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From Bro. Cloud's Mailbox - March 2017
March 2017
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
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From time to time, I publish some of the goodies from my mailbox, since many people have told me that they enjoy reading these things.


“Thanks for sending this article out [‘American, Politics and Spiritual Light’]; I needed the exhortation therein. It’s so easy to get caught up in the political fervor of this time and forget about the Lord and the light in his Word. The Lord used this article to set my mind right again.”

“Amen and Amen and AMEN!!! Thank you my brother. I know you have your critics and I know the ‘pond’ of truly conservative, biblical fundamentalists is shrinking, but these warnings [‘Soft Separatism,” July 7, 2016] need to be sounded. I appreciate the fact you aren’t holding a grudge against anyone, but just want people to understand the Biblical perspective of what it means to earnestly contend for the faith (Jude 3). Keep pressing on.”

“... it was your writings and my own issues with the Pentecostal movement and doctrine, which made me leave those Churches in 2004.”

“Thank you Bro. Cloud for your stand.  lt is refreshing to hear common sense truth in these days. Stay in the battle.”

“I don't think 98% of Independent Baptist churches have ANY type of warning ministry. I wouldn't be surprised if a large number of pastors have NEVER given a warning about anything or any person. I know that you know some men who do warn. But out in the rest of the Baptist world there is NO warning at all. It’s very sad. ... I'm talking about SIMPLE statements here, no big ministry of warning. As simple as warning about a man when you mention his book or writings.  Even though they may not agree with ‘liberalism’
(‘emerging’ issues such as CCM, ecumenism, etc) pastors allow them to slowly seep into their churches even though they know it is not right (not Biblical).  Yet, they don't allow for the ‘other side of the scale,’ such as someone wanting firm stands. If they have an assistant who wants to go a little bit contemporary thats OK for the sake of ‘unity,’ but if they have an assistant or church member who whats to go JUST BARELY ‘right’ of their comfort zone that's looked down upon.”

“I wanted to thank you for your ministry at Foothills Baptist Church in Loveland, Colorado, in May 2016. The Trojan Horse Conference was a help and a blessing to us. We appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness as well as your study, effort, expertise, and the messages that you gave. We are living in precarious times and the emergent church, contemporary Christian music, and doctrinless preaching are scourging our churches, rendering our ministries impotent, and changing the future into something far worse than what we already have. It is good to know that God’s way still works! Thank you so much for the time to write books. I was just looking at the number of books that I purchased while I was there and am thankful for the effort it took to publish them and make them available to others. God bless you!”

“During the summer of 1980 there was an all night southern gospel singing at the Boutwell auditorium in Birmingham, Alabama. There was also a huge rock concert going on at the civic arena. My plan was to pass out tracts at the rock concert then head over to the gospel singing. While walking up the alley way beside the Boutwell Auditorium, I stopped to witness to a young man all dressed up beside a side entrance. I asked him if he died today would he go to heaven. He said he didn't know for sure. I witnessed to him. That young man was Joel Hemphill. I asked him concerning the members of his group if salvation was necessary for being part of the group or was the litmus test only that they could play and sing their music well. Salvation was never an issue he said. I found this to be true through out the Southern gospel industry. At different events I would slip to the back doors and find the people smoking etc. I was a young Bible college student at the time. This greatly disturbed me and if that wasn't bad enough then the CCM started which was even worse. Thank you for your stand on this issue and exposing the apostasy even in our IFB churches.”

“We are grateful to the Lord for the exhortation, rebuke and equipping that we have received through the preaching of the Word this week under your ministry [Youth Discipleship Conference, Sydney, Australia]. Thank you for making the sacrifice to come to our country and minister in the way that you did. We thank the Lord for you and do pray that the Lord would keep you faithful in the ministry till the trumpet sounds.”

“You probably don’t know how much of an encouragement this time [Youth Discipleship Conference, Sydney, Australia] has been for me, my family, and the church folk that attended.”

