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The Judge Not Heresy
This book is a reply to many of the most common charges that are brought against a “fundamentalist” Bible approach to Christianity. These are the challenges that every Bible-believing Christian must learn to deal with, because there is no part of the world so remote that the brethren there will not be confronted with this thinking. Every major New Testament passage on “judging” is examined, and the studies can be used for sermon outlines or for Sunday School, youth groups, home schooling, and Bible institutes. We deal with questions such as “The Bible says we shouldn’t judge, doesn’t it?” “Isn’t Christian love nonjudgmental and tolerant?” “Isn’t being strict about biblical issues legalism?” “Aren’t fundamentalists acting like Pharisees?” “Shouldn’t we leave the tares until the harvest?” “Since we will be on heaven together, believers should get along on earth, shouldn’t they?” “Isn’t it impossible to know that your doctrine is absolutely right?” “Isn’t loving Jesus is the only fundamental issue?”
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