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From Bro. Clouds Mailbox - Aug. 2011

August 17, 2011

David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
From time to time, I publish some of the goodies from my interesting mailbox, and many people have told me that they enjoy reading these things.


Just a note to thank you for standing for the truth of God's unchanging word, in the middle of a rapidly changing world. Though you come under vicious attack and criticism at times for your writings, I have watched your ministry for years, and thank the Lord for your zeal for the truth, desire to speak the truth in love, and and willingness to be reviled and not return evil for evil. God keeps accurate score, and still is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. May the Lord continue to supply your every need and bless your labor for Him.”

“I'm not sure if I know how best to explain what I mean, but I have run into two pastors while on deputation that have been greatly influenced by your Internet work. Neither men should not be as strong as they are, but lacking the proper loyalties to the Independent Baptist establishments, they follow your ministry closely. There are two significant points to this: 1) The Independent Baptists are no longer loyal to the truth, but to the politics in our movement. Without those loyalties, good men are drawn to the truth. These loyalties (always involving bigness) take men down a path of heresy (especially with regards to repentance). (2) The second reason, which is the reason I am writing to you, is that what you are doing is so very important! By God's grace, you are making a great impact. The level of hostility against the truths you are teaching reveals the broad impact you are making. In addition, there are many good men who have learned how to be strong by the teaching they get from your material. Keep up the battle for truth! Many of us are praying for you! If you can think of a way I can be a help to, please let me know. You have already been a great help to me. God bless!”

I do appreciate David Cloud’s ministry. Honestly I would have been shipwrecked years ago. I know sadly many Christians cannot handle his ministry. I just remind them that many were upset at Jeremiah’s ministry too. Someday I will meet up with him and thank him personally.”

“We just wanted to send a note of encouragement and appreciation for these Music for Good or Evil DVDs. We just finished watching them, and they are what we have been searching for for several years. We have gleaned helpful information from other books, but this ties it all together in a concise format. We appreciated the emphasis on proving all things including music by the Bible. Seeing and hearing the examples has been very helpful as well. Several specific things that you preached against are things that our church is starting to get involved in. Our pastor has preached against Christian rock music and that music is not neutral. Unfortunately, he thinks he can maintain a ‘tight grip’ on questionable music (cleaned up CCM, Southern Gospel, Gaither, etc.) even though we mentioned an example of another church whose pastor did the same thing. That church went completely contemporary and Rick Warren style soon after the founding pastor retired--the ‘grip’ was gone. ... It is sad to see that he has been desensitized to the music because of its emotional appeal. Thank you for your time and effort researching and making this information available.”

“Thank you for your faithfulness and service to our Lord. I came upon your website many years ago. That was the first time I had even heard the phrase ‘new evangelical.’ Furthermore, I didn't realize I was one. The Lord used your articles to open my eyes and He granted me repentance. Praise the Lord! Your articles have been such an encouragement.”

“Your exposure of compromises in various areas in the Independent Baptist world is unique, important, scarce, documented, truthful, and absolutely necessary in the theological downhill slide we are experiencing today. Don't allow the untruthful, unkind, cruel, and outrageous ‘slings and arrows’ deter you from your God-called task of being a needed ‘watchman’ for Bible-believing Christianity.”

“I am really heartbroken at the condition of Highland Park and TTU. If the church and school had heeded the warnings of men like yourself, it might still be the vibrant ministry that you and I remember from our days there in the 70's. Please continue sounding the alarm in this apostate hour.  Our country, our churches, and our world need more men like yourself who do not bow down to denominational pressure and who speak the truth in love, regardless of the consequences. I pray that God will continue to bless your ministry at Way of Life.”

“I watched the live streaming of the
History of the King James Bible, it was truly a blessing and encouragement. I thank the Lord for your ministry and materials that you have supplied and made available.”

“Just wanted to drop a note to encourage you and say thank you for the heart you have for the brethren. I believe your desire is for them to see where we are and where we should be and get there! I know that often you must do like David and ‘encourage yourself in the Lord,’ but sometimes, like Paul in Acts 28, it's good to get a boost from the brethren.”

“I say this tongue in cheek but with some seriousness. Start an 81mg aspirin regiment. Your gonna need it, because its only going to grieve the heart even more in the coming years I'm afraid. And we need you around as long as possible. Just hope your not the last trump to sound the warnings. I have a very difficult time keeping this [CCM] out even in the churches we have planted because it is so pervasive, like the last stages of cancer. I have had supporting churches visiting us that bring it in, never mind the radio, TV, other ministries, etc. etc. ... The biggest hurdle is that the music is justified by men and there are plenty out there willing to put their stamp of approval on it. But as for me and my house.”