“The [Youth Discipleship Conference, Sydney, Australia] was a blessing and I have already seen fruit from it in my own children who attended.”

“God has greatly encouraged me in answer to the prayers offered at the Sydney meetings. I have so many ideas for the work here now and so many things I would like to put in place (and so many questions), and am calling on God for wisdom.”

“I feel like a new man brother [since the Youth Discipleship Conference, Sydney, Australia]. ... I keep reminding myself that whatever I do or say should bring honour to him. I made a commitment to God that I will correct my daughter with love and be a patient and loving husband to my wife. Please keep us in your prayers brother for the Lord to show us his perfect will for our family.”

“With these few lines I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for the continual uncompromising stand you take for the biblical Christian faith. Few ‘men of God’ are left that will still fight for the ‘fundamentals’ as you do. Your FBIS newsletters and other publications are a breath of fresh air for me as I live in the widely compromised Christian landscape of French speaking Europe. I was raised in a fundamentalist Baptist home. Having spent many years in what can be called  ‘Charismania’ and ecumenically minded churches, I have now returned to the basics of my childhood upbringing through personally researching the issues and simply comparing what was being said and done with the biblical text. Of course it was the mighty grace of God that did guide me and open up my eyes! May you continue to be a blessing to the faithful!”

“Thank you, Brother Cloud. A well articulated and insightful article on the need for our churches to be educated and knowledgable on the issues that are causing compromise. [‘Ignorance about Important Issues,’ July 14, 2016] Praise the Lord that there are still some churches that believe in equipping believers to battle the flesh and the world. I am on deputation to ------ and the few national Baptist churches that had existed there have all almost completely gone contemporary and ecumenical. The same thing will happen in North America, and has started happening, if the church people (particularly the young) don't know the reasons behind the stands we take. A pastor who puts a premium on ignorance is deciding he will not be helping his people deal with the issues that they will struggle with. A missionary would be foolish to minister to a people group without a working knowledge of the religion that is keeping them in bondage whether it be Hinduism or Catholicism or Mormonism. Why wouldn't pastors apply the same criteria to their churches when they see music and other separation issues bringing people back into the bondage of the world? I have many of your books and ebooks, appreciate your ministry and pray for you regularly. God bless you as you serve the Lord.”

“As I was listening to your sermons, the Lord really spoke to me about being a more serious student of the Scriptures. I was on your website looking at eBooks that I could get, and I was wondering if you could provide some direction as where would be best to start.  Should I start with the One Year Discipleship Course, the Advanced Bible Studies Series, or the Bible Knowledge Test (take it and then would know areas that I need to study more etc.) Thank you for your writings, for your preachings, and for your testimony.  God has used, and I am sure will continue to use, them greatly in my life.” [I suggested to this young man\ that he start by taking the Bible Knowledge Test, then going through the Effectual Bible Student 12-hour course which is available as a free download from the Way of Life web site, then making sure he has all of the Bible study tools presented in that course, then go through the following three Advanced Bible Studies Series courses: Old Testament History and Geography, The Four Gospels, and Acts. This is a serious survey of the Bible, which is the starting point for every Bible student.]

“I wish more preachers would read, and meditate on these things [such as the book ‘Baptist Music Wars’]. Too much preacher time is spent planning ‘Baby Day’ and reading ‘Sword.’ Not that those things are that bad in and of themselves, but it's really the lack of time spent in serious Bible Study and lack of practicing the doctrine of ‘judge all things.’”

“Our background has not been Fundamental Baptist but we have been receiving great help and direction from your site.  This article is so very true.  No one seems to care, in any circle that I know. Pastor's wives (who, in our circles actually often act as asst. pastors!!) recommend books like, The Shack, and, 1000 Gifts, etc.  No one wants to hear any warnings whatsoever, no matter how gently approached.  New Evangelicalism is everywhere (another one of your books that we have, that I forgot to mention).”

