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Rick Warren’s Evil Associations
Friday Church News Notes, December 8, 2006
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
Rick Warren of Purpose Drive Church fame invited pro-abortion, pro-homosexual politician Barack Obama to speak in his church on December 1, 2006. The occasion was the second annual Global Summit on AIDS conference at Warren’s Saddleback Church in southern California.

Obama, a Democratic senator from Illinois, not only supports abortion, he supports “partial birth abortion,” a procedure whereby a living baby’s head is pulled out of the womb and its brain suctioned out before the dead body is birthed. He also supports the homosexual agenda (“Why Is Obama’s Evil in Rick Warren’s Pulpit?”
WorldNetDaily, Nov. 17, 2006).

Jim Brown, a reporter with the American Family Radio who attended the summit, said Obama was given a standing ovation when introduced, and when Obama stated that just promoting abstinence was not enough, that condoms needed to be handed out, Rick and Kay Warren nodded and joined in the applause. Bill Gates and U2 frontman Bono also sent messages to the conference by video.

In an interview with David Frost on the Public Broadcasting Network, November 1995, Gates said he does not believe in “the specific elements of Christianity” and does not know “if there’s a god or not.” Foul-mouthed Bono was named “premier male sexpot” in 1992. I have read dozens of U2 interviews, but I have never heard any of them give a clear testimony of the new birth or warn that those who are without Christ are on their way to eternal Hell. Rick Warren replied to his critics by saying, “Jesus loved and accepted others without approving of everything they did. That’s our position too, but it upsets a lot of people, so we get attacked from both sides.” Thus he misinterprets reproof as persecution, and he grossly misrepresents Jesus Christ.

Though Christ loved all men, He did not yoke together with wicked men and false prophets to accomplish supposed good deeds. The Lord solemnly warned His people to beware of false prophets and warned about those who make false professions of faith (Matthew 7:15-23), and Obama and Bono, who claim to be Christians, are indeed false prophets. Christ further instructs His people to mark and avoid those who teach contrary to the apostolic faith (Romans 16:17) and not to be unequally yoked together with unbelievers (2 Corinthians 6:14). In his zeal to fulfill a man-made agenda, Rick Warren disobeys the plain teaching of the Holy Scripture.

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