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Way of Life Literature

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Way of Life Literature

Publisher of Bible Study Materials

Roman Catholicism
Roman Catholicism Past and Present

This illustrated report examines the Roman Catholic Church, past and present, and is a vivid warning against the back-to-Rome movement that is growing in influence.

The report begins with a look at Rome today, focusing on the Christianized paganism that is everywhere present. We tour the Vatican, the Vatican Library, the Borgia Apartments, the Sistine Chapel, Saint Mary Minerva Church, Saint John Lateran Church, the “Holy Stairs,” Trevi fountain, the Bone Chapel, St. Paul Without the Walls basilica, the mother Jesuit church, with its statue of Mary casting Luther and Huss out of heaven, San Silvesto in Capito church, and Saint Mary Major church.

We examine the dogma of Mariolatry past and present and witness Mary the Queen of Peace, Mary assumed bodily into heaven, Mary sitting with Jesus in His throne, Mary crowned Queen of Heaven, Mary worshipped in the Chapel of the Virgin of the Grace of Saints, even MARY HANGING ON THE CROSS WITH JESUS. The book contains pictures of most of these things.

The second part of the report examines Revelation 17 in light of the Roman Catholic Church and the ecumenical movement. We look at thirteen marks of the Harlot of Revelation 17 that identify her with Rome.

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