“Thank you brother Cloud for the way you responded to Reed and the Schaap in your article.  We stand with you brother and pray for you and the ministry the Lord has you doing.  Keep standing firm and know that there are many of us IB preachers out here that see the same things you see and it makes us sick at what is happening in IB movement. Reed and Schaap tell what's in their hearts just by the way they respond to solid Bible truth that shows up their efforts to be unbiblicial. When God says in His Word that what comes from the mouth comes out the heart you can sure see what's in Reeds Heart.  Anyway we love and pray for you and please don't ever change!!! Keep standing we appreciate what you do.”

“I know you are not deterred by this criticism. Keep doing the good gospel work in S. Asia and do keep writing and producing all this good material for us in the States. I have been teaching through your Advanced Bible Study series in SS for many years now, with great profit for myself and those in the congregation. Your books on CCM and Rock Music which you wrote back in the late 90's were instrumental for awakening me to this subtile danger and helped me to remain a separated, independent Baptist. I appreciated the spirit in your article about Lancaster.”

“Excellent response to Clayton Reed. Well written. Be not weary in well doing.”

“Once again I want to encourage you to keep up your ministry. It has been a blessing to many and a wakeup call to the unsuspecting. I am awed by what through organization and hard work you have accomplished for the Lord.”

“I am utterly appalled by the insulting nature of Reed's original commentary in response to your exposure of WCBC/LBC's music. As such, I want to compliment today's response to Reed insofar as it proves yet again that you are not the 'pig' or 'bully' your critics say that you are and as you, as you have consistently done, tried to refocus the discussion on the issue at hand - that is, the use of questionable music from questionable sources in IFB churches. Thank you for sticking to your guns and setting a wonderful example for young men such as myself.”

“Wow! What a gracious and wonderful response [to Clayton Reed], Brother Cloud.”

“I have been following your work for many, many years. Everything I have read by you has never come remotely close to that of a bully or Peter Ruckman. You've always stated the facts and then given scriptural reference to back up your statement. Never have you been cruel or malicious.”

“Thank you so much for your ministries.Your study guides and books have helped my walk with the Lord, my marriage and witnessing to become stronger each year. I also have been greatly educated by your emails and Friday church news.”

“Thanks so much for your ministry!  I am a pastor in a conservative Mennonite church.  Thanks for the discernment and clarity you offer in these perilous times.  May God bless you!”

“I will be exhorting as many people that I know to your writings and your website. Your work has helped 3 or 4 saints mightily here in Southern England, saving us all from false versions (3 people from the NIV.)”

“I was looking at a reading list of books to give my homeschooled 16 yr old daughter for a class I am calling ‘Spiritual Studies.’ Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ by Jeanne Guyon was on that list. I looked on Amazon and found many positive reviews. There was one, however,  that put up a red flag for me.  I googled the title and ended up at your website. Thank you thank you for providing this information for people like me.  I hate to think what could have happened to my impressionable daughter's mind if I would have given her that book. (This is why I was looking at each and every book on that list in the first place!) I just wanted to let you know that you helped a sister in Christ "out there" and her children.”

“I read with sadness the 30 Sep article ‘Contemporary Music Brings Great Change to Churches.’ ... I wanted to say that of all the entries, the Bethlehem Baptist Church entry was the saddest to me; the other churches listed are ones that I have either heard of their downward trend before, or they were unknown to me. But Bethlehem Baptist Church was one of the churches I visited with a view to joining in 1987.  So, it was sad to hear of their downward trend, more than the others. I am thankful to God that He has allowed me to be a member of churches that have kept to high music standards, although if I try to discuss this with believers that attend other churches, they mock those beliefs, and dismiss them with the comment that they are merely preferences that one generation is trying to impose upon another. Keep up the good work!”

“I don't usually respond, but the article concerning CCM posted on Sept. 30 was excellent. This is the bane of our day & I hope the Lord uses these warnings to stop some of this perversion.  I am sending it to some preachers I know & I hope it strengthens them to the fight.”

“Thank you for the current article on contemporary music. This is such an issue today and one that many don't fully understand the end result of.  Two weeks ago, I had a meeting with everyone associated with the music program at Victory Baptist. This included the Music Director, choir members, special music individuals and our orchestra leader and its members. For some time it seemed that some of the songs being used were leaning in the wrong direction. Most of these songs were being sung as specials, but came from sources that we thought were trustworthy.  After some investigation and the use of some of your articles, I found these songs were not appropriate for use at Victory. The songs in question were ‘As the Deer,’ ‘For those Tears I Died,’ and ‘There is a Redeemer.’ Two of these songs are in the Majesty hymnbook. ... I believe every Pastor needs to take a close look at the music program in their church and understand that contemporary music in any form never accomplishes anything spiritual or godly in the end. Thank you for your study in this area. I have relied heavily on your work to ensure we have a music program at Victory Baptist that is pleasing unto the Lord.”

