Hymns - “Before the Throne of God Above” Charitie Bancroft
December 21, 2023
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Charitie Bancroft
Charitie Bancroft (1841-1923) was the daughter of Pastor Sidney Smith of Drumragh, County Tyrone, Ireland. She married Arthur Bancroft of Scotland in 1869. “Her hymns have appeared in periodicals, Lyra Britannica, Bishop Ryle's Spiritual Songs, and other collections, and also as leaflets.” She is sometimes known by her maiden name Charitie Lees Smith (Lees was her mother’s last name) and the name of her second marriage, Charitie de Cheney or de Chenez. Like practically all of the best hymnodists, she suffered much. She was twice widowed. A collection of her hymns was published in Within the Veil in 1867. “Before the Throne of God Above” was published in Spurgeon’s Our Own Hymn Book in 1866. It has been published in 55 other hymnals.
“Before the Throne of God Above” (1866)
Charitie Bancroft
Tune: Sweet Hour of Prayer (William Bradbury)
The hymn can also be sung to Long Meter by dividing the stanzas into six. Tunes: Dunedin, Festus, Jerusalem (Parry)

1 Before the throne of God above
I have a strong and perfect plea,

a great High Priest whose name is "Love,"
who ever lives and pleads for me.
My name is graven on His hands;
my name is written on His heart;
I know that while in heav'n He stands,
no tongue can bid me thence depart;
no tongue can bid me thence depart.

When Satan tempts me to despair,
and tells me of the guilt within,
upward I look and see Him there
who made an end of all my sin.
Because the sinless Savior died,
my sinful soul is counted free;
for God the Just is satisfied
to look on Him and pardon me;
to look on Him and pardon me.

Behold Him there, the risen Lamb!
My perfect, spotless Righteousness;
the great unchangeable I AM,
the King of glory and of grace!
One with Himself I cannot die;
my soul is purchased with His blood;
my life is hid with Christ on high,
with Christ my Savior and my God;
with Christ my Savior and my God!

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