Foreign Language Books

NOTICE: Except for some of the books in Nepali, the foreign language editions of Way of Life books are not officially published by Way of Life and in most cases we cannot vouch for their accuracy. They have been provided to us by individuals to whom we have given permission to translate some of our material. Most of the original English editions are available either for free or for purchase from the Way of Life web site.
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New Evangelicalism - Chinese - 40 mb pdf file (scanned images)
Jehovah's Witnesses - Dutch - 307 kb pdf file
Dressing for the Lord - Link to German edition on external website
Beware of Ayurvedic Medicine - Nepali - 328 kb pdf file
Child Discipline - Nepali - 221 kb pdf file
Church Leaders Handbook - Nepali - 30 mb pdf file (scanned images)
One Year Discipleship Course - Nepali - 2.2 mb pdf file
Seventh-day Adventism - Nepali - 582 kb pdf file
What is Christmas? - Nepali - 283 kb pdf file
Why Did Jesus Die? - Nepali - 537 kb pdf file
New Age Health Care - Portuguese - 774k text pdf file
Contemporary Christian Music Under the Spotlight - Russian - 50 mb pdf file (scanned images)
Pentecostal Charismatic Movement, The - Russian - 2 mb pdf file (scanned images)
Tripa_BUENA Dressing for the Lord Spanish

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