“I want to take a moment and thank you for authoring the ‘One Year Discipleship Course.’ It has been extremely helpful to me in my personal walk with God. I have used the lessons as Sunday School material for the past few months. As a result I have seen three of my students come to Christ, repent of their sins and be saved. This has occurred over the past eight week period of time. These people are all in the Senior Adult class at our church. A fourth student has also acknowledged that at the very least she is backslidden and at the worst she is unsaved. I am praying that the Holy Spirit will continue to work in her heart and show her what her condition truly is. It was astounding (to me) to see a lady that had attended our church for over sixty years come and acknowledge that she had never been saved. She had been baptized with no testimony of salvation previous to her baptism. I had that happen twice in three weeks. I appreciate the effort you put into these lessons and the way that God has used them to effect revival in our class. Please continue to be the help that you have been to this Sunday school teacher.”

“Thank you so much for all the materials you provide through your ministry. Our family is benefiting greatly - we were involved in the Pentecostal stream for nearly thirty years!  But thanks to God, He has provided a way out of falsehood and into truth. We've been watching your dvd's on Music - Good or Evil. My husband who has played for many years as a guitarist in pentecostal churches, was so stirred by your dvd's that he immediately got up and threw away his CD's and deleted the files from Itunes! I also watched your DVD about dressing for the Lord. I have worn jeans for years - and had trouble remembering when I last wore a skirt/dress.  After watching your dvd, I was so stirred and within two days, God provided a complete new wardrobe for me from the second hand clothing stores!  I believe I have been given back what the enemy had stolen - that it's okay and right to be feminine in the Lord!”

“I was very interesting to read about Falwell's 'progression.’ Thank you for tracking it [in the article ‘Contemporary Music Brings Great Changes’]. It seems as though there is a hidden agenda against God's people through the modern worship movement.  Under the guise of 'loosening up' a lot of churches are welcoming in ecumenism. Frankly, I don't think most pastors understand the dangers of ecumenism. ... I think a lot of people have Falwell's mentality - that music is neutral. ... I grew up on contemporary rock music - not christian at all - and as I hear the lyrics, well, it seems they just are manipulating people's emotions. Why would someone want that - whether they are Christian or not. The merging and blurring of biblical christianity and catholicism is what ecumenism is all about.  It is a pity that the pastors are not more aware and alert.”

“Just want to say that you’re a great inspiration to me. I respect your stand for separation and exposing false teachers. I know you receive a lot of hate mail. You’re no pharisee my brother. God Bless Way of Life.”

“So many have been blessed by Way of Life Literature: the Encyclopedia, For Love of the Bible, etc., which helped me down the road to get out of neo-evangelicalism.”

“I just wanted to thank you for taking a stand & proclaiming what the Bible teaches. I attend an independent fundamental Baptist church that is slowly allowing CCM music to creep in. The dress is ridiculous. The church may soon find itself without another member. The pastor keeps saying that once people become saved, the Holy Spirit will tell them what kind of music to listen to and how to dress and how to act. Yes, He surely does--but it certainly helps to have Bible preaching on it!! I am grieved for my church and wish it were different. But as a young lady, I can only do so much. I pray often & lead a girl's Bible study. I just wish the pastor would take a stand. All that to say--thank you. May the Lord richly bless you as you continue to serve Him.”

“Thank you so very very much for all your good work. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all that you do. Please take care of yourself - you are greatly needed in these perilous times.”

“A hearty ‘Amen!’ to the whole Friday News Notes publication [Nov. 5, 2010]. Well stated and Biblically sound in every respect. Your cautions and perspective is not shared by a wide scope of ‘evangelicals’ in America who would even (at times) says they are conservative in their philosophy of governance, but who are deeply immersed in the emerging atmosphere of false worship of gods of their own making. Laodicea is probably the most significant spiritual disease in that such folks ‘do not know’ they are poor and blind and naked. God help us in these times of needed revival and awakening to the whole counsel of God seeking those who will worship Him in both Spirit and truth.”

“I read all of your email articles. Stay the course and be encouraged in the Lord. We can never be men pleasers in serving the Lord. His approval is all that has ever mattered. I thank God for your stand and what your ministry means to me. I count you one of my closest friends on earth. The Lord has given me an understanding to know and appreciate His truth and those who bear His message (1 John 5:20). Bro. ------- and Bro. ------- are the only other two me that are in my acquaintance (of the preachers I know) that I feel this way about. All others in my acquaintance are compromisers and smile too much.”

