The Discipling Church: The Church That Will Stand until Jesus Comes
by David W. Cloud

New for April 2017.

How to take a church to a higher spiritual level so that it can stand and bear fruit until Jesus comes.

The keys are a regenerate church membership, one mind in doctrine and practice, serious discipleship, thorough-going discipline, and a large vision for world evangelism.

We examine the New Testament pattern of a discipling church, and we trace the history of Baptist churches over the past 200 years to document the apostasy away from the biblical pattern to a mixed multitude philosophy. We also document the history of “sinner’s prayer” evangelism which has affected the reality of a regenerate church membership.

The book deals with:
- biblical salvation with evidence
- care in receiving church members
- the church’s essential first love for Christ
- the right kind of church leaders
- the right kind of preaching
- training church members to be Bible students
- the many facets of church discipline
- as well as: building strong families, youth ministry, training preachers, charity, reproof, educating the church for spiritual protection, maintaining standards for workers, the church’s prayer life, the church’s separation, spiritual revival, the church’s music, and many other things.

The last chapter documents some of the cultural factors that have weakened churches over the past 100 years, including the theological liberalism, public school system, materialism and working mothers, the rock & roll pop culture, pop psychology, the feminist movement, New Evangelicalism, television, and the Internet.

There is also a list of recommended materials for a discipling church.
Book: Softcover, 642 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 in.
eBook: PDF, mobi (Kindle), and ePub formats.
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