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Answering the Myths of the Bible Version Debate
This book answers 30 of the most popular of these myths, including the following:
• “King James Onlyism” was invented by a Seventh-day Adventist
• there are no doctrinal differences between the modern versions and the KJV
• Fundamentalists did not defend the KJV before the 1970s
• The KJV been updated in thousands of places
• King James I was a homosexual
• the KJV translators said all versions are good
• The King James Bible is too difficult to understand
• Erasmus was a Roman Catholic humanist
• Erasmus’ Greek New Testament was hastily done and filled with errors
• Erasmus used a mere handful of Greek manuscripts
• modern textual criticism is a legitimate science.

Also, the difference between the Greek Received Text and the Westcott-Hort text is small and insignificant; Westcott and Hort were theologically sound; Erasmus promised to insert the Johannine Comma if a Greek manuscript was produced and challenged Edward Lee to find a manuscript that included this passage; it is wrong to paint the entire field of modern textual criticism with the brush of skepticism, seeing that there are also Bible-believing men such as A.T. Robinson and B.B. Warfield in this arena; it doesn't matter if the influential names in modern textual criticism are skeptics; the New King James Bible is merely an update of the King James; the New American Standard Version is basically the same as the King James except for updated language; the New International Version is a conservative evangelical translation that should be respected.

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