Earthquakes in Divers Places
April 4, 2012
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
Earthquakes remind us that God’s Word is true. The Lord Jesus warned that the Great Tribulation at the end of the church age would be preceded by “earthquakes in divers places” (Mt. 24:7; Mr. 13:8; Lu. 21:11).

More than 800,000 people have died in earthquakes since the turn of the 21st century.

April 2015 - 9,000 died in a quake in Nepal
March 2011 -- 20,000 died in a quake and tsunami in northern Japan
April 2010 - 3,000 died in a quake in China
January 2010 - 300,000 died in a quake in Haiti
September 2009 - 1,100 died in a quake in Indonesia
May 2008 - 87,000 died in a quake in China
May 2006 - 5,700 died in a quake in Indonesia
October 2005 - 75,000 died in a quake in Pakistan
December 2004 -- 227,000 died in a quake in Indonesia
December 2003 -- 26,000 died in a quake in Bam, Iran
March 2002 -- 1,000 died in a quake in Afghanistan
January 2001 -- 25,000 died in a quake in India.
September 1999 -- 2,300 died in a quake in Taiwan
August 1999 -- 17,000 died in a quake in western Turkey
January 1999 -- 1,200 died in a quake in Colombia
July 1998 -- 2,200 died in a quake in Papua-New Guinea

The Wood Duck

Nepal - April 2015

May 1998 -- 5,000 died in a quake in Tajikistan
January 1995 -- 5,500 died in a quake in Kobe, Japan
September 1993 -- 7,000 died in a quake in Latur, India
July 1990 - 1,600 died in a quake in the Philippines
June 1990 -- 50,000 died in a quake in northwest Iran
December 1988 -- 25,000 died in a quake in Armenia
September 1985 -- 9,500 died in a quake in Mexico
September 1978 -- 25,000 died in a quake in Tabas, Iran
August 1976 -- 5,000 died in a quake in the Moro Gulf region of the Philippines
July 1976 -- 240,000 died in a quake in Tangshan, China
February 1976 -- 23,000 died in a quake in Guatemala
May 1970 -- 60,000 died in a quake in Peru
March 1964 -- 122 died in a quake in the North American Pacific Northwest
May 1960 -- 1,000 died in a quake in Chile
August 1950 -- 30,000 died in a quake in Assam in northeast India
October 1948 -- 110,000 died in a quake in Turkmenistan
December 1939 -- 33,000 died in a quake in eastern Turkey
January 1939 -- 28,000 died in a quake in Chile
May 1935 -- 50,000 died in a quake in Quetta in northwestern India
1934 -- 8,500 died in a quake in Kathmandu, Nepal
December 1932 -- 70,000 died in a quake in the Gansu region of China
May 1927 -- 200,000 died in a quake in Xining, China
September 1923 -- 140,000 died in a quake in Tokyo, Japan
December 1920 -- 200,000 died in a quake in Gansu, China
January 1915 -- 30,000 died in a quake in Avezzano, Italy
December 1908 -- 123,000 died in a quake in southern Italy
January 1906 -- 1,000 died in a quake in Colombia and Ecuador
1905 -- 19,000 died in an earthquake in Kangra in northern India

Enzo Boschi, head of Italy’s National Geophysics Institute, said the December 2004 earthquake was so strong that “All the planet is vibrating” and
Washington Post reporter Michael Dobbs compared it to “a scene from the Bible” (“Disaster compared to scene from Bible,” WorldNetDaily, Dec. 26).

In fact, as devastating as recent earthquakes have been, this is only a warning of what lies ahead.

At the very opening of the seven-year Tribulation one-fourth of the earth’s population will die from war and famine (Rev. 6:7-8). A third of all the ships in the seas will be destroyed (Rev. 8:9). A third of the waters on the earth will be poisoned (Rev. 8:10-11). A swarm of demonic locusts will torment men with stings so fearful that they will seek death but “shall not find it” (Rev. 9:1-6). A third of the world’s inhabitants will die when an army of 200 million men marches from the east (Rev. 9:15-18). The antichrist will rule and require that all men bow to his image and take his mark or die (Rev. 13:11-18). The sun will become so hot that men will be “scorched with great heat” (Rev. 16:8-9). A terrible shaking of the earth will cause every island to sink and the mountains to fall (Rev. 16:20). Hailstones weighing 75-95 pounds will fall from heaven (Rev. 16:21). Men’s hearts will fail “for looking after those things which are coming on the earth” (Lk. 21:26).

The good news is that no person living today has to go through these horrible judgments. We are still living in the era of “good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people” (Lk. 2:10), which is the gospel of Jesus Christ, that He died for our sins, was buried, and rose the third day to offer eternal salvation to whosoever will believe in Him as Lord and Saviour. The Bible says God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked (Ezek. 33:11); it is His will, rather, that all men be saved (1 Tim. 2:3-4; 1 Pet. 3:9).

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