“Can I just praise the Lord for you and this article! [“Seven Keys of Fruitful Church Membership”] I have been struggling with some of these very things and the Lord has used it to confirm what He is trying to teach me in my own immaturity. His timing is perfect and I am so grateful. He has provided a wonderful pastor for me and I am so thankful for what I am learning. Amen and God bless you.”

“If Christianity continues to get watered down to satisfy all, eventually it loses enough nutrition to sustain life. We now have so many spiritually famished Christians that think they are full, yet they accept any worldly offer of ‘full’filment (1 Cor 11:30). What it needs is to be heated up, boiled down, and ‘consecrated’ -- like the early church was. Keep repeating the message of truth till there is no one left to hear.”

“I know the ‘heat’ must be on you Bro. Cloud. I wanted to personally thank you for staying with the TRUTH and VOICING it! Praying for your work in SE Asia and your Way of Life ministry.”

“This article is just another reason your material is so needful. [“Seven Keys of Fruitful Church Membership”] It is often a hammer blow that drives the nail in one hit. As usual well written, please stay strong in the LORD and continue till the last breath or the trump sounds. We all need  this kind of teaching... from more not less sources which the latter seems to prevail and makes yours ever more valuable and needful.”

“As a seeker of truth no matter how much it may hurt ‘my flesh’ at first, it is very easy to get carried away with details attempting to eliminate all error and expect others to be on the same level of understanding. Thank you for from the bottom of my heart for this balanced and scriptural discussion [“Seven Keys of Fruitful Church Membership”] of a very very very important topic.”

“The excellent ministry of Way of Life has been a tremendous help and blessing to me. If it wasn't for Brother Cloud’s strong bold preaching against rock music and worldliness, I would probably still be a worldly Christian today. Please pray for the young people in Baptist churches in N. Ireland as worldliness is a huge problem here among fundamental evangelicals. You will continue to be in my prayers.”

“Brother Cloud's information is the primary source for me. Thank you Brother Cloud for your faithfulness.”

“I truly appreciate your ministry. It is a tremendous help to my family and me. Keep standing for the truth. Very few others have remained uncompromised. I pray that you will remain faithful in exposing the apostasy of this age.”

“I own your ‘Rome and the Bible’ book. It is fantastic. My first undergrad degree was in history. The research is top notch.”

“I just am so thankful for someone who studies the Word, takes the time to develop thoughts into words for people like me who just seek to know what is right and what is wrong.  A preacher's influence is so great in a person's life, that I have had to figure out why I do what I do, believe what I believe  and whether or not it has been based on the Word of God or an institution's influence. This is a huge problem among many of my friends as well....but thankfully, I can answer them a little more knowledgeably because you take time to write it down WITH SCRIPTURE.”

“I have been in Maine for 15 years and seen the foolishness of easy prayerism.  It's sickening!  The God of Heaven has helped us to see several churches started and souls saved.  We see a few each year.  I wish their was more but conversion does not come without conviction and repentance.”

“I just want to say that I am very impressed with all of the materials available in your bookstore. Especially the Fundamental Baptist Digital Library and the WOL Encyclopedia! I will use these materials as my main reference library.”

“We have been absolutely blessed with your current DVDs. We purchased every disk in the store while the Australian dollar was high.  I have lent the Charismatic/Pentecostal and KJV series to our pastor and he also is excited about the possibility of using them to ‘reprogram’ the odd ex-pentecostal we seem to attract.”

“I appreciate all you do for pastors and churches, you cry aloud and spare not, you search and research, study and give of yourself. Thank you is not nearly enough, but I do thank you.”

“I absolutely love this ministry!!!! Praise God and thanks Way of Life team!!!!”

“Thank you for your ministry! I am have been greatly blessed by your website and magazine. Your articles have been a tool for me to use with my congregation. When I first arrived, I referenced some of Billy Graham's error and compromise. When a member approached me regarding the statements that I had made, I was able to take him to your website where he could read for himself much of Graham's failures. On another occasion, I preached against Christian Rock, and several individuals again approached me for more information. Your articles are so vast, the quotes are so numerous, they are a real asset.  I pointed several to your website to read more on the errors of CCM. Recently, I was teaching some of my soulwinners regarding the unfortunate soulwinning techniques of many fundamental churches (quick prayerism as you call it). They acknowledged its failures from their own experiences, and I had a terrific teaching moment!  I was able to point them also to your website and your excellent article on the need for repentance to be preached in soulwinning. I thought you should know that you have been a great asset to me and my church.  God bless you in your work for Him!”

