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The House Church Movement
This book examines all aspects of the house church movement, including Frank Viola’s Organic Church and the Integrated Church. It is also called simple church, open church, integrated church, micro church, and organic church. There is nothing unscriptural about a church that simply meets in a house, but the house church movement is not merely about churches meeting in houses.

We document a three-fold agenda of a large segment of the house church movement: (1) An agenda to remove Christians from pastoral protection, (2) an agenda to create the one-world church, (3) an agenda to build the kingdom of God.

Many of the house churches are associated with the leaders of the charismatic latter rain apostolic revival movement. They expect the return of Christ to be preceded by a miracle-driven revival that will surpass even that of the first century. This is called dominionist or kingdom now theology.

Chapter titles include “The Many Faces of the House Church Movement,” “Motivations for the House Church Movement,” “The Challenge of the House Church Movement,” “The Agenda of the House Church Movement,” “The Heretical Jungle of the House Church Movement,” “Scripture Misused by the House Church Movement,” “The Legalism of the House Church Movement,” “Frank Viola and the Organic Church,” “The Integrated Church and Vision Forum.”

The book looks at the house church movement both in regard to its dangers as well as its challenges.

2012 edition - 255 pdf pages
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