“Thank you for a timely reminder. [‘Maligning Warning and Reproof,’ July 20, 2016] Be biblical in all things and it will put one at odds with our world and even churches.

“Spot on! [‘Biblical Shallowness,’ July 21, 2016].”

“Amen brother! [‘Biblical Shallowness,’ July 21, 2016] When you take a lack of bible knowledge and combine in with the attitude of ‘it's all about numbers,’ no wonder these guys go contemporary. Being a Hyles graduate myself I think of numerous preachers who have gone that route.”

“This is so true now! Thank you for the article!” [‘Biblical Shallowness,’ July 21, 2016].

“If I had to choose to keep only 12 books from my library, your book on church history would definitely be one of them. It easily replaces many volumes and I love how organized, well researched and I informative it is. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone interested in church history. Can't say enough about it!”

“This is one of your best daily emails ever. [‘Evidences of Salvation,’ Aug. 2, 2015] Thanks for all of your work. I did the speaking in tongues section of your 52 week course and it was $$.”

“I would like to Thank you for your service to The Lord with Way of Life ministries. Before I came to your website 2 or 3 months ago I had never even heard of an IFB church. I went to a contemporary ecumenical church that not only opened its doors to unbiblical practices, did not teach the truth on matters as fundamental as salvation. I have since had my heart settled on the truth of eternal salvation, started reading the KJV again, and have been attending an IFB church. It is a 50 mi. drive but I thank The Lord that there is even a good church that close. Some of your articles played a part in a major change of direction for me away from a bad church.”

“Bro. Cloud, I do not agree in all things that you have written over the years, but I believe you are as sincere as anyone can be. I do not agree with everything I have written or said, so my comment is not one of being militant. I know you are a sincere dedicated child of God going about our Father’s business with your whole heart and soul. I just want to say you are on the right track and I feel so sorry that you are attacked in unloving ways. I know well from experience how it hurts when you speak in Truth and are trashed, condemned and tossed away. I pray that the Spirit of our God will strengthen you sufficiently to overcome all opposition. If it were just the unsaved world condemning us, I might be able to handle that. But when personal attacks come from our brothers and sisters in the Lord--well that is so disconcerting. Keep on keeping on--DON’T STOP!!”

“Thank you so much for your stand, your research, and your unchanging walk in these ‘perilous times.’  In heaven, if/when we have time, we can fellowship and I can tell you how much your ministry has blessed me. Maranatha!”

“Thanks for the article concerning the so-called revival. [‘Burlington Tent Revival Folloup,’ Aug. 5, 2016] We are living in an age when many, if not most of our so-called fundamentalists, are choosing sides rather than choosing truth. I am convinced that most church members and many, if not most of our leaders who call themselves fundamentalists do not have the discernment to know how to choose truth.”

“I would just like to say that every word you have said about the Burlington Tent Revival is true. I am not a Bible scholar or learned theologian, but since I got saved, the Lord has granted me a viable level of discernment. You certainly are not a ‘crackpot critic’ nor are you an armchair theologian. I regard your writings to be first rate. When I think of you, I think of Isaiah 50:7 ‘For the Lord GOD will help me; therefore shall I not be confounded: therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed.’ Voices that are set on the Word of God "like a flint" are what we need. Thank you for being one of those voices. I am sorry you received so much vitriol on this.”

“The article about the Burlington "revival" was a good one. I say, thank you sir. I attempted to post it on my Facebook wall, but was inundated with remarks from the brethren, claiming that I was blasting the work of God. ... I am overjoyed over one who gets saved. My point was like yours, not to mention many other preachers: Was this revival? I say no for the reasons you gave. Oh well. I was accused of being a hater over Hyles and his ‘jail-bird’ son in law as well. Many brethren are blind, and follow the slightest wind of doctrine, which is very sad. Please keep up the good work brother.”

