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Ape Men

The search for the missing link between men and apes has been motivated by Darwin’s “theory” of evolution. Since evolutionary paleoanthropologists are searching for evidence to prove their theories and have no interest in disproving it, it is not surprising that they have been deceived repeatedly.

This book takes a look at:
• The Parade of Man
• Cro-Magnon Man
• Neanderthal
• Java Man
• Piltdown Man
• Nebraska Man
• The Taung Child
• Plesianthropus (Mrs. Ples)
• Peking Man
• Gigantopithecus Blacki
• Lucy
• African Eve
as well as:
Ramapithecus, Zinjanthropus, Homo Habilis, Lothagam Man, Flipperpithecus, Donkey Man, Ardipithecus Ramidus, Homo Eructus, and more.
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