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Believers Bible Dictionary by David Cloud

Believer's Bible Dictionary
   Based upon the King James Bible and written from a dispensational, Baptist perspective. Book.

Bible, Diet, and Alternative Medicine The
   Updated and Enlarged, previously titled "The Bible and Diet."
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Biblical Treasures in the Israel Museum
   Take a virtual trip to the Israel Museum. Features color photographs.
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Calvinism Debate
   The truth about Calvinism. eBook version is free.
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Collapse of Separatism among Fundamental Baptists, The
   Previously titled "Biblical Separatism and it's Collapse." - What's happened to biblical separatism? Read this book and find out! eBook version is free.
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Darjeeling Disaster, The
   A challenging missionary story which will bless and challenge. Book.
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Directory of Contemporary Worship Musicians
   Information on influential contemporary worship musicians who are creating the music that is being used ever more frequently by fundamentalist and very conservative evangelical churches. eBook version is free.
The Emerging Church is Coming
Emerging Church is Coming, The
   An eyewitness report on the February 2009 National Pastor’s Conference in San Diego, California, and a warning about the emerging church and its growing influence.
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Evangelicals and Rome: The Ecumenical One-World "Church"
   Evangelicalism's flirtation with Rome over the past half century. Book.
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Faith vs. The Modern Bible Versions: A Course on Bible Texts and a 10-Fold Defense of the King James Version
   Perhaps the most comprehensive course on the topic in print! Book and eBook.
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For Love of the Bible
   The history of the defense of the KJV and Rec'd Text from 1800 to present. Book and eBook.
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Future According to the Bible, The
    NEW! One of the many reasons why the Bible is the most amazing and exciting book on earth is its prophecies. The Bible unfolds the future in great detail, and this book deals in depth with every major prophetic event. Book and eBook.
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Glorious History of the English Bible, The
   Every English-speaking believer should know the glorious history of the KJB! Book and eBook.
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God's Amazing Creatures
   This book features fascinating and educational studies on 29 animals. Includes 31 color photos.
The Hyles Effect
Hyles Effect, A Spreading Blight, The
eBook version is free
   A look at the influence of Jack Hyles and Jack Schaap from a Biblical perspective.
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Joy of Digital SLR Photography, The
   An advanced course digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) photography. Covers megapixels, aperture, shutter speed, exposure, focus, ISO, flash, tripods, polarizer filters, composition, HDR, and more. eBook format only.
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Repentance and Soul Winning
eBook version is free
   Looks at the role of repentance in salvation and soul winning.
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Pentecostal-Charismatic Movements: The History and the Error, The
   Updated and Expanded, Feb. 2015. An honest evaluation of the Pentecostal-Charismatic movements. Book and eBook formats.
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Seeing the Non-Existent: Evolution's Myths and Hoaxes
   "Facts" of evolution exposed as the myths and hoaxes that they are. Book and eBook formats.
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Things Hard to be Understood
   A very practical volume which deals with a variety of biblical difficulties. Book and eBook formats.
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Way of Life Encyclopedia of the Bible and Christianity
   Written by a Fundamental Baptist and based on the King James Bible. Book and eBook formats.
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What Every Christian Should Know about Rock Music
eBook version is free
   Nine things every Christian should know about rock music.

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