“Excellent material! Thanks so much for your warning ministry. It is direct, clear, scriptural, and edifying without being unloving or uncaring. You are doing a great job helping others look out for the health of the sheep.”

“I was just reading your comments to the Jack Schaap supporter. We found our church through your Church Directory back in 2000, and we cannot thank you enough. I rely on my pastor for primary guidance on issues that come up, but I also frequently use your materials for reference on many subjects. I know you have done MUCH, MUCH study on these topics and I haven’t found one I disagreed with yet. In this day of apostasy, you are giving Christians like me tools to strengthen our daily Christian walk in this world (and among worldly Christians). I recently received the ‘Fundamental Baptist Digital Library’ and ‘Things Hard To Be Understood.’ They are really amazing, thank you! I can’t imagine the labor and study involved with putting that together. I REALLY appreciate your labor and study for the Lord. You have more of an impact in more lives than you probably know.”

“I'm so thankful to God for the preaching of men like David Cloud. I was very worried about the sins that I had done willfully when I knew they were wrong, and was very afraid. This sermon [‘Questions Answered on Eternal Security’] cleared up a lot for me, and from it, I come yet again to the conclusion that I can trust my soul with Jesus without any worry whatsoever. How foolish we can be in doubting the power of what our Lord accomplished on the cross.  We are safe, secure, forever. Praise God!”

“I and my family have benefited greatly in our spiritual lives through your Way of Life ministry, from the books to the articles to the books and DVD's. We listen to your sermons from Sermon Audio and they, too, are a great blessing.  We as a family are truly blessed of God because your obedience to Him. That, coupled with the fact that we sit under Godly preaching and teaching in our church from our pastors has helped us tremendously as we endeavor to be obedient to the Lord. We are, and we will continuously be, praying for you.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for the article on ‘quick prayerism.’ I was saved in a church that was heavy on soulwinning but with no expectations for the professed believer. My pastor was heavily influenced by Dr. Hyles. My pastor took me to pastor school twice in the first couple of years after I was saved. When I began pastoring, Curtis Hutson was my favorite preacher. ... I guess you could say that I have had to relearn much of my theology and methodology. It didn't take long after some independent study, and being exposed to another circle of preachers, to realize that much of what I had been taught, and was teaching my people was wrong. I still struggle with exactly how to describe repentance, but it is clear that ‘repentance unto God’ as Paul calls it, must involve conviction, and a willingness to see sin as God sees sin. It's also clear that one who has
truly had a conversion experience will, display outward evidence of that experience. For several years, I really struggled when trying to explain away several passages of scripture because of my failure to understand that concept. All because of the influence of Hyles theology. There is much I would love to say. I know you are a busy man. I just recently learned of your ministry, and wish you had time for me to ask a hundred questions, but as I can I will continue to search your site.”

“I thank you with all my heart for allowing God to use you in such a time as this. I pray for you and your family as you boldly share the truths of the Bible.  The Gospel message and the instruction of the Bible is being eroded daily.”

“I believe the IFB would be in a worse condition, if that is possible, if it were not for Godly men like yourself raising the alarm (Ezek 3:20). Keep up the great work because our God is a Holy God.”

“We are absolutely amazed at the depth and detail that Brother David goes into, for whatever subject he tackles.”

“I just wanted to say God has led you to speak the truth. I have been a conservative SBC pastor for 43 years and they have left what the Bible says and betrayed God and the Church. I truly enjoy your e-mail news briefs, I wish there were a way to communicate with you and blog.  May God use you richly to spread the Good news.”

“One thing for sure is that we are lacking in good study materials in Spanish and the Way of Life Sunday School material is wonderful.”

“I first would like to express my appreciation and thanks for the articles you have been sending my way. I have truly found many to be helpful, such that I have found opportunity to be strengthened, encouraged, and informed. No doubt, a lot of work goes into producing the materials distributed by FBIS, as they are well prepared. I have also enjoyed some of the literature that I have purchased through Way of Life Literature. I especially have found the Way of Life Encyclopedia to be a close companion in my sermon preparation. I also greatly appreciate your position on music and separation. May God continue to bless your endeavors as they would please Him.”

“The videos worked great. We just finished watching the prophecy series that I bought last month. We watched them on both a PC and Mac hooked to a TV. I am probably going to order another series soon. As missionaries in a country were its hard to hear good preaching, the videos have been a blessing.”

