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Most of these books are rare, out of print, and hard to find.

These files are 8.5 x 11 pdfs which were produced from book scans.

"History of the English General Baptists"

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includes the equivalent of 16,000 printed pages of material including:
  • A Concise History of the Baptists - Orchard
  • A History of the English Baptists - Ivimey
  • A History of the Welsh Baptists - Davis
  • Annals of the English Bible - Anderson
  • Baptist History - Cramp
  • Bye-Paths of Baptist History - Goadby
  • Foxe's Book of Martyrs (Abridged) - Foxe
  • History of German Baptist Brethren - Brumbaugh
  • History of Protestantism - Wylie
  • History of the Baptist of Virginia
  • History of the Baptists - Armitage
  • History of the Baptists - John Christian
  • History of the Baptists in America - Benedict
  • History of the Baptists of New England - Backus
  • History of the Christian Church - Jones
  • History of the Christians of the Alps - Perrin
  • History of the Dontatists
  • History of the English General Baptists - Taylor sample
  • History of the Inquisition in Spain - McCrie
  • History of the Papacy - Wylie
  • History of the Waldenses - Wylie
  • Memorials of Baptist Martyrs - Brown
  • Miller's Church History - Miller
  • Story of the Baptists in All Ages - Cook
  • The Albigenses - Allix
  • The Bogomils of Bulgaria and Bosnia - Brockett
  • The Early English Baptists - Evans
  • The Evils of Infant Baptism - Howell
  • The Origin of the Baptists - Ford
  • The Waldenses - Allix

Baptist/Waldensian History Library
30 pdf books

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