“This is my first time writing to you. I finished my bachelors in Bible and my M. Div. from Pensacola Christian College. ... myself and three children are all fighting malaria right now on the mission field--which is giving me more time to read as I lay in bed! I've been reading your articles for about 3 months and it has been extremely helpful. Your article on ‘repentance’ on your website and in your Encyclopedia was what helped to clarify my thinking about all of the many 'easy believism' methods I've seen in my life. Thanks for your ministry!”

“Brother Cloud, I wanted to let you know that you have been an instrumental blessing in my walk with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I appreciate you greatly.”

“I have recently purchased the book
Holiness: Pitfalls, Struggles, Victory, and it has been a tremendous blessing to me, thank the Lord. I would like to you use this book with the church family, going through it Wednesday evenings, with your permission. Of course, proper credit will be given.”

“Just finished reading the article ‘Is Proverbs 22:6 a Promise?’ Excellent article!  Keep up the good work!”

“I love you and appreciate your stand. The July
O Timothy, which I have just recently read, has been very challenging for me personally. I have made some changes to my associations even in the last couple of months and am sad that it was necessary but grateful that I have removed the influence.”

“Just finished reading the
Modern Bible Version Hall of Shame on vacation last week. It was much needed as I had started to be influenced some by modern scholarship and it was a much needed correction to be reminded of the source of this ‘science.’ I have come to the conclusion that if a Christian is not grounded in history, many of the things taught today make sense from a pragmatic/human reason point of view. But when one observes the origins of things such as modern scholarship, the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement, Ecumenical movement, Neoevangelicalism, CCM, etc., it is not hard to see why they should be rejected. Thank you for your writings which often bring me back to the foundation and point me to the pillar and ground of the truth. The Lord uses them to help me greatly and they always point to Jesus Christ.”

“So much appreciate your proper stand for the KJV! Read the ‘Is 17th-Century British English Holy?’ article, and enjoyed it very much. I have read articles by men claiming the to change ‘Saviour’ to ‘Savior’ is diabolical because the British spelling has seven letters, and is thus the godly spelling whereas the American spelling has six letters (the number of man) and is therefore ‘bad.’ At times, I can only shake my head at such silliness; at other times, having such nonsense taught to God's people makes me very angry.”

“I just received the September Issue of
O Timothy and appreciate your article on the Burlington Tent Revival. I had a problem with my email so I haven’t received anything from Way of Life for a couple of months so I missed your other articles on the revival. I looked them up on your website and really appreciated what you had to say. I have a friend who also is a pastor that attended the revival. He is a good friend, but not separated and certainly has many ecumenical characteristics. This prevents me from using him to fill our pulpit and he has never asked me to fill his. His response to the meeting was so enthusiastic that it caused me pause to consider it, he of course suggesting that I attend. ... as I began to research the revival, CT Townsend, etc., what I found bothered me.  ... This pastor friend was so impressed that his church took a decent sized group down to Burlington. Now again, though they consider themselves Independent Baptists, they are not separated Baptists in dress, music, and other areas. Every one of his members that attended the revival spoke of how powerful, life changing, etc., it was. Yet there is not a single change in any of them that I’ve been able to see. The church is just as ecumenical as it ever was. I knew very little of the revival when this pastor told me about it and new nothing of CT Townsend. My first thought was that this would bring my friend into a more separated walk. I truly thought it would bring his people around to see their lack of holy living. But clearly it didn’t. I do not believe that one can call what happened in Burlington a true spiritual revival. I’m sure there was some fruit from the week, but if you can attend such a ‘powerful experience’ and not turn toward Biblical holiness and separation, there’s something wrong. Anyways, thank you for your continued stand for the truth of the Word of God. I use so much of your material for my personal studies as well as in our church. They are a huge asset to us.”

“I thank God for you, brother. Your stand and articles on the Burlington fiasco have echoed what was in my heart. Once again it’s been an issue that has revealed how some ministry friends are changing with the times and so lacking in discernment. Very sad. I thank God for those who are standing for and walking in truth.”