“I just finished Why We Hold to the King James Bible. I found it to be extremely well documented and researched. Moreover, I found it to be, not cold and intellectual, as are some books on the other side of this argument, but warm and devoted to the Word of God as o other book I have read on this subject. ... In fact, section V alone, the one about the unmatched heritage of the KJV, is worth two or three times what I paid for the entire book! I was several times in tears at the sacrifices of men like Wycliffe and Tyndale. It was very moving to read this section. Thank you so much for your labor of love on this volume. It is the best book on the subject I have read.”

“I am a regular reader of your Friday Church News Notes. I am also impressed by your work that the Lord has blessed over the years. As a deacon, the Lord has made it easier for me to teach Sunday School through the your work.”

“The whole world today ‘walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are
out of course.’ I believe with all my heart that God has called you, ‘for such a time as this.’ There very few men left in our day who send forth the truth from the King James Bible the way you do. I'm sure there are a few but personally I do not know of even one. ‘...all the foundations of the earth are out of course.’ That sure describes the day we are living in. Even the foundations of most Churches today are ‘out of course.’ Jesus is coming soon.”

“I want to thank you for your ministry it has been a great blessing in my life. I have purchased the Way of Life Encyclopedia, your library on Modern Bible Versions,  the Advanced Bible Study Series, and the audio cd of How to Study the Bible. The way I approach Bible reading, Bible study and marking my Bible has completely changed. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication in this area.”

“Thank you for having these pro-KJV books on sale for the 400th anniversary of the KJV! Much better info than what the big-time publishers are putting out. God bless you and your family!”

“The Friday Church News Notes continues to be a source of edification, education and exhortation to the church body. Praise God for your faithfulness in speaking the truth and holding forth the Word of Life.”

“Thanks so much for your materials. I am using your video series, ‘Israel: Past, Present, and Future,’ in an adult Sunday school class right now. We have completed 9 of 18 weeks. It's great material and very helpful to everyone, not to mention so very timely considering the events taking place in the Middle East.”

“I would also like to thank you for all the articles on various topics on your website. I was dealing with many spiritual issues between myself and a friend from an "emerging" type church about a year ago, and your articles helped me greatly. They gave me the Scriptures I needed to defend my stand, and also helped me to confirm that what I was doing was right. The information on your website is great source!”

“I want to say thank you for the literature that you produce and for remaining firm on what the Bible says, I have no doubt that you must receive some fierce persecution and some pretty mean emails. (Like the ones of late) Your life-changing sermon series that Way of Life put together was very good and very challenging to me; it brought me through [a time] when the church that we were a part of lost its pastor. A good godly church is so very important in the Christian life, we need good Bible preaching now more than ever. Your O Timothy magazine helped me to confirm a lot of the things that I already believed and knew were true but when you hang around with people that are not very biblically sound it starts to get you to doubt some of the things you already know. I see why Paul wrote to Timothy not to take part of vain babblings or to avoid foolish questions or give heed to Jewish fables etc.”

“Thank you!!!!  I just read the most recent post about CCM. One of the questions that is always brought up to me when people say well aren't the old hymns written by non-Baptists, or taken from a bar song. I could never get an answer back, but I do now, you said that you have never heard of a person listening to Fanny Crosby become a Methodist etc..  That is so awesome, praise God, it is so true, it only takes a little CCM for people to get deeper into it and I believe allows people to venture into secular rock. Keep up the good work. May God get the ultimate glory!”

“God bless your work and ministry, Brother Cloud. There may be a couple areas that I disagree with you, but I don’t count them as being that important, and I know that the Lord will sort us out in His time, so long as we are willing to see His will, more than our own.”

“Keep standing by the Word of God. I am encouraged that you are faithfully contending for the faith, once delivered. I am seeing the creeping CCM compromise making inroads to our church fellowship which we love dearly.”

“I was saved through Way of Life online Monday, March 14 at 7:00p.m. I was an Armstrong follower. I love David Cloud, because he preaches the strong word! I love O Timothy Magazine! God bless!”

“Thank you for your faithfulness under fire.  We need a preacher that will cry aloud and lift his voice as a trumpet against all of those who don’t really seem to care about staying separated to our Lord.”

“Keep telling the truth Bro. Cloud, you have thousands of readers out here who appreciate your work, but will never write you to say so.”

“Thank you for all your help to us over the last year or so. We left the pentecostal/charismatic movement and have been very grateful to receive your emailings and O Timothy online. We have joined an Independent Baptist Church and are enjoying fellowship with wonderful people of God.  Your ministry has been very influential for us. Thank you, Brother Cloud.”

