Testimonies of Scientists Who Believe the Bible

Rock & Roll's War Against God

An extensive examination of rock music and its evil influence on society.

Chapters include:
- My Experience with Rock Music (the author’s testimony)
- What Every Christian Should Know about Rock
- The History of Rock
- The Roots of Rock (blues, jazz, black spirituals, and Southern Gospel)
- The Pioneers of Rock (the lives of pioneer rockers, the influence of 50s and 60s rock on society, etc.)
- The Character of Rock Music
- Rock and the Occult
- Rock and Spirituality
- Rock and Violence
- Rock and Love
- Rock and Voodoo
- Rock and Drugs
- Rock and Suicide
- Rock and Insanity
- Rock Musicians as Mediums
- Rock and Pagan Religion
- Death Metal Rock
- How Rock Rebels Are Produced.

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