“Brother Cloud, I am writing to say thanks and how much your printed materials have helped and blessed me in my christian walk and life. Having purchased and in the process of reading and studying your new book
Holiness: Pitfall, Struggles & Victory I am struck by your complete openness and humility. In my opinion this makes the book more helpful and valuable  because it shows you are a common ordinary man albeit one greatly used of God to help and build up your brothers and sisters in the Lord. ... All of your works lift up the Lord Jesus Christ and magnify the Word of God and thank you so much for your challenge to study and know Him and His Word. I am convinced this is my greatest need and then to just put my faith and trust in a childlike manner in Him. I pray the Lord continues to use you mightily!”

“I am teaching a course on evangelism this semester in our institute and am using
Sowing and Reaping. Thank you for the hard work and diligence in creating the studies that benefit so many.”

“Please let David Cloud know his materials continue to be Biblically excellent and extremely useful.”

“I am a christian and i play bass and drums in the .... Church. I am also not convinced that what we r doing is right. ... The one thing u dont touch on very much is pride. I see it in myself when im on stage and in other worship team members. They of course get VERY defensive if i bring it up. But its there. I am opposed to the stage too, it sets the 'stage'  for a performance.  Why cant we be at the back away from people looking at us? ... Im also convinced that the ccm artists r full of pride. U can see it. Im also opposed to the young girls wearing tight jeans and looking sexy - that is WRONG. Men have told me at our church that they look at teenage girls! So do i. I struggle with pornography addiction.  I feel like a fraud. Also, there's no teaching on hell, no teaching on Revelation, the Tribulation -  i was speaking to a senior member of our church the other day and he didn't even know what the Beginning of Sorrows was!!?? Excuse me????All we hear is Love and grace and mercy, love and grace and mercy - Im sick of it!”

“I have your course on 1 Corinthians which is fantastic.”

“Thank you very much for producing O Timothy. I look forward to reading it more than any other publication. It would be impossible for me to describe how much we appreciate your uncompromising stand in this day when it seems as though everyone is cutting corners.”

“As a LONG time reader over the years I have emailed several times, some to agree few to disagree. You took the time to respond several times which was a pleasant surprise. It has been a long time but I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and the ministry The Lord has used you so greatly. I have seen many ‘good’ men go by the wayside so it is a blessing to know you keep standing for the truth.”

“I want to thank you for the very exhaustive work in putting together eBooks, slides and videos together with such good quality and thorough research. It is amazing and a mark of our Lord's enabling grace to see so much done over so short a period of time. I have become (1) unapologetic in spreading the word of these resources, and (2) unceasing in prayer that our God will continue to enable you and provide His protection in your personal life to be His special spokesman for Him in these times of apostasy and great need for the truth.”

“I use your E-books online to help those Christians who have ZERO teaching. I do all I can to get out information. Thank you again and God bless you my brother! BTW, thank you sooooo much for your free e-books. You don’t know how much I use them. And they’ve helped my family immensely.”

“I appreciate your ministry-not many preachers or churches nearby with whom I can fellowship, so your work gives me great comfort here in the desert. Thanks for doing what you do.”

“FYI: The new Way of Life encyclopedias arrived and we gave them on last Wednesday to the four people that asked for them. This last Sunday three of them came and told me, independently of each other, what a blessing they were and how useful they had been already. We are through 8 lessons of your Effectual Bible Student course and they are really learning.”

“The WOL Encyclopedias arrived in a barrel Tuesday...the men are SO EXCITED!”

“I'm reading through ‘Holiness: Pitfalls, Struggles & Victory,’ and I just wanted to say thanks.”

“The book ‘Holiness: Pitsfalls, Struggles and Victory’ is the best I have ever read. I am going to have our people read this.”