“Thank you brother Cloud for all you do and you are more of a help to this preacher than you know. We love you out here as preachers and pastors for the stand you take and the clarity you bring to any subject you write about no matter who it is that is included in your writings (whatever big preacher or organization). I hate good ole boy networks and the problems they bring into a Christian’s life and I thank you for standing up to those kind even if they are good organizations like the the Sword. I just wish and pray that when the truth is brought forward that all those involved would repent and turn around say they were wrong, correct the error and then just keep going for Jesus instead of defending their error. God help us all as preachers and pastors to not get the big-head just because of the positions we hold. But thank you brother Cloud for all you do in keeping right in the Scriptures.”


“I know you are a heretic and a liar, is it true that you have lied about your credentials? On the Fighting Fundamentalist forum I read the following: ‘Heck [Tennessee Temple] was good enough david cloud even lied about going there. [Note from Brother Cloud: I replied to this pastor that I graduated from Tennessee Temple Bible School in 1977, which is a matter of public record, that I met my wife Linda there, and that we were married there during my school years by the Dean, Bruce Lackey. I also observed that the lack of character and the gross absence of any fear of God in some IBaptist circles is frightful and at least part of the cause is probably the fact that so many have merely prayed a prayer as opposed to having been born again by the Spirit of God.]

I happened across your website and its condemning of Brennan Manning's message. You sound like the very people that yelled crucify HIM about 2000 years ago. Religious piety, judging another and legalism will send you to the same place where you say Brennan is headed.”

I refuse to call you brother because I don’t believe that a person as hateful and spiteful as you could truly be saved. ... You have disturbed me for many years with your self righteous, egotistical, vehement dislike for other churches/leaders. I have personally visited WCBC and absolutely love Pastor Chappell. ... How can you live with yourself. You are destroying Christianity. People read your information and follow you word for word and don’t think to research for themselves. I’m ashamed that I have to share the faith with a person like you.”

“Perhaps you would do good to keep to your own practice of Christianity, and not attempt to be a scholar on others' practices; particularly where you have no authority or expertise.”

How sad it is to see the anti-Catholicism rhetoric on your website. This old and tiresome. This is a time for all denominations of Christianity to come together. Your anti-Catholicism is divisive. You claim that the church, started by Jesus Christ is a lie, and only until 1500 years later when Protestantism began did the real truth come out. Do you know who assembled the bible, choosing the books to be included? The Catholic Church, written by Saints of the Catholic Church, including the first Pope, Peter. I will pray for you and everyone who reads this misinformation. I will also pray for the conversion of all people affiliated with your ‘beliefs’ to the Catholic Church.”

“It’s been awhile since I’ve addressed your loony writings. ... your partisan politics that reflect God being on one side of the political spectrum and the rest of us devil worshippers is just about as ridiculous, but your story on Tim McVeigh is so out there that I won’t even comment.  Stupid, stupid and stupid.”

ear sir, I get your email every week. I must disagree with your heretical position on the end times. You teach the false pre tribulation rapture theory. You teach the false notion that the Church has not replaced old Israel. You are heretics of the first degree. If you don't repent, you will burn in the lake of fire. You teach that the King James Version of the Bible is the only true Bible. I can read Greek and Hebrew, the King James is by far THE WORST translation EVER.”

“I believe you need several doses of Spurgeon the great Baptist Reformer to help clear up your ‘cloud’ed views of election. And hopefully you will see who the true Israel really is as well.” [To which Brother Cloud replied, “Thankfully, ever since God saved me by His grace I have taken huge doses of Scripture so that I am not a follower of men--even good men--and certainly not of Augustinian theology.”]

“Why are you such haters on jack schaap? why not stop focusing stupid details. get out and lead someone to the lord. ... Do something better like soulwinning or preaching from the Bible and not having a book review for a church service. Does this guy have nothing better to do than trash on Schaap? This guy needs to get a life. Stop focusing on what other people are doing, and focus on winning those lost souls to Christ!”

[Note from Brother Cloud: We don’t hate Jack Schaap, but we are disgusted with his pomposity and we’re not going to ignore his heresies. The man who wrote this e-mail is spouting standard Jack Hyles theology (Hyles, Schaap’s father-in-law, is dead but his influence continues): ignore sin and error in the pew and pulpit and just do “soul-winning.” This supposedly covers a multitude of sins. Only the Lord knows how many adulterers and homosexuals Jack Hyles kept in the ministry through his interventions and influence and how many individual lives, families, and entire churches have been wrecked as a result. Even the Hyles brand of “soul winning” is corrupt. It is to manipulate people into praying a sinner’s prayer, with no hint at the necessity of repentance, and then counting them saved and giving them assurance regardless of whether there is the slightest evidence thereof. I call it Quick Prayerism, and it is a serious, even damnable error. This is a type of independent Baptist that I want nothing to do with and that makes me ashamed to be independent Baptist. By the way, those who know me know that I preach the Word of God and not book reviews, and as for winning souls, we have pioneered Baptist church planting in one of the darkest nations on this dark earth.]

