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Billy Graham
Billy Graham's Sad Disobedience
Probably no man has had more influence on “evangelical” Christianity than Billy Graham, and he has led the way in disobeying the Word of God for pragmatic purposes (e.g., evangelism, unity).

The Bible warns that “evil communications corrupts good manners” (1 Cor. 15:33), and the reality of this warning is evident in Graham’s life and ministry as documented in this book.

He has gone ever farther from the truth with each passing decade, turning his converts over to wolves in sheep’s clothing, associating closely with Rome, allowing a Catholic bishop to bless his converts, welcoming Catholics to a Mary shrine, saying he is at home in all churches, that there is salvation in other religions, and that infant baptism is efficacious, praising Christ-denying modernists, promoting perverted Bibles, claiming that the virgin birth is not an essential belief and that theistic evolution might be true, and many other things that are documented here.

The last chapter is on Franklin Graham and how that he is walking in his father’s footsteps.

March 2018 edition
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