“Amen, Bro Cloud, keep proclaiming the word in such a clear way it leaves no excuse. I have been gleening from your writings for near 20 years. Trump may be what conservatism desires, but it is a grave worry to me how many good ind bapt preachers are openly in the tank for him. “An enemy of my enemy is my friend" is not wisdom from above. It seems many have sold their biblical wisdom for patriotism and are blinded. So scared of the snake in the room they ran outside and jumped into the lion's mouth for protection. As for sovereignty/calvinism, it’s hard to get past the fact that God placed the tree in the midst of the garden on purpose. It is a key to all of God's dealings with man. He is mining all humanity for that jewel He treasures most, the souls that glimmer brightest in His glory. That reflects the glory of God. A soul that freely chooses God. Not a soul that absorbs God's glory for self in pride. Speaking is but a breath with a predetermined purpose. All God spoke into existence must declare His glory. But there is one thing God made differently, without words, without a predisposed glory shine. He breathed into man a living soul. He shared a part of himself. He gave man free will. Capable of shining brightest in God's glory, but it comes at the highest price, and with grave consequences. Keep glimmering, brother. God knows.”

“Just wanted to say thanks for all the work that you are doing and the warnings you put out. I am in the process of watching
Music for Good or Evil again as it had been a few years but i must say I had been getting a little soft in the area and was reminded of the dangers of being addicted to the wrong music styles and how that a great percentage of Gods people would fall into this category. After watching part 5 ‘The Sound of CCM’ the Lord convicted me and I had to go through our music collection and do some ‘weeding out’. Most Christian will think that there is nothing wrong with there music but I have learned that when people say that it means very little as most IFB would not be able to discern right from wrong, proper from improper which is sad because we need the older to teach the younger so that they at least can start off on the right foot. Thanks again and may God bless you and your family as you labour for Him”

“Thank you for sending the prayer letter about your ministry in Nepal. It is a great encouragement to read how you remain faithful without compromise to give heed to the great commission! Because of the information on your website I came to an independent fundamental baptist church.”

“Bro. Cloud, I have much of your good material in my study and I thank God for you and your ministry! Keep on the firing line!”

“Very appreciative of the works that God has given you to write. While not a fundamental Baptist, I am certainly thankful to be able to have more information on the subjects that you covered. It is my prayer that God uses you, and the works that he has given to you to publish that will help people discern truth and see the glorious light of Jesus Christ. Our God and Saviour.”

“I know your busy, but I just wanted to say a personal thanks for your ministry. Your literature and videos have helped me tremendously I only wish I’d known of them earlier in my Christian walk. I hate to say I’ve spent much time reading the material from well-known ministries feeling something wrong but not able to put my finger on what it was and I’m completely with you on the music issue. I’ve never liked the modern CCM praise music it just didn’t gel with my spirit but I could not explain why to others which many of the others ridiculed me for my views. You’ve given me the words to explain my position on many things and shown me how to study God’s Word. THANK YOU AGAIN.”

“Some people from West Coast College came to do the preaching and brought a piano player along while visiting a church I attended at the time, a large fundamental Baptist church. During the offering, the music he played was like jazz music one might hear at Las Vegas.  It is obvious that CCM had permeated things at the college and so, of course, Lancaster.  And what was worse, the fellow from West Coast, in playing the way he did, introduced the people at the church to jazz music.  It definitely had a dance rhythm as one of the older men collecting money during it started to do a jig while walking down the aisle with the plate.  It had a strong dance rhythm to it. The sad thing is that if the fellow did come under discipline for it, no one in the place would have known about it and so it was left as though it was OK. Keep up the excellent work, Brother Cloud, and keep speaking out about things. I left the charismatic, and have mentioned that to you in the past, and the music is very dangerous in that movement. Although probably not too many people leave the charismatic and become a fundamentalist, I praise the Lord that he delivered me out of the mess. I now go to a small independent Baptist church where they stand against CCM and use the old hymns, not that someone couldn't write a song that is holy in today’s world. After viewing the charismatic, with its false teachings, wrongly dividing the word of God, and its CCM, I can tell you from seeing it up close, it is spiritually detrimental to those that are in it.”

