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The Bible's Amazing Story
This summary of the Bible is designed for evangelism. Beginning in Genesis and going through Revelation it includes excerpts from the Scriptures with 205 headings and 204 explanatory footnotes to enable the reader to see the unfolding story of the Bible and to understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The footnotes contain explanations of Bible words and events.

The Bible is a large book and to the uninitiated, it is complicated and difficult to understand. A teacher is required, as we see in Acts 8 in the case of the Ethiopian eunuch. He was a highly educated man, the treasurer of Ethiopia, and was reading the book of Isaiah; but when Philip the evangelist asked him if he understood what he read, he replied, “How can I, except some man should guide me?”

The Bible’s Amazing Story is designed to assist those who are searching for the truth and who want to know what the Bible is all about. It is also an excellent study book for new converts.
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