“You could not be more off the mark.”

“The fact is, your exposure to and past affinity with the the devils that operate in that [hippie] culture make you more than usually susceptible to the wily and very subtle influences of such spirits. What I'm trying to do here is discern just what spirit you are of. ... Brother, there are seducing spirits at work in your life that you are ignoring to your own peril. Even John, and James came under the influence of a sprit they failed to recognize was not of the LORD. David, you know not what spirit you are of.”

“So you basically say that right after the New Testament was written, all of the Church got it wrong.  I think that I will trust the appointed successors of the Apostles in what the Church taught rather than a modern person so far removed from it. Logical fallacy exists with your regard for the New Testament as divinely inspired. The Catholic Church in the late 300's infallibly proclaimed that the 27 books of the New Testament and only those books are divinely inspired of the New Testament. You cannot logically accept the 27 books of the New Testament as divinely inspired without accepting the fact that the Church's pronounced was indeed infallible. Otherwise, the effect would be greater than the cause. May God allow you to see the Truth and have it set you free. I will pray for your salvation.”

[My reply to the last fellow was as follows: “A man will never find the truth through human logic. The truth is in God’s divine revelation to man. Jesus and the apostles prophesied a great falling away or apostasy (e.g., Mat. 7:15-17; 1 Timothy 4; 2 Tim. 3:5; 4:3-4; 2 Peter 2; Jude). This began to occur during the lifetime of the apostles, as we see from Jesus' addresses to the churches in Revelation 2-3, and it progressed rapidly. At the same time, the New Testament says there will continue to be true churches throughout the church age until Jesus' returns. Both streams can be traced through church history. As for the Roman Catholic council declaring the New Testament books canonical, that means nothing. They were inspired and canonical when they were given. The truth set me free 37 years ago when I was born again through repentance and faith in Christ and when my eyes were opened to the divine inspiration and sufficiency of the Holy Bible (66 books), and Rome can add nothing to it. The Scripture is able to make me perfect (2 Timothy 3:16-17). If you want more from me on this subject it is readily available in the book
Rome and the Bible. As for praying for my salvation, pray all you want. Pray to Mary or to Pope John Paul II or to Mother Teresa or to Santa Claus. But on the authority of God's Holy Word I was saved in 1973 when I repented of my wicked sin and called upon Jesus Christ to save me and my life was changed. I have His promises. Romans 10:10-13; 1 John 5:10-13.” David Cloud]

“Where do you draw the line? Which IFB churches are next on your hit list?”

[The following gracious and deeply compassionate e-mail is from a man who identified himself as a senior at West Coast Baptist College in response to my warnings about the music.] “Your hypocrisy and misinterpretation and out-of-context use of the Bible sickens me. May God have mercy on your soul you arrogant, raunchy man. I cannot help but wonder if those who call you ‘brother’ are sadly mistaken. Your choice of replies, continued attacks and unScriptural bellowing shows clearly who you are. I challenge you: post my previous email. Write a smart reply to the issues it addresses. Why haven't you? Because you're full of holes, arrogance and grotesque pride.”

“You are a disgrace to the body of Christ. I pray that God opens your eyes and you see what an injustice you are doing to God by playing the jury and judge on people. Judge not brother, lest you be judged even further. You need to read the words of Jesus Christ again. It's all about LOVE. When are you guys going to get it?”

“I would like to say that I think you are neglecting the 2nd greatest commandment.  Loving your neighbor.  All I see on your site is negativity...negativity towards your fellow man, and just an all out attitude of division that I find troubling, and I believe it is not how God intends for things to be.”

“I read your web page on Tongues and private prayer language.  You could not have been more off on the subject if you tried. You should study up on this because you are only making a fool of yourself with the nonsense on your web page.
Study the difference between the ‘Baptism of the Holy Ghost’  and ‘Divers Tongues.’”

“Because you are my elder, I must refrain from being as harsh as you need someone to be. You've become the bully of the IFB movement and I would gladly interact with the likes of Falwell, Jeremiah, etc. before I would ever submit myself to the arrogant man-made philosophies of your brand of mean spirited, take Scripture out of context foolishness. One thing is for sure, don't call me your Timothy, cause you are NOT my Paul. I am grateful for my IFB heritage. The training I received at Ambassador Baptist College is the best Bible education a preacher could have. They drilled a passion for the Word and a fire in my soul that has never left me. Our church has grown under nothing but red-hot preaching. ... you Sir, have a Cloud Complex. You need to build a bridge and get over yourself.”