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Bible Times & Ancient Kingdoms
by David W. Cloud
6th edition 2022, 673 pgs
Formats: Softcover, eBook
Bible Times
Bible Times and Ancient Kingdoms is a training course on Bible geography, Bible culture, Bible history, and Bible archaeology, which has a two-fold objective: to present apologetic evidence for the Bible and to give background material to help the student better understand the setting of Bible history.

It is a package consisting of a book and a series of over 4200 PowerPoint slides which illustrate the subjects and topics of the book. The PowerPoints are packed with high quality color photos, drawings, historic recreations, and video clips.

Bible Times & Ancient Kingdoms covers the fascinating historical world of the Bible from Genesis to the New Testament, dealing with the Table of the Nations in Genesis 10, the Tower of Babel, Ur of the Chaldees, Egypt, Baal worship, the Philistines, the Canaanites, the Phoenicians, David’s palace, Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, Edom, the Nabateans, and the Spice Route, Ahab and Jezebel, the fall of the northern kingdom of Israel, the Assyrian Empire, Hezekiah and his times, Nebuchadnezzar and his Babylon, the Medo-Persian Empire, the Greek Empire, Herod the Great and his building projects and temple, the Roman Empire and her rule over Israel, Christ’s ministry on the Sea of Galilee, the journey from Jericho to Jerusalem, Christ’s Passion Week, and Rome’s Destruction of Jerusalem.

Many of the archaeological discoveries from the past 200 years, which we relate in the course, are so fascinating and improbable that they read like a novel. It is easy to see God’s hand in this field, in spite of its prevailing skepticism.
The course also deals with Bible culture, such as weights and measures, plant and animal life, Caesar’s coin, the widow’s mite, ancient scrolls and seals, phylacteries, synagogues, false messiahs, judgment in the gate, ancient shipping and commerce, cosmetics, fine linen, the fig, pomegranate, olive, sycomore, cedar, oak, carob, myrtle, terebinth, tamarisk, juniper, acacia, mustard seed, idolatry, camel, coney, Syrian bear, Asiatic lion, wild ass, wild goat (ibex), partridge, divination, tombs, the operation of ancient lamps, ancient war methods, ancient fishing techniques, millstones, pottery wheels, wine presses, olive presses.

Each section includes maps to help the student place the events in their proper location.

The course is packed with important but little-known facts that illuminate Bible history and culture. The preparation for the book is extensive, the culmination of 47 years of Bible study, teaching, and research trips. In this context the author built a large personal library and collected information from major archaeological museums and locations in North America, England, Europe, Greece, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, and Israel. We guarantee that the student who completes the course will read the Bible with new eyes and fresh enthusiasm.

“David Cloud’s
Bible Times and Ancient Kingdoms is a masterful work and will help the Bible students connect the dots between Bible texts and Biblical culture, geography, and background” (Bill Hardecker, Baptist Bible Study Bulletin, 2019).

“Our Sunday School class has been studying
Bible Times and Ancient Kingdoms. What a Great Blessing. We all LOVED IT!”

Companion PowerPoint presentations are available and we strongly suggest their use as they will add highly to your study. They are packed with 6,100 high quality color photos, drawings, historic reconstructions, and video clips. The 2021 edition is a major enlargement with new PowerPoint presentations on the Greek Empire, Phoenicia, the ancient cities of Corinth, Ephesus, Pergamos, Sardis, Caesarea, ancient ships, Bible animals, and Bible plants and trees, and major enlargements of the presentations on Egypt and Rome.

There are about 400 new slides, including many new reconstructive drawings. We have spent about $4000 licensing reconstructive and archaeological drawings for the
Bible Times presentations to help make the past come alive to the students. There is new information and editing throughout the book and PowerPoints. The Review Questions have been enlarged, corrected, and expanded to include every section of the course.

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  • Complete Course consists of textbook and free course documents (download above). It's our passion to provide serious materials to help grow serious bible students. A syllabus is provided as a guide but please adapt things to best fit your needs.
  • General information about courses is available HERE.
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