Bible's teachings on separation,
superimposes man's philosophies and traditions upon God's truth
which leads to life, liberty, and godliness; and

Whereas Holy Scripture repeatedly warns and instructs us
regarding such things as Promise Keepers, making it clear we
must not give support or remain silent when men, organizations,
or movements deceive men and lead them away from the truth; and

Whereas Promise Keepers, while professing to foster godly
manhood and biblical unity, ushers men into serious doctrinal
error and unbiblical fellowship;

Therefore be it resolved that we, the messengers of the PARBC,
meeting at Bethel Baptist Church, Sellersville PA, April l7 and
18, 1995, sound the alarm and warn our brethren and churches
regarding Promise Keepers: the serious faults and errors within
Promise Keepers' structure and teachings place the organization
way outside the safeguards God's Word puts around us so that we
might be godly men who love Jesus Christ and keep His
commandments. We also resolve to keep to Holy Scripture (the
Word of truth) which is God's way for fostering true godliness
and unity. We resolve to promote God's Word and work in our
churches so that men might grow in Christ-likeness and serve
Christ in genuine fellowship. Amen.

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