“Be encouraged Bro. Cloud. God is using you as a tremendous blessing to many.”

“Your obvious discernment and knowledge in the Word is valued my many of our people and has helped encourage them to ‘…stand fast, and hold the traditions which “they” have been taught…’ (II Thess. 2:15).”

“Another excellent and helpful set of Friday notes. Many thanks for compiling them.”

“I just finished reading your book, ‘The Bible and Western Society.’ It is excellent, thank you very much. I especially found the section on America particularly interesting.”

“Praise God for the work of the Lord through your lives to the people of Nepal. It is a blessing to hear of the fruitfulness in this dark area of the world. Surely the light of God is penetrating this darkness through this ministry. Also the Lord has used your ministry of literature and online information to awaken and educate many of us preachers about so many important issues. I know I personally have benefited from your ministry. I know it has cost you tremendously from the criticism of the brethren. If there is any consolation, ‘woe unto you when all men speak well of you.’”

“Keep on writing. I know you have a 'full plate.’ ... More need to know how God is using your gift of the pen and keyboard. You just don't know how much you encourage me, and others, when we see great stuff like this written by a man of God.”

“Using your book
Keeping the Kids for a long series on child rearing. Great results.”

“I want to thank you for your strong stand for the Word of God and your belief in godly separation. I want to thank you for your stand against CCM and compromise. I am a young Independent Baptist preacher getting ready to start a church. I am writing in regard to your views concerning Lancaster Baptist Church. First, I thank the Lord that someone is willing to expose error unashamedly and unapologetically. I, like many young preachers, was mesmerized by the ministry of Paul Chappell. I bought all his books, I had all of his material, I listened to his sermons. Since reading your articles about Lancaster and West Coast use of CCM I have stopped supporting them. I believe that the use of CCM is just the beginning. ... I am appalled at the way things are going, but not surprised. The Scripture warns of apostasy and compromise in the last days. Also, Matt Chappell, Paul's youngest son, has started a church in Fontana, California called ‘Rock Hill Baptist Church.’ It is completely contemporary and compromised. Bro. Cloud, thank you for your strong stand; It has encouraged me greatly.”


I am sure YOU hold the pen to the Lamb's book of life, you will be the one that will allow people into heaven once YOU have examined them! What stupid, utter nonsense!! You are so very ignorant my dear brother! ...  I am not against you warning, but, sir... you don't know nothing when you attack the sword or hyles or whoever.”

“If the Seventh-day Adventis Church is a cult then so are you. Whatever arguments you place and no matter how many books you write, idiots like you can never have any impact on the SDA Church at large. Your stupid ranting against Adventism will in no way affect anyone nor bring about any radical change. So stop monkeying around with the bible and don’t misguide other people.” 

“I will pray for you, your remarks about my [Catholic] faith is so filled with anger and lies. I know Jesus Christ is Lord and his holy will be done. Please  read the early saint's/ father's, doctors of the church, and see what they say about the church. I don't attack your faith, why do you attack mine?”

“I did not appreciate your webpage about Bill and Gloria Gaither. What is wrong with them being at a Catholic event? Nothing! Catholic s are Christians too.”


John Eldridge's material makes me love Jesus more. Religion hates him. Catholics say the Pope is infallible. Protestants say the Bible is infallible. What's the difference? Not much. Jesus is infallible. You know a book. We know a man named Jesus crucified for our sins and risen from the grave. Jesus can be known anywhere. He doesn't just speak through a book. He's not limited to your Bible. Quit putting him in a box. He's too big for that.” [Note from Bro. Cloud: This man doesn’t explain how he can “know Jesus” apart from the Bible. In reality, his outside of the box Jesus is “another Jesus, and he is actually worshipping an idol of his